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Lord of Columbia: Manifesto for A Libertarian Revolution

Anti-Police, Anti-State, Pro-Liberty: My Anti-Police Message

Lord of Columbia is the series name and Libertarian Revolution is the manifesto. Northern Knights is the first book in the series and yes, it’s an entertaining read. Not just because I wrote it, but because those who read it before publication (beta-readers) found it entertaining in a genre they never read with a philosophy they disagreed with.

Or thought they disagreed with.


What’s the philosophy?


Anti-police, anti-state, pro-liberty. More than anything, Northern Knights carries an anti-police message, that a government-funded monopoly enforcing unjust laws at gunpoint cannot exist in a free society.

Yes, Northern Knights and any future book in the Lord of Columbia Series is going to spark controversy for whoever reads it. Northern Knights will burn bridges, long-held bridges. Northern Knights will cause open-minded people to think different, the closed-minded to shutter, and the weak-minded to anger.

Who would love the book and the series?

1) Those who believe in the Libertarian mindset.

2) Harry Potter fans, as Harry Potter was my primary inspiration for writing the work. Hey, J.K. Rowling turned me into a Libertarian, without realizing it, of course.

3) Anyone who can’t stand the police or a police state. I’m not talking about dystopia, but anyone fearing totalitarianism will learn more of the dangers of totalitarianism in the work.

4) Anyone who loves a good new adult read in an urban fantasy setting, if they’re okay with what’s listed above.



For avid readers who aren’t politically inclined, you might want to stop reading here! Feel free to read on, however.


Combatting the Police

From an early age, I’ve questioned the role police play in our society. I always asked how can a monopolized government force, whose paychecks we pay for be compatible with a free society?

It can’t.

Does it mean there isn’t a role for police?

I never said that.

Is there a role for a government-funded monopoly claiming to “serve and protect” the masses when the same masses being served and protected are the ones forced to pay the protection at gunpoint?

It’s either pay us to serve and protect you or we’ll take you to jail.

Not a single citizen has a choice. This isn’t serving and protecting. This is force.

Once again, is this compatible with a free society?

My answer is no, especially when we’ve seen countless videos and heard countless stories of:

1. Police shooting unarmed suspects.

2. Police barging into a house, holding resident at gunpoint, and in some cases, children, while beating family members to the ground.

3. Police gaining thousands of pages of data. Yes, it’s usually a higher organization like the NSA, but police know who you are the second they screen your license plate.

4. Police beating individuals who are held in custody, or, police beating individuals suspected of wrongdoing, even if no wrongdoing had taken place.


It’s where the anti-police message comes in and I don’t care whose bridges I burn, I will not stop until the police force is held accountable, that is a truth and a duty to liberty.


Stockholm Syndrome

Do I believe more and more Americans, especially those in the conservative crowd, are experiencing Stockholm Syndrome?

You bet.

They claim we need police to protect our liberties, much like the military, whom they claim defends liberty.


And here’s where my anti-state mantra falls into play. See, the more statism we see in society, the fewer the civil liberties, the greater the welfare state, the greater the warfare state, the greater the national poverty level.

Riddle me this:

1. How does a military protect anyone’s liberty by going on the offensive? This doesn’t even make sense!

2. How does a monopoly who are paid with your tax dollars by force to enforce laws to protect and defend freedom? Half of which are victimless crimes like going a mile or two over the speed limit or driving without a seatbelt. Or better yet, marijuana possession. But we’re forced to pay them at gunpoint.

3. TSA, NSA Spying, CIA, FBI (who by the way, will go out of their way to spend your hard-earned money taken by force to stage huge busts to give the media something to report), Patriot Act, NDAA, I could go on and on here. These organizations invade our personal privacy, both from a physical and distant standpoint. Are the police protecting us from them?


This is all happening in the Land of the Free. Dear International Audience, don’t think the US is the freedom capital of the world, it’s not.

Yet, what do you see, mainly the Right, do?

Protect our police! Support our troops! Obey the law! Respect cops!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, excuse my cliché.

