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Research, Research, Plus More Research

The True Make or Break Moments

If there’s one piece of advice I can give to anyone starting out, it’s to research, research, research, and research. In my own workday, I set aside time to research, and I research often. For instance, here’s my typical work schedule:

6:30: Breakfast

7:00-9:00: Write or Edit

9:15: Workout

10:15: Write or Edit

11:15: Author Platform/Blog

12:15-3:15: Research.

What am I researching in this timeslot?

A little bit of everything.

For instance, I might research ways to get more book sales. So, what I’ll do is find blogsites like JustPublishingAdvice, SelfPublishingAdvice, TheCreativePenn, an any other reputable source I can think of, and just read, read, and read.

If I’m looking for ways to sell more books, as I’m doing now with Northern Knights, being that I’m a first-time author with hardly a review and a tiny readership, I’m just looking for ways to put the books in peoples’ hands.

So, I have zero marketing background, but I’m going to show you a little of what I’ve come across today and how It can help you out in your own field.


The Writer’s Market is Global

Many claim writers can’t make a living writing because of the fierce and overinflated competition. Let me tell you something: In this day and age, everything has overinflated competition unless the government has monopolized on it through force, by the way.

So, the competition is fierce in this field and it’s fierce in all fields. So unless you want to work in the public sector, be ready for some fierce competition.

It’s like the nutritional supplement industry, where you have thousands of websites, millions of products, but, millions of fads.

And the same goes with writers.

So, in all terms writing, how do we take necessary steps to get our books into readers’ hands.


My Mistakes

My first mistake is realizing one thing: My Freedom Flame is a great blog site but now that I have a product up and running, it’s due for an upgrade. So, this weekend I’m going to revamp the site a little, especially now that my traffic is larger than ever before.

The changes I’m making are simply links to my product page on Amazon and nothing overly insane. So, I’ll be adding a few pages which describe my books and another page depicting my future works.

I also realized how much of a gold mine I have that I’m missing out on, or, potential gold mine. So, I’m going to take a crash course in creating what’s called a landing page, I’m sure you’ve all seen something like it on various sites.

The good news for you guys, those who follow my blog via WordPress, email, or just tune in regularly, is I’m giving you all an opportunity to become part of an email list where I’m currently working on a few freebies in terms of e-books.

Speaking of free e-books, which will be some short stories and novellas that in a way sample my work, I’ll be linking them to Northern Knights, too, so if you buy Northern Knights or any of its sequels coming out in the coming months you’ll be equipped with some freebies.

Again, per my research, I was able to compile some new ideas. Being that 2018 is my developmental year in becoming this Author-Entrepreneur, I’m making my mistakes, but also gliding along quite smoothly.

But, I wouldn’t be on the verge of really taking my work up a notch had I not done my research. I’d likely be trying to let my keywords and Amazon do all my marketing and wonder why the hell no one’s buying my book!

But, the key to any good entrepreneur is learning day in and day out. In my case, it’s all about learning to spread the message I’m currently working on. See below for a brief overview.


What My Writing is All About

Those of you who follow my blog tend to know a little on my writing as I preach three different subjects here on My Freedom Flame, all of which intertwine:

1. Self-reliance: I write about how we all need to pursue what we love, even at the expense of high paying, high benefit corporate or government jobs.

2. Libertarianism: I believe Libertarianism is the only way to being truly independent. We saw in the media the Twitter fiasco and other debates regarding the private sector and private property. But, Libertarianism gives rights to the individual and preaches hard work, hence self-reliance.

3. Globalism: Yes, the globalists hate me and if I stop writing, I’ve likely been axed by the CIA. I love talking about the Rothschilds, Zionism, how American Interventionism stems from these, and that all wars are based on interests of weapons manufacturers, oil, and bankers.

In Northern Knights and my freebie e-books (which will be top quality and no, I’m not trying to sell you anything but my views), you’ll see the above themes play out. All of my writing, both on my blog and in my books, mirror one another in many ways.


What Else Have I Written About?

To be more specific, I write posts that are Fact-based, Opinion-based (I like doing a little bit of both), How to (lots of self-reliance here), Liberty-based, Career-oriented, What I’ve Learned, Themes and Messages behind Northern Knights (I usually say Influences Behind), and when I want to have some fun, I’ll write about my Cleveland Browns.
And again, you’ll see many of these within my fiction works, too.

So, if you guys want some freebies, they’re on the way, and again, don’t be alarmed if I have my landing page up and running soon; again, no one’s trying to sell anything for compensation except a message that needs to be spread.

If you guys happen to like my freebie works, feel free to explore my paid works, but what’s most important is to get the message of liberty as far and wide as we can.

