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Research, Research, Plus More Research

The True Make or Break Moments

If there’s one piece of advice I can give to anyone starting out, it’s to research, research, research, and research. In my own workday, I set aside time to research, and I research often. For instance, here’s my typical work schedule:

6:30: Breakfast

7:00-9:00: Write or Edit

9:15: Workout

10:15: Write or Edit

11:15: Author Platform/Blog

12:15-3:15: Research.

What am I researching in this timeslot?

A little bit of everything.

For instance, I might research ways to get more book sales. So, what I’ll do is find blogsites like JustPublishingAdvice, SelfPublishingAdvice, TheCreativePenn, an any other reputable source I can think of, and just read, read, and read.

If I’m looking for ways to sell more books, as I’m doing now with Northern Knights, being that I’m a first-time author with hardly a review and a tiny readership, I’m just looking for ways to put the books in peoples’ hands.

So, I have zero marketing background, but I’m going to show you a little of what I’ve come across today and how It can help you out in your own field.


The Writer’s Market is Global

Many claim writers can’t make a living writing because of the fierce and overinflated competition. Let me tell you something: In this day and age, everything has overinflated competition unless the government has monopolized on it through force, by the way.

So, the competition is fierce in this field and it’s fierce in all fields. So unless you want to work in the public sector, be ready for some fierce competition.

It’s like the nutritional supplement industry, where you have thousands of websites, millions of products, but, millions of fads.

And the same goes with writers.

So, in all terms writing, how do we take necessary steps to get our books into readers’ hands.


My Mistakes

My first mistake is realizing one thing: My Freedom Flame is a great blog site but now that I have a product up and running, it’s due for an upgrade. So, this weekend I’m going to revamp the site a little, especially now that my traffic is larger than ever before.

The changes I’m making are simply links to my product page on Amazon and nothing overly insane. So, I’ll be adding a few pages which describe my books and another page depicting my future works.

I also realized how much of a gold mine I have that I’m missing out on, or, potential gold mine. So, I’m going to take a crash course in creating what’s called a landing page, I’m sure you’ve all seen something like it on various sites.

The good news for you guys, those who follow my blog via WordPress, email, or just tune in regularly, is I’m giving you all an opportunity to become part of an email list where I’m currently working on a few freebies in terms of e-books.

Speaking of free e-books, which will be some short stories and novellas that in a way sample my work, I’ll be linking them to Northern Knights, too, so if you buy Northern Knights or any of its sequels coming out in the coming months you’ll be equipped with some freebies.

Again, per my research, I was able to compile some new ideas. Being that 2018 is my developmental year in becoming this Author-Entrepreneur, I’m making my mistakes, but also gliding along quite smoothly.

But, I wouldn’t be on the verge of really taking my work up a notch had I not done my research. I’d likely be trying to let my keywords and Amazon do all my marketing and wonder why the hell no one’s buying my book!

But, the key to any good entrepreneur is learning day in and day out. In my case, it’s all about learning to spread the message I’m currently working on. See below for a brief overview.


What My Writing is All About

Those of you who follow my blog tend to know a little on my writing as I preach three different subjects here on My Freedom Flame, all of which intertwine:

1. Self-reliance: I write about how we all need to pursue what we love, even at the expense of high paying, high benefit corporate or government jobs.

2. Libertarianism: I believe Libertarianism is the only way to being truly independent. We saw in the media the Twitter fiasco and other debates regarding the private sector and private property. But, Libertarianism gives rights to the individual and preaches hard work, hence self-reliance.

3. Globalism: Yes, the globalists hate me and if I stop writing, I’ve likely been axed by the CIA. I love talking about the Rothschilds, Zionism, how American Interventionism stems from these, and that all wars are based on interests of weapons manufacturers, oil, and bankers.

In Northern Knights and my freebie e-books (which will be top quality and no, I’m not trying to sell you anything but my views), you’ll see the above themes play out. All of my writing, both on my blog and in my books, mirror one another in many ways.


What Else Have I Written About?

To be more specific, I write posts that are Fact-based, Opinion-based (I like doing a little bit of both), How to (lots of self-reliance here), Liberty-based, Career-oriented, What I’ve Learned, Themes and Messages behind Northern Knights (I usually say Influences Behind), and when I want to have some fun, I’ll write about my Cleveland Browns.
And again, you’ll see many of these within my fiction works, too.

So, if you guys want some freebies, they’re on the way, and again, don’t be alarmed if I have my landing page up and running soon; again, no one’s trying to sell anything for compensation except a message that needs to be spread.

If you guys happen to like my freebie works, feel free to explore my paid works, but what’s most important is to get the message of liberty as far and wide as we can.

I’d like to thank you all for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.




