The Idea of Liberty Lies Between the Notes

From page one, the reader of Northern Knights, Book One in the Lord of Columbia Series is going to get a sense this book has a pro-freedom feel. But, it’s also anti-socialist and anti-corporatist. As stated in previous articles, Lord of Columbia is a Manifesto for a Libertarian Revolution.

The idea of liberty in Lord of Columbia runs rampant. The pro-freedom manifesto discusses not only a colonial uprising against an abusive empire, but there’s always a real-life allegory behind my work.


To preserve, save, and spread ideas of liberty. Even if such ideas are frowned upon by the Left, whose entire ideology, socialism, is based on hate.

For instance, the early portion of Northern Knights, the reader is exposed to the dystopian nature of socialism. Take Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and multiply it by ten.

I paint a bleak picture when police threaten, harass, and beat individuals on the street. Their crime? Oh, just standing around, minding their own business. Heaven-forbid they spread ideas. Oh, God, no.


Or how about the propaganda PA system constantly reminding a docile public what imperial patriotism is? Fulfill its patriotic duty to an empire by invading and exterminating a native population, erasing its culture and history, so the imperialists have access to its resources.


And anyone against this sick agenda is anti-patriotic, the mainstream media will let you know. And once freedom of speech becomes intolerable because spreading of ideas pushes back against the grain of socialism, which involves theft by force of an authoritative figure, us thought criminals will be persecuted, singled out, and labled untouchables.


Hmm, and at this moment Black Lives Matter (see the link at the bottom) wishes to embrace socialism. They might want to rethink that if they’ll living in denial about the fact socialism is fueled by hate.

Or worse yet, the living conditions that come with totalitarianism. And in a free society, totalitarianism is intolerable. Much of the West has resisted such dangerous ideology for most of its existence, but as Ludwig von Mises wrote in his book Liberalism, true liberal ideology, that of our Founding Fathers, as been washed out by authoritarians.

And in the 21st Century, the idea of liberty is something Amazon is trying to curtail, and it’s scary.

How does one create a Pro-Libertarian Manifesto without being subject to Amazon’s thought police?

Write an awesome story. Include outer themes like friendship, teamwork, a common goal, and sports, yes, sports, in addition to the inner-theme, which is anti-state, anti-police, and pro-freedom.


Yes, beat the Left at its own game. Entertain mindlessly with the hidden pro-freedom agenda. And boy, I hope and pray my readers embrace liberty.


Amazon’s Censorship

Amazon gives us authors a list of guidelines, stating it will censor any work that promotes offensive speech. However, what is the offensive speech?


They never get to it.


So, what is Amazon?

It’s a monopoly preying off an unsuspecting public wishing to indulge in mindless entertainment.

Amazon thrives because it offers convenience at a reasonable price.

Yet, the Amazon monopoly has censored many works that challenge mainstream thought, as My Freedom Flame does.

A peep of anything regarded as sensitive material will cause Amazon’s thought police to ban the book, send an email to an unsuspecting author looking, working, making a living, off sharing ideas.

Only to be censored.

As is the case of Michael Hoffman, whose writings have been banned by Amazon Kindle.

As Hoffman points out in the article, if your book isn’t on Amazon, it doesn’t exist…thank the Lord and Lady Kobo struck a deal with Wal-Mart to carry its e-reader, the Aura. Bezos might finally have some competition.


Liberty Lies Between the Notes

It’s a sad state of the world we live in where freedom to spread ideas is threatened.

Many so-called Libertarians state Amazon has the right to ban anyone it deems necessary because it’s a private company. At times, I would agree, but when a company achieves monopoly or near-monopoly status, questions must be asked.

It’s important to remember the US allows monopolistic corporations to exist to engage in what is called censorship by proxy. It basically means such monopolies, at the permission of the US Government, to bypass both US and International Laws to tell people what to say and ultimately, how to think.

Knowing the US Government allows monopolies when the Sherman Antitrust Act was passed in 1890, banning agreements in restraint of trade and abuse in 1890.

Well, the US Government has failed with Amazon, while not a monopoly in a literal sense, owns sixty to seventy percent of the e-book market, again, this will hopefully change with the Kobo-Walmart deal.

For Lord of Columbia, the ideas of liberty must be passed by inserting ideas. Inserting ideas such as truth doesn’t come from authority. Truth is truth even if one percent of individuals believe in the truth while ninety-nine percent believe in the comforting lie.


The truth is socialism always involves mandatory price fixing, curtailment of free speech…um…ideas, state-controlled monopolies, and extermination of “backward races.”


Backward races as in, those unable to evolve to a higher level of society as deemed by the elites in power. Just look at how many innocent people Stalin had killed.


Conclusion: Bypassing Amazon’s Monopoly

A story. A story about a group of friends, who saw the government-laden socialist dystopia they’re living in is Hell on Earth.

And when one’s athletic career is threatened, their entire life goal, the one career they’ve always worked for, is about to go down the drain due to the insistence of serving a tyrannical socialist dictatorship, sounds like something from Hitler and Stalin, action must be taken.

Human action, as in the terms of Ludwig von Mises, Classic Liberal, Libertarian, and Pro-Capitalist, but not a corporatist sense scholar.

Turn the information into entertainment. Tweak the author’s purpose. Turn it into a story. One for the ages. A book. A series. A pro-freedom manifesto spreading the ideas of liberty at the expense of state-run propaganda where a government hides behind the shield of private corporations like Amazon, and you just outsmarted Jeff Bezos and the rest of his thought police.

Anti-corporatist, anti-socialist, pro-freedom.

Lord of Columbia.




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