Or worse yet, what about the old, “If a cop orders you to stop, you stop.”

I think these people need to check the Constitution.

1. Fourth Amendment states no individual may be subject to search and seizure without a written warrant.

2. Fifth Amendment states individuals may not be forced to testify against themselves.

3. Sixth Amendment states every individual has the right to speedy and public trial.

4. Seventh Amendment states every individual has the right to a trial by jury.

5. Eighth Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.

6. Ninth Amendment states all other key rights are kept by the people.

There are six amendments, which I call federal laws…THE federal law telling law enforcement, which is part of the executive branch, literally, what they can and can’t do….or, tells them what they can’t do.

So, if you’re walking down the street minding your own business and if a cop says stop, you may continue walking. If they have zero probable cause to stop you, zero reason, you’re not compelled by any means to stop and let them confront you.

Guys, we’re living in a society of government Stockholm Syndrome. Stockholm Syndrome is when feelings of trust or affection is felt by a victim toward a captor.


In other words, or as it pertains to America, when the populace gets used to continued reduction in civil liberty, and they see pro-police propaganda at every turn, it’s a predictable outcome. They gain affection toward their overlords and are in denial over the fact of decreased liberty.

People get used to more security to the point they demand it, and for more security, liberty is sacrificed. If someone says you can’t do this or can’t do that for your own safety, or if it’s for your own good, that’s justification for security at liberty’s expense.

And cop apologists somehow think they’re free when you can’t even drive a sensible speed without hitting the breaks when you see a cop car hiding with only its bumper sticking out up the road.


A Word on the US Military

One reason why I’m writing the Lord of Columbia Series is to spread awareness to the fact the police, and even the military, yes, the military, aren’t friends of the people. They aren’t friends of liberty.


Again, the military is a state-funded, government monopoly whose funds must be received by force at gunpoint. Yep, your tax dollars go straight to the military, and if you don’t pay, you just may end up in federal prison.

Hey, when the US Military claims to be humanitarian and you see the aftermath of the Raqqa bombing, where they claim they haven’t targeted civilians, you question your country’s military’s role in the world. Especially when their “humanitarianism” comes after their own bombings to cover up their own actions.

But the problem is, most Americans, conservatives and liberals alike, refuse to question America’s military role in the world. They’re convinced we need a military overseas to “protect us from the bad guys.”

But who are the bad guys?

What kind of threat is Syria, Russia, or Iran to the United States?

Does the US have warships near these nations?


Do the US have bases inside or surrounding these nations?


Does Syria, Russia, and Iran have warships speeding for our coastline?


Does Syria, Russia, and Iran have bases surrounding our northern and southern border?


I don’t know about you, but if I were an outsider, someone from another world, and if I could look at the Earth from a telescope and document everything I’m watching, I wouldn’t be the one stating America is the good guy.

If I knew nothing about foreign policy. If I knew nothing about how things are done on Earth, but I saw stars and stripes with bases, weapons, and men holding weapons, bombing the hell out of another country, I’m not going to sit there and say the men with stars and stripes are the good guys.

Especially if I documented the four questions and answers above.

Guys, it’s time to swallow the red pill.
The US Military isn’t a friend to the world.

You’re going to see pictures of them being so, however. You’re going to see slanted news reports on how brutal regimes like they claim the Assad regime is, or how the Ghaddafi regime was. Or how brutal Rouhani is so we need to overthrow Iran now.

And you’re going to see members of the US Military carrying kids out of the rubble, likely caused by their own bombings. You’re going to see them talking, laughing, joking with civilians. You’re going to see them giving others supplies.

And you’re going to see this all in the name of propaganda in a media controlled by members of the CFR like Ben Sherwood, by a man named Rupert Murdoch, who happens to be on the board of advisors for Genie Energy, an oil company who happens to have permission from Israeli Prime Minister Ben Netanyahu to dig for oil in the illegally occupied Golan Heights. For the record, Sherwood’s the President of ABC and Murdoch owns Fox Broadcasting.



Do Something About It, Todd!

