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New Challenges, New Chances, New Era, New Opportunity

Each new era marks the beginning for new challenges, new chances, and new opportunity, but as I’ve stated in my previous post, it’s not always desirable for the writer.

Let’s be honest; most of us just want to write in a corner somewhere and watch people buy our books while we interact with them as little as possible to keep our minds on writing.

Sure, some writers might be extroverts but most are so introverted we’ll go out of our way in a shopping center to avoid people we know.

Am I getting a lot of nods and ‘that’s me?’”

If so, you now realize you’re not alone and you’re just as sane as I am.

If not saner.

But, while us writers would love to cozy up somewhere beside a fire and imagine all of Gaia, taking a journey into our child-selves’ hearts, it’s not the way it is in the game of life.

We’ve bills to pay, money to make, food to eat, places to be, people to meet, while some of us unlucky ones are forced to fight city traffic both to and from work, but I don’t work downtown, so I’m cool there!

Yet, I realize many of us don’t have such luxuries and we must work to live.

And when we must work to live, we’re faced with the inevitable.

Do we continue with our current poor job or go somewhere else which pays better, yet requires more hours and responsibility?

Most would choose the latter, I hope, and I’m no different.

Hence, the new era begins and as I stated before, fear is the single biggest entity preventing us from living a life us writers dream of.

New Era, New Opportunity

Okay, so with any new responsibility, something else awaits and that’s a new journey.

Something you should be proud of.

It means you’re worth something to someone and qualified for something in this life.

You should congratulate yourself on this epic occasion.

Yet, and as stated in my previous article, us stubborn INFJ’s dream of situations like this but when dream becomes reality, well, that’s when uncertainty and sometimes panic sets in.

As stated before, we’re so resistant to change we long for the days of old when we were dreamers, not achievers.

But we want to be achievers, and that’s exactly what a new era brings to us.

Isn’t this what you’ve wanted all along?

If you’re shaking your head, you’re like me.

Yeah, it’s what you wanted, it’s what I wanted, and now that I have it, it’s well, the unknown is scaring the hell out of me—

Okay, stop, stop, stop, stop your train of uncertain, negative thinking.

You were all positive, positive, positive, positive, even thanking your own Higher Power or higher level of consciousness that you’re moving forward like you wanted.

Now’s not the time to be negative and creating doomsday scenarios with the mind.

It’s time to be positive. It’s time to be the epic hero you’ve always dreamed of being.

Mind you, this is both in your day job and in writing.

It’s not the time to be negative and thinking of what can go wrong.

Remember you deserve to be in the position you’re in, whether it’s writing or your day job.


Take Yourself High

Yep, now’s the time to think of euphoria.

Now, I don’t mean anything major, obviously.

What I mean is take some of those thoughts and actions that make you feel positive, unstoppable, and even invincible, and take them with you into this new era.

For me, it’s exercise and of course, writing itself.

And we’re writers, meaning we’re already willing to take on challenges most aren’t willing to take on.

Have you written your novel yet?

Did you ever once think anything was going to wrong?

Things obviously do go wrong once we look over our first draft. Typo here, plothole there, everything’s a wreck.

But, a lot more goes right.

Main character is compelling. Supporting cast is just as interesting. This story’s going places.

And when we engage in any activity that gives us that high; that moment of satisfaction.

So, although these new eras are going to bring challenges, they’re going to bring new and awesome ones straight to you.

But look beyond the challenges and absorb that sense of accomplishment you feel after writing a book, or after a hard workout, or after any rough, tough event.

Funnel your mind to think positive, even in scenarios where uncertainty is present.


Combat Uncertainty

Once again, before you do or think anything, remember you’re in a position you’re in because you deserve to be there.

Book tour? You’ve always wanted it but now since it’s here you have to burst out of your little bubble and make it happen. Meaning you’re knocked out of your comfort zone. But still, you deserved this book tour!

Book signing? Author’s seminar? An appearance?

Or in the working world.

A promotion? A new job with greater responsibility?

Yep, you deserved each of it.

So, you need to remember this; the fact you deserve to be here means you’re good enough to succeed.

You already succeeded.

So now, you get to succeed again.

And if we had to succeed the first time to succeed again, it means we were once thrown out of our comfort zone in the first place.

Now, we get to expand upon the comfort zone we originally extended before.

Remember, when the ‘what if’ scenarios enter the mind, remind yourself you’ve already been a success.

