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Hey, Rookie, Welcome to the Indie Author’s World

Welcome to the Book World: Population 50,000,000 Plus More

Eighty-eight sales in Week One. Granted most of them were free, but why spoil the fun?
It’s like being as rookie quarterback making their preseason debut. Sure, Baker Mayfield looked good the other day, but he played against second and third string defenses and faced no complex blitzes.

So, I made eighty-eight free sales.

And I got my first book review!

Hey, for a first-time indie, I’ll take it. I’ll take it and run.

But, the goal is to make a living off this.

Remember way back when in February when I started My Freedom Flame and talked about pursuing passion?

Go back in my archives to February and March, and you’ll find a lot of these.

Okay, so I’ve deviated a little from pursuing passion, mainly to talk about themes from my book, many of which involve liberty, conspiracies, the Rothschilds, and interventionism. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve seen the articles.


Selling the Idea

It’s more than just selling books; if I wanted to focus on just selling books I’d write some kinky romance full of whatever Fifty Shades of Gray or whatever the big thing is these days. So yes, selling books is definitely important because I want to do this full-time and really have the ability to talk to others regarding passion pursuit.

But, the idea of liberty is the true product. Yes, writing killer books is a must, with accurate meta data, breathtaking product descriptions, SEO, the list goes on.

However, I’ve written before that my success really hinges on whether or not others get the idea of liberty. America is sick with Stage Four cancer, and if I don’t do my part to help treat the cancer, America is that much closer to, well, falling to the globalists…


Trump, Clinton, it didn’t really matter.

Either President would’ve done their part in killing the country.


How to Get My Books to Stand Out

This was the challenge, but I read an e-book regarding book marketing by Nick Stephenson, a seven-figure author based in the UK.

In the Book, Your First 10,000 Readers, Stephenson states a lot of obvious techniques all of us should’ve known the whole time.

For one, he states one should create two books and price them perma-free (while Northern Knights isn’t perma-free, I do list it for free often)

1. Funnel Book (Northern Knights)

2. Magnet Book (Short Story, Novella, etc)

3. Website

4. Email List

Okay, so I have the funnel book and website, but I’m lacking on both email list and magnet book. So, I spent the whole weekend creating the magnet book, a prequel to the Lord of Columbia Series speaking of a character mentioned a few times in passing.

The magnet book is absolutely free, and I’m in the process of learning (I’m techo-slow!) how to link it into Northern Knights and get it uploaded onto Amazon to really get this thing going. But, it’s going to take me a few attempts, so I won’t even put it up until I get everything correct, which again will take a few. I’m a rookie here!


The Truth About Amazon

The truth about Amazon is that it’s an e-book hub, literally millions of e-books. I made it into the Top 100 in one of my categories days after the release (among free books), which is a good sign. I had a good review, which is another good sign.

But, how do I stand out among millions upon millions of books?

I need to do all I can to reward my readers.

I wish I’d known this a month ago, as I just lost out on repeat traffic.

However, I’m also glad I learned all this within two weeks of publishing, and not years afterward, like others might.

I’m very internet and research savvy, despite being techo-slow, which is what led me to Stephenson’s techniques, and I was slapping myself in the head for having everything in front of me (plus a magnet novella in the back of my head).

But, straightening the ship is something that will be necessary constantly, especially in Year One of being an author-entrepreneur.

I’m very excited to see where this leads and I’m always one who states to remain a student of any craft you embark on.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.



Be an Attention Grabber

How to Stand Out from the Crowd

Be an attention grabber! Our ideas can be captivating but just because we know the goods of what can be brought to the table, we still need to rise above and beyond to make our ideas stand out from the crowd.
How do we do this?
Many of us have the talent and work ethic to make our ideas sell. We think of things that will be beneficial to society and pen them to paper or type them onto a screen.
But we need more.
We need to find ways to sell the impact and be attention grabbers.
One of my earliest mistakes when I experimented on my personal social media account is in the short run, no one wants to be informed about anything.
Being a libertarian-anarcho-capitalist, I would’ve been better off typing my ideas onto a blank screen than posting endless data, regardless of how accurate they were, to my personal friends, family, and acquaintances.
The result?
Todd Matthews (my real name) is a freaking nut who is only trying to stir up trouble.
Not the result I was looking for.
Okay, so what happens?
Uh, let’s just say I’ve burned so many bridges I had to rebuild my friend-base almost from scratch. If you think preaching to the masses and citing accurate sources is going to work sway people into what you’re trying to sell, think again.
It’s fatal.
Don’t, just don’t do it.
But, if you post some funny memes, be yourself (unapologetically) and write short tidbits with your audience in mind, boom, you’re going to create a friendlier stir and build a few loyal followers.
But, don’t forget your message.
My manuscript trilogy, Age of Columbia, is an allegory between Constitutional America and the American Empire we see today.
Now, when I preached America has bases in one-hundred and fifty countries just to protect their own interests and arms manufacturers at the expense of the millions or even billions, I’m getting snapped at each day that I’m un-American, un-patriotic, and an enemy-sympathizer.
When I informed the friends list the NFL’s staging National Anthem ceremonies pregame because the Department of Defense wants to boost military recruitment among kids, you would’ve thought I just set the flag on fire (something I’d never, ever do).
But, by sharing quotes from the Founding Fathers and think tanks like Ron Paul, Dan McAdams, Frederic Bastiat, Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and several others who love America while simultaneously warning about the ironclad grip of government, now amends are being made.
So, moral of the story to you is when you’re on social media or looking into marketing your product, don’t be so informative. What you’re selling will take care of that. You need to have the ability to relate to your audience (which is why I experimented with my Facebook friends list first) by being short, sweet, and charming. Don’t cite the one thousand sources you used, the people buying the product won’t even glance at them.
And best of all, interact with and be kind to your followers. They’re going to be telling the world about you.

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