A Myriad of People Inspired Characters Behind the Trilogy


I expect to release my contemporary fantasy trilogy, Age of Columbia in early-September, coinciding with the beginning of the college football season to honor Book One’s subplot.
Now, tonight I want to talk about the inspirations for my main and minor characters in Age of Columbia. As many writers love to do, they’ll base people off others in real life. Usually, those we like play the good guys and those we don’t like play the bad guys, unless our main characters happen to be heroic outlaws.
I’ll consent to say a few of my main characters have a little bit of myself within them, but they’re based off, as the subtitle states, a myriad of people. Here are a few of the personas I based a few interesting characters on.


Family Fun!

Sure, more than a few main supporting characters are based off those in my extended family. People I’ve been close to for years have managed to work their way into my trilogy, though the fun fact is they don’t know it…yet! It’ll be a nice surprise for all, I hope.



A Whole Lotta Pop

The one dude I talk about often deserved a place in the work, and ditto for his sidekick. Hey, the dude once shared my blog and it reached seven-hundred views in a single day. If he shares this, I’ll be very grateful. The only risk is I may garner a few bad reviews, but it’s one I’m willing to take.


My Main’s Rival

This is the only case the rule doesn’t apply. I actually had a friend of mine request my main’s rival be based off himself. I obliged so much I even gave the character an identical name, clearing first with him, obviously.



Love Interests

This one will burn some bridges, or, build some bridges. Yep, a few female characters are based off my own love interests. Hey, us writers are naturally introverted and love to come up with the most interesting ways to reveal things to people. But I’ll admit, it created a few believable characters and if these people read the work, well, it’ll either burn a bridge or build a bridge.



Lost Loves and Rich Men

Oh, this one will definitely burn a bridge. I based this one off an old ex-friend of mine and her boy toy who happened to be one of the richest kids (parents were loaded despite their inability to keep places in business) in town. Needless to say, they broke up once and she and I struck up a little something, only for her to run back to him after a few months. It was an awesome summer, though.



Old Bosses

This one’s great, because I once worked for two of the most notorious snakes I’d ever met in my life. One such character is a combination of these two men, and another very minor character is his dimwitted sidekick, also based off a former co-worker. There’s no better way to flip off your boss than to make him part of a book series.



The Oval Office?

The current trend is any writer who isn’t a neoconservative nut will be the first to poke fun and the ineptitude of the men who’ve held the Oval Office. Well, obviously they make a good King George III.



A Doormat NFL Rivalry Renewed

There is a little NFL allegory in this work and it’s stated early on a few color schemes of at odds coalitions speak of a certain NFL Rivalry that’s since gone by the wayside. But, I’ll be the first to state, the Turnpike Rivalry between two identical Rust Belt American cities will never be forgotten.


Political Heroes

Of course, my own Libertarian-minded political heroes are given a nod, too. Those who’ve shaped my views into anarcho-capitalism have a place in my work. They’re far too important to have been left out.



The Socialist Doctrine

In addition to my political heroes, the socialist doctrine of government dependency and central planning often taught in state-run political prisons also known as public schools deserve a spot. My disdain for public education and indoctrination is noted several times in Book One, as it’s an ever-growing issue among our youth who’re taught to become emotional, docile, dependent, and surrendering to an over-inflated government.