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Four Exciting Ways to Find Writing Inspiration


Exhausted from work? Too tired to carry on and see another day? Well, you’re in luck because I’m going to give you four tips that will help you find writing inspiration.

Kind of cool, right?

The fact is you, yes you, can find inspiration just about anywhere, if you know where to look. We’re going to search deep inside ourselves for such inspiration, such as the search for that initial motivation to write.

What was it that caused the motivation in the first place?

That’s what we’re looking for right here, right now.

So, let’s search for that long-term inspiration today that will light a fire in you.



Music does strange things to us. It takes us back to another place, another time, back to a group of people, a time when we may’ve felt elated, depressed, inspired.

The reason I placed music so high is the fact it’s associated with the other three little-known ways listed below.

We embark on a journey when we listen to music.

When I hear, say, New Miserable Experience or Congratulations, I’m Sorry albums from Gin Blossoms, I’m catapulted back to Wintersville, Ohio, the town I grew up.

But I have more memories than just an awesome childhood.

I spent a summer working out at the local track with a great friend before we parted ways. It was truly one of the best times of my life, if not the best days of my life.

And yes, remember that creative nonfiction piece I was telling you about in a previous post?

Yep, it’s really a memoir that speaks of my early days working as a personal trainer, all the way to my massive breakup with the profession after becoming disheartened by it, to the great comeback that’s being set up right now.



I revealed a huge hint regarding places, by associating them with music.

But think about it. Where were you when you were first inspired to write?

Why did this particular place spark the creative juices?

Know what’s funny?

The place you might be thinking of might not even be a real place.

Maybe mom and dad read you a story about Neverland when you were young and you immediately were inspired to write your own work. Your own Neverland.

Or your own version of Hogwarts? Narnia?

Did you take a vacation to Scandinavia and were immediately inspired by the beautiful scenic landscape?

Where were you when you were initially inspired to write?

Go back to that place, even if it’s a virtual tour. If it was a novel, read it again. I guarantee you’ll find that initial fire inside you once more.



Again, taken from the first way of inspiration.

This is especially true for those of you who write nonfiction.

Who inspired you to write and what kind of plot?

Are you still friends with them?

Or have you gone your separate ways?

Really think about this.

They might have a lot to do with the plot of your work, or perhaps you’re like me and tend to base every single character in your work on people you’ve met, worked, and were friends with over the past few years.

Why did they inspire you to hit the keyboard?

What kind of relationship did you have with them that you just had to write?

You will find a lot of answers and perhaps a lot of inspiration.

For me and the creative nonfiction piece I’m working on it was the gym staff, my old client base, my workout buddies, including the one I mentioned earlier.

I did base a lot of characters in Lord of Columbia on them, but the (sometimes) wild memories I shared with these people, I knew someday a novel would be written. There are too many stories to tell in the Tales from the Gym Office.

I could probably write a three-book box set, to be honest, and still have stories left over.

How my boss and I were never fired for the things that went on in our offices I’ll never know. And the colorful people.

You get the gist of it.


Time Periods

Finally, time periods come last because it sums up the previous three.

If you read the first three closely, you probably found a little pattern.

Music takes you to a time period.

Places take you to a time period.

People take you to a time period.

All written works occur in a time period, and again the first three can relate to fiction. Maybe you listen to fantasy-based music as I do and it takes you to a place like Neverland? I don’t think I have to explain the cast and characters.

I drew most of my inspiration for Lord of Columbia from Harry Potter, as it’s not even a secret these days, and the series is what I continually reverted back to.

I listened to music that reminded me of Hogwarts, mainly symphonic, pagan, and power metal, with composers like Thomas Bergersen and even some Disney songs scattered in there.

I’m lucky to have grown up around a landscape that is Hogwartian in nature, with bounding hills that eventually turn mountainous, endless forest, and few urban areas so the sky lights up on those clear nights.

Again, you should see what I’m talking about now.


If You’re Feeling Down

Go back to these four cornerstones.

Play some music, as it’ll always help, no matter what. I love to pair it with one of my two daily workouts.

Go to places that first inspired you. I don’t have to go far. I can sit in the parking lot of an abandoned grocery store, park my car, sit on top the hood on a spring, summer, or autumn night, gaze to the west, and watch the sun set behind the white water tower, which serves as the gateway to the bounding countryside.

