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The Writers’ Colors

Orange is Creativity, Brown is Strength

Per the color theory, orange is associated with creativity and joy, while brown symbolizes strength, and reliability. It fits perfectly within the scope of the writers.

As a Cleveland Browns fan, I’ll be the first one to tell you brown symbolizes strength. Can anyone think of a more snake-bitten franchise in sports? The Drive, the Fumble, the Move, the 0-16 Season, the list goes on.

You may also think I have a bias, and I do, but for the writer, orange is a given; creativity and the joy of creating.

Why else do I write?

Well, to spread the Libertarian belief, but to do so from a creative standpoint. Who the hell wants to read about politics these days that contradict the Always Trumpers and Never Trumpers?

So, why not create a story out of it?


Why Brown?

To me, it takes a lot of mental strength to write, and even more mental strength to make a living and eventually a career from writing. Strength and reliability. Strength and reliability. Have the strength to seek and find reliability in writing.

Brown is a perfect fit. It’s a perfect fit.

Face it, to write, and to want to write for a living, it’s going to mean a lot of late nights, early mornings, and early on a Dreaded Day Job (DDJ), where many would rather do without.


About the DDJ

I posted about a week and a half ago about the story of Riesbecks and how “Mr. Patterson,” the landlord of the place and corporate monopolist, might I add, the abysmal, reckless, father-of-a-drug-dealer-who-enjoys-favored-status had raised the rent to such a crazy level they’re on the verge of closing.

And it’s why the DDJ isn’t just something one dreads…I received the opportunity to get to know many miserable souls whilst working there from 2011 to 2012, many of whom are still there and might be unemployed due to a greedy monopolist by the end of the year. Furthermore, it’s a single stream of income people rely on.

Let me reiterate: It’s a SINGLE stream of income.

And that’s where creativity and strength come into play for the writer.

Our products, as the great Joanna Penn states, can give us multiple streams of income if we play our cards right. I have one book out, but they’re in two different formats (e-book and paperback).

That’s two products.

I already have two streams of income, but as they’ve only been out thirteen days, I haven’t made too much money yet, but that’s okay, it’ll come later. This is scalable income and I’m in it for the long haul.



The Great Day Job (GDJ) is what we’re all fighting and striving for. Better yet, the GDJ can give us multiple streams of income. As for Northern Knights, the book is currently on Amazon, but this was planned, as I look to open publish November 1st, the same day Swords of Destiny gets released, which is Book Two in the Lord of Columbia Series.

Further, I’m open-publishing both, which will mean Amazon, Nook, Kobo, iBooks, and Google will all get their dose of Northern Knights, Swords of Destiny, and other smaller works will be coming, too, all of which are part of the same world Northern Knights and Swords of Destiny take place in.


Creativity Plus Strength

Creativity Plus Strength is definitely the key here, and one might add patience in as well, as it takes a long time, and I mean a long time, to build and grow an audience. For those of you who write romance or something similar, your road is going to be a little easier.

For those like myself who have political meanings within their works, which are really political manifestos, the road is naturally harder because both the Right and Left are never thrilled with such ideologies like Libertarianism…preaching freedom in today’s world is the eighth deadly sin!


Bonus News: Comeback Kid on Hold

Earlier, I talked about possibly releasing a work called Comeback Kid, and I plan on doing so, in time. However, the project is currently on hold as I’m putting all of my strengths into Lord of Columbia, both the main and the novella series, Book One of which is linked to the bottom of this page as a freebie if you join my mailing list!

I do plan on going through with Comeback Kid, but possibly under another name as a form of supplemental income, just so Todd Matthews (my real name) can identify with Lord of Columbia and only Lord of Columbia.

And with that I’d like to thank all of my readers for their continued support, please come back soon!


Get Northern Knights on Amazon for just 99 cents (series starter!)


Join my New Book Release Mailing List and get a free e-book, also a series starter!!

The Eurean Kingdom (1)


Writers, You Don’t Need Plan B

Passion is First and Foremost, so get Rid of Plan B

You don’t need Plan B, only Plan A.


I don’t care if Plan A isn’t making a living just yet, Plan B doesn’t exist.

Do you have a current job that isn’t Plan A?


It should be nothing more than a tool for paying bills, and nothing else. Work the job just long enough to sustain a basic living, and put your efforts into Plan A, your passion.