Life is More than Shift Work

You Have the Desire to Fulfill Purpose

Life is more than a traditional 9-5 gig or ten to twelve-hour shift work. It’s more than making a lot of money for someone else who could replace you at any time. There’s much more to life than working for a paycheck, getting away from work in form of vacation, and repeating the mantra for thirty to forty years.

And, it’s what everyone talks about: They can’t wait to reach retirement in forty years. It’s the largest social welfare program in existence where the government pays some of the brightest, wisest people to exit the workforce, so they can free up jobs.

You read that right. This is how the government operates to address a job crisis. Get the wisest, hardest workers out of society so someone else can take the job rather than allow the private sector to find innovative ways to add jobs to the workforce.

Note, I didn’t say a single thing about tariffs, regulations, or any type of central planning. Well-regulated work is a must, but it should be regulated by something called the free market, which means you and me get to regulate corporate America.

And if you don’t believe the above paragraphs, just remember Murray N. Rothbard said the best way to regulate corporate giants is for the people to prove their guilt in a court of law. Further, regarding social security, just check out social security when it was founded during the FDR era and read about it from an Austrian point-of-view.

Anyway, enough economics talk, the point of this article is to help you fulfill desire for your purpose and one day leaving your shift job behind.


Fulfilling Your Purpose

It’s simple, really.

Ask yourself whether or not you feel like you serve a purpose at your current job. I don’t mean slaving away for a large company; I mean are you serving people in the correct way?

Look, you can work for Pepsi all your life, and despite the salary and benefits, you’re making a living poisoning people. I once asked a Pepsi Guy this question, and he flipped.
At the end of the day, the questions are simple: Are you serving people or serving corporate greed? Are you making humanity better or worse? Are you working to serve fulfillment or are only interested in a paycheck?

I know, we all need to make money to live and I’m not against making money. In fact, I’m all for it. So much that when I fell in love with writing again, I made it a priority to learn the business side of affairs so when I release my first book, Lord of Columbia: Northern Knights, in September, I can make a decent dollar or two.

So yes, I’m looking to get paid for my efforts, but money shouldn’t be viewed as number one. If you’re good at what you do and put in the time and effort, money comes. The more others enjoy your product, the higher your profits and the beauty about writing is we have the ability to always come up with something new. Gain the following, build the tribe, and dish out new material.

However, let’s go back to fulfilling purpose: What am I trying to get across to you in my own writing?

1. Relaying the Principles of Liberty, while entertaining, of course. You’ll see this in my books more than you will on My Freedom Flame.

2. Motivating you to take action and pursue to make a living in something you’re passionate about instead of falling in line with everyone else and becoming a shift drone.


Leave the Shift Work Behind

If you don’t feel you’re fulfilling your purpose, it’s time to make changes so you can eventually leave your shift work in the dust and laugh at its memory.

So, what can you do to get started?

For one, you can start carving out time to embark on something you’re passionate about. Back in mid-2015, I did just this when I wasn’t training clients or going to school. I was writing. Yeah, at the time I only had a few hours a week, but I cherished those hours.
When I started working in Pittsburgh early last year I decided to take full advantage of my downtime and hone Lord of Columbia (which had a plethora of working titles back then). Soon after, I was putting in as many hours in it as I was my own work.

And not long after, when I went to Wexford, I found myself working on my writing even while on the clock. Naturally, I knew changes eventually had to be made, especially since this work would one day get launched.



Was it more fulfilling to train, or write?



It was writing. It was writing.

So, now the time has come to launch it.

What you can take from what I just laid out for you is to pursue in steps. No one’s expecting you to quit your job and start pursuing at any given hour of the week. Do this in steps.

Remember, back in 2015, I put in maybe ten hours per week, tops.

Then, in 2016, as things rolled in the right direction, I put in a few more hours.

In 2017, I took advantage of my downtime and it became second full-time work to the point I snuck it in during my work shifts. It was during 2017, I also invested in writing courses and bought a few books on the subject.

And here in 2018, I have two books I’m looking to launch this year: Lord of Columbia, as mentioned earlier, and Comeback Kid.

So, pursue in steps and don’t rush it.



If you’re questioning why you’re up and going to work right now, embarking on what you love to do may be a sensible option. If you have half the mind to walk out on your job tomorrow, pursuing passion may be a sensible option. In fact, if you have any reservations about your work, pursuing passion may be a sensible option. If you’re hating on your work and can’t stand the sight of your job, pursuing passion may be a sensible option.

With that, why not just go for it and see what you can make of yourself?

We live once in this life, and it’s far too short to be spent working long hours for someone else.

I’m no deadbeat and I love working long hours to hone and master my writing craft. I don’t care about the cost versus benefits, as many do, and are afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

Look, we don’t need to fear costs versus benefits. Yes, staying at and slaving away at your current gig is going to favor immediate benefits versus costs, I’ll concede to that. But for those who have a well-detailed, long-term plan, well, the opposite surely takes effect.