If it’s a sales gig, think about how you went about selling your book. It’s the best book ever, right?

And so is the product or service you’re selling.

And lastly, don’t overthink, just go and use your instinct.

Overthinking never ends well. Instinct always prevails, in anything.

By allowing the mind to guide the limbs in anything, you’re going to be successful in each new era you enter.

So go out there and get it done.


How to Find Motivation to Keep Writing When it Gets Tough

You’re not Tired, You’re Unmotivated

Many of us work day jobs and I’m no different. The grind can be real. We’re gone for ten to twelve hours a day, five to six days a week. Finding time and motivation to write can be borderline impossible. We’d rather go to sleep, watch TV, or relax. Today, I’m going to show you how t find motivation to keep writing when things get tough.

The Rock once said, “All successes begin with self-discipline, it starts with you.” He couldn’t have been more right and his quote involves players of all fields and disciplines. Motivation is key, and we control it.

So, we’re home from work and we’re too tired to pick up our keyboard and continue working on the novel or whatever it is we said we’d be working on. We have the greatest intentions but we were held over at work, fought traffic on the way home, are eating dinner at ten in the evening, and are ready to call it a day.


Do something for yourself. Accomplish something today that others won’t so tomorrow you can do what others can’t.

Like turning writing into a full-time day job.


Stop listening to them.

Okay, who are they?



Keep reading and I’ll tell you about them and who they are. It’s one of the topics I’m covering for this article.

Those telling you it’s not possible to make a buck or two from your writing. At the very least it’s possible to make a side income.

Okay, enough chit-chat, as we say in our Pittsburghese lingo. I know if you’re reading this you’re looking for ways to find motivation to keep writing so I’m not going to hold you up any longer.


What Made You Start?

Well, something made you hit the keyboard or pick up a pen and begin writing. A book, movie, song, something motivated us to begin.

So, here you are, writing away until life stopped you in your tracks.

But, what motivated you to begin in the first place?

Look deep, because this primary motive is what motivated you to do something most won’t. You were motivated to take action.

Taking action is the second step to success.

The first?

Visualization, which ninety-nine percent of us have no problem doing. We can visualize success all day but action is needed.

And that primary motive caused action to be taken.

So, what made you take action?

Think long and hard and the memory will strike. The very scene of your life where you were first motivated will come back to you.


Look at Your Work in Progress

I’m not even saying you need to add anything to the work; just look at it. Read every word you’ve written from start until now.

You’ve obviously taken action here, so look back at your action. Look where you started and where you are today.

Even if we’re tired and feeling unmotivated, we love looking over our accomplishments. Just seeing what we’ve done so far can help us look into the future and envision ourselves finishing what we started.

We’ll find an instant surge of motivation to finish a work, upload it to Kindle and the other aggregate sites, and hey, if we’re working full-time and get a nice bonus, promote that work and write its sequel.


Write with a Chip on Your Shoulder

We’ve all faced adversity in the past and anytime it seems we want to do something outside the status quo, we’re laughed at, ridiculed, and judged by those who’ve never taken the slightest first step of action and never will.

So, remember you’re not writing just to prove people wrong and state you showed them to rub it in their face.

You could do that, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Instead, write with a chip on your shoulder to prove big things can be done and we don’t need to live by the status quos of working really hard for someone else’s dream, as we’re taught to do since grade school.

Sometimes, people need to be shown the impossible can be done. I can name numerous examples of my own friends list in just about any field, not just writing.

I’ve known people who’ve gone from the average looking American mom to fit mom and fitness champions to the point to where they’re competing in pro-qualifiers.

I know another who started his own nutrition business without a single day of actual schooling in the field.
I know people who’ve hit rock bottom and have fought to the top.

So, what you’re doing can be done and yes, you can live outside the perceived status quo.

Remember there are eyes on you, hoping you fail. But when you don’t, those same people (most of them) will look up to you.

How do I know?

Count me as a primary source.

I once knew a guy who was once out of shape and not athletic. He became a trainer and is now taking the next step in his career in that department. And he still finds time to write and is always motivated to take that next step in his writing career.

It can be done. Many think about giving up, but they remember who’s watching them. prove to people it can be done and a positive vibe will spread among the masses, which will change others.




How to Combat Stress and Turn it into Motivation

Turn Stress into Motivation

The modern-day American lifestyle is filled with stress at any given corner. Our jobs, friends, family, drama, from sun up to sun down are filled with stress. Stress will make us binge eat, or not eat at all. Stress will do some weird things to our bodies, cause anxiety, worry, and other health issues. Don’t worry, because when given the right tools, one can combat stress.