If I pair it with listening to music, it automatically brings back the people, my favorite people, the workout partner whom I spent the whole summer of 2014 with, wondering what she’s doing now, and when she’s coming back.

Aha, see?!

You know where those lyrics came from, right?

Bam, it just took me back to the time period.

As crazy as this post sounds, I insist this works, and you’ll be glad you undertook it.

Thanks for reading.


Your Hero’s Journey: Relay Purpose, Hope, Vision

Write to Inspire the Masses

Ah, the typical American lifestyle.

How great is it?

Many of us wake up, go to work, make money, come home, relax, eat what we want for the most part, watch our favorite TV programs, go to bed, and repeat for five to six days. On weekends, or our day off, we’re free to do whatever we wish without stress from the workday holding us back.


Once Upon A Time

I felt this way. During my hardcore fitness days when personal training was my only gig and my workouts were the only thing on my mind, life was good—no—great. Life. Was. Great.

It was everything I ever wanted, once upon a time. I had my dream job, did two workouts, and had each week preplanned. Nothing could beat it.

Then, it all changed.

For some of us, it’s the epiphany, the self-discovery, the realization that we’re just drones in the game of corporate-owned—everything. Everywhere we look we see reminders of this. Or government-owned—everything.

Even our favorite programs, from sports to our favorite shows we’re reminded. The news, too. We’re told what’s in, what’s out, how to look, how to dress, how to act, how to think, how to do this and how to do that. If not, we don’t fit in and we’re outcasts.

If we aren’t at a dance club or a bar every Friday night until we reach age fifty (or older) we’re weird. When we choose to remain indoors or keep to ourselves outdoors we’re weirdos. If we’d rather daydream than watch TV we must have something mentally wrong with us.

Just everywhere, people are telling us what to do and how to think and it came to the point where I said, “No more!”

I’m sick of it. I’m done. I’m finished playing this little game. I want off the ride and I want off the ride now. And even now, I’m still reminded each day of the corporate-government slavery we’re trapped under, starting with federal reserve notes, or the police force, or the military, or a government investigation, and just being flat-out reminded I’m a drone and I should leave my power to others and for these monopolies to carry out their jobs, it’s my patriotic duty to give up some freedoms—enough!

I’m done, you should be done, we all should be done playing this little game of macro-chess, or macro-monopoly, or macro-risk. No, I don’t want benefits given to us due to wage freezes back in the 1940’s which is why companies gave the health benefit out through a middleman in the first place and these days everyone’s demanding more of this or more of that. No, I don’t want your socialized medicine, your socialized retirement package, social security, Medicare, or any of it.

We’re people and not drones. We’re individuals and not uniformed across a broad spectrum. No, I’m not going to fall for the people are people ruse; you can tell everyone’s different by looking at everyone. Even identical twins have something different about them.

Well, everyone’s the same on the inside—no they’re not. We’ve different skeletal structures, different sized hearts, brains, chromosomes, DNA, do I make myself clear?
So no, we’re not uniformed, it’s the grandest lie in the books.

Sorry for the long introduction, but this is why I write. I write to inspire the masses and I hope and pray you’re writing to inspire the masses. Sure, some of us might write for pleasure but you can still write what you want with your reader in mind. Always write with your reader in mind.


Challenging Mainstream Thought

When it comes to challenging mainstream thought, I assume I’m writing for thought criminals. Even if you’re following me due to receiving my motivational posts, you’re still committing thoughtcrime, which is really libertarianism because I’m trying to motivate you to fire your boss and rely on yourself one day instead of some corporation, government, or whomever you’re making a lot of money for and working really hard to see their dreams come true at the expense of your own.

I will never, ever, ever write and tell you guys to conform. Ever. Now, I’m sure I have nonconformists from both ends of the spectrum and the bulk are libertarians or libertarian-minded. And many of you are writers.

Let me tell you, right now, to write to give your readers hope, purpose, and vision. If you own a blog, have something in it for your readers. What’s in it for them? Why are they coming to your site?

What’s in it for my readers?

They can see a different viewpoint than they’d normally see under normal circumstances, mainstream circumstances. The mindless entertainment or the psychological emotional ways both your favorite TV shows and news stations put you under to go along with and abide by their social and political agendas—it’s disgusting!