Well, I’m playing to my strengths here. I’ve written one book that’s an allegory to the topic, with several more on the way. Swords of Destiny will be out soon, later than I’m expecting but for good reason!


Book Three is written, too. And I’m halfway through penning Book Four. If you read Northern Knights and the next works, be prepared to see plenty of allegories pertaining to the United States.

Also, I’m looking to market and really use ads in both the newspaper and online to bolster the sales ranking to the point I’m consistently in the Top 100 on Amazon. All that’s to come soon enough.


I also look to continue expanding My Freedom Flame, and to whoever shared my articles on Flipboard, keep doing so, please! It’s upping my blog’s traffic like none other.


To that measure, I’m looking to dive more and more into Libertarianism and Global Affairs, as they’re key themes in the Lord of Columbia Series and in my Neo Skyehawk Series, the novella prequel series to Lord of Columbia.
So, that’s what I’m doing; planting seeds in readers’ minds to get them motivated. To tell them the truth in ways that are entertaining. I know dry videos or articles aren’t for everyone, which is another reason I love my fictional work, as it’s all based off real life issues we face in the world today.
I’d like to thank everyone for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.


Liberty or Death: Lord of Columbia’s Recurring Theme

My Sole Purpose Behind Writing Lord of Columbia

The United States of America, once renown as the greatest country known to man, and to many here in the states, still the greatest country known to man. But to those of us who utilize just an ounce of research regretfully realize the truth: It’s simply not the case anymore.

You can look at a nation’s freedom and economic freedom index. We aren’t even in the top ten. You can look at our nation’s government corruption index. We’re nowhere near the top. In fact, there are recurring countries who rank in the top five.

Your Nordic nations and Switzerland dominate these rankings and before any progressive tries to make the case for the Nordic nations being socialist, it’s simply not the case; links provided below to support my argument.

Further, both Switzerland and Finland have among the highest percentages in rates of gun ownership in the world. Both nations use national service requirements to train ordinary civilians how to handle firearms, which if the United States wasn’t busy funding a global empire, I’d be one-hundred percent for, which usually breaks me off with other Libertarian thinkers.

However, my means of justification is simply put: Do this for defense purposes only. In other words, you can have a national service requirement that doesn’t involve invading other nations like the US did in World War I, II, and Vietnam. And what’s sad is, many conservatives still support the government’s actions in doing this, this time for Iran, under the preposterous assumption the US needs to rebuild its military. Talk to me when we aren’t spending more than the next seven largest spenders.

Now, knowing that a nation like the US has stumbled from free republic to an empire of lies where truth is treason and war is peace, the United States of America, despite many of my influences for the antagonistic Southpoint Empire in Lord of Columbia coming from the British and Napoleonic Empires, was my primary influence. By making a connection between the black and yellow (gold for some) uniforms of Southpoint, it coincides with the official colors of the United States Army.

Now, don’t think for one second I’m unpatriotic, because it can’t be further from the case. Instead, our oppressed colonials were inspired by, well, Colonial America, just set in a modern-day fantasy.

So, claims made by some of my former friends, family (extended family), and even former co-workers that I’m an Iranian or Russian apologist, anti-Patriot, and anti-American is plain garbage. I’m a Constitutional (especially Bill of Rights loving) Libertarian who has based his political views similar to that of the Founding Fathers.

Would the Founding Fathers have approved America’s role in the world today? Let me tell you this: They would be siding with Iran right now in this little spat America has with them. Sure, Iran isn’t the freest government, but they’re sure as hell better than Saudi Arabia, who will kill you in two seconds if you deny Allah. They’re better than nations like the UK, where it’s considered a crime to broadcast something, even independently, if the government issues an order of silence and will throw you in jail without due process.

And Iran recognizes Christianity. No, they don’t have the same rights and yes, conversion from Islam may result in the death penalty, but you can look this up on your own time; it’ll take two seconds. There are several Christian denominations in Iran. Therefore, while it’s by no means perfect, there is some freedom of religion in Iran.

