Talking More of Comeback Kid

Yes, Brock Patrick (my protagonist) is in for a rough treat in Comeback Kid. But, as the title implies, (spoiler alert!) Comeback Kid is going to be a wild, inspirational ride to the very last word.


Passion is Something Worth Dying For

Why Writing is my Ultimate Passion, Which Might Lead to Speaking to Stop the Most Notorious Organized Crime Scheme the World has Ever Seen   Okay, so how did I spend much of my downtime on Thursday?   I spent my time watching this video and tomorrow I’ll be researching a few articles, more videos, … Continue reading Passion is Something Worth Dying For

Influences Behind Lord of Columbia

Lord of Columbia may be an old-fashioned republic versus empire saga, and rightfully so. However, there is much more to Lord of Columbia than meets the eye. Lord of Columbia, when one reads deeply into it, is the story of us. From beginning to end. A trilogy, but where the trilogy ends, a new story will begin, as the story of us in Lord of Columbia’s first trilogy, is only the beginning.