Treat Plan A Like a Full-Time Job

Plan A is your full-time job, whether or not it pays.

To succeed with Plan A, one must be resourceful. They must continually work to reel in as much info as possible and act on it.

As a writer, this means several things:

1) The obvious, writing.


2) Work on a writer’s platform.


3) Find ways to earn an income while writing.


4) Make sure everyone you know, and their network knows about it.



For the writer, the majority of our time needs to be spent writing. We need to write to carry out points two, three, and four.

Writing is much more than just writing, it’s learning different writing styles, story structure, and how to hook a reader from beginning to end. Study, apply, repeat.

Make a habit out of writing. Set aside one hour a day for studying and another hour a day for writing. If you’re fortunate enough to have more time on your hands, do so. Set aside as much time as possible to write.


Writer’s Platform

My current step in this journey is working on a writer’s platform. This doesn’t take much. You’ll need to start a blog and focus on one to two social media outlets. I like Facebook and Twitter, especially Twitter, because each post is a fast read.

Ditto for the blog. Make it interesting, informative, and related to your writing niche. I love motivating others to pursue writing, or whatever their passion is, while showing off alternative political viewpoints. My works, the first of which will be released in September, is related to the latter.

The writer’s platform doesn’t take a long time to work on each day. In fact, it’s better to build it over time. Find like-minded people in your writing niche or writing in general and connect with them. There are millions of opportunities to build on social media and of course, a blog which you’ll dedicate a few hours each week to.


Earn an Income

I’ve seen a lot of writers state it’s not possible to earn a living writing. Per my research, it is, and I’m busy compiling a list of journals and magazines to submit work to. Nothing big, but just another way of getting others to know who I am and what I do.

There are many avenues than submissions, however. There are ways to monetize a blog, which is another step I’m taking. Open a Patreon account, which I’m getting closer to, and put some exclusive writings in it for paying patrons only. Content and freelance writing also have numerous opportunity and are in greater demand than ever before.


Everyone Should Know

Some state to keep this stuff off your personal pages. Again, I say different.
Make sure everyone knows who you are and what you do. By doing so, you’re opening up several potential pipelines.

Sure, some may not agree with what you write and their opinion of you may change.
It’s normal.

But, you need to take these proactive steps to make it in this game. It’s possible and it can happen, but for it to do so, people need to know about you.



Take action, day in and day out, and gain knowledge. Once you’ve accumulated enough knowledge, you can execute your game plan. Don’t be afraid of getting rid of any and all fallbacks. It’s proven that if you invest enough time and energy into anything, it will pay off.

A Heart to Heart with Myself

From Fitness Trainer to Writer to (in September) Author

I’ve done an exercise such as this way back when, as in last year, on an old blog during my fitness days, or I should say the tail end of my days where fitness was my number one thing. This article is going to be a conversation with one individual, me interviewing myself.

Last time I did this, people had a lot of fun with it, so without further ado, meet Todd the Interviewer (A), and Todd the Interviewee (B).

Q: Thank you for sitting down and taking the time to conduct this interview.

A: Thanks for having me.

Q: So tell me, when did you start getting back into writing?

A: It’d been off and on for years, like almost a decade. I’d start, lose interest in my story, stop, erase everything I wrote, and started again.

Q: What did those first stories look like?

A: (laughs) You know, they were the basis for Lord of Columbia, which will be out in September, though I didn’t yet realize it at the time.

Q: Has the story remained largely intact?

A: Heck no. When I started penning this it was late-2010. I was a fully-fledged Obama apologist who saw zero wrong in the Democratic Congress’ eyes. I figured the Republican Party wasn’t giving them a fair shake, and since I grew up in a Republican-dominated area, I turned a blind eye.

Q: So, politically, the landscape has changed?

A: Most definite. I came across the Austrian School of Economics, Ludwig von Mises, and Murray Rothbard, among others a year later in 2011, after which I decided to open my mind to my pro-free marketeer teacher. He didn’t just say how the Democratic and Republican Parties were systemically killing the economy, he showed it through their means of big government spending.

Q: Seeing that the Trump administration has already added 1.5 trillion to the deficit before his announcing a sixth military branch to claim a US military base in space, I’m guessing the Republicans spend just as much.