I’d like to thank you all for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.




How to Conduct Accurate Research

Why it’s Important to Research Both Sides of an Argument

Ben Netanyahu is at it again with war propaganda regarding Iran.
How many times have we heard Netanyahu issue war propaganda, sometimes with catastrophic consequences?
Take out the ‘n,’ add a ‘q’ and you have your answer. Over one-million Iraqi civilians were killed the last time the US fell for Netanyahu’s propaganda.
Today, I want to take you on a journey on why it’s important to research both sides of any argument or event that hits mainstream media. When we pursue our passion, we must simultaneously pursue credibility.
The lies of Netanyahu is a great way for me to show you what motivates me to write, investigate, and what some elements will be going into my contemporary fantasy trilogy, Lord of Columbia.
I like to use various outlets for reading, but I turn to history and my favorite YouTube Channels like Ron Paul Liberty Report and Blackstone Intelligence, both of which have credible links in their descriptions. Also, Jake Morphonios of Blackstone Intelligence has made several videos on how he verifies his research, so it’s a great channel to check.
Let’s take a look into the whole Iranian conflict and what is going to happen.



Netanyahu’s Lies

Benjamin Netanyahu started lying about Iran back in 1992, claiming Iran to be three years away from nuclear weapons. In 1995, Netanyahu wrote Iran would have nukes in three to five years. One year later in 1996, he addressed Congress stating if Iran acquires nukes it’d be catastrophic for the world. He claimed Iran’s nuclear program was advanced in 2002 and claimed Iran to be one to two years away from a nuke in 2009.


It’s important to note Iran abandoned their nuclear weapons program in 2003, which was confirmed by the International Atomic Energy Agency in 2011.


Finally, in 2012, he stated Iran would have a bomb in a few months, which was falsified by Israeli intelligence.
Ben Netanyahu has been anti-Iran since 1992, but as I stated in my opening paragraph, one must look at both sides of the argument. The first side of any argument is rather easy to look up as mainstream media like Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN push identical agendas, just in different manners. Yet, it’s weird they all love to push the warmongering foreign policy agenda.



Donald Trump’s Take

It’s said in each news source, Donald Trump shares similar views as Israel regarding Iran and Syria, views which are shared by ally Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom.
It’s clear to remember the US is occupying the most oil rich region of Syria and are also looking to get into Iran for similar reasons.
In an interview on Fox News with Bill O’Reilly, Trump states American troops are on the ground in the Middle East to, “Take back the oil. Once you go over and take back the oil, they have nothing. You have to go in, you have to go in. Well, you bomb the hell out of them and then you encircle it and then you let Mobil go in and you let our great oil companies go in, once you take that oil, they have nothing left.”
Many Trump supporters say he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.
I don’t know about you, but does a man who’s dropped 40,000 bombs and makes a statement like this deserve to win a Nobel Peace Prize? Something else that jumps out at me here is he states to “take back the oil.”
Is the oil on our land or is it in the Middle East?
What gives America the right to take oil from anyone?
Does this not clarify the Middle East’s animosity toward America?
Trump has been pro-Israel and pro-Saudi Arabia from the beginning. My clarification on this stem as recent as Israel’s bombing of Iranian bases in Syria, killing thirty Iranians. I must make clear America and Israel are invading Syrian territory, but Iran and Russia were invited into Syria by Bashar Assad, making them invited participants in the Syrian Civil War.
We also need to look at the war in Yemen, which Saudi Arabia is using weapons manufactured in and sold by America to bomb Yemenite women and children. Keep in mind, the Syrian White Helmets staged a chemical attack in Syria where they used parents and children as propaganda props to entice animosity toward Assad throughout the world.
But when an American ally actually commits the atrocity, America turns a blind eye in both Israel’s and Saudi Arabia’s case.
Donald Trump’s position is the same double standard Obama, Bush, Clinton, and H.W. Bush held regarding Middle East Intervention.
Imagine if Iran did this to Saudi Arabia or Israel, the US would cry foul, but when Israel and Saudi Arabia do this to Iran and Yemen, it’s barely mentioned.




As seen above, it stresses the importance of accurate research. For myself, I always look into each story, and the second I saw Netanyahu addressing the world regarding Iran and the neocons in America supporting Netanyahu’s claims, I immediately grew suspicious, knowing it was a false flag.
What I want you all to look for is how the European Union, who are avid traders with Iran, and North Korea react to America’s decision regarding the Iranian nuclear agreement come May 12th. If Trump backs out of the deal, as I believe he will, what kind of message does this spread to North Korea?
The neocons and the military-industrial complex know if Trump backs out of the Iranian agreement, North Korea may return to their previous status before negotiations with the South even have a chance to kick off. It’s a story I’ll be following closely over the next couple weeks.

