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The Most Important Pursuit Ever

I’m Writing for Libertarian Principles

Coming across a platform building seminar a few days back, someone asked a question I’d been burning on for quite some time.

What if you have two or three messages to write about?

Do we need to make two or three blogs?

I beg to differ, and the answer given agreed with me…if it’s possible to intertwine the issues at hand.


Why do I write?

1. I write to pursue passion for writing. Passion? Nah, it’s an addiction, and a good addiction at that.

2. Libertarian principles. I’m writing for Libertarian principles. To preserve, extend, and defend such principles.


Now answer why you write?

Perhaps you, like me, have a few issues you have to get out into the public. Maybe you a) love to write and b) have to preserve your beliefs for fear of usurpation?

Which is why I have to defend liberty.

If we lose our rights, we shouldn’t expect to get them back. The NSA has expanded and have already demonized Ed Snowden when he brought the issue to the American Peoples’ attention.

Julian Assange has blown numerous whistles and is also been branded a criminal.
So, here I am, writing to preserve liberty and when I mean liberty, I don’t mean it from a Republican or Democratic philosophy, it’s from a Libertarian philosophy.


The Most Important Pursuit Ever

Your writing is your most important pursuit ever, because your passion for writing typically comes from something else.

We may have passion for sports, politics (as I do), or something that motivates us to write.

Libertarian principles are important to me.

What’s important to you?



Why Libertarian Principles?

My friends sometimes can’t stand my politics because I’m neither Right nor Left.

Heck, they’ll brand me either on the left or the right, but no, I’m Libertarian, because I believe no individual has the right to impose their will against another, especially in form of government.

The only way an individual can even come close to imposing their will over another is if the other person is a guest or working on said individual’s property, and that’s it.

For instance, let’s take the Christian baker refusing to bake for a same sex couple and the Red Hen’s owner throwing out Sarah Sanders.

Who do I agree with?

As a Libertarian, I resort to property rights, so the baker and the Red Hen’s owner are who I side with.

However, I’m not stating refusal of service because of someone’s personal preferences or political views (or who their employer is) is a good idea. In fact, it might be horrific for public relations.

And that’s a good thing, because it takes away the legislative, executive, and judicial branches’ power of authority and instead brings it back into the peoples’ hands.

Because it’s safe to say I don’t see too many Democrats walking into the bakery in question and I don’t see too many Republicans walking into the Red Hen. People also have the power to speak out and in the age of mass media, internet reviews can prove fatal to a business.

It’s the perfect example of a Libertarian society, and it’s my wish to see such a society grow and prosper.




Until then, I’ll keep writing for Libertarian Principles until my dream of a Libertarian society is realized. The best writers such as I can do is continue to spread the idea of liberty our best abilities.


So, have at it. Figure out why you’re writing. It’s obviously important to you. It’s something that makes you whole, and there’s a theme, a message, you have to unleash to the world.

Writing for Libertarian Principles is one of many avenues we can write about. The beauty is you can disagree with everything I’ve written, state why you disagreed, and make a case for either the right-wing or left-wing argument.

I’ll always believe the Libertarian way is correct, because the Founding Fathers believed to keep the government’s size minute, especially when it came to private property. True capitalism can only be attained with private property without unnecessary government regulation.

Leading the nation back to Libertarianism is still something found in history books, but I believe if enough people secure the idea for liberty, we can reverse course, shrink government, end the warfare-welfare state, and bring America back to its glory days.

I’d like to thank everyone for reading, please come back soon.


Downtime? You Have Passion to Pursue

Passion Should be put Toward Downtime

If you have downtime, you have time. You have a lot of time on your hands. More time than you think. TV time should be passion time. Random internet surfing should be put toward passion. Sleeping in an hour or so on a Saturday morning can also be put to use for passion. Too much sleeping is too much downtime.

Can’t get to sleep?

Boom! Give me some more reasons to say you have passions to pursue.



Time Excuse

As a full-time personal trainer who is pursuing a writing passion, I hear it all the time from others: I don’t have time for the gym!

Yeah, but you have goals.

I didn’t realize they’d be so hard!

Sweetie, if it were easy wouldn’t we all have a six pack of abs and toned limbs?

Then, you get into the whole life isn’t fair, why me, and my life is unique because I have this, this, and this going on.

I hear excuses, excuses, and more excuses.

You have time, you don’t want to use it because most want to add their passion into what they’re already doing. They don’t like the word opportunity cost.

In today’s softened society, we’re changing definitions left and right and even using softer words, so people don’t get offended.

Look, if you’re over eighteen and something offends you, you really need to suck it up.

Know what offends me?

People being cognitively conditioned into accepting a society of easily offended people they become easily offended themselves.

I’m not a religious man, but I could care less about the Ten Commandments being posted in schools, churches, and courthouses. In fact, I don’t even follow the Christian Bible or anything like it, but if someone cites something from it, I really don’t care.

What I’m getting to is, people expect you to understand and justify something they’re insecure about, which is supposed lack of time. We have one-hundred and sixty-eight hours in a week and we can’t find a few hours for ourselves?

We’re making excuses. I’ve even told people they’re lazy.




Also, a yes.



Break the Bad Habits

Okay, so back to my fitness background. People have horrific habits and some surprisingly admit to it and will even admit their motivation for change is low. But, we still need to work on breaking bad habits.

However, people try to go cold-turkey and change everything in one sitting.

It doesn’t work.

It’s overwhelming, and it leads to failure.

Instead, small changes, especially when passion’s being pursued.

You need to start with your downtime. Take notes when you’re surfing the web, listening to mindless music, playing video games, and watching TV. This is when you need to be pursuing. Do something productive in your downtime.

If you want more in life, if you’re stuck in a dead-end job, and just want out, you need to take it upon yourself to change things. People get stuck in a job and they’re completely miserable.

What happens?

They take it out on others.

Once Lord of Columbia is in circulation, I’ll be talking more about Comeback Kid because while Lord of Columbia combats the globalist agenda (I’m talking to you, Rothschild) Comeback Kid tackles self-reliance, taking ownership, and pursuing passion.

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