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Make Monday Morning Feel Like Saturday Morning

The Pain of Discipline Destroys Pain of Regret

So, you want to make Monday morning feel like Saturday morning?


Get ready take some shots, because the pain of discipline hurts, but it feels so much better than the pain of regret.


That’s what it takes to Make Monday feel like Saturday.


Ready for the commitment?


Hop on.


Let’s make every single day feel like a day off from the workforce.

No, I’m not a Democratic Socialist Liberal and never will be, so I’m not talking about a way for government to provide welfare to the masses.

I’m also not talking about government providing dream jobs to the masses either. Jobs like go dig a hole and fill it back up so I can pay you $15 an hour. Nada. I’d rather do something productive.

Either way, it’s impossible unless government wishes to steal vast amounts of income and redistribute which kills motivation and it’s what My Freedom Flame is all about; motivation. Motivation to turn Monday morning into Saturday morning.


And challenge the hell out of mainstream thought.

First, you need to embark on a journey you see worthwhile.

For me and many of my readers, it’s writing. Write, speak your mind, sell ideas, make money off your ideas, and turn Monday into Saturday.

We love to write so much we’ll stay up until two in the morning to get our thoughts down. Or, if we’re writing a book, we’re up editing. I’ll stay up until two on these nights and wake up at six the next morning.


And feel like Superman off four hours of sleep.

And I’m on the same journey you’re on: To make Monday morning feel like Saturday morning.


By writing. By selling ideas. By earning money in a field I can see myself working in for the next forty or fifty years.

Imagine waking up each Monday morning and while the masses are off fighting traffic to their stressful day jobs, you get to do what you love…and make money off it.

Sound good?

Where’s the catch?

Oh, let’s talk about it.


The Catch: Congrats on Your New Full-Time Job!

Wait, you only have time for one full-time gig?

Oh, it’s time to think again, because we’re going to treat your passion like a second full-time job.


Are you green in the face yet?


Now, step out of that comfort zone and say bye-bye (for the most part) to:

1. Friday Night Happy Hour

2. Going out Friday night to begin with

3. Weekend outings

4. Television. We’re turning the TV off and keeping it off

5. Recreational reading unless it has something to do with your passion

6. Beginning Phase One of distancing yourself from your day gig and starting the process of firing your boss

7. Beginning Phase One of creating a new gig where you’re your own boss
Yep, you read Six and Seven right. Fire your boss!

Because evil mean bosses deserve to be fired, and you’re going to enjoy this process; I have already and I’m still a rookie.

As for steps One through Five, it’s going to test how bad you want something.


If you’re going to take instant gratification rather than looking at the big picture, don’t even bother with this. You’re either in, or you’re out.


The choice is yours, because when it comes to passion pursuit, if you’re not one-hundred-percent in, you’re going to slave away at your current or future gig you either hate or will hate.


Trust the Process

Why do most people give up or fail at pursuing their dreams?

They don’t like the idea of working for free.


Want to make Monday feel like Saturday?

As mentioned above, your forty-hour week became an eighty-hour week.

Know what most do?

They’ll take their weekly earnings and divide by forty to get an idea of how much they’re making per hour, but once the passion is inserted they’ll take the same number and divide by eighty.

You have to get the numbers out of your head.

Results aren’t immediate. In fact, they aren’t immediate even in the first six months.

Why do people expect immediate results?

1. Social media has had a monster influence where people pick and choose what they post. More often than not, people will inflate their success.


Every day, I see examples of people posting something successful and will get between one and two-hundred likes. Hey, if someone’s social media famous, take it with a grain of salt. It might be as good as it gets for them.

2. We live in a culture of instant gratification.


Look, these days you can have access to anything with a click of a button. Better yet, access to anything via touchscreen.


Want more fun?


Access to anything via voice command.


Not just that, TV tells us we can now have a miracle drug to help us lose weight, low-cost, three-step secrets to internet millions, government programs we never knew about that will make us millionaires, and a myriad of other “quick” fix scams.


It plants the seed that hard work is no longer applicable and everyone has access to a yellow brick road. If that were the case, we’d all be millionaires.