Today, I’m gifting writers with the opportunity to take daily stress and turn it into motivation.


Stress in the Workplace?

I always go back to my debut gig at a grocery store called Riesbecks when I talk about stress in the workplace and dealing with a variety of customers daily. And the people will stress out even the strongest soul.


Management wants this, this, and that done, customers think the produce clerk (my actual gig at the time) should know every little thing about the grocery department, meat department, and so forth. Then, there are the miserable souls working the service desk and the deli complaining about their lives in the break room.


Are we having fun yet?


I don’t know what you do for a living, but if the above describes you, I’m sure you can relate to stress.


My question to you is how do you cope with stress?


Do you go home, sit down, eat dinner, mull over the day, and drown yourself into deeper stress over watching TV and doing virtually nothing?


If the above paragraph sounds like you, then you need to cut it out tonight. No, don’t go to Friday Night Happy Hour or on a Saturday Night Expedition. In fact, don’t go out with your friends and try for some temporary relief, get to work on your writing passion right now.


Wait, Write After Work?

Whoa, Todd, isn’t that work?


Yeah, you guessed it. Remember that dream you mentioned once upon a time back in middle school before high school graduation set you off into this false pretense of reality brought on by your mom and dad who know absolutely nothing about life because they never questioned what your grandparents told them?


Or schoolmasters? Yikes!


Get to work on writing, but not work as in your day job.


Get to work on that writing passion you’ve been holding off since you gave up somewhere between high school and now.


Do you want to turn your stress into something good?


Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to one day work as a creator? To work from libraries, coffee shops, parks, pools, wherever?


If you answered yes but think this is impossible, don’t go anywhere!


You have awesome stories in your head, right?


So, as you sit at your cubicle, are conducting mill work, or whatever your profession, you have a story. You have a path. You have a way out.


Look, when you’re stressed, you have all the bad boiled up in you, and you’re going to go to bed feeling like this.


Why not wake up energized and go to bed satisfied for a change?


Want to have purpose in your life other than a simple nine to five gig or something you just can’t stand doing for another second?


The time to act is now!


Yes, in conjunction with your day job, act now and I guarantee you’ll be thanking me one to five years down the road.


Oh, and have I ever mentioned to you how well you can grow in Year One?


I have one book published on Amazon, two free novelettes on all the other aggregate sites, plus a reader magnet here on My Freedom Flame all within a year.


I have two blogs and I’m looking to start another. My Twitter following and entire reader platform have grown.


Guys, this started in March and I’ve accomplished so much.


And you can, too. It’s all about choices, and make the choice to look stress in the face, smile, and tell it’ll no longer control you in anything. You. Are. Free.


Your Future is Now

Your future is now if you allow it to be. No more holding it off saying I’m going to be this or I’m going to be that.


What are you right now, at this very moment?


Are you still the Pepsi Guy and can’t stand being there another second?


Why can’t you become a creator, live off your ideas, and blog about ideas via different streams of income?


Guys, the possibilities are endless, as I’ve recently learned.


You need to find your writing passion, or rediscover your passion, see it through, set the world on fire, and shoot for the stars. If ‘they’ told you back in middle and high school it wasn’t possible, this is the opportune time for you to look the other way and say, ‘watch me.’


And remember to let them know how far you’ve come in your respective game.


The world and the haters are watching, waiting for you to fail and fall on your face.


Maybe you will have a moment or two where this happens, or maybe you’ll persevere through the storm, rise up, and succeed. Once you do that, the haters will be so stunned they’ll be asking you how you did it.


Be a warrior, innovator, and adventurer.


Start Today

Okay, a quick list on everything you’ll need to grow into your ultimate writing passion.

  1. Start a Blog
  2. Research relevant keywords within your niche. Sure, a keyword tool comes in handy but they’re pricey. For the time being, use Google and it’ll give you ideas.
  3. Center your blog around ONE niche. When I started My Freedom Flame, I centered it around three different niches. Bad idea. Center it around one niche and create more blogs for other niches down the road.
  4. Help, don’t sell! I’ll use my books as examples often but nothing more. I’m not looking to sell the work, but help the reader understand different writing components. The more you help others, the more you sell because you’ll build trust.
  5. Use a free grammar tool like Grammarly or Pro Writing Aid to add credibility to your work.
  6. Become an authority. Sure, it may sound like a scary word and thought, but it isn’t. Becoming an authority means you’ve done your homework on keyword research, which Google, Bing, and Yahoo will index in search engines, which equals traffic from real people.