The US has historically allied with Saudi Arabia, and I’m sure they aren’t building any churches anytime soon. So, even though Christians may face discrimination and even harassment for their beliefs in Iran, it certainly contains a much higher degree of religious freedom than the Wahhabi Saudi Arabia. So, this alone should tell you America is certainly NOT the world’s capital of freedom (nor is Iran, for that matter) if they claim to fight for freedom and democracy, the latter of which appears nowhere in the Constitution, when their best friends in the Middle East next to Israel is Saudi Arabia.

Enter Lord of Columbia, a modern-day allegory of the American Revolution. Well, modern-day fantasy allegory of the American Revolution. Except now, it’s America versus America. The Empire versus a Budding Republic. A rich and powerful military-industrial complex claiming it’s intervening in other areas in Gaia (including Columbia) for liberation and humanitarian purposes, when all it’s doing is usurping civil liberties of colonists and stripping the lands of resources while fighting with perceived “threats” to its imperial national security.

Sound familiar?

To Libertarian America, most definitely. To Conservative and in some cases, Liberal America, they’ll go with the old story that all these nations we’re fighting hate us for our freedoms. Yet, when one puts two-and-two together, they realize the obvious: Our freedoms are being and have been usurped directly due to the conflicts America finds itself in. Therefore, American civilians are no better off today than they were pre-9/11, as invasion of personal rights, privacy, and even usurpation of the Bill of Rights in some instances, has reigned supreme since 9/11.

Lord of Columbia’s purpose is simple: It’s to make others aware of the Empire that is, and the Republic that once was. That America today is far worse than America of yesterday and it’s my dream to take part in this debate on hopefully bringing America back to what it used to be prior to 1898: A friend to all (well, most) and a non-interventionist approach to foreign policy.

I’d like to thank all of my readers, please come back soon.



Something Worth Fighting For

The Ultimate Battle, Ultimate Sacrifice, Ultimate Means to Exist

Freedom. Liberty. Independence. All interchangeable terms, and all symbolize something worth fighting for.

Freedom for all, not just a single race or group of people, but freedom for all in all four corners of the country.

At least, this is what one of Lord of Columbia’s messages are.

It’s not just the freedom of those who wanted to break away from the Empire, as had happened in the early history of the United States. However, the Founding Fathers, contrary to much false progressive belief, stated all men are created equal.

They never specified race.

In the Bill of Rights, they never specified race, instead stating rights of men, and these days, women, too, shall not be infringed upon.

It never says rights of the ‘white man,’ which is very important, and it’s, in my opinion, why the United States Constitution is the greatest document ever created. The flag, the greatest symbol of freedom from an empire, in this case, the British Empire.

For those who live in America, but hate its guts, I sympathize with you, too. For those of you who say the flag means nothing but oppression these days, I sympathize with you, too, because it’s been stained with blood of innocent people. It’s been tainted and been set on fire by those all over the world.

And trust me, sympathize with them one-hundred percent, though I don’t agree with the claim that it oppresses. You can’t take a symbol and change its meaning. Sure, people do it all the time and the argument should be made that it can happen, but a symbol, in its purest means, is only a symbol.

Now, I don’t worship the flag and I never will, but I also don’t believe in worshipping inanimate objects, so you’ll no sooner see me pledge allegiance to anything be it a flag or a church (especially these days), or any of the above. Just for the record, I’d never worship any flag, so I probably wouldn’t last long in places that make it mandatory.

No, I’m not disrespecting anything or anyone, I just choose not to place a hand over my heart. Doesn’t mean I hate America; it just means myself, as an animate object, won’t bow down to anything inanimate. And for someone who isn’t a Christian in modern-day terms, I feel I follow the Second Commandment better than a lot of die-hard Conservative Christians who insist nothing should fly higher than the flag.

I can see “Jesus” (the sun) already saying, “Now, see, that’s going to be a problem.”
Knowing all of this, I by no means wished to set out and create a modern-day “patriotic manifesto,” which these days the very word patriotism has been interchanged with nationalism so much not a soul can tell the other apart.