A: They spend more! And looking around at everyone, conservative, liberal, it made to me zero difference. If the individual in the Oval Office had a ‘D’ following their name, the liberals would’ve praised each move. Ditto for Trump, if he had a ‘D’ following his name, and for Obama, if he had an ‘R’ following his. It’s all about Party, and never about Principle. Senator Rand Paul got it right when he said Republicans spend more than Democrats.

Q: And politics, principle, I should say, runs rampant in Lord of Columbia.

A: It’s an entertaining contemporary fantasy with many influences, but politics is most definitely one of those. If one loves a good, entertaining read, and wishes to learn the principles of liberty, it’ll be worth a look come September.

Q: And you decided to self-publish Lord of Columbia?

A: After seeking through publishers, I concluded I wanted to do my own thing. It’d be like having my own business. I sought advice from many writers and authors, and the common denominator is publishing companies are going to make you change elements, or their editors will recommend it. But I wrote my trilogy with plotlines, themes, and characters for a reason, and to synchronize this work won’t do it justice.

Q: Is it a vanity thing?

A: Of course not. I’m not going into this with the goal of writing the next bestseller. Far from it. Lord of Columbia will anger both the Right and Left, cop apologists, nationalists, militarists, Trump and Obama apologists, certain religions, and die-hard conservative evangelicals, because there is some magic involved. More people aren’t going to like this book than those who’ll love it.

Q: Why does it have a chance?

A: It’s a complex storyline with numerous character arcs, not just the main character. It’s fantastical, perhaps familiar settings to fans of certain works, some twists and turns, some entertaining and others emotional, but one powerful message: Liberty.

Q: Why now? Why not become an author later? Or even a writer?

A: Why not now? If there’s one thing I’ve seen the last fifteen or so years, since I was in, eh, sixth or seventh grade, it’s the way people just give up on their dreams. The children we once were resides within our souls, in their deepest depths, and those dreams never die.

Q: It’s like someone who takes what someone else gives them?

A: An employer, or a government entity. Work forty hours a week, or fifty even, and I’ll give you a salary and benefits package. Boom, you’re set for retirement. You work all your life in something you never wanted, but they pay well, and they take care of you and your family. And as a society, it’s like it’s a win-win, because we’re conditioned by our parents, teachers, and peers to think this way. Then, thirty or forty years fly by, and you wonder what could’ve been. What could’ve happened had I just taken the first step?

Q: Why not just stick with fitness?

A: It’s become way too corporate-based. When I first entered back in 2012, it was trending that way, but during my time in Weirton, we were able to avoid the corporate hammer, or at least I was. I was a trainer, and nothing else. These days? I’ve become disillusioned. It’s always upgrade your clients, sell to this individual, sell to that individual, raise the training draft this high, your people are seeing results, why aren’t they upgrading? It’s all a numbers game to these people, and you’re going to make them a lot of money. They don’t know good training, only client-Stockholm Syndrome. The mark of a great trainer is to work one’s way out of a job. We, as a society have been conditioned to be dependent. Well, why not make people independent in their fitness lives? These gym corporations don’t see that. They only see numbers. It’s a numbers game, and when the numbers game got too great, I had zero interest in continuing.

Q: Is this why the time is right?

A: It is. And I understand the time it takes to become a great writer. It takes time, so is a side job necessary? Of course!

Q: Would you want to become a Pepsi Guy?

A: (laughs) I don’t know about Pepsi, but if I make a living, a brief living for a time, selling products I see as beneficial to people instead of poisoning them, I’ll do it.

Q: Like a GNC?

A: Sign me up! I’ll be a…Health Enthusiast, or whatever they want to call me.

Q: What other avenues are you looking at for your writing career?

A: Many. I wrote a recent post on the subject on My Freedom Flame. It entails numerous cash flows one can take, but the truth in the matter is we need to dedicate full-time hours to this. Many think they can do this part-time. Sure, for a side-income. But if you want to make a living off it, build your brand, put in the hours, I don’t care if it’s 70-80/wk. Do you want it or not? It’s that simple.

Q: Is there an ulterior motive to your writing?