Understand this is a process and it’s one where not everyone is going to survive, mainly for reasons I mentioned above.

Every waking moment of free time will be spent toward working toward your ultimate passions. You need to understand this process is going to be a five-year plan, and much of Year One is building.


Where Does Exciting Begin?

Well, on the contrary, Year One gets exciting immediately.


Because you’re going to do a lot, and I mean a lot, of research. So much research every day may feel like Christmas, because you’re going to find cool new things.

This week alone, I discovered things like how to create a writers’ portfolio on Pinterest and how to use Instafreebie to promote my perma-free book, Fighting Tyranny (almost perma-free, because Amazon makes price-matching tough these days). Nevertheless, my email subscription is now trending in the right direction from these two little tweaks.

Not just that, speaking of Fighting Tyranny, it’s labeled a Hot Buy on Scribd at the time of this posting, and it’s generating reviews on Playster, plus rising in the rankings on Kobo. If only Amazon complies, I’ll be golden.

Why am I talking so much about Fighting Tyranny?

Because it’s the ticket to two things:

1. It’s a funnel to build an email subscriber list; anyone enjoying the book can sign up for my subscription list and get a free bonus novella (also containing Neo and Seneca, my two main characters).

2. It’s a pipeline to my KDP Select and primary work (until October 30th) Northern Knights, Book One in the Lord of Columbia Series, which takes place in the same world as Fighting Tyranny, so there’s a clear connection.

Now, back to trusting the process.

Want a reality check? A good reality check?

I didn’t know any of this three weeks ago.

Three weeks ago, neither Fighting Tyranny nor its magnet book existed.

In fact, I was spending countless hours tearing the internet apart looking for ways to market Northern Knights.

But I didn’t panic. Instead, I buckled down, stayed calm, and trusted the process, knowing I’d stumble upon something.

Want a bonus?

My Freedom Flame’s viewership has skyrocketed over the past thirty days. Like, off the charts skyrocketed.

When I started My Freedom Flame in February, it generated one-hundred-seventy viewers.

In August alone, we’re in four figures.

It’s been an exciting seven months, and trust in the process has become exceptional.


Find Mentors

This never would’ve happened without sound research from various reputable blogs and mentors. Want a list of mine, writers?

1. Jerry Jenkins

2. Jerry Jenkins Writers’ Guild

3. Just Publishing Advice (Derek Haines)

4. The Creative Penn (Joanna Penn)

5. Nick Stephenson

Many fail because they want to go at it alone or think they know it all.

Newsflash, no one knows it all.

So, get rid of your ego, find mentors, find people either local or online, and get them to show you the way.

Again, how bad do you want out of your job?

Are you willing to sacrifice your current friend list to make new friends?

If the answer’s yes, you’re ready, because it’s time to rebuild your social network with like-minded people.

Together, you’ll conquer.


Now, go fire your boss, and turn Monday into Saturday.


What I Learned After Six Months’ Pursuing Writing

Pursuing Passion is Worth the Struggle

Struggle. That’s the best word I can use for anyone pursuing a writing business full-time, or any business, for that matter. However, struggle isn’t a bad thing. Struggle means character-building, discipline, soul-strengthening, and staying positive on the bad days.

Struggle is a test, and it’s going to test everything you’ve got. Okay, some people will tell me that I’m used to struggle because of my fitness background, where I went from an unathletic kid incapable of surviving a week of football practice at age thirteen to a workout warrior who needs to feel like he’s about to topple over before he’s satisfied with his workouts.

In other words, people will tell me I’ve done this before.

However, I argue back, that this is a new arena. This is a much different ballgame. Sure, I’m used to struggle and sure, I’m used to having everything down to the bare bones before rebuilding and succeeding, as I’d done in 2011 when I literally ran out of money and at the last second, found a job that rebuilt my bank account. However, when you literally self-employ yourself and save up a few months’ dough to live on, it’s something completely different.


Escape, or Walk into the Wildfire?

I had a dream last night that I was on a bus with others, that we were going to do a Spartan race in some area I’d never been before. Per the landscape, we were heading south of Morgantown, West Virginia, somewhere in the Carolinas, or wherever, that this race was to be held.

