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How to Stay Fit While Writing

Sedentary Jobs Require Active Lifestyles

Okay, writers, and anyone who works a sedentary job, I’m speaking directly to you on this topic: How to stay fit while writing.

It’s no lie if we work sedentary jobs the pounds can pack on fast, so you guys are all lucky today because I happen to have a degree in Exercise Science and I can put it to good use for more than just being a personal trainer/group fitness instructor.

These days, I’ve cut back some on the training and fitness to focus more on my writing; therefore it’s that much more important for me (and you) to find ways to keep the bodyweight manageable all year round.

1. Like your writing times, prioritize exercise times: Like writing, prioritize your exercise times and stick to them. Sure, it may be another chore, but to be honest, it’s going to do wonders for your well-being (and for us sitting to write, read, and research), hips, low-back, and core. So, pick a time and stick to it, preferably for an hour a day.

2. I’m not a fan of bouts: I honestly can’t stand it when health professionals use those thirty-minute, three-day-a-week minimum baselines. It’s annoying, and if you want to succeed in staying fit it’s not realistic. So, don’t even try it. Even more annoying? The ten-minute bouts every few hours of walking. Look, unless you’re very overweight or just starting, you shouldn’t be doing this. It’s going to be counter-productive.

3. Lift weights: Yes, you need to lift weights to maximize results. No, you won’t look like a bodybuilder. I lift seven days per week and have yet to grow into a mass boulder. I’m twenty-seven and in my fitness prime. Guess what? I could lift day after day and still never achieve what a pro bodybuilder looks like. And neither will you unless you have a 1 in 100,000 genetics plus eat every two hours a day and be a slave to your food. What’s great is you don’t have to lift like I do. You can do three lifting days and four cardio days, or whatever.

4. Don’t eat junk: These days, this one should be quite easy. Don’t eat junk, because we live in an age where healthy food can taste as good as (if not better than) junk. And you’ll have more energy, both physically and mentally. What kind of nutrient-dense foods do you like? Make a list and only buy them. And don’t go to the store on an empty stomach.

5. Don’t Overwork Yourself: Yep, I’ve been there, done that. Don’t overwork yourself and go to your sub-max capacity. This means don’t go crazy with cardio or with the weights to the point to where you’re so sore the next day you can’t get up. Do what your body can handle.

6. Do things you like: Not a fan of treadmills? Don’t do the treadmill? Don’t like to train legs? Do one or two leg exercises a week and call it quits on the body part. Personally, and this is going to sound strange to most guys, I hate training chest; I haven’t bench pressed since 2014. I only train muscle groups I enjoy (back, legs, shoulders) most of the time and train those I’m not a fan of (chest, arms, core) when necessary. As for cardio, I hate cardio machines, but I love running in the summer. In winter, I’ll do high intensity interval circuits with kettlebells, bodyweight movements, battle ropes, etc.

7. Like sports? Workout when your favorite teams are playing: During my Browns games, I love to do this, because I’m still getting my entertainment without being completely useless. So, if you have a favorite sport you like to watch or a favorite TV show, the perfect time to workout is when it’s on. Except if your gym’s TV plays endless marathons of Impractical Jokers, then it’s hard to concentrate.


Your Terms, Not Societal Norms

Live Life on Your Terms

Life should be lived on your terms, not societal norms, as far too many people tend to follow these days. No, I won’t do so, thank you very much.

I will continue to follow the Pagan ways, even if it turns others against me.

I will continue to pursue my passion for writing, despite the number of times those around me say to get a real job with benefits and complete retirement packages.

I will continue to, in the meantime, work in jobs I enjoy and look forward to doing.

I will continue to grow my hair until it reaches my shoulders.

Thank you very much, society, but those of us who take pride in being unique and not conforming to norms, set forth on us by some sort of authority will continue to do so.

This is by no means a liberal post because I’m by no means a liberal.

There’ve been times during Donald Trump’s presidency I’ve praised him and other times (more often than not, if it makes anyone feel better) I’ve criticized him. But like I said, I shoot for the principles over politics route.

Every single time.

I’m not even endorsing any one group here, as I don’t belong to any. Well, I guess you can call me a Constitutionalist, a Libertarian, Constitutional Conservative, or Classic Liberal. I fall somewhere between those four categories.