What are you waiting for? Get started today and destroy stress by pursuing what you’ve always wanted to make a living on.

Creative Writers, Let the Universe Know

You’re a Creative Writer First

If writing is your passion, I have good news for you. You’re a writer before anything else.


Any motivational teacher will tell us the universe needs to know. I don’t care how absurd it sounds to people or how crazy they’ll think you are, because trust me, the everymen and women of our world will think so, and they encompass ninety-eight percent of the population.


You’re Crazy Enough to Succeed

Back in 1985, someone said a phone would tell us anything we’d ask it. I often ask people in their forties and fifties what their response would’ve been to the one staking this claim, and the answers are identical; they would’ve thought the person to be out of their mind.

You’re not out of your mind.


You’re a thinker and being a thinker means you’ve already risen above the status quo of slaving away to make a living at maybe a decent salary, but you’re still slaving away stocking the grocery aisle at a local grocery store.


Did you see yourself fronting items for a living making your corporate overlords a lot of money?


Sure, your store manager may put on the happy charade that he and everyone else is glad to be here, working away, slaving away, making a living, and gaining their family’s and friend’s respect.


But are you truly happy stocking store shelves for a living, regardless of the pay?


Right, didn’t think so.


Why not turn it into a motivation for writing?


Why not go out of your way to remind yourself daily that you’re a creator first, and more specific, a writer first.


Don’t ask if you’re crazy for being a dreamer.


Ask if you’re crazy enough to pursue your passion and not only pursue it, but have succeeded in doing so.


Avoid Haters



When you make the announcement that you’re a writer, the world will sneer back at you.


All those miserable souls in the grocery store, or wherever it is you work will be all too happy to give you a lesson in their own perceived reality.


Such perceived reality is they’ll say you’ll be stuck in grocery-land dealing with angry customers one, five, and ten years from now. They’ll say you’ll be stuck in your current job or managing a department if you’re lucky.


If you’re lucky.


They’ll say the company picks and chooses who moves up and who remains in their grunt jobs at the front of the store bagging groceries, ringing customers out, stocking store shelves, crushing bins, and taking out loads of garbage.


But, perceived reality is how we perceive it. If we’re conditioned into perceiving reality as nothing more than working in a grocery store, it’s all we’ll amount to. But, if we remind ourselves daily that we’re writers, we’re creators, we’re dreamers, we’re seekers, we can recondition our minds.


Rewiring the Brain

You want to know something?


It is possible to rewire the brain.


When Joanna Penn first started, she constantly reminded herself while commuting to and from her miserable corporate job that she’s a creator.


The brain, when exposed to constant repetition, conditions, or reconditions itself. Because those miserable souls working in a grocery store spend their breaks sitting outside wondering why such misery and rotten luck was bestowed upon them, remind yourself it’s not the case.


People who are miserable choose to be miserable. Of course, when brought to the individual, there are exceptions, and some people never catch a break, but when zoomed out collectively you’ll find most choose misery.


They’re conditioned, sometimes since childhood. They’re told it’s not in the cards to make a living doing what they love. They’re told the world doesn’t act that way. They’re told to make a living, they’re going to spend their lives slaving away for someone else.


It’s not true.


Writer’s Gauntlet

The writer’s gauntlet is a tough road, no doubt. I’m not going to lie, you’re going to have obstacles, roadblocks, adversity, and days where you ask why you’re even bothering.


The good news?


Such times never last. If we remember why we’re doing what we’re doing. If we can wake up each day, each morning, and can’t wait to roll up our sleeves and get to work on our writing passion, we’re going to find ourselves getting more and more successful daily.


It’ll be a slow build, but progressive. With each passing week, month, set of months, we’ll notice the changes we make. Others will notice the changes, too.


The sneers and eyerolls will vanish and those who once panned you will look back in awe, admiring the work you accomplished.


You’re going to gain a following. Such a following is going to talk about you to others in a good light.


You’ll build a tribe, and you’ll be a known authority in a field you love.


One day, you’ll be glad you took the time and told the universe you’re a writer, a creator, a dreamer, a seeker, and anything else you want it to know.



Sometimes, it’s a scary process.