However, wildfires erupted and soon after, they chased us, until we finally outstripped the fires by turning back and heading home. Once home, we were safe to get on with our lives.

Think of the wildfire as the budding chaos, which will happen when you pursue what you love in hopes of making a living from it. However, the majority in this dream insisted on running away from it, but myself and a few others wanted to continue on and do what we signed up to do. But, the majority overruled us.

The interpretation of such a dream is simple: Most people won’t, they’d never, they wouldn’t dream, of pursuing their passion in hopes of making a living because they fear the sure chaos that lays ahead. Our passion may be so time consuming we might decide to save money for six months to a year to live on, but at the same time, downsizing everything and sacrificing our own status to do so. We’re walking straight into the wildfire.


What I’ve Learned in Six Months

This is Your Job. The first and most important thing I’ve learned is that you need to make writing your job, or whatever your passion is. If you already have a job, you now have a second job. You must treat writing in the same manner in which you treat your day job. Like I said, some choose to go all-in and quit their job so they can pursue what they love. This is fine, but make sure you have at least a few months’ dough saved up to make ends meet and always have a job lined up just in case you need some emergency dollars.



You Need a Work List. You need a worklist, I can’t stress this one enough. You need to make sure you’re not only treating this like a job, but getting tasks done in an efficient and timely manner. I like to make up a list in the notes section of my phone, place between twelve to fourteen tasks per day, and set time limits on each.

You Need an Escape. Yes, even though your passion was an escape from your day job, and still is, it’s now your day job and that means you should even have a means to escape your passion. For instance, I like going to the gym and running, so after a couple hours’ work in the morning during the summer, spring, and fall, I’ll go for a run and in the evening after my work is done I’ll go lift. Your escape can be anything from a TV program to sports to politics to anything that suits your soul. Just make sure you set a one-hour time limit.

You Need a Friend Base. Okay, confession, I’m slacking on this one to an extent. I have like five real-life friends. I test as an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs scale so making friends isn’t my strong suit. Furthermore, here in West Virginia, when you tell one that you want to make money off writing, they’ll give you a strange look and ask where your work boots are. But, thank goodness for Twitter and Facebook, where I can find like-minded people such as I who have the same goals. You guys rock!

You’re Going to Work for Free. As with any business-owner, or as I say, entrepreneur, you’re going to work for free. Sound good? It better, because for a writer, all the stories, edits, lessons, courses, and any kind of work you put into this early on will be for free. The good news? Once you’ve worked for free for a time your product is going to be almost flawless and it’ll likely sell more than other products in the market, especially among indie-authors. So, be prepared to work for free and lose a lot of money early on, but be prepared to reap the benefits of that hard work later with monetary rewards for your hard work.

Write with Your Customers (Readers) in Mind. For those reading this who aren’t writers, work on your product with your customers in mind. I can’t stress this point enough. When I first wrote Lord of Columbia, I wrote it in a way that I would love but my readers would’ve likely put it down within seconds. It was loaded with backstory, no action, a ton of adverbs and adjectives, and more telling than showing. Sure, I enjoyed it, but it was also 185,000 words…yikes! Then, I sought how to write and rewrote it. Then, I mastered point-of-view and rewrote it again. It’s now loaded with action from start to finish, 77,000 words, with very few (if any) adverbs and nominal adjectives. And best yet, the whole book is written in just one point-of-view, with eighty-eight dialogue tags.

You’re Going to Learn A Lot. You’re going to remain a student and remain so for quite some time. Sure, I may’ve gotten the writing and editing part down (I’ll hire a professional editor once I can swing the dough which will be a huge weight lifted off my back) but I’m going to go through the grind in a learning curve involving sales and marketing, and six months from today, I’ll write about what I learned in that case.
I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

Writing: Where Passion Meets Passion

When Writing’s Your Passion, You’re Pursuing Multiple Passions

It’s true. Writing’s where more than a few passions meet. We often write to spread a message, inform, entertain, or a combination thereof, which is what I do. Heck, this whole blog’s purpose is to spread a message, inform, and entertain.

I spread a Libertarian, individualist message.

I tell others how to pursue passion (be it writing or something else) in their hectic lives and give tips on how to write.