A: It’s a passion, but I think what stopped me from pursuing it before now was fear. Let me tell you, you’re going to make enemies when you spill your thoughts onto a screen. People will look at and think of you different. When you read, research, and take notes regarding sensitive issues, like how Donald Trump was once and still is part of the Rothschild Network, how John McCain is a CIA asset, and how both their campaign bosses, Rick Davis and Paul Manafort used their lobbying firm to lobby with Russian oligarchs but against Vladimir Putin, it’s going to raise eyebrows and people you once thought as friends will talk. Family, who’ve always had your back, may turn on you. But, once you let people know who you are, a massive weight is lifted off your back. You can finally be you.

Q: So, what’s next for Todd Matthews? After September?

A: Well, my next work, Comeback Kid, the first book of an unrelated trilogy, will hit the online bookstores and print-on-demand in early December. It’s in the inspirational market, which my online posts like to utilize via my Twitter account, also called My Freedom Flame.

Q: What can we expect from you on Twitter and other social media platforms?

A: Inspiration and seeking the truth, more than anything else. Using my writing to spread ideas far and wide, to as many souls as possible, to retake liberty in all four corners of the world. I have faith we will succeed.

Q: Thank you for your time.

A: Thanks a bunch.

Courage Trumps Worry

Why Worry Will Keep You Stagnant While Courage Springs You Above and Beyond

Before I begin I want to let everyone know this article wouldn’t be written without a powerful video from Stefan Molyneux of Free Domain Radio, which he made yesterday documenting ‘five years later’ after being diagnosed with an aggressive case of lymphoma. If anyone reads this article, please find him on YouTube to get an in-depth look of what today’s article is all about.
Molyneux states in his video the importance of leaving a mark in the world after death, meaning people can state in a eulogy this person was this, this person was that, but we really didn’t know what they believed in or how they impacted others by the tens of thousands. Perhaps they impacted their tiny communities by doing good works, but the reality is such souls set themselves short.
Here’s the point where many state such individuals made a living, considered themselves to be working or middle class individuals, were the heart and soul of each get-together be it at a ballgame, a bar, a movie, or wherever, and didn’t want anything else, but this is where they’re wrong.
Human beings are natural population pleasers and we’ve always been so. When we’re young, don’t we want fame, recognition, or an everlasting impact?
And I don’t mean this in a bombastic way.
If you said ‘no’ to this question, you’re lying to yourself. You wanted to do something great. You may’ve had it in you to do something great, but at the end of the day, greatness stagnated as you became bogged down by benefits over costs of living a normal life, security over freedom, and the cognitively conditioned mentality politicians will take care of us because they know what they’re talking about and we’re not smart enough to tackle complex issues.
For me, the more complex, the better. I may forget to do laundry or to perform basic tasks, but I’ll never forget John Bolton’s mantra back in the early 2000’s when he was praying for an Iraqi invasion and got his wish. And now, history repeats itself, with fearmongering propaganda Iran hasn’t lived to the billing of the 2015 nuclear agreement.
Is the government correct?
They’ve been wrong about Iraq, Libya, and Syria. They’re wrong about Iran.



Enter the Writer

Oh, the hardest part of writing is to pucker up the courage needed to get started. It’s not editing, rewriting, or even critique from other writers in a group. No, the hardest part is finding the courage to begin writing and to pour your heart onto a page.
Furthermore, some of us (like myself) will write about sensitive issues others dare not touch. As I’ve stated previously, I once conducted a great social media experiment where I used my Facebook friends as props, sharing my opinions regarding the most sensitive issues. I’ve unveiled issues concerning inconvenient truths such as:
1) America’s foreign policy has never once protected our national security since the Cold War began and we create enemies just to sustain bases to uphold our military-industrial complex. If you want proof on the matter, check out how much money the military-industrial complex lost since peace has broken out in the Koreas, which I’m cautiously optimistic will remain.
2) Most Americans are cognitively dissonant when it comes to patriotism versus nationalism. Most believe they’re being patriotic when they support unconstitutional wars, give up their individual liberties after they’re fearmongered into believing an outside threat is about to take them over, which never happens. They believe they’re patriotic when they accept security and trust police, whose job it is to enforce such unjust laws like unconstitutional DUI checkpoints. In fact, any right a “patriotic” politician tells them to give up, they believe it’s in their duty to do so.
3) Speaking of duties, Americans believe it to be patriotic to, as in the words of Donald J. Trump, “bomb the hell out of other nations and take back our oil.” Wait, who’s invading who again? Our oil? Dude, the Middle East isn’t in the Continental U.S., we don’t have a right to Iran’s or anyone’s oil but our own.