I’m by no means stating that living life on one’s own terms means to sit and watch daytime television all day while someone else pays for your living expenses.

I guess one can call me an anarcho-capitalist in the Stefan Molyneux mold, and trust me, I love his videos.

And no, I’m not part of the Alt-Right.

Well, neither is Molyneux, as he’s stated time and again.

I won’t believe a single word CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News spits out. I don’t fall for propaganda. Instead, I’ll look for fact. Verifiable fact, like old and new documentation, not something an unqualified news reporter feeds the masses by playing off their emotions.

Well, Todd, don’t you care about the kids?

I care about kids far more than the Left, who seems to only bring up the kids when school shootings or an increase in home schooling occurs. Or, if they’re trying to expand welfare.

So yes, I care about the kids, because I refuse to use them as tools to pass an agenda, as the Left has done time and again for the reasons listed above. Yet, the only agendas the left looks to pass are taking guns from law-abiding citizens, which socialist states did.



They want to spread propaganda that kids are better educated in state-run schools than the home, as Vladimir Lenin once urged. And, they’re showing pictures of kids starving in the streets (probably in a third-world country), to further increase domestic welfare.



Socialism, socialism, and more socialism has led to what, exactly?

Whole families being murdered by the same guns the government grabbed from them, shot at point-blank range and buried in shallow graves.

Know what this post is saying thus far?

I’m neither Right nor Left. Neither Conservative nor Liberal, from a mainstream perspective.

But, there’s much, much more to this than politics.

I want to be an authorpreneur, something that most will just laugh at, asking me what the hell that is, exactly?

Oh, you want to make money off selling books, do you, Todd? Good luck in that saturated market.

Fine, I’ll do my research.

I want to workout twice a day at times I want to workout.

Oh, good luck with that, Todd, just wait until you get a real job.

When I can no longer pay the bills writing and training I’ll get a real job, but until then I’m going to find value and seek fun in my life. I’m going to do what makes me happy, and yes, I’m going to challenge the mainstream status-quo and as My Freedom Flame always states, challenge mainstream thought.

Why, Todd, why are you going to fight such a losing battle?

See, I don’t think my side’s losing at all. In fact, if you listen to Ron Paul, he’s never seen more support for true Libertarian principles than right here, right now.



No, I think we’re just getting started. I think the Liberty Movement is just getting started, which is one of many reasons why I’m releasing Lord of Columbia here in 2018, when America hasn’t seen so much division since the Vietnam War.

I will never just live to make ends meet, or live to pay the bills, or live to work at a job I never dreamed about growing up as a child. I will never work in a job where I see zero influence on changing humanity. I will never work just to wait around for Friday Night. I will never be that person who groans because the work week has begun and the only reason I’m there is for the money. Because I like that, no, because I need that money.

I will never be a drone to society, a robot, who wakes up, fights traffic, force feeds, works eight to ten hours in a job so I can make ends meet, the majority of which in a house or an apartment that I merely sleep in because I’m either working all day, and when I’m off the clock, fighting traffic to and from.

And being oblivious to all the corruption around me. All the wars, all the profits being reaped by the military-industrial complex, oil industry, big pharma, and the prison-industrial complex. With my tax dollars.

Being too tired to worry about all the bought politicians, who are only in office because of “generous” contributions made to their campaign by the corporations listed above, and to keep the people sedated, commit “generous acts of kindness” themselves.

Oh, it gets better, because these nationally televised events are going to be spun in an emotional way so the masses who’re watching all the news stations such “generous” contributions by select corporations, actors, comedians, politicians, and athletes bow down to their corporate gods and speak nothing but good things about them and that they can never do no wrong.

Oh, it gets even better, because now these corporations, politicians, celebrities, the likes, are deified, and whoever critiques them even in the slightest are given a lecture of, “Oh, didn’t you see what they’re doing for the sake of humanity,” when they’re only trying to look good in front of the masses on television, via networks who have a government license to run on air.

So no, I’ll choose not to conform. I’ll choose not to follow anyone who’s being deified on ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, or any other major outlet. I’ll choose to do my own research, and see what these people, these companies, these bureaucrats are really about.

And we’ll see how much they truly deserve to be deified.

