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Only the Committed Shall Survive: You’re Going to Marry Your Passion

Hard Work Trumps Talent, Brains

Only the committed shall survive the almost never-ending uphill climb to the top of their respective field. I know people who’ve moved up in companies without anything more than a high school education.

In fact, I know several self-made seven-figure millionaires and multi-millionaires. Self-made men who pursued what they loved doing.

Although peace of mind and enjoyment rank number one in my pursuit, I’m not going to deny I want to make my share of money in this game, too. However, I’ll start with making a living first, then mid-five-figure, upper-five-figure, six-figure, upper-six-figure, and so on.

The key to be committed to your passion is downsize wherever possible to make a living.
How much do I need to earn in one year to make a living?

$13,000, and that’s it.

Granted, it’s baseline, but when it comes to downsizing and starting off on your own pursuit, you want to make it, first, before anything else. To make it means to stop relying on someone else’s company for a primary source of income.

It’s why I say only the committed shall survive.


The Instant Gratification Culture

We live in a culture of instant gratification.

People want things right now, at this very second, and it’s the number one reason why people fail.

Look, there’s no other way around it; you’re going to have to downgrade and downgrade substantially. Take me, for instance. I do the following:

1. Pay rent monthly $600

2. Keep my lights turned off and my faucet turned off unless necessary. I pay $60 tops for electricity and water combined.

3. Drive a fuel-efficient car. Chevy Cruze gets 36 miles to the gallon. I pay $90 per month in gas.

4. Only eat what you can afford. I love fitness and I still manage to get a nice mixture of organic food in my nutrition regimen, thank you Aldi!

5. Limit extravagance spending. I’m afraid of large crowds as it is, so I have an advantage here, but I do pay a $30 monthly gym membership.

6. So, we’re looking at a little over $1,000 per month in expenses, and nothing else.
Most people can’t do this, or they can, but they won’t. We live in a world that strives on two things: material possession and status. And when you downgrade, you’re going to give up material and status for a bit, gambling that you’ll make up for it even greater in due time.

But most, especially those my age, have a tough time doing this. One quick glance at their social media accounts tells me all I need to know. Let’s be honest; our friends are posting snapshots of their lives of good times…sure, they may post about an unfortunate event here or there, but 99% of what they post is good.

They want people to think they’re succeeding, they’re living the American Dream, and that they’re far ahead of the curve. And they might be, but once again, are they doing what they really saw themselves doing when they were young?

Most can’t answer the question honestly.


IQ is Queen

Stefan Molyneux stresses IQ is King when it comes to success, and in many ways he’s right. However, I beg to differ…slightly.

Drive is King, IQ is Queen. IQ is going to play a large role in anyone’s ultimate success, however nothing can replace hard work, ruthlessness, stubbornness, and desire to succeed. One’s mental capacities can be against all odds and they still may end up successful.

While I agree those with lower IQs will have a much tougher road ahead, it doesn’t mean they’re going to flat-out fail. Yes, they will have a harder time, but I’m also a believer in situational (that’s the best term I can use here) IQ.

What I mean by this is just because one’s overall IQ may not be high, it doesn’t mean it’s low in their chosen field, or passion. For me, my writing IQ has always been high. I have a natural way of making words and stories flow (I’m bragging about myself), I have the ability to make believable characters, and the more complex the plot, the better.

However, I’m very, very tech impaired, and in the world of e-books, perfect websites, and generating leads via websites, it’s a huge disadvantage. Only yesterday it took me five hours to create a landing page. I ended up just creating a free account and linking it to My Freedom Flame which, by the way, if you want a free e-book, click on the tab on the right-hand corner of this site to get a little intro to my fictional writing style.

But it goes to show that yes, I love writing and I’m very good at it, but I’d be much more successful in the nineteenth century, I shouldn’t wonder, because technology and I just don’t get along. Heck, even when I launched Northern Knights two weeks ago, it was an eight-hour day.