And I don’t care if you watch CNN, Fox, ABC, MSNBC, they’re all one in the same. Owned by corporate giants who care not a thing for you and a lot of the billion dollar profits they receive. Rupert Murdoch owns Fox News and he’s on the board of advisors for Genie Oil. Ben Sherwood is the President of ABC, Co-Chairman of Disney Media Networks, which happens to own ESPN. Sherwood also happens to be on the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), who testifies before Congress regarding foreign affairs.
Guys, it’s all a game. Write to wake up the masses. Write to wake up the people.


Entertain your tribe. Build your tribe. Know your tribe. Interact with your tribe. Tell your tribe the truth. Research like hell and tell your tribe the truth.

Hey, Republican, Democrat, it makes no difference; they’re on two sides of the same coin. Ditto for the media. Sure, they have their differences. Sure, the masses on either side of the spectrum can’t stand one another. But you know what? Look at foreign policy. Seventeen years of the same foreign policy. Ten years of Republicans, eight years of Democrats. Guys, enough is enough.


Purpose, Hope, Vision

These three criteria are the main reasons why I type words onto a screen every single day. Thousands upon thousands of words. Give your reader purpose. Let them know they’re better than what they are and yes, they can become more than what they are.


And no, they don’t have to follow and play this petty little game in which we’re all subject until we wake up and realize we’re being played by people who tend to care about us.

Give them hope. Tell them they can and will change the world for the positive because the more people who get up, or in the writer’s case remains seated, and do something, to let people know what’s up. What’s really up. Through a service, a way that will allow them to earn a living doing what they love, fulfilling their dream, with a serious, but positive and hopeful message. When we unite as one, we can do great things.

Give them vision. Open their eyes. Tell them there are other ways and you don’t have to obey and conform. They’re told to obey and conform the second they step foot in public schools, which are run by government. If one goes to a private school, they’re in the government’s hands, too. I know plenty of people who went to private school and public school. They’re a common denominator.

But you know what?

It doesn’t need to be this way.

Truth doesn’t come from authority, which is what we have drilled into our mind in school. Truth is truth. The truth is the truth, and if ninety-nine percent of individuals believe in and spread the lie, passing it off as the truth and one-percent of individuals question the official story and spread the truth, the truth resides with the one-percent questioning the mainstream lie and telling the tabooed truth.

Give. These. Readers. Purpose. Hope. Vision.
Guys, give them vision. Write in ways that encourages them to think for themselves, to discover the real truth, and that the truth isn’t what some media outlet, teacher, or someone in a position of authority told them.


It’s Okay!

Tell them it’s okay to have differing opinions. It’s okay to go against the grain. It’s okay to go off the path well-traveled. It’s okay to be unique. It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to be a nonconformist.

And don’t let anyone, no parent, extended family member, teacher, anyone tell you how to think and how to act. We were born with Constitutional Rights. We were born kicking and screaming. We were born free. Free to think and act how we wish. We weren’t born to follow and we definitely weren’t born to give up any kind of right we’re born with that comes from a Higher Power.



Guys, write your manifesto. Write to inspire the masses. Write to tell people to think, act, feel, do whatever they want. I’m not saying to go out in the middle of Manhattan in the middle of winter and force it down peoples’ throats, as some do, but be yourself, and inspire others to be themselves.

Give your tribe purpose, hope, and vision.

We’re all born with a purpose and our purpose isn’t working like a slave to someone else, be it corporate or government in nature. Our purpose doesn’t involve making someone else rich. I couldn’t care less if you work for a business that reminds you each day it’s a business. You’re an individual, you’re a human, and you have the right to build your own business, build your empire.

Give them hope. Tell them yes, they can. Be honest about the roadblocks ahead, but anyone can get over and around roadblocks. Anyone, if they have the drive, can move mountains. We’re all born with such ability. We’re all capable of utilizing this ability. Move freaking mountains. Yes, it may be hard. Yes, it may sound impossible, but move freaking mountains and you’ll be glad you did.

