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Your Two Life Choices

As writers, we’re dreamers, creators, believers, and achievers, and if you follow the less taken path in your two life choices you too can become that achiever, which is Step Four in this process.

What process?

THE process.

Haven’t you heard the term ‘trust the process?’

Well, now it’s your turn to trust the process because you’re a writer, which means you have it in you to do something most others dare not do.

Okay, what?

For one, you have the nerve to expose yourself to others by writing and the more you open up the more you can relate with others and your writing will seep into the mainstream.

For another, it means you’re willing to step into the path of entrepreneurship or in this case, authorpreneurship, where you own your own business.

That means you get to work really hard to achieve your own dreams just as any business owner would.

You get to invest in cover design, editing, copyediting, the whole nine yards, again, to put it in layman terms, you get to work really hard to achieve your own dreams.

Because why the hell are you spending all this time working toward someone else’s dreams or a company’s dreams?

Most of the time it’s because we tend to mimic our parents who’ve had it drilled in their head by their parents, who had it drilled in their head by their parents that the only way to make sound money and succeed in life is to work under someone else’s watch.

Gee, thanks, mom and dad, you really did your research there.

But then again, Gen X and the previous generations grew up without questioning authoritarian truth (except Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, and a few others) and simply fell in line and conformed.

Now that I think of it, Gen Y is doing the same, as myself and few others are the last men standing in my own social network at least willing to give our goals a shot.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you have zero interest in working really hard for someone else to help them realize their own dreams any longer than you need to.

But how does writing relate to this?

Again, it’s all about authorpreneurship.


What is the Authorpreneur?

The Authorpreneur is someone who owns and operates an author business.

And how does this differ from being an author?

Authors write books but the Authorpreneur differs from the author.

Authorpreneurs engage in the following:

1. They almost always self-publish, making investments in cover design, editing, or anything else they lack expertise in. The traditional author has a publishing company do this for them.

2. Authorpreneurs are in the art of making capital, or maximizing profit. Like any business owner, the Authorpreneur seeks to make the most amount of money from their work.

3. Authorpreneurs might look to make a sole income from writing and will freelance, own blogs (I cannot stress the importance of investing $49/month in Wealthy Affiliate for maximizing your results), and engage in their own book promotion.

4. Authorpreneurs have all learned the business aspects of writing, like invoices, etc. Anything that involves the business, the Authorpreneur has at last learned and perhaps mastered a few.

5. Authorpreneurs work really hard to see their own dreams come true.

Do You Work Really Hard for Your Dreams?

Know what I’m doing as I write this?

I’m working twelve-hour days during the peak Holiday Season, that’s what I’m doing.

Why the long days?

So I can invest in my own dreams.

When can I work on my dreams?

On my days off.

How many hours can I put into working toward my dreams while working twelve-hour days?

About three to four, so I should probably make them count.

When do I work on my own dreams on work days?

About thirty minutes before work and as long as I can after I work. I’ll eat dinner, catch a workout, then hop right into working toward my dreams.

Kind of like writing this post and working on my blogs. I’m writing this post on a workday.

Kind of like going through one final spot check for Swords of Destiny. An hour here, an hour there.
But I’m making enough money to live for a couple months while also making something extra to live my own, actual dreams.

Become the novelist, blogger, and writer I’ve always wanted to be.


Your Turn

Now, if you’re not working really hard toward your own dreams, now is the time to start. I’ve already debunked the myth that if you’re spending twelve hours working really hard for someone else’s dreams you can’t work really hard to fulfill your own.

You can.

Maybe not all day and all night, but who can do that?

Very few people can.

But those who’ve made it have, right?

Hell no.

They had careers and some have families.

So, if you’re single and not going to mingle for a time like me, and you don’t have kids, you don’t have an excuse.

It’s time to work on your dreams.

But, some of you might state your dreams and passions are just a love of labor, and they don’t pay, right?

Hey, we’re living in the tech age, people.

And not just that, we can create a blog, place ads on our blogs, build our audience in an easy way, create and sell our own products like e-books (see Northern Knights on the right-hand side of this page), and utilize affiliate marketing.

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* Hundreds of affiliate marketing options.

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I Don’t Sell

I’m not trying to sell you anything and never will, which is why WA offers a free Starter Membership with the option to go Premium. So if you don’t feel it’s a good fit, you don’t have to buy anything.

But if you’re serious about finding a cash flow to build your dreams and fire your boss one day, this might be worth the look, as it’s a dirt cheap investment compared to other internet marketing sites and beyond cheaper than starting an offline business.

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Hey, $15 per year beats $299 per year in my book.

Oh, and did I mention you can join WA for a full year for only $349, which equals less than $30 per month of membership?

The perks are real.