We’ve been conditioned to work for others, help our overlords see their dreams come true, make them a lot of money, and are expected to be grateful for the opportunity.


They expect us to credit them for saving us from living in constant poverty, on the streets, and a life of misery.


But when we see misery in the workplace, we realize otherwise.


When we see others complaining about waking up early on a Monday or Tuesday morning, fighting traffic to work, reminiscing about and looking forward to next weekend, we discover it’s not how we want to live.


It’s no way to live.


Worse yet, the remedy is tabooed, because such remedies require courage from you to take a stand and demand you’re more capable than what others are saying.


Have the courage to state with conviction that you’re a writer, command they listen to you, and worry not about initial backlash you face.


Because adversity often leads to beautiful destinations.






Believers Are Achievers

Those Who Believe Their Dreams Will Become Reality Succeed

Sure, you need to put in the work. Yes, you need to stay up at least eighteen hours per day. Yes, you need to sacrifice weekends, social time, and perhaps even friendships to realize your dreams. You need to break down obstacles every single day.

But, above all else, you need to believe you can achieve. Believers are achievers, and those who believe their dreams will become reality succeed.

If you’re working toward a goal without belief it’ll happen, if you admit defeat before the battle even begins, bad things will happen. However, if you, despite the odds, realize you can achieve much more than the average person (average people are average because they choose to be), you will end up achieving more than the average person.


What Separates the Believer from the Average or Unbelievers?

It’s simple.

Believers are willing to make sacrifices. They’re not any better of people than those who are average or those who believe success won’t come their way because of some lame excuse like being a “product of circumstances;” they’re just willing to sacrifice everything including the kitchen sink.

Us believers are willing to spend all weekend long working on our craft while everyone else is out and enjoying the warm, July weather or during the cooler months, watching football or celebrating their respective holiday. We’re willing to give it all up. We aren’t going to happy hour on a Friday night. We aren’t going to a sporting event, clubbing, or watching the latest Netflix binge.


We’re Working

How many hours do we put in each week?

Well, we have one-hundred and sixty-eight hours in a week, so we’ll put in as many hours as necessary within these one-hundred and sixty-eight hours. If it means sleeping four hours a night, we’re willing. If it means spending every waking moment outside our day job, we’re willing.



We realize our goals, and we also realize the amount of work needed to achieve them. Even if we have, say, two competing passions and one must go, the one we hold closer to us will prevail.


We Begin with the End

Believers who are achievers begin with the end. In other words, we already see the final product in our minds, so all we need to do is figure out how to get there. Many claim they want this, or want that, but can’t see it. When they can’t see the final product, they’re going to get side-tracked.

Further, when one tries to add-on to their current lifestyle, they’re destined to fail. You can’t pursue a passionate goal by adding it onto what you already have. You’ll never see it through to the end.

It’s just like when I was in fitness.

Far too often, too many clients stated they wanted to change, but they never began with the end. They never visualized what they wanted. Instead, they wanted to add fitness in to their current lifestyle and no matter how often one trains, they’ll always fall short.
And as the title of this article implies: Those who want something but can’t believe in themselves enough to see it through to the end aren’t going to.

Belief in oneself is powerful, and this bodes true with everyone. I’ve tried writing many times before, as between 2005 and 2015, there were times as mentioned in previous articles, I’d write here or there. But to actually finish what I’d started? I never thought it’d be possible, because most who sit down to write a book never finish it.

But like I’ve mentioned in the past: It changed in 2015 when I saw not myself being lauded by others for a finished product, but what this product had done for others. As mentioned in a recent article, Lord of Columbia is a Manifesto for a Libertarian Revolution.



Before you embark on any journey in passion pursuit, you need to be able to see where you’re going. Begin with the end, and die empty. That’s one of the most inspiring statements I’ve ever heard in my life. It means begin by seeing the end goal in sight, and when one dies, we’ve fulfilled everything we’ve set out to do.

You need to see the end in your mind before you see it in person. To do so means to believe beyond the shadow of a doubt you can get to where you want to go. You need to know you’re destined for greater things than what you have now, and regardless of what others say, and there is going to be a lot of negativity, especially in the early stages, you need to tune it out. You must know where you’re headed, and why you’re headed in such a direction.

If you come across any naysayer, be they friend, family, co-worker, whomever, throw them to the wayside and be unapologetic about it. This is your life. Only you can control where you go. If you build or design a good enough product and do what’s required, people will buy and you’ll succeed in something you’ve always desired success in.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

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