And, I like to entertain with my conspiracy posts, like the Deep State and these days, the Bohemian Grove.

Lord of Columbia fits the same mold. I inform others on Libertarianism while trying to persuade them into following it without sounding preachy (thank goodness for dialogue). I do this through an entertaining story with compelling characters.

It’s comparable to how C.S. Lewis spread a Christian message in Chronicles of Narnia, and though I’m not about to spread a Christian message, one of pro-liberty, reason, and enlightenment are my main goals.


Passion Meets Passion

But take this post seriously, because writing really is where passion meets passion. Make a list of three things that are very important to you right now.

Here are mine:

1. Libertarianism

2. Fitness

3. Sports (namely, the Cleveland Browns, Indians, and Cavaliers)

Only one thing combines the three passions, and that’s writing. The same can be done for you, too. And better yet, you can even, say, place all three passions into a novel…I’m giving Lord of Columbia spoilers left and right here.

But really, you can even freelance write in all these avenues. There are many places that accept freelance work from anyone, just write a solid, fact-based article.

Yes, you can literally make money off your passions, and better yet, if you do decide to write books on them, as I’m doing with Lord of Columbia and later, Comeback Kid, it’s another cash flow. Best yet, you can even write self-help or how-to books if you have expertise in a field, as I have with fitness, since I’ve worked as a personal trainer for almost six years.


Combining, Yet Dividing

Even better, if you wanted to write in multiple genres, or write in fiction and non-fiction alike, you can even adopt a pen name, as I plan on doing for my non-fiction work. Some writers do this for fiction, others non-fiction, and still others adopt several pen names if they want to distinguish different series and titles.

Keep in mind it takes multiple platforms to do so, as many who follow you in one avenue may only want to read a certain genre. For instance, I have two Twitter accounts, one under my real name and another under a pen name. The account under my real name are full of writers and readers who like fantasy, or in Lord of Columbia’s case, urban fantasy, and adult-oriented work.

It’s one of my few target markets for Lord of Columbia. Also, those who enjoy Ayn Rand’s work may be interested in Lord of Columbia, as I’ve stated it’s a Manifesto for a Libertarian Revolution. And of course, if you like Robert Heinlein, you may fall in love with Lord of Columbia, despite the differences in genre. Obviously, if you’re a genre-reader and you like the above works but fantasy of any kind isn’t your cup of tea, you won’t enjoy Lord of Columbia. But if you read for the messages and themes, as I tend to, Lord of Columbia may be worth looking into.

But in my experience, more readers may be genre-specific, so I’d obviously never market an informative book on liberty in the Ron Paul mold, as no one on any of my social media, or blog followers for that matter, would look into it. I’d have to rely on paid promotion, SEO and keywords to stand a chance at making sales.

Then, there’s fitness, which it seems everyone is interested in these days, at least to an extent. Not everyone, and that’s fine, but it seems everyone is at least going to embark on a health kick at one time or another. Any fitness-oriented book will be geared toward those looking for permanent lifestyle changes. Nothing crazy, like insane gym workouts, or you have to eat this way or take this supplement, but common-sense, realistic, zero-fad lifestyle changes that the health and fitness market desperately needs.

Finally, there’s my non-fiction work, one of which is…somewhere between a memoir and an autobiography…I’m still conducting research on this one and I’m very, very raw in the non-fiction scope of things. But, the premise here depicts my first six years as a trainer from 2012 to 2018.

And let me tell you, if you want to read a story that’s a work-based sitcom in the same mold as The Office or Cheers, it’s the book for you. I’m planning a 2019 release date. It’s very politically incorrect, and most of the stories are those I’d never recommend you do at your work place, as it’ll probably lay the grounds for job termination.

But, the party-like atmosphere, drinking on the job, and a few other ‘events’ I won’t mention here is worth a nice, little escape for anyone looking to take a break from their dreary, hectic lifestyles. All I’m going to say is, prepare to strap in for a wild ride.



So, make your list right now, because we all love to write, and we all have our reasons for writing. Perhaps we had a bad childhood, or problems connecting with others in grade or middle school? Maybe we were successful in school and faltered in adulthood, only to mount a comeback? Or better yet, maybe we never had a chance in life, were plunged into terrible trouble, and managed to get out of such trouble and win the day?