For My Freedom Flame I’m Todd Matthews, thanks for reading.

Difference Between Dependency and Self-Reliance

 Ten Commandments of Sheepdom Versus the Ten Commandments of Freedom

I’m going to be straight up honest with my followers today. If you want to win respect from your parents, friends and family, engage in the following ten commandments:

1) Get married young, but not too young.

2) Find a job which pays a nice salary and offers benefits.

3) Have at least one, if not more kids.

4) Watch sports on weekends while keeping up with NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.

5) Support American intervention overseas.

6) Send your kids to public schools.

7) Vote either all Republican or Democrat, regardless of actual issues. Oh, and vote for the popular candidate solely on the basis of having the best chance to defeat the opposition, again regardless of political views.

8) Submit to the authority of police and the military and follow the “do as the state orders so they won’t shoot you” mantra.

9) Live for two reasons: to pay taxes to the state while being held at gunpoint and die either at the hands of the state (chemical trails, fluoride in the water, propaganda, victimless incarceration, etc.)

10) Compromise with your friends of the other political party by supporting one-trillion-dollar omnibus spending bills which benefit everyone but taxpaying Americans, even said taxes are lower, the value of the dollar decreases due to more printing via the Federal Reserve or borrowing from other nations, which in turn increases prices and further devalues the dollar so your little bonus paycheck in reality means absolutely nothing.

11) Bonus Commandment One: Thank the corporation you’re working for on bribery for the opportunity to wake up early, force feed, fight traffic, dress in uncomfortable clothes, make a lot of money for them so the CEO can drive in a Ferrari, and thank them once more on a bended knee.

12) Bonus Commandment Two: Give up on your childhood dreams as they’re simply games you used to play when you were young and in reality, you must now conform and bow down to the ways of the world, including political correctness and submitting to further liberty usurping status-quos due to the endless wars America is fighting overseas in Syria and Iraq, which somehow (they never really said) threaten our nation’s security.


What if I Want Self-Respect

For the one-percent of us who look at these ten commandments and two bonus commandments, shake our head, and laugh at others for following the status-quos put in place by other people, congratulations, you’re the true warriors of the world.

While I’ll concede to say you may need to take a corporate job for a bit and follow a few of the above commandments to gain self-respect, you need to put some time aside toward your true goal. For myself it’s writing, and for you, it may be something different.


With the world in which we live being controlled by fake news outlets such as CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, my passion for writing has increased as my awareness for such false mantra increases. If you want proof these are fake news sources, just turn on CNN, where you’ll see a CNN reporter in Syria sniffing a backpack said to contain sarin gas, which supposedly killed several in the false flag chemical attack two weeks ago. I don’t think I need to go any further.

So, if you want self-respect, my first word of advice is to think beyond the status-quo. Back to myself, who are my idols when it comes to news? Ron Paul, Alex Jones (despite his former Trump bias), Jake Morphonios, Stefan Molyneux, and others.

In relation to your own passion, always strive to be different. Be a different breed, the black sheep, the kid who sits on the school wall and reads books during recess while the others play absent-minded games. Never be afraid to be different.



Ten Commandments for Winning Self-Respect

1) Question everything you’ve been taught, including politics, religion, school subjects, and anything else which may come to mind.

2) Research, research, research. We’re never taught to research properly. We’re taught to research biased facts based off biased opinions. If you’ve ever been educated at a state school, you know what I’m talking about. Research the other side of each argument.

3) Strive for more than a good paying job. I love using the Pepsi Guy in such situations, because of his hypocrisy when it comes to fitness, yet simultaneously helping others meet an early death by advocating toxic products.

4) Ignore the doubters. You’re going to have doubters at every avenue. If you’re like me and are vocal about what you want, even your parents may give you weird looks and spread negativity. Ignore the negativity and remember who you are and what you want.

5) Burn and build bridges. You’re going to burn bridges by being vocal in your approach. You’re going to be mocked and ridiculed by those part of “The Establishment,” the group of people who always have to be part of a group to make themselves feel wanted. You’re above The Establishment, and they know this, which is why they strive to bring you down.

6) Stay the course. The storm is going to be rough, but any comeback is better than the setback. There will be setbacks, obstacles, and monsoons. They’re inevitable. But, by staying the course and overcoming each, your strength of character will increase, and your vision will become clearer.