So fire your boss and pursue your writing dream.


Your Terms, Not Societal Norms

Live Life on Your Terms

Life should be lived on your terms, not societal norms, as far too many people tend to follow these days. No, I won’t do so, thank you very much.

I will continue to follow the Pagan ways, even if it turns others against me.

I will continue to pursue my passion for writing, despite the number of times those around me say to get a real job with benefits and complete retirement packages.

I will continue to, in the meantime, work in jobs I enjoy and look forward to doing.

I will continue to grow my hair until it reaches my shoulders.

Thank you very much, society, but those of us who take pride in being unique and not conforming to norms, set forth on us by some sort of authority will continue to do so.

This is by no means a liberal post because I’m by no means a liberal.

There’ve been times during Donald Trump’s presidency I’ve praised him and other times (more often than not, if it makes anyone feel better) I’ve criticized him. But like I said, I shoot for the principles over politics route.

Every single time.

I’m not even endorsing any one group here, as I don’t belong to any. Well, I guess you can call me a Constitutionalist, a Libertarian, Constitutional Conservative, or Classic Liberal. I fall somewhere between those four categories.

I’m by no means stating that living life on one’s own terms means to sit and watch daytime television all day while someone else pays for your living expenses.

I guess one can call me an anarcho-capitalist in the Stefan Molyneux mold, and trust me, I love his videos.

And no, I’m not part of the Alt-Right.

Well, neither is Molyneux, as he’s stated time and again.

I won’t believe a single word CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News spits out. I don’t fall for propaganda. Instead, I’ll look for fact. Verifiable fact, like old and new documentation, not something an unqualified news reporter feeds the masses by playing off their emotions.

Well, Todd, don’t you care about the kids?

I care about kids far more than the Left, who seems to only bring up the kids when school shootings or an increase in home schooling occurs. Or, if they’re trying to expand welfare.

So yes, I care about the kids, because I refuse to use them as tools to pass an agenda, as the Left has done time and again for the reasons listed above. Yet, the only agendas the left looks to pass are taking guns from law-abiding citizens, which socialist states did.



They want to spread propaganda that kids are better educated in state-run schools than the home, as Vladimir Lenin once urged. And, they’re showing pictures of kids starving in the streets (probably in a third-world country), to further increase domestic welfare.



Socialism, socialism, and more socialism has led to what, exactly?

Whole families being murdered by the same guns the government grabbed from them, shot at point-blank range and buried in shallow graves.

Know what this post is saying thus far?

I’m neither Right nor Left. Neither Conservative nor Liberal, from a mainstream perspective.

But, there’s much, much more to this than politics.

I want to be an authorpreneur, something that most will just laugh at, asking me what the hell that is, exactly?

Oh, you want to make money off selling books, do you, Todd? Good luck in that saturated market.

Fine, I’ll do my research.

I want to workout twice a day at times I want to workout.

Oh, good luck with that, Todd, just wait until you get a real job.

When I can no longer pay the bills writing and training I’ll get a real job, but until then I’m going to find value and seek fun in my life. I’m going to do what makes me happy, and yes, I’m going to challenge the mainstream status-quo and as My Freedom Flame always states, challenge mainstream thought.

Why, Todd, why are you going to fight such a losing battle?

See, I don’t think my side’s losing at all. In fact, if you listen to Ron Paul, he’s never seen more support for true Libertarian principles than right here, right now.



No, I think we’re just getting started. I think the Liberty Movement is just getting started, which is one of many reasons why I’m releasing Lord of Columbia here in 2018, when America hasn’t seen so much division since the Vietnam War.

I will never just live to make ends meet, or live to pay the bills, or live to work at a job I never dreamed about growing up as a child. I will never work in a job where I see zero influence on changing humanity. I will never work just to wait around for Friday Night. I will never be that person who groans because the work week has begun and the only reason I’m there is for the money. Because I like that, no, because I need that money.

I will never be a drone to society, a robot, who wakes up, fights traffic, force feeds, works eight to ten hours in a job so I can make ends meet, the majority of which in a house or an apartment that I merely sleep in because I’m either working all day, and when I’m off the clock, fighting traffic to and from.

And being oblivious to all the corruption around me. All the wars, all the profits being reaped by the military-industrial complex, oil industry, big pharma, and the prison-industrial complex. With my tax dollars.

Being too tired to worry about all the bought politicians, who are only in office because of “generous” contributions made to their campaign by the corporations listed above, and to keep the people sedated, commit “generous acts of kindness” themselves.

Oh, it gets better, because these nationally televised events are going to be spun in an emotional way so the masses who’re watching all the news stations such “generous” contributions by select corporations, actors, comedians, politicians, and athletes bow down to their corporate gods and speak nothing but good things about them and that they can never do no wrong.