Sure, I could’ve become frustrated and given up, but no, it’s not who I am. I can’t give up or give in even when I try to. Anything I’ve given up on in the past finds its way back to me; it happened with personal training when I became certified in 2009, became frustrated by lack of money it brought in, gave up on it for a year, competed in a show, did well, got recertified and became the best trainer in the area for four-and-a-half years.

This was before I re-chased writing and in the process burned several bridges due to my Libertarian political beliefs: The people in Weirton, West Virginia are staunch conservatives who bow to Donald Trump’s every will. War with Russia and North Korea? Heck no! War with Iran? Heck yes! Small government? Heck yes! Build wall and space force with tax dollars? Heck yes! Guns and ammo? Yes! Ban bump stocks and push gun age to twenty-one? Only if Trump says so. Freedom of Press? Yes! Do you want Trump to shut down the media? Yes! Their hypocrisy and lack of Constitutional understanding is astounding.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.


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What You Do When No One’s Watching

True Hard Work is Accomplished Behind the Scenes

We live in the age of social media, and I love updating my followers on the progress of my trilogy, Lord of Columbia, which is actually planned to be two trilogies, kind of like a Star Wars.
Any time I reach a new milestone, I’ll let my followers know. After two months of switching to a deeper point-of-view for my main character, Cain, the ignorant college athlete whose life is about to derail, I made the announcement on Twitter.
But, it took two full months to edit all nine-hundred-plus pages of three manuscripts, while at the same time discovering several typos in each work, but no plot holes. I’d wake up early, as in before six in the morning to get some work in, routinely stay up until one or two in the morning, and even sneak in writing at my place of work.
If the above isn’t passion, I don’t know what is, because yes, I’d be willing to sacrifice a living to get my writing out into the mainstream.
Not because I feel I’m a good writer.
Not because I’m vein.
Not because I think I’ll be an overnight sensation, because I don’t intend for that to happen.
But, because of the trilogy’s message, especially that in Book Three, which is only under a working title, is the true star of the work.
If you’ve been following My Freedom Flame for a while, I talk about pursuing passion, even if it comes at a cost.
But, there’s more to it for the writer. We must get our messages out into the mainstream, at any given cost, because they are held dearly to us.
So, what must we do?
Write for our message. Sure, we may have memorable characters, plots, and scenes. And sure, we definitely want to monetize our work and make an income off of it in time, but the message and theme must reign supreme, or we have nothing.
I wrote an article yesterday talking about how I was in fitness for all the wrong reasons, but I’m in writing for all the correct reasons.
Nothing holds more truth than this, because again, I don’t need fame. In fact, I wish I could do all this in an anonymous setting, as I test as an 85% introvert, but I can’t.
The message and themes in Lord of Columbia is what keeps me going, risking my own primary job to get this thing out into the mainstream.
As you all know, I research sensitive, and I mean sensitive topics, as I’m doing a research series on both the Truth About the Deep State, and the Post-1994 South African Economic Debacle, plus dipping into nation and IQ.
Guys, these are sensitive topics no one wants to talk about; they’re unspeakable in mainstream media. And if one does bring it up in the mainstream setting, they’re either suspended or fired.
So, in addition to risking my own job, I’m also risking being labeled so many names I’m not, as the media in America loves using demonizing terms like alt-right sympathizer, neo-Nazi, anti-Semite, and all sorts of names that are, well, not necessarily politically correct. And I’ll be the first to say I’m none of these.
In truth, there is a discrepancy between, say, ethnicity and IQ, but it doesn’t mean everyone of certain ethnicities share the same IQ. I’ll admit I’m anti-Zionist, which is Jewish supremacy. I’m also anti-White Supremacist, anti-Islamic Supremacist, and we’ll just say I’m anti-Supremacist.
It’s especially true when I bring up ethnicity and IQ because, well, my own ethnicity does not have the highest IQ rating, per the research, so the left really can’t claim I have a bias.
But, back to the point of this article; all I’m saying is while I announce to my small following what I’ve been doing, and when a new work is being released, I’m spending many more hours behind the scenes, working, crafting, and doing all I can to perfect my trilogies.
I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

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