7) Celebrate small victories: Each day should be a victory by writing each task and completing them. If you’re a writer, set a word quota or write one blog per day. Research and read for an hour, and you’re one step closer.

8) Embrace failures: The most successful people failed ninety-nine times and succeeded once. Remember you’re going to fail more than you’re going to succeed but embrace each failure, as failures are a checklist. This didn’t work, that didn’t work, so maybe this will work. Failure is nothing more than a conclusion to a science experiment, but with each experiment, success will be found.

9) Trust the Process: The Process is tough for anyone and it means tanking for a year or two. This means when you’re running your own show, you’re going to lose money and are going to be working for free as you build your passion. Don’t expect an early payoff, but it will come in the end.

10) Create a network: Use Facebook and Twitter to network, and any other social platform. Also, writer or not, have an active blog and share them across social platforms. There are many to choose. Create the network, build your following, and build your brand.



Success in what you truly want doesn’t come easy. It takes time, energy, work, frustration, and life on a prayer. However, anyone who’s been through the process will tell you how much more rewarding it is to wake up and look forward to working. For me, writing isn’t working, it’s creating and spreading a message people need to hear. We’re living in troubled times, and I enjoy spreading the message to bring back the principles of liberty and happiness to all.

We live in times where negativity thrives, and positivity is dying. Negativity is positivity these days, as The Establishment loves to single people into outcasts. If you become an outcast, don’t sweat it; embrace it. It means you’re far too unique and special to fit into the sheeple clique. Wear your outcast like a badge of honor and remember your worth, as you’re far too worth their time, and they know it.

Act Upon Your Dreams

Your Inner Power Will Force the Environment to Succumb to You


Environment, it’s something many blame on their current state. Look, if you wish to achieve dreams you once believed to be impossible, one person needs to act upon your dreams and it’s you. Your inner power will cause the environment to succumb to you and what you desire.

Do you know what blocks most of us from achieving what we want?


Did you know you can create new neuropathways in your brain?

It’s true, you can.

This is something you won’t learn in any state-run political prison they call public school. It’s easy to connect the dots as to why people are so miserable these days. Look around your first job and you’re going to find a lot of negativity.

In 2008 and 2009, as a senior in high school, I worked for McDonalds. I’d never been around so much negativity in my life. Ditto for my thirteen-month stint in Riesbecks from August 2011 to September 2012.

Up here in Wexford?

Nothing but positive ways and a yes, you can attitude.

For my budding writing career?


Did I once think of all the negatives?

Of course.

Did I block myself from getting what I want at a younger age due to a lack of neuropathways?

You’re reading my mind if you guessed, yes indeed.

The problem today is most of us think of the negatives, what can go wrong, what’s going wrong, and how deep of a hole we’re in. Look, there’s always a way to climb out of such a hole, do what you want, and get what you want.

People are afraid of a few things, which blocks our creation of neuropathways. We fear failure, obstacles, setbacks, and anything negative associated as such. We have on average, 80,000 thoughts per day, and seventy-five percent of these thoughts are negative.


We’ve been conditioned into becoming a society of pessimistic people who depend on others for our own well-being. Some of us are government dependent, which unless you have a good reason for being so, shouldn’t be a goal in life. Others are corporate dependent, where the large brand we “represent” literally own us.

Many will say, “Todd, people choose to work for said company.”

Okay, well if that’s the case, why does hell break loose the second they lose their job?
The point I’m making is people have become dependent on a “too big to fail” entity. If you’re government or corporate dependent, you’re a dependent, as they’re both forms of social welfare.


This is where many get capitalism confused with corporate socialism or crony capitalism. It’s what Liberal America states is capitalism, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Depending on corporations is another form of social welfare, except instead of sitting around to get paid, you’re working to get paid to pay those sitting around to get paid.

So, how do we break ourselves of such a never-ending circle?

We go into business for ourselves.

Sure, I may work for a company at the moment with a corporate office, but it’s a franchised company so it’s technically small business with an owner and two employees. It’s kind of nice. And it pays the bills, which is my main priority. Pay the bills so I can attain what I need.

What do I want?

To become an Authorpreneur.

What’s an Authorpreneur?

Someone who goes into the writing business writing books, book series’, blogs, and freelance writes.