Oh, it gets even better, because now these corporations, politicians, celebrities, the likes, are deified, and whoever critiques them even in the slightest are given a lecture of, “Oh, didn’t you see what they’re doing for the sake of humanity,” when they’re only trying to look good in front of the masses on television, via networks who have a government license to run on air.

So no, I’ll choose not to conform. I’ll choose not to follow anyone who’s being deified on ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, or any other major outlet. I’ll choose to do my own research, and see what these people, these companies, these bureaucrats are really about.

And we’ll see how much they truly deserve to be deified.

For My Freedom Flame I’m Todd Matthews, thanks for reading.

The Pendulum of Time

Diving into our Deepest Memory Banks is the Key to Unlocking Passion and Purpose

Okay, what a weird Saturday it’s been. I was going to write another blog for my Truth category and talk to you all about the truth regarding Jerusalem, but as I ate dinner today I decided to take a walk down the memory banks unlock the truth on how I became passionate about writing.

Some of what I looked up were TV shows I used to watch, books I read, and even dived a little into the music I listened to as a kid growing up.

Each summer, I’ll have a number of flashbacks of summertime cookouts a couple decades ago (I’m twenty-seven), and the fun me and my entire extended family had. Memories of playing football and baseball in my cousin’s huge front yard and all day lounging in front of retro consoles like Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo 64 are at the forefront.

Flash forward two decades and I look on what has changed, but it’s the basis to my passion for writing. In addition to Lord of Columbia, another series I have in the back of my mind (plus a couple completed rough drafts) is a series called Comeback Kid, which I plan to work on once the first Lord of Columbia trilogy is complete, hopefully sometime in 2019.



Comeback Kid

Anyway, Comeback Kid was my first and foremost original idea. Current world events and those in the near future have put Lord of Columbia at the top of my to-do list in the world of indie-publishing, but before I completed the first draft of Lord of Columbia, Comeback Kid had been finished and edited twice.

It was a series I thought of shopping to publishers until I came across Jerry Jenkins’ writers’ guild and after learning how to write (writing books is more than just words to a screen), I decided to revamp the whole thing and start over from scratch.

Of course, after researching publishers and finding the most freedom in indie-publishing, Comeback Kid will follow the same route as Lord of Columbia and become indie-published. Again, this is a long-term outlook that will take a while, since the first book in Lord of Columbia, Northern Knights, is slated to be launched in September.

Let me give you a fun fact regarding the two series’ before heading onto the main point of today’s post, and it’s a particular character created for Comeback Kid actually ended up in Lord of Columbia, initially as a minor extra and had since morphed into a key player.



Childhood Dreams

I’ve often talked about pursuing our passions lay in our childhood or at least in early middle school, before many of us get off-track and end up working in a field completely unrelated to what we wanted when we were young.

My mother said earlier today life ceases to become fun once one reaches a certain age. Upon asking her to elaborate, she responded, this is the way life is.

Let’s take a look at this statement for a moment, because it speaks a lot about today’s society, and something I saw every day during my time working at Riesbecks Foods. People are miserable. They’re miserable. Our parents are miserable, our co-workers are miserable, and people starting their job at these places are downright miserable.

What’s causing the misery?

I truly believe it’s deviating from childhood dreams.

Life isn’t meant to be a drag. But, people make it so. It’s a choice, and ninety to ninety-five percent of the population make the wrong choice. There are a multitude of reasons, like the “that’s the way it is” nonsense, having kids at a young age (again, it’s a choice), “I realized I’m no longer a kid,” “adulting,” “I need to make ends meet,” and I’m sure you can fill in the blanks.

And what’s even more disgusting it’s our parents, our parents, telling us when we reach a certain age it’s okay to dream but if we don’t get started working our asses off right away in a field we don’t want to enter, we’re in for a rude awakening.

Is what you’re doing right now what you dreamed of doing as a child, because if not, you need to find a way out of said gig.



The Way Out

I’m here to motivate others, and there is a way out, as was tried and true on what I’ll call a micro-level back when I was at Riesbecks.

Back in 2012 when I was at Riesbecks and hating my produce job since I was making $7.85 an hour at the time doing more physical work than a contractor’s crew I knew I had to get out. Notice, I never joined the “fight for fifteen” ruse because I didn’t want to be a produce man my whole life.

Ironically, it was around this time when I first met the Pepsi Guy I love to refer to time and again, but it’s irrelevant to this tale, so I’ll leave it at that.

Anyway, I dreamed in high school (but not grade or middle school) of being a personal trainer so when I was twenty-one I decided to pursue my passion (high school passion) of becoming a personal trainer and I succeeded.