You’re A Writer (Or Insert Passion Here) First

A Common Mistake Many Make

You’re a writer first, plain and simple. I don’t care if you’ve been making more money or upholding a primary income somewhere else; you’re a writer first.


A common mistake many make is they get into a state of Stockholm Syndrome and enter a never-ending cycle of work, since it pays all the bills.


Any passion you pursue to make a living in, like writing, won’t pay the bills off the bat, especially if this is done correctly to educate yourself on the subject first before you start selling products, in this case, books.


For anyone looking to advance their career into something they love in favor of something they loathe, they need to refer to themselves in that career field before anything else. I identify as a writer. People ask what I do, that’s what I tell them, and state my debut novels are coming out in September and December.


They might ask me what I write about.


Typically two subjects, one of which involves a quest of going from a normal job to pursue passion, and of course, the other subject involves government as it relates to what might be mentioned in my works, especially Lord of Columbia. My government articles also demonstrate to others how I conduct my research and the amount of time I’ll spend on certain subjects to write a well-crafted report, in other words these little research articles show readers how I go about pursuing my own passion.


Many ask how I balance my primary income life with my passion and to be honest, it’s much easier than it appears. The trick is utilizing downtime. Here are a few tips:


1) Sacrifice requests. I’ve stated in the past your time to pursue is sacred and it’s time to start saying no to others. I’ve been guilt-tripped in the past, being called selfish, self-centered, and that I care more for writing than I do my own job. If this happens to you, I have two words for you: Who cares? You know what you want and if anyone tries to guilt you out of it or blows up on you, it’s their problem, not yours.


2) Work your day around your passion. Everything for me is worked around my writing, and at times, my workouts. People make the mistake of working passion into their days if it fits. This always leads to failure. Again, I don’t care if your boss asks you to stay overtime at your job; if it cuts into your time, it’s not worth staying over for. And again, if they have a problem with it, it’s their own problem to solve, not yours.


3) Sacrifice social time. Anything worth having, and if it’s passion we’re talking about, sacrificing social time should be a given. You can’t be hanging out, going to concerts, going to happy hour, the movies, sporting events, or anything social if you plan on making a living from your own passion. It’s your ultimatum. Either you pursue something that will pay off dividends in the long-run or go out with family and friends who routinely complain about work. It’s your choice.


4) Take advantage of weekends! My favorite days of the week are Saturday and Sunday because I get to dedicate my entire weekend to writing. Sure, I’ll go for a workout to loosen my body up, but for eight to ten hours, I’m either writing, editing, working on my blog, or looking for tips and strategies to begin making a small income doing this right now. Many love to chill on weekends, but it’s the worst thing you can do. If you really want it, and fire your boss in the process, the choice is easy. And who doesn’t want to fire their boss?


5) And as the beginning of this article states: Refer to yourself as a writer, or whatever your primary passion is. When you refer to yourself as such, amazing things happen. Others will see you for what you really are in favor of what your day job might be. They’ll even refer their friends and family to your work since you are, well, a writer.



So, if you want to start succeeding now, can you?

There are a few things I’m looking into this weekend, and today of all days is going to be huge; like I’ve stated in a previous blog written last week, is to look into freelance and content writing.

One huge advantage of having a blog is I can demonstrate my writing skills with each blog being part of a portfolio. It is my work, and as stated before, I’d love for this to become my full-time job.

Writing short stories is also a high priority on my to-do list, but it’s actually a weakness of mine; I tend to lean more as a novelist and always have since rediscovering this passion back in 2015.

And also, it’s not really writing, but it’s truth-seeking, and it’s to begin a YouTube page and preach facts you’ve found, conclusions you’ve drawn, and any opinion you may have on a particular subject.

Best yet, you can link all these to your blog, and start providing a fountain of income for yourself so you can live the way you want and fire your boss in the process. But first, stop looking at yourself for what your primary job description refers to you and start calling yourself a writer right now.


You’re a writer first.

Your Gift in Life

Many Allow This Awesome Possession Go to Waste

Why does everyone take their gifts for granted?

When you were young, you may’ve been a gifted athlete, artist, writer, researcher, or had an interest in certain topics that would someday lead you to parts unknown or innovation.

Then, everything changed.

You forgot your gifts.

Your creative mind, once reaching a certain age gone.

You instead opted for making a living with an everyday job. Sure, such work required training, schooling, or something, but you eventually settled for the normal life most of the population tends to live.


What squashed the creative juices out of you?

What motivated you to take another route?

Because someday you’re going to look back and blame yourself for not seeing your gifts, ambitions, and dreams through. Then, you live a life of regret. Perhaps, even a life of prosperity, false prosperity, but nonetheless a life of regret.