And finally, give them vision. Give them a path to reach their desires. Light the path. Tell them it’s not easy, nor it should be. The greater the struggle, the greater the reward. The greater the challenge, the greater the journey. No, it’s not easy, but the number one rule of writing anything is this: Put your characters into terrible trouble and write to see how they escape it. Put them in more trouble, and keep writing to find out how they escape it.
This is your hero’s journey. This is your path. It’s time for you to embark. It’s time to put fear aside and go for what you’ve always wanted.

Thanks for reading.

Gary Heavin’s Inspiring Tale

Heavin Made Millions at Twenty-Five, Went Broke at Thirty, then Evolved

Gary Heavin’s tale is an inspiring look at how pursuing passion to make a living pays its dividends one-hundred-fold later in life. It also shows how artificial passions can be detrimental and though we may love a lifestyle that comes with some gigs, pursuing the main passion always wins out.


Who is Gary Heavin?

Gary Heavin founded Curves, a gym chain that almost exclusively attracted women.


Heavin noticed how uncomfortable many women were in the gym community and decided to create a company that became so popular that at its peak there were three Curves franchises for every McDonalds.

Heavin told part of his story during a conference on August 18th, hosted by Ron Paul Institute’s Executive Director, Daniel McAdams.

When I listened to Heavin’s speech, I was wowed and immediately related it to myself, which reinforced my belief that I’d done the right thing by kicking personal training in the rear-end to embark on a writing career I’d likely craved over the past decade.


Heavin’s Message

Gary Heavin, at age twenty-five, became a self-made millionaire. Now, while I never came close to becoming a millionaire when I was twenty-five, I once boasted a bank account many millennials dare not dream of.

Let’s just say I could’ve put a down payment on a house.

However, it was false prosperity, just like in Heavin’s case.


I’d grown so close the lifestyle that comes with being a trainer, like always getting attention for my looks and my fitness level, always having access to a workout facility, training clients into Trainer Stockholm Syndrome, the list goes on.

What did my typical day look like back then?

I went to the gym before my first client, did a workout, trained four to five hours of clients, went home for three hours, chillaxed, went back to work, trained clients for another three to four hours, and did a second workout.

And if I had a workout buddy, it was a female. In fact, I had about…seven female workout partners any given year. And yes, I wanted all the members and clients to see Todd the Trainer working out with a girl who’d be following him around the place like a lost dog.

So, two workouts a day (which I still do, but these days they’re worked into my schedule), female workout buddies (sometimes as many as three) at every turn, and neither manager nor owner could pull me in because, well, I more clients than the other trainers combined.

Again, at any given time.

And I had money. I had a lot of money and didn’t need to worry about anything, really. I had bills to pay and paid them like they were nothing.

And had an excess bank account.


Gary Heavin Went Broke

Yes, Gary Heavin went broke. When he was thirty, he lost everything.


It was a self-centered lifestyle.

Heavin didn’t care about anything other than the lifestyle he attained.

Me, Todd Matthews, back in my training heyday, didn’t care about anything except the lifestyle.

I didn’t care about anything.

I even bought a new car.

But you know what?

If I could relive those glory days again, I wouldn’t.

Why would I?

Look at Gary Heavin. He started up Curves International after learning from his mistakes because he knew his passion involved serving others.


Write to Serve Others

I’m not saying there aren’t personal trainers out there who don’t live for their clients’ results.


There are, and they need to be recognized. But there were other trainers, like myself, who didn’t give a damn about their clients’ results as long as they were giving me money to make them up a workout off the top of my head.

It’s terrible, but it’s true.

I think many make the mistake in thinking writing is just as easy as training, but these aren’t people who’ve written a full-length novel yet.



Or heck, have even thought of creating their own world and even that world’s history.


Talk about the old cliché of keeping your ducks in line. It’s by no means easy and it’s about a thousand times harder than training.

But, my works have a message. Northern Knights has a message. Fighting Tyranny, my new novella which takes place in the same world as Northern Knights, has a message.



It’s a message of opposing Tyranny. Of fighting oppression. Of being down but not out. Of building an idea that the United States of America isn’t the police force of the world and we should see all the troops come home and reside once more within our nation’s borders.

It’s keeping family members from getting killed in war.

It’s exposing the government for their interests overseas and basing every single new war off lies and propaganda.

It’s exposing public schools for enforcing the lie that truth comes from authority and that repetition of such “truths” is rewarded while questioning such “truths” is punished.