I worked my ass off the entire summer. I’d study during my breaks, during my downtimes, when I was at home not working out, and covering the whole, entire book within a month in a course that usually took three to six months because it was how bad I wanted out of Riesbecks.

Man, I hope Riesbecks Corporate down in St. Clairsville don’t catch wind of this, ah, who am I kidding, who cares?

Anyway, moral to the story was I felt my value, even at age twenty-one was higher than $7.85 an hour so instead of complaining and asking for more money I decided to, and this is the beauty of the free market, take ownership and get the hell out of the freaking produce department at that godforsaken grocery store.

And now, though I’m still a personal trainer I feel I’m only halfway to my ultimate goal, one I always wanted, that I set for myself at a young age, that I started, stopped, sputtered, and stalled at numerous times and that was authoring a full-length novel and now the time is near, very near, for a childhood dream to be recognized.



That’s Great and All, But…

I know, I know, I know what you’re thinking. In the field of training and writing you have to sell yourself to make money.

Let me reiterate that: sell yourself to make money.

You’re the product, and many are scared senseless of selling themselves as their own product.

But, if you create the product (for my writing, it’s Lord of Columbia), shouldn’t you of all people believe in it?

Revenue, and wealth, is created. No one’s exploiting anyone and sometime this coming week, I plan to write an article on how the free-market is the real good guy hated by both government and corporations! Oh, the truth will blow your mind.

Sell yourself. Sell yourself. Sell yourself.

These are your dreams, and you’re worth too much to work hard for someone else so they can realize their dreams.

I don’t care about your compensation package, benefits, yada, yada, yada, it’s all a bribe for you to stay with your employer to prevent you from likely competing with them in the marketplace with perks from the government, and we’ll get more on that later, but, you are worth more than any type of bribery you’re exposed to in the workplace.

You’re too good to be bribed. You’re too creative to be bribed. You have a dream you need to realize, and no stupid bribe should keep you from reaching your dream.

Ant that’s all for today.

Because Life is a Journey


Because life is a journey and you’re on for the ride. You’re greater than what they said you would be. In fact, if you’re a writer you have a special ability, or your brain has a special ability, to filter out what it deems unimportant but hold onto what is important.


            So, what does the brain see as important or unimportant?


            It’s going to operate at a different level than your friends, I’ll clue you in on that. You’re going to forget things like birthdays, holidays, what your boss told you to do, and several other things the masses find important. But, you’re going to remember faces, personalities, uniqueness in certain people, what they do for a living, what their reflections on life are, and the mind will be creating this character you may use in a manuscript.


            But, life is a journey, because we crave meeting new people who are story-worthy.


            Who are some story worthy characters?


            I must make a confession, and this confession is one day when I finish with my Uprising series, I’m going to create a short memoir encompassing five years, between 2012 and 2017 of interesting people I met in the first stages of my journey.


            Furthermore, the story goes way beyond those I’ve met, but the lessons I’ve learned from each, which have shaped me into who I am today, the motivational writer dude who tries to motivate my readers into pursuing their passion in favor of falling victim to the system.


            What’s the system?


            Oh, you know, the system! The system where we graduate high school (or college), find a job, work for a living in a gig we may’ve settled for, remain oblivious to what the government is doing behind our backs, pay taxes due to a tax code passed by our government overlords while we pay taxes for them to create such a code, work until we receive a retirement check in the form of social security (also from the government) while the big corporation who is in it with the government we’ve been working for is going to take care of us because we invested in their 401(k) plan or something similar and thank such corporations (whose leaders just made upper six to seven figures off you) for the opportunity to work for them for thirty-plus years for a minute compensation.


            If the above sounds like you and you’re satisfied, stop reading this article. If this is you and want something better for yourself or if you don’t want to fall into such a trap, read on.


            Why not close your eyes for a second and reclaim the child’s mind you once had. You know, the mind that was full of imagination, and the possibilities were endless. Yeah, that mind. You know, the one that craved adventure, or just had to write down whatever it thought, or saw an abstract picture and had to relay it to a canvas. Yeah, that mind.


            It’s still there. It’s still lurking. It’s part of you. It is you. It lives in you.


            Now, why not, from this day forward, shoot for the stars in this passion?


            Why settle?


            Sure, reincarnation may well exist, but this is the only life where you’re you. Why not make the most of it? Why settle for something less for the means of security?


            Liberty is my agenda, and I believe to achieve true liberty, we must put security aside, and the workforce is no exception. Sure, job security and a steady pay may be nice, but if you do this for thirty-five years and look back at perhaps a talent or a promising career of what could’ve been, well, you lived without living.


            I don’t want you to do this. I want to see you fly above the clouds with the eagles, as peaceful as the dove, as bright as the raven, and as unique as the owl.


            If no one else believes in you, I will believe in you. 


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