Why is this my full-time goal?

Because I love research and I love transferring such research into stories to share with the public who fall for mass media propaganda.

Why do you even research it?

Why is America funding Saudi Arabia to destroy Yemen while accusing Syria of using chemical weapons on its own people without a shred of evidence while supporting terrorist coalitions like Jaysh al-Islam and ISIS, both of whom oppose Bashar Assad?
Now you see why I want to write. I want to write for the same reasons I became a trainer: to change lives. Only through writing, however, I can do so on a greater scale. I want to seek the truth, relay the truth, pray people believe the truth, and motivate people to pursue their own passions so they can break free from the bonds of government and corporations.


Democrats are pro-domestic spending, Republicans are pro-corporate subsidies and military spending, and us Libertarians are pro-finding your niche and selling it.
My goal is for all of you, even if we differ on political views and false flags, to pursue your passion. I don’t care if your passion is to inconvenience me and everything I believe. My mission is accomplished because your mission is accomplished, and it means you and I can face off behind a podium somewhere on a grand stage and debate said issues, while congratulating one another for being motivating forces behind our respectable agendas.

Pursue your passion, your dreams, and reach for the stars. Wake up each day stating yes, you can. Don’t look at the obstacle, look beyond it. Don’t give up when you experience a setback. Instead, use the setback as motivation and keep moving forward.

Who has Influenced You to Pursue the Life You’ve Always Dreamed?

Pursuit of Happiness has Heroes at Every Avenue, from Politicians to Economists, to Family


Ambition is something we all have within us. We’re an ambitious breed of human looking to break from the restraints of society, yet when we reach a certain age, we fall in line. I blame the state-run political prisons disguised as public schools and their role of making Americans docile, robotic, and unable to critically think for themselves.


The last sentence was influenced on me by someone, and that someone is former Congressman Ron Paul.


Or, better yet. Back in the 1990’s, the Project for a New American Century was signed by and fifteen of these people became part of the Bush/Cheney administration. What is PNAC? Only a little pretext to massive US intervention in the Middle East. Thank you, Jake Molonios, I’m glad I found Blackstone Intelligence.


So, for every move, there’s a mover. For all of us, we’ve been influenced by someone.




Family Ties

Who influenced me to not fall in line and become another drone to society?

I’d say my immediate family, as when I reached high school age, I was getting lessons in needing to collect social security, work a job with job security, the ‘a job is a job’ mantra, and the works. I’m grateful for my family, because they helped this rebel shape his views to say no, don’t become a drone.

I’m the type of person who’s more likely to do something if told not to. They would’ve been better off telling me the US creates false flags to justify invading other nations via executive powers, which per Senator Rand Paul (and just about every Founding Father), a few dozen influences here, is unconstitutional.

Had my family not confused patriotism with nationalism, as most “patriotic” Americans do, I’d probably be a fully-fledged nationalistic cop apologist, pro-war mongering hawk, John Bolton-loving neoconservative most of them are at the moment.

Not patriotic in the slightest, but very, very nationalist. Had this been Colonial America, they’d have been Loyalist and I would’ve been a Patriot.



Honest Congressmen and Senators

Yes, Ron and Rand Paul are big influences. As are Trey Gowdy, Jesse Ventura, Thomas Massie, Justin Amash, and Austin Peterson. Libertarian America is a huge influence on me and my political views.

Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothard, Lew Rockwell, Frederic Bastiat, and Adam Smith helped shape my economic views, which are strictly free-market politics with zero government influence. Today, we live in a nation where the government picks and chooses the winners and losers and told this is free market economics, which is why we have so many socialists in this country. Newsflash, corporations hate the free market because they realize all barriers to entry would crush their little empires.

Stefan Molyneux is another one I’ve been watching closely. While initially a Trump apologist, this anarcho-capitalist saw light after Trump’s ridiculous omnibus spending bill totaling 1.3 trillion dollars plus his recklessness regarding Syria.




Influences spark from many avenues. Listed above are influences which have shaped my political views and are some of the main motivations behind my writing. I’ll reveal some book, movie, and television series in future posts, plus authors and writers whose views and styles shaped my way of thinking and helped spawn my trilogy, Lord of Columbia, coming September 2018.

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