It’s providing an alternative viewpoint; challenging mainstream thought.

It’s exposing war for being nothing but a racket, which never serves the people.

It’s exposing war for being the real culprit that destroys civil liberties and enhances government spying.

It’s providing a way for everyone to become self-sufficient, without having to rely on a company forty-five minutes away from their place of living for a single stream of income.

It’s giving people hope in a world where hope’s fading fast.

It’s something personal training never did for me; in fact, it’s doing the exact opposite. And that’s exactly what I want it to do.

Okay, so I have another freebie out, this one on several aggregator sites, called Fighting Tyranny. Get this book for free on your e-reader today!

Also, don’t forget to check out my main series, Lord of Columbia and its first book, Northern Knights, available on Amazon.

And if you want to join my email list, get your free gift of The Eurean Kingdom, which is also a novella in the Neo Skyehawk Series, which Fighting Tyranny is in.

I’d like to thank everyone for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.


Get Northern Knights.



Join my mailing list, get a freebie!

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Behind the Writing, Part V: Lord of Columbia’s Strange Relation to Comeback Kid

Two Trilogies Whose Characters Ended Up Within the Other’s Work

Something strange happened during my writing of both Lord of Columbia and Comeback Kid. If you look at my subtitle, I’m referring to the fact that several characters ended up within the other’s work, because it did happen.


So, without further ado, here is Lord of Columbia’s Strange Relation to Comeback Kid.

A breakthrough character in one work ended up in the other, and a very minor character in one ended up in the other, too.

Yes, I’m being vague on it as of today, but I’ll spoil it once both trilogies have been in circulation for a time, probably by next September. However, it’s fun to talk about so in Part V of my Behind the Writing Series, I’m going to touch base on this strange occurrence.


Lord of Columbia

In my original drafts of Comeback Kid, one character, who again, was very minor and spoke two lines in the entire two-hundred and fifty-page draft was transferred to Lord of Columbia when I needed a ‘filler character’ to fill a certain role.



When I dove deeper into Lord of Columbia’s first real draft, I wrote a scene where a breakthrough character would be needed. I did the math to see who would become this breakthrough character, and my minor filler character I’d transferred from Comeback Kid was the only one who logistically filled the role.



The scene I created was one I’d long wished to insert, as it would help support my pro-liberty message associated with Lord of Columbia, especially if one links it to the controversial topic the media always covers when it occurs. Yes, I’m remaining silent on going into detail.



I made this character the focal point, knowing it would catapult them into at the very least a high-end minor role.


A few chapters later, I drew inspiration from real life where an unfortunate incident occurs to my main cast. Once again, it fulfilled my pro-liberty message and it was yet another issue the media loves to cover and criticize.



After the incident, and again, if this doesn’t make sense, I’m being vague as vague can get, so bear with me, the former filler character fit this role, and two-thirds of the way through the book, became part of the main cast, where they remained throughout.

To me, it was weird and kind of exciting on how a very minor character that didn’t even appear in my original drafts made it into a work. What’s even weirder is the type of role they ended up playing.



Floating Character Who’s A Running Gag

My second instance of this occurring is intentional, and in a way, a running gag. One character appears in both trilogies. The only difference is since Comeback Kid is in the inspirational genre, this character doesn’t have supernatural ability as they do in Lord of Columbia.

However, they have the same name, appearance, and to an extent, the same personality. It’s a character in the minor-major role in both, but if a reader were to read both trilogies, it gives them a sense of familiarity.


Final Instance

So, my final instance occurred with a major character who was going to play a huge role in Lord of Columbia, but due to process of elimination, fizzled out. However, they had an identical role in Comeback Kid, further resembling a real-life individual off which they’re based, who is one of my biggest real-life inspirations.

Lord of Columbia’s first drafts saw this character almost as a second protagonist, but in the end, they lost the role and were much better suited for something in Comeback Kid. Almost the same role, but a slightly different personality for this character.

They were one of my favorite characters in Lord of Columbia, so it was tough to reinsert them in another work, as I tried tooth and nail to keep them in their original role.


However, it wasn’t going to work, so with that in mind, their role changed and ultimately relocated to Comeback Kid.