Something burning deep inside you is telling you to write your story and share it with the world. We all have an amazing story inside us, and contrary to what many say, I think they are all publishable. We all had something, an event, or an idea, that made us who we are today. We’ve all faced trials, we’ve all faced hardship, and we’re all imperfect.

If all of the above isn’t true, you aren’t human. But I know we can definitely relate somehow to what I’ve written, and are pursuing writing because of something that is dying to get off our chests.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

Your Time is Now

Taking the Risk is the First Step

You’ve been at it for some time, but your job weighs on you.

You don’t want to be there, and you know you can better maximize your time pursuing passion, doing what you’ve always dreamed of.

What if I told you today is your time?

If it’s been on your mind and if you’ve been seeing signs, perhaps it’s best you act on them.



Your Time is Now

You know the old adage, Your Future is Now?

Well, today begins a whole new chapter for your life. Today marks the first day you started pursuing passion and working your way to making a living income in your own field of dreams.

It’s been on your mind for months.

But, something may’ve held you back in the past.

Maybe it’s the thought of ‘what if?’

What if everything goes wrong?

What if the road’s rough?

What if there’s failure?

Relax your mind for a minute, because things will go wrong, the road’s going to be rough, and failure is going to happen.

It’s a cold, hard fact.

But, there’s good news. With each trial, tribulation, and setback, you can make leaps and bounds.

Mistakes will be made, but they’ll never be repeated if you learn from them.

Yes, it’s a risk, but taking the risk is the first step to success.

You’re going to succeed.

Are you putting your mind to it?

If you answered yes, success is right around the corner, regardless of previous and even current setbacks.



But, My Income

Hey, look at your savings account right now and your bills.

Do you have enough to cover for a month or two?

Perhaps longer?

If you’ve answered yes, you have time. Better yet, you just opened up your week more now than ever before.

Today is only Day One.

It’s the day you’ve declared independence.

It’s the day you broke away from what 99% of people (the 99%) dare not dream of.

It’s the day you took control, stared adversity and the unknown in the eye, smiled, winked, and declared that you are the storm and you’re stronger than any obstacle thrown your way.

Ultimately, you’re going to succeed.

But, you need to make the crucial decision today.

Not in two weeks.

Not see where you are in a month.

No, the decision comes today.

Do you want to be your own boss and fire your old boss?



Taking the Risk

I know, the risk is scary. It’s a leap of faith, a leap into the unknown, a few months of potential struggle, all the above. It’s not going to be a pretty victory by any means, but it will be worth it.

Think about all the success stories, all the case studies, all the people who put their foot down and declared the buck stops here, it’s my life, no other individual will infringe upon it and determine what I make and don’t make.

It’s my life and damn it, I’m going to live it the way I see fit, under my own control, and no one, no one, no employer, corporation, union, or government will determine my potential and my possible income for me.

It ends today, and it starts by taking the risk.

Today is Day One.

Don’t be worried. Be not concerned. Don’t give a damn what friends, family, peers, the rest of the world thinks, only give a damn about what you think because you know what’s best for you and no one can decide such for you.




Be brave, be bold. Toil away and do so like a blue-collar worker. Be creative, be intelligent. And finally, be ambitious and show that thirst for the power over your life you’ve always dreamed of.

I want to see the fire in your eyes, your spirit alive, the earth rumbling as you walk it, the wind swirling in the other direction as you walk into it, and your heart as calm as the waters in a pond.

Take the risk. Take the first step. Smile at the storm, and don’t look back. Your time is now and if they can’t see you coming, they’ll see you when you top the apex.

Thanks for reading.


Lord of Columbia is an Example of Uniting Several Passions

How to Unite your Passions

My Freedom Flame is all about pursuing passion, but also executing passion, which explains sharing my political research. Pursuing passion is one thing, but we must have the willpower to execute, and Lord of Columbia, my debut trilogy, is a prime example.