The above, plus many other issues is what I as a writer have either written about on my blog, have taken the dagger to the chest when it comes to sharing this content with my friends (which has burned bridges), or am writing in allegory form in Lord of Columbia.



Courage Trumps Worry

Why can’t we all just be happy and keep worrying?
Because worrying will never get anything done. Worry will hinder your success because you’ll continually think about the insurmountable task ahead like writing a contemporary fantasy book trilogy, and when the trilogy is written, all the editing that comes with it. And after the editing, all the book promotions, selling, and hoping someone buys the work, sees the message, and spreads it to their peers, and it’s just too much work!
Or is it?
The hardest part is getting started.
Once you get started, not just with writing but with any passion involving courage, it’s smooth sailing. The critique will make the work better, ditto for the editing, and ditto for your marketing. If you took your time and invested hardcore into making sure every aspect of your book or book series is perfect, it’s going to go further than you ever believed.
But you must not worry, and just get started. And it goes with any passion at any given time. Don’t worry but get started. Begin not tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. Begin right now, this minute, take all your worries and throw them out. And replace such worries with courage.

Views, Perspectives, and Ideas in Books Shape our World

Today, the Principle of Liberty Cannot be Compromised

The principle of liberty cannot be compromised in today’s world, because the threat of a global government is greater today than any other moment in history. A few days back I wrote an article on why I write and had a lengthy statement about President Donald Trump’s mistake in launching missile strikes in Damascus, Syria.

For those who read the article, you’ll know by now I saw this attack as a response to a false flag which accused the Assad regime (again) of releasing chemical weapons on his citizens without any evidence (again) backing their claim. Furthermore, the Operation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) was about to go in and investigate the claims, but not before Trump decided to release over one-hundred missiles with the help of Britain and France.

Those who look deeper into the case realize cities such as Aleppo, whose Christians celebrated Easter for the first time in years since the Assad government liberated from terrorists and rebuilt the city, is growing once more. Further, in this alleged attack, which took place in Douma, was under control of two rebel coalitions, the US-backed White Helmets and Jaysh al-Islam, a radical Islamist group.

This leads me to ask, as I’ve asked as far back to 2003, Why does the US compulsively lie about what’s really happening in the Middle East?

Why do they make these Middle East leaders look like genocidal maniacs with zero concrete evidence, as was the case in Iraq back in 2003?



The Writer

My dad once asked why I didn’t go to school for journalism. To be honest, I’d have a tough time finding employment since journalists are controlled by the mass media, the kings and queens of propaganda.

If you tune into the Ron Paul Liberty Report, you’ll find the truth in the matter is journalists won’t get the recognition they deserve unless they conform to the propaganda being preached.

For a libertarian who believes in non-interventionism, especially on wars built upon lies, I never would’ve had a chance in the mainstream media.



Budding Indie Author

I’ve studied numerous authors over the last two years, wondering what they did to make their voice heard. I idolized Jerry Jenkins, despite not being a Christian, because of the way he believes in the new world order, much like I do, and his works mirror my own. The only difference is he believes in the Bible literally and I take a metaphoric stance on it, which has been the basis of many religions in one way or another.

Yet, I’m not one who wishes to be published from a traditional standpoint, because I don’t want my work to be messed with in any way. I want my message of libertarianism to shine and take center-stage. The principles presented in Lord of Columbia, where a colony (Constitutional Republic) is dominated by an empire who rules the world (modern United States), are libertarian in nature, which is seen time and again throughout.



Why this Lesson?

This article is being written to show you, my readers, what goes into books with every single author. I love pointing to CS Lewis and his Chronicles of Narnia series. In the Magician’s Nephew, Aslan speaks of the atrocities of tyrants, comparing them to the rulers of Charn, the former world of the White Witch. In the Silver Chair, Lewis uses the Experiment House to relay his disdain for modern-day schooling, which is nothing more than statist indoctrination.

As writers, our message must be the shining star. Sure, unforgettable characters make the work rock and roll, powerful plots which keep readers reading your work again and again, and a growing fan base. But, the author must never get in the way of the message and as I’ve stated at the beginning of this article, today, the principle of liberty cannot be compromised.

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