So, Lord of Columbia is by no means a patriotic thing, and it’s one reason why the colors red, white, and blue occur nowhere in the text when describing factions. Lord of Columbia may hold true to American values, but what are American values?

These days, a progressive will say oppression across the globe, and while I agree this is what’s become of America, it’s by no means America in its purest sense. In fact, true American values are the exact opposite of this.

It’s why I’ve always loved the Chronicles of Narnia Series, especially Prince Caspian, because the plot really mirrors this. Old Narnia is gone and its replaced by this oppressive regime called New Narnia. Everything about Old Narnia has been forgotten and erased, and New Narnia goes the distance to ensure it stays that way.

I’ve always compared the old, US Republic to Old Narnia, as it was a trader and friend to the world. However, starting in 1898, and really kicking off post-World War I, America slowly morphed from friend of the world to policeman of the world, exploiting other nations for its resources, just like the British did in its heyday.

Now, I’m not one to apologize to others for America’s actions and I’ll never apologize to others for the actions of my European ancestors. For one, I’m also part Native American, so I’m kind of, sort of, on both sides of the equation here. And besides, saying sorry doesn’t change the past.

But, what can be done is to be friends to minorities, especially that of the black and Hispanic communities, where gun and drug laws negatively affect both communities. Ditto for the remaining Native American communities. Even the predominant Muslim communities in the Middle East and North Africa, or those who are over here from there.

Now, I’m by no means stating we need to bring these people in from the third-world (I hate that term, because not all third-world countries are poor, in fact some are richer than America) and let them live off public benefits as is going on in Europe, but to be generous in other ways.

This will unite people as one, and what’s funny is, I never once used the word ‘tolerance,’ because again, tolerance should be an individual’s choice, whether at home or even in a business. If a Christian baker refuses to bake a wedding cake, it’s their right. If a liberal owner wants to throw out a Republican who works for Donald Trump out of their restaurant, it’s their right. It’s why I love Libertarianism, it’s principle over politics.

But, we can be united, as we all have a common enemy, and it’s called the United States Government; the American Empire. The American Empire has gone on for too long and is now forcing countries like Europe to increase defense spending and to stop trading with Russia and Iran because they’re somehow enemies (ahem, competition for Saudi Arabian oil companies).

Speaking of Iran, the American Empire is threatening Iran when all Iran stated was if the United States attacks, it’ll be the mother of all wars, but it also stated it wants peace, like it has with Europe and Russia. And not only that, look at a map. There are forty-eight American bases surrounding Iran. Do they have the right to be angry? Of course! Hell, if I were the leader, I’d have declared war already and said get out of our faces.

But what happens? Donald Trump acts like it’s Iran doing the threatening. Imagine for a moment if Iran had bases on the Canadian border and warships in the Gulf of Mexico. Then, they’re a legitimate threat to national security. Until that day comes, America remains the bad guy in this scenario.

So, we have something worth fighting for, just like my little band in Lord of Columbia has something worth fighting for: To save their land against the ironclaw of an evil empire. In our case, the evil empire happens to be the United States of America, which unfortunately has to force the world to abide by its laws, or else we’ll give them the Iraq and Libyan treatment and tell our unsuspecting public we freed the country after further destabilizing it.

Something worth fighting for is to bring an empire back into the confines of its borders and re-install the old republic.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

Influences Behind Lord of Columbia: Liberty versus Tyranny

Northern Knights’ Tagline Description: Liberty versus Tyranny

As mentioned in a previous article, I’d already ditched voluntarist colors in favor of creating my own system in my urban fantasy, liberty versus tyranny series, Lord of Columbia. My reason for doing so is simple: I wasn’t about to use Pittsburgh Steelers colors for my protagonists.

Sound amateur?


But then again, LaVar Ball is what, fifty, and still acts like a teenager? Not to mention, the dude’s kind of well-off.

Anyway, you get the picture.

But the main message?

Liberty versus Tyranny.

Patriotism versus Globalism.

National Identity versus Global Identity.