Pursue Passion With Caution

How to Research Your Passion Before Nosediving into it

For those of you following My Freedom Flame, you know by now a few things about how to pursue your passion, but you also know about my own passion and issues I hold close which inspire me to make a gradual, yet progressive switch from personal trainer to full-time writer.

Note the word ‘gradual’ because when you’re inspired to pursue your passion, and hopefully one day monetize and making a full-time living off it, you want to take your time, but be progressive in your approach.



Why Nosediving into Passion Isn’t Smart

How many of us have thrown caution to the wind and came up empty handed?

Okay, likely a few of us have done so, myself included, but it’s important we learn from our past mistakes. When the time comes to launch the first book in my Lord of Columbia series, Northern Knights (the title has changed a few times for those who’ve been following me since day one, keep reading to find out why), I want everything to be well-researched.



What Have I Learned?

Here is a list of things I never knew existed a few months back, and had I remained ignorant, I would’ve launched Lord of Columbia with disastrous results:

1) SEO and meta-data. Thank goodness I came across a few articles describing SEO and meta-data. SEO and meta-data discuss keywords, which if you’re entering the self-publishing, blogging, or internet marketing world, it’s a great thing to research. If you choose poor keywords or long-tail keywords, your product won’t stay afloat. However, by conducting research in SEO and meta-data, I can use keywords to direct traffic to my book.

2) The Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild was phenomenal and continues to be. I thought I knew how to write before coming across and investing my hard-earned money into the Guild. Good move. Had I neglected this step, I’d have continued being over-descriptive with adjectives, adverbs, written-ese, on the nose writing, passive voice, point of view violations, and much more.

3) Making sound investments and not trying to beat around the bush and attain free information or do things the homemade way to save a few bucks. Take Lord of Columbia and book covers. Instead of making my own book cover, which I’ve never done in my life, it’s best to invest a few bucks into purchasing a one of a kind, premade cover.

4) Research ‘how to’ articles regarding self-publishing. I’ve never launched a book before, so conducting research months ahead of time is crucial. I read an article, bookmark it into my Favorites, and refer to it as often as I need to.

5) Finally, book promotion. I plan on releasing Lord of Columbia in September 2018, which gives me sixteen weeks before my launch. Now, had I done this last year or two years ago, I’d have launched then promoted. Bad move, per many indie-authors. One thing I’ve learned is to promote, promote, promote early and build the following, too.


Passion is Worth Patience

I know some of us may be in dead-end jobs or in a job we dread going to each day. Okay, I get it, and I realize you want out of there as fast as possible, but if you rush pursuing your passion, it’s going to backfire.

Take it one day at a time and make a list of what you can do to pursue your passion today. Every day I wake up, I make a list of what needs to be done in regard to pursuing my passion of authoring e-books.

Say, for tomorrow, Monday morning, I’ll check my work schedule. I’m training clients from nine to twelve, and I’m on downtime until four in the afternoon, and I’m training from four until eight. Now, I’ll get a workout in at noon, and conduct two office hours, giving me a ten-hour day. I also drive forty-five minutes to and from work, so let’s call it eleven hours.

However, I give myself at least eighteen waking hours per day, so I’ll workout a second time upon arriving at home (in a different gym), eat dinner, and clean my apartment. This gives me another three hours, but I still have four hours to pursue throughout my day.

So, I make my list, which might look like this:

1) Edit Lord of Columbia, Book Three (all three manuscripts have been drafted at least once).

2) Research global issues. Global issues such as socialism, the Deep State, war, and mass surveillance influence my passion to write. I’ll devote at least an hour to research and since some of it comes from YouTube Channels like Blackstone Intelligence, Ron Paul Liberty Report, and Free Domain Radio, I can listen in during my workouts or even during office hours, which is a definite help.

3) I’ll write at least one article for My Freedom Flame, with topics covering motivation, libertarian politics, or updates regarding Lord of Columbia.

4) Write a little on future ideas. Lord of Columbia is just one of many ideas I have, it’s just my first and current work. I have a slew of ideas to write about, and I like writing a little each day, perhaps working on an outline, or a very rough first draft.




Don’t nosedive, but instead remain prudent, do something each day, and those small victories will add. Plan your day and stick to the plan. Set time aside and keep it sacred. Use trial and error, finding which scenarios work best for you.

If you’re an early riser, wake up an hour or two earlier than you normally would, or if you’re a night owl, stay up later than usual. If you’re like me and are part of the “sleepless elite” where you can thrive off little sleep, you’re in luck, as you can rise early and sleep late night after night.

Every little thing you do each day will lead your to achieving your ultimate dreams.

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