You wanted to be something that made others feel great about themselves, forget their problems, or, in my case introduce my friends, family, followers, and fans to harsh truths regarding globalism and its dangers, place such elements into fiction, write an entertaining novel or book series, and go about selling the word to the public.

We were all blessed with certain passions and abilities, yet many of us allow such passions go to waste.

It’s something I looked into as early as my freshman year of high school back in 2005 when it seemed everyone, many of these people I knew since fifth grade back in 2001, had high aspirations. Come freshman year, the deterioration began. Perhaps the molding of conformists via the public schooling system did its job?

Come senior year, if one even mentioned they wanted to be something out of the ordinary, it was frowned upon, laughed at, and ridiculed. I was open about my then-bodybuilding aspirations at the time, which turned into a decent run competing in men’s physique back in the day, before I rediscovered my love for writing and truth-seeking.
Talk about the disbelief that spread across peoples’ faces.

Growing up in a blue-collar area where laboring is the main way of making a living, if one didn’t wear a pair of work boots, that was frowned upon. Either you didn’t work hard enough, didn’t want to work, or simply didn’t know how to work. Work meant doing something that isn’t fun.

Let me tell you something, and all those living in areas where the above mentality may be the “norm” in their area. I may be a writer and spend extensive hours behind the computer when I’m not training clients (and I’ve been cutting those hours to pursue my writing passion as Lord of Columbia inches closer to its launch), but I’ve never worked so hard in my life getting Lord of Columbia publish-ready.


I’ve never worked so hard in my life making sure the manuscript was as close to error-free as I could make it. I’ve never worked so hard in my life researching historic documents like Operation Northwoods, MKUltra, the Iranian Coup, Operation Wappan, and any other crimes the CIA have committed in getting my allegories to be inspired by true events.

Anything you put time and effort into is hard work, and your gifts deserve your undivided attention, even if no one else thinks so.

Well, on the Second Thought

It’s Still Okay to be Grateful for an Employer, But…

I’ve written several times about the majority of people working hard to make someone else’s dreams become a reality. You know, as I’ve stated umpteen (what a word!) times the Prole works for the just good enough pay to help someone else achieve their dreams.
Yes, yes, I get it, I get it, they get the salary, respect from mom and dad, benefits, retirement plans, the whole nine yards, but they also get something else, and it’s called satisfied with a redundant life where they give up on their dreams because they’re “set for life.”
You just died, in a manner of speaking, because you gave indentured servitude to an employer.
However, upon further review, you do have something to be thankful for regarding such an opportunity.




Okay, so the first thing you want to thank your current employer for (the one you’re working for while pursuing passion) is the key to knowledge they have.
Let’s face it, to achieve passion you must have sound business practices.
Such practices involve a target market, where to find prospects, how to market a business, and most importantly, how to sell your product.
Good business people you’re working for are going to know the ins and outs of such practices. Absorb their teachings like a sponge.



Let Your Employer Know

Let your employer know you have a passion you’re pursuing up front. The people I work for know I want to become a successful indie author and blogger and am in process of pursuing what I love.
Some of our parents may encourage us to shy away from letting these people in on too much information, but I say be up front with it.
Many employers realize what it took to pursue their passion and are willing to help.


Those who aren’t can hire someone else, as they’re looking for a modern-day indentured servant, like someone who’s going to be satisfied with a salary, benefits, and the whole nine yards thing I mentioned earlier.



Be Unique

Be unique, this should go without saying, but you’ll be surprised how many people have these awesome dreams and ambitions at a young age only to enter Corporate America or a government job and make a career out of it.
Again, the whole nine yards thing.
And again, the satisfaction.
And yet again, the respect from mom, dad, friends, and family.
But really, success in this sense is has about as much truth to it as each passing presidential administration.
Taking the easy way out isn’t success, it’s a bailout. It’s a bailout to pay off student loans, a bailout to taking a “normal” job which provides little to no impact other than generating revenue for a government agency or corporate entity, and only serves the higher-ups in any given company.
And you’re going to be a corporate or government drone.
How about that?
As a kid, you were unique. You saw the world from a different scope. You had a sense of uniqueness. As you were exposed to the world around you, the uniqueness ceased as mom and dad taught you the “easy” way to make a living involved getting a job, working for someone else, submitting to their demands, generating revenue for a company (while getting paid ‘that there’ decent salary and benefits!), making money, having kids, saving for their college fund, putting them through college, and, well, working and breeding, you Proles!
Honestly, be unique. What peaked your interest as a child?
What did you look forward to so much your stomach squirmed with excitement?
What did you want to do each day?
Honest answers to these three questions is where your purpose lays.
In life, there is a big lie, which states to find a job, make money, and make a living while standing on the sidelines and watching the hallowed few pursue and live out their passion. But, there is also a big truth where you pursue what you love, perfect it, live it, and inspire others to do the same.

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