Voluntarism versus Force.

Libertarian Values. Freedom Flames, hence the name of my little blog I have going on here.

But it’s more than that.

It’s not a history book you’re about to read, come September 1st. No, it’s a new adult, urban fantasy reminiscent of Harry Potter, to an extent. Except the characters are older.We’re in a free region at a university.

But trouble lurks on the horizon.

A powerful empire is waiting to pounce upon its prey. Such imperialism, seen in the world today, brought on by the United States, the global empire. The global army. Setting up bases in over one-hundred and thirty countries, including developed nations like Europe.


Don’t make me laugh.

Is selling weapons to Saudi Arabia to use on Yemenites humanitarian?

Or, is supporting Israel’s continued terrorist attacks on unarmed Palestinians humanitarian?

Is conducting secret operations in Niger something a free nation does? Especially when such operations are paid for in tax dollars that makes the rich military-industrial complex richer, and the working and middle class poorer.

Liberty versus Tyranny.


It’s going to be Northern Knights’ tagline.

Because it really is Libertarianism versus Imperialism. The Old, United States Republic versus the Modern-Day United States Empire.

The classic tale of Republic versus Empire has taken on a new meaning, because this time, in real time, in real life, the fate of an entire nation is at stake.

In both Lord of Columbia, and in real life, the message of liberty, and the principles of liberty cannot, and will not be compromised.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

Purpose Behind Lord of Columbia

The Twenty-First Century’s Libertarian Manifesto

I’ve often been asked why I wrote Lord of Columbia. What made me put forth so much effort and passion in the work that I’m willing to forgo a personal training career to write the book, get the word out, and even do something in libertarian politics to spread the word?

The Libertarian Message. I’ve often called Lord of Columbia a Libertarian Manifesto, something in the likes of Ayn Rand’s works or Robert Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

Influences like J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, and George Lucas’ Star Wars reign supreme. However, Libertarianism is my main message.

It’s a manifesto for a Libertarian Revolution.

Every writer seeks value, every writer writes for a reason, every book written by every author has a purpose. Every purpose has a movement inspired behind the cover.

Lord of Columbia personifies such a movement. It’s a work where oppressed colonies stand up to their imperial overlords. Where government overreach results in totalitarianism, corruption, and an invasive police state.

Yet, I wanted to go beyond just Libertarianism, as a book on Libertarian principles may bore even the most avid reader (Not everyone is going to read The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith). So, what could I do to make this message interesting? How could I entertain to inform?

What could I do to relay my message to even the most politically uninformed?

Relate the work to something. Something everyone has heard of. Has known. Something that affected the founding of this very country, the United States of America. But not the United States Empire that we see today, but the Republic. My loyalties lie with the Republic.

So, the founding of the United States of America. What happened? How did it happen? Why did it happen?

What made America, at one time, the most unique and exceptional country on Earth?
A revolution, the first country to ever gain independence from a European Empire, this one being the British Empire.

But again, I thought to myself, I don’t want to retell the American Revolution, though many connections, such as the Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre, and Battles of Lexington and Concord can be traced in Lord of Columbia.

Sure, the work’s entirely fiction. It’s urban fantasy, and in the new adult sub-categories, and it’s edgy. If you’re a fan of the American Revolution, Libertarian Politics, or simply something that might remind you a little bit of Harry Potter, I think you’ll like this work.

If you’re a Trump or Hillary apologist, you may be out of luck. If you’re a fan of socialism or communism, you aren’t going to like this. If you think the NSA, TSA, CIA, FBI, and the police force are necessities, be prepared to listen to a pro-liberty argument for once, as this book series preaches a case against law enforcement and mass surveillance.

If you believe the media and everything they say, justifying US intervention, I’m sorry but you’re going to brand me an anti-Patriot, even when I’m anything but.

True American, pro-liberty, Constitutional values, limited government, classic liberalism, free markets, non-intervention, and right to privacy are what I preach in Lord of Columbia. The rebellion, or better yet, I should say, the term starts September 1st.

I’d like to thank everyone for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

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