Uniting the Passions

So, I have fitness, writing, and the principles of liberty as my primary passions, which all meet in Lord of Columbia. My main character begins as a fitness and self-obsessed individual. In fact, my elevator pitch for the debut novel, Northern Knights, is ‘An arrogant collegiate athlete inadvertently begins a colonial uprising.’

My main, whose name will be unveiled at a later date, is one of those athletes who draws negative stereotypes before the events of the series begin, but it’s a stark reminder of myself back in my younger days (okay, maybe a few years back).

He’s one of those guys who goes to class, so he can remain academically eligible for sports, thinks of his next workout more than he does hanging with his friends, and is always looking to pick fights on the field. If I had to compare him to an NFL player, or best yet an NFL rookie, his on and off-field personality would resemble Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Okay, so my second passion is writing, which has been a passion longer than fitness but between 2005 and 2015, took a backseat to fitness, and ditto for politics. But in late 2014, I made a New Year’s Resolution (they do work, sometimes) for 2015 that I was going to reinsert writing back into my life and worry not what others thought, especially since my favorite genre is contemporary fantasy, as it’s always been fun to imagine having ability in a modern society.

While I started Lord of Columbia back in 2010 when I was nineteen, my writing was so sporadic and discouraging. I’d write, get stuck, erase all my text, and start again. This happened until 2012-2013, with a different beginning each time, but after a few chapters, the dreaded “Marathon of the Middle” began and I’d revert back to blank text.

Finally, it took a New Year’s Resolution and complete curiosity to see what happens in this work. One trick I utilized, while keeping the book original, was basing it off several influences of book series, movies, and TV shows I loved as a kid. Without further ado, here’s a nice list of my many influences:

1) Harry Potter: If one reads Lord of Columbia: Northern Knights closely, they’re going to find a few Harry Potter elements. One book I very, very loosely based the plot off of was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Now, as stated earlier, the series does take on a path of its own, but to have a basis to draw from provided a huge help.

2) Star Wars: Again, another plot to draw from. Star Wars is based off a few elements that fascinate me, one of which is a consensus among all Star Wars fans: the lightsaber, but I got more than my own version of a magic sword. Star Wars is also based off the Hero’s Journey and, though it’s little known, modern-day US foreign policy.

3) Avatar: The Last Airbender: Element-bending is big in Lord of Columbia, and it’s one of the many abilities, as I call it in the text, characters in the book contain. Though there are four elements (air, water, earth, fire) in Avatar, I expanded the scope and included wood, metal, blood, and spirit.

4) Remember the Titans: As a sports enthusiast, I had to create a sports atmosphere. My main and his band of brothers and sisters are respected athletes, though the main is the one with the negative stereotype. There is a nice, little subplot containing sports, and it intertwines well with the main plot, as many contribute as main characters.

5) The Cleveland Browns-Pittsburgh Steelers rivalry: Oh, this had to be put into it, and I couldn’t think of a better way than flipping off my Steeler fan friends better than demonizing the colors black and yellow, which people bleed if you live in the Ohio Valley.


And finally, libertarian politics is a third passion. With any issue in America, I don’t side with conservatives nor liberals. Instead, I ask myself what America’s Founders would’ve done in any given situation. So, after studying political ideologies, and at one time or another I’ve identified with the following:

1) 2009-2010: Democratic Socialist (yep, I was)

2) 2011-2012: Conservative Libertarian (I practically became a Republican but held a non-aggression foreign policy view).

3) 2013-2015: Still Conservative Libertarian, but strongly considering identifying as a Republican (I criticized many of Barack Obama’s stances, and so many misidentified me as a Republican I almost believed it.

4) 2016-Present: Hardcore Libertarian: These days, George Soros is a Rothschild front-man, the globalist deep state exists, taxation is theft, ditto for traffic laws, cops initiate conflict whereas conflict is otherwise avoidable, the Fed is killing the dollar, and Donald Trump’s foreign policy benefits Rothschild Inc.



Our passions, especially if we’re writers, can and will be united. We just need to find a way to unite all our passions. For me, writing is a perfect way to talk about fitness, but more importantly my political views. Pursuing my passion involves hours of perfecting my writing and honing my research habits. For now on, I identify, before anything, as a writer. I’m a trainer by trade, but a writer by life.

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