A lot of authors have stated it’s great to work with multiple projects while others state to stick with just one. I think it comes down to time and personal preference. If you have the time to swing it, go for it. If not, stick with one.

I like and need variety, so I’ve stuck with two at all times. Though Lord of Columbia garners more attention than Comeback Kid simply because it’s the more in-depth of the two trilogies, Comeback Kid is a faster read and much easier to write.

And though this is a weird trick, it surprisingly worked for me. Take your hand in the game and if you have a character or two you feel can serve your work better in another book or series, go for it! Don’t be afraid to try new (and sometimes strange) things.

Always write with your reader in mind, so even if it would satisfy you to keep characters in an original role, think outside the box. Does the idea sell to readers? If you want to get to the point to where you’re making a living at writing, publishing, and marketing books, write with the reader in mind.

It’s a tried and true trick that always succeeds.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

Your Hero’s Journey

Leave the Past Behind. Don’t Look Back Until You’ve Conquered; You’re Not Going that Way

The time has come where you can put your foot down and say, “Enough!”

It’s your life and the best news in life is you have the power to run the whole show, so believe you can, and you will. This power is your power, and that’s amazing.

You’re the hero of your own tale. The journey is yours. Leave the past behind and don’t look back, you’re not going that way.



Your Hero’s Journey

Ah, the Hero’s Journey, and the inspiration it can and will give to you. You’re the hero of your own, classic tale, and yes, entering this is scary, unpredictable, and trials are sure to follow.

But, you’ve read the classics.

You were inspired.

You looked at adversity, stared it in the eye, laughed, felt the surreal moment, and said, “Bring it on.”

And, you’ve never felt so alive.

Think of the places you’ll go, because you stepped far beyond your comfort zone the last six generations of your family would’ve dared not stepped out of.

But if you’re like me, and had an ancestor who was once an immigrant, oh, you know where I’m going with this.

We had someone connected to us, in our past, facing the same exact obstacles you may be facing today.

Only there’s was half-a-world away.

Yours is minute on the scale.

They embarked on the Hero’s Journey.

Now, it’s your time to embark on yours.


Leave the Past Behind

Oh, you may be thinking what a mistake this may’ve been.

What have you done?

You did what?

You took the first step in pursuing passion over a job that could’ve paid decent wages and given you benefits, that’s what you did.

You took the first step by leaving your comfort zone behind, shattering it, and walking away. You’re off to bigger and better things and you know it.

So many of us love that little comfort bubble we’ve been accustomed to.

But you know what?

We’re better off to have left it, in the long run.

No, maybe not now, and maybe not even a week, or even a month from now.

But long-term, you won’t be telling your kids and grandkids you should’ve done this, or you should’ve done that.


You’re going to tell them a story. It’s going to be one of the greatest stories ever told, because the main character is you.

And you took the first step. You left the tumultuous, dead-end, low-paying job behind and you sought greater pastures. Sure, there was a mountain to climb, packed with werewolves and all sorts of mythical creatures, but you persevered through the storm.

The strongest storms.


Brave and Bold

You made a bold move, don’t ever forget that.

You did something most people cringe at and discourage, because they’re too afraid to embark on this Hero’s Journey for themselves. But you defied those odds. You crushed them, and (guess what?) you’re going to reap the benefits.

Oh, Todd, how do you know?

Oh, but I do know, because I’d done it before.

I left my comfort zone in the dust once, back in middle school, something I’ll write about starting…tonight! Actually, about an hour-and-a-half from now!


Because I want to relay to everyone the type of adversity I’ve faced in the past, conquered, broke down barriers, and became a new person.

And today, in 2018?

I’m going to do so again, but from a writing standpoint.

And show the world how you can pursue something you’ve always dreamed of.




Guys, this is a journey I’m embarking on. It’s my Hero’s Journey, and each of you can most definitely embark on yours, too.

Do yourselves a favor: Look at yourself in the mirror right now and have a heart to heart with yourself.

Are you where you want to be?

If not, and these days, many of us are not, then you must take the first steps right now, today, this second, and take back what’s yours.

Take your life back, even if the risk is bigger than any risk you’ve ever taken in your life.
So many great people, so many influential people, were in the same position you’re in today. Go out, defy the odds, and show them who you are, what you stand for, and why you’re embarking on something extraordinary.

Thanks for reading.

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