We’re Finding Time to Write and Keeping It

In today’s hectic society, finding time to write can be a real thorn in the side. Luckily, we have ways to combat life, even the most hectic lives, to sit down, and put paper to pen or fingers to keyboard.

So, what are ways I find time to write?


Wake up before the sun or stay up after midnight.

In other words, schedule a permanent writing time, even if it means waking up at four in the morning. If you work from eight to five, have kids, and need to play chauffer for a bit, clean the house, cook dinner, and do whatever else comes to mind, at least you’ll know if you can get up and write, even for a short hour, you’re ahead of the curve.

Or, if you’re a night owl, you’ll need to wait until everyone’s asleep before sitting at a keyboard, that’s okay, too.

Either way, claiming you don’t have time are excuses. Combat the excuses and make time to write.



This Time’s Sacred!

Do you realize how often I tend to tell others “I can’t, it’s my writing time?”

A lot.

I’ve turned down going to games, get togethers, family functions, and even at times, enjoying sunny weather. Nope, writing time is sacred. I like to save weekends for an all day marathon of reading, writing, and research.

Guess what?

I’m never going to give up my time, and neither should you!



Set Attainable Writing Goals

How many words can you write in an hour? 600-700?

Set a word count goal per day, per week, per month, and watch your progress grow as a writer.

Perhaps your goal is to write a novel?

Well, why not state you want to have your first draft completed by Christmas?

That’s an attainable goal.

Set goals that are reachable yet challenging.



Let Everyone Know What You’re Doing

Many people will tell you to set goals and stay silent.

I say differently!

I say, let as many people as you can in on it, both friends, frenemies, and enemies. Yep, even enemies.

Sure, your enemies and unbelievers may laugh at you, talk behind your back, and ridicule you.

Good, because letting people in on this, even those pesky enemies, will hold you accountable.

Some of us can hold ourselves accountable, most can’t.

But letting as many in on your goals as you can will do so.