I Write to Help Expose the Deep State and the Shadow Government

Okay, so basic definitions are in order: The Deep State refers to a group of people who consistently act as assets to US interests both at home and abroad. Notable names in the Deep State are people like Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney, and John McCain, just to name a few. Even Donald Trump has Deep State leanings, despite his populist claim that he’s fighting the Deep State.

The Shadow Government, on the other hand, refers to a handful of unelected officials, many of whom are found behind the scenes in corporations, media moguls, big banks, or big investors in general. We’ve never heard of most of these people, but there are a few we may know of, like Jacob Rothschild, Rupert Murdoch, James Woolsey, George Soros, and others. David Rockefeller was part of this group, too.

So, despite Lord of Columbia’s elevator pitch being an arrogant college athlete sparking an uprising, the story arc dives deeper (in Books Two and Three) that Cain and the others are fighting more than just an evil empire; they’re fighting a worldwide shadow government. Many names I use in Lord of Columbia are similar to those in both the Deep State and Shadow Government we see today.

So, where do I get my information?

It’s no lie that despite Lord of Columbia’s fantasy-based elements, I get my storylines for Lord of Columbia from a variety of independent information outlets. Outlets that will report what the mainstream media won’t, hence Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, and Murdoch also happens to be on the advisory board for Genie Oil, the Israeli-based oil company with contractual rights to dig in Syria’s Golan Heights. A future article which will be published by the end of this week will deal with the truth behind the real reason the Deep State and Shadow Government want Syrian President Bashar Assad taken out.

So, I turn to Jake Morphonios of Blackstone Intelligence, the Ron Paul Liberty Report, the Mises Institute, Tom Woods’ podcast, Vanessa Beely in everything involving Syria, and much more. I urge each of you to check out their videos, articles, and reports, as you’ll get a clear idea of what Lord of Columbia is about.

Now, since some of these are videos I watch and take notes on, I do tear the internet apart to find verifiable sources to link to my articles. One such article I did this for was the truth regarding Donald Trump, where myself and others exposed Trump for what he really was, which was having ties to Rothschild Incorporated and therefore the Shadow Government, since 1987, if not earlier.

It’s no lie Lord of Columbia, if its true meaning and message is really discovered, will end up getting me in a good deal of trouble. For this reason, I want to leave interpretation open to the reader. There are many ways to interpret Lord of Columbia outside its actual intention, and I assure my readers there are many ways to interpret this trilogy, from its true meaning to the characters.

So, come September 1st, a day that’s become quite popular with a certain group of readers, we’ll going to go on a wild ride into a world I called Gaia, but more on that later.