Many Allow This Awesome Possession Go to Waste

Why does everyone take their gifts for granted?

When you were young, you may’ve been a gifted athlete, artist, writer, researcher, or had an interest in certain topics that would someday lead you to parts unknown or innovation.

Then, everything changed.

You forgot your gifts.

Your creative mind, once reaching a certain age gone.

You instead opted for making a living with an everyday job. Sure, such work required training, schooling, or something, but you eventually settled for the normal life most of the population tends to live.


What squashed the creative juices out of you?

What motivated you to take another route?

Because someday you’re going to look back and blame yourself for not seeing your gifts, ambitions, and dreams through. Then, you live a life of regret. Perhaps, even a life of prosperity, false prosperity, but nonetheless a life of regret.

You wanted to be something that made others feel great about themselves, forget their problems, or, in my case introduce my friends, family, followers, and fans to harsh truths regarding globalism and its dangers, place such elements into fiction, write an entertaining novel or book series, and go about selling the word to the public.

We were all blessed with certain passions and abilities, yet many of us allow such passions go to waste.

It’s something I looked into as early as my freshman year of high school back in 2005 when it seemed everyone, many of these people I knew since fifth grade back in 2001, had high aspirations. Come freshman year, the deterioration began. Perhaps the molding of conformists via the public schooling system did its job?

Come senior year, if one even mentioned they wanted to be something out of the ordinary, it was frowned upon, laughed at, and ridiculed. I was open about my then-bodybuilding aspirations at the time, which turned into a decent run competing in men’s physique back in the day, before I rediscovered my love for writing and truth-seeking.
Talk about the disbelief that spread across peoples’ faces.

Growing up in a blue-collar area where laboring is the main way of making a living, if one didn’t wear a pair of work boots, that was frowned upon. Either you didn’t work hard enough, didn’t want to work, or simply didn’t know how to work. Work meant doing something that isn’t fun.

Let me tell you something, and all those living in areas where the above mentality may be the “norm” in their area. I may be a writer and spend extensive hours behind the computer when I’m not training clients (and I’ve been cutting those hours to pursue my writing passion as Lord of Columbia inches closer to its launch), but I’ve never worked so hard in my life getting Lord of Columbia publish-ready.


I’ve never worked so hard in my life making sure the manuscript was as close to error-free as I could make it. I’ve never worked so hard in my life researching historic documents like Operation Northwoods, MKUltra, the Iranian Coup, Operation Wappan, and any other crimes the CIA have committed in getting my allegories to be inspired by true events.

Anything you put time and effort into is hard work, and your gifts deserve your undivided attention, even if no one else thinks so.