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Can You Earn Full-Time Income Writing Without Marketing?

I’ve heard many authors state they just want to earn full-time income writing without marketing. They wonder if this is at all possible and I have news for them: It definitely is, however it will take a lot, and I mean a lot, of work.

For one, if you go this route you will at least need to create a personal brand utilizing social media and be active on it. I recommend a Facebook Page, Twitter Page, Pinterest Page, Google Plus Page (while it lasts, it’ still great for SEO), and Instagram.

You will also need a blog which can serve as a hub for your minimal marketing.


How to Make A Full-Time Living Writing?

At this point you should at least have the five social media accounts and even automate sharing via your blog.

Choose two and only two social media outlets to be extremely active on.

I like Twitter because it’s easy to gain a following. Just follow like-minded people whose follow ratio is 1 to 1 and it’s likely you’ll gain a quick following.

Don’t follow any more than 20-30 people a day, however, as Twitter gives you a 5,000 follower limit until you attain close to 5,000 followers.

Also, don’t utilize Twitter or any social media as a marketing scheme, posting buy-links to your book every other post.

Be interactive on Twitter, be fun, make friends, gain a following, and talk about your book once in a while, but not all the time or even every day.

Pinterest is one of my favorites because it’s the fastest growing social media out there today in terms of users and sharing. It’s visual and people are hooked to visuals, which makes it so popular.

You can create a business account on Pinterest for free as well and your following will grow quite well, as mine has since utilizing the site in early October.

You can definitely create a board dedicated to your books and also another for your blog. One for your blog’s categories might work too.

Facebook is fantastic if you have some expendable cash to boost your posts. Your organic reach on Facebook is going to be small if you don’t boost, as my latest has reached fourteen followers.

Overall, I’m only a fan of Facebook if you can boost a post to extend your reach. If not, it’s still worth creating a page but as a share-only one. You can and should, however, sponsor some of your posts and reach thousands if you have a book coming out or is already out.

You can target the audience you want and get an estimated number of clicks. It’s really cool and something I plan on using soon enough.

Finally, Google Plus is one that you can link your blog to. Now, as I’ve stated in the title, this article is about writing and selling your writing with minimal if any marketing, and Google Plus can do this for you.

Say you write an article on a blog each day and each article is another piece to a larger story you’re writing.

This might give your following a sample of what your paid work looks like and if you target keywords correctly, Google will reward you with a high index rating.

I recommend, if you don’t want to go out and market or “sell” your books, to create some free short stories, novelettes, and even novellas to give your reader a taste of what you’re about.

Finally, Instagram is great for your fun stuff. For instance, I like going to the gym and performing workouts my main character, Cain, in Northern Knights would perform, then I can take a picture of myself with the workout at hand while using appropriate hashtags.

You can use Instagram for anything. Something else I did was take pictures of the town I based Northern Knights’ setting on, which generated interest for the book.

Possibilities are endless here.


Become A Master of One Genre

You can write in one genre which requires building only one online brand. Say you’re like me and love to write fantasy. You can stick within the fantasy genre and only write in it or subgenres, like contemporary or urban.

You can do this with any genre or subgenre, as long as you stay within the scope of your overall genre.

Also, you can gear social media toward this, by following like-minded writers, authors, book bloggers, book reviewers, and of course, readers.


Be A Jack of All Genres

Or, you can go broad and write in many genres.

While this might require multiple brands, meaning multiple blogs, potential pen names, and social media accounts, you can gain several audiences here.

While mastering a single genre might gain you a nice chunk of that audience, you can write in all genres which will grant you a small chunk of each audience.

Further, this might help you in the long run.

Say, for instance, your fantasy readership is better than your sci-fi, crime, mystery, suspense, and thriller readership, it may in time allow you to gravitate toward mastering and writing fantasy exclusively.

Or, you might find a strong readership in two or three of your genres, allowing you to focus most of your efforts on those genres.

Again, you have a multitude of possibilities here, each of which will grant you more of what you want: A readership.



So, you can make a full-time living by focusing your efforts into writing.

Note this might take longer than someone going out of their way to market and advertise their works, treating their books like a business, but making a full-time living by just writing can be done.

You will need to be active on social media but do so in a friendly and engaging manner.

You might need to create different brands as well. Again, you’re neither selling nor marketing, you’re engaging, and that’s it.

You will need a blog as a hub for all your books and your blog can be dedicated to your book themes, short stories about your book’s characters, stories of other characters in the same world as your books, the list never ends.

Make sure your blog provides samples of what your writing style and storytelling ability is.

Finally, choose a genre or genres in which to write and continue to build your blog around said genres while writing about your characters.

When you have a full-length novel out and ready to go on store shelves, you might have an interested audience ready to purchase your works which again, isn’t really marketing; it’s just writing.

If this sounds appealing to you, then definitely go this route. Just note it might take longer to reach an audience. The upside here is when you do reach your audience and build your readership, you will bring in as much money as those who do advertise their work.


Full-Time Living Writing Books?

Strategies to Write Books Full-Time

Many authors and indie-authors like myself have a preference for two things. We like to work alone and be our own boss. It’s in our personalities. But, the question remains whether it’s possible to make a full-time living writing books?


Whereas most of our parents, friends, peers, co-workers, and extended relatives have been cognitively conditioned into working what they deem “real-jobs” complete with the forty to fifty-hour per week grind, many of us know otherwise.


We know that in the age of technology, the age of information, it is possible to make a full-time living doing whatever we want.


We can write books, monetize blogs, begin affiliate websites, monetize videos, and an array of other cash flows that weren’t available once upon a time.


Unfortunately, most people believe otherwise, into working for corporations or governments or being taken care of by unions to make a living.


These people claim that another entity is to take care of them and if such entities don’t, they’re in the wrong.


However, it is possible to make a self-reliant living writing and to become self-made in any field these days is easier today than ever before.


Well, I won’t say easier, as there are others like us who realize they can make a full-time living selling services, ideas, or help online.


But, few know the tricks to the trade, as I’ve covered in previous articles regarding SEO, keywords, helping instead of simply selling, etc.


Today, I’m focusing on how you can make a full-time living writing books, since as writers, we’d all like to live off selling our stories. Here’s how.



Write in Different Genres

You can achieve this by writing in different genres and there are many indie-authors who do just this.
I’m looking to do the same in time, deviating from my epic and urban fantasy work to work nonfiction and perhaps even dive into thriller, as my urban fantasy works contain some aspects of thriller.


Some authors will use a different pen name for each genre while using their real name to write fiction. I’m doing the opposite as I believe with many nonfiction stories it’s appropriate to conceal identity. With fiction, you have a wider playing field, but people might get weird with you if you write about them and they take it the wrong way.


You also might want to create different brands for each genre you write. This allows you to appeal to different types of readers. For instance, Joanna Penn uses her real name for nonfiction and J.F. Penn for fiction.


One of the major pros here is each book can be targeted to different markets, so if you write thriller you can entice thriller readers, fantasy will entice fantasy, and so on. This alone allows writers to gain fanbases where they normally wouldn’t if writing in one genre.



Use a Blog

You can use a blog as I have here at My Freedom Flame to drive people to your work. If you look to the sidebar you’ll see my latest works in both the Lord of Columbia and Neo Skyehawk Series.


This is an excellent and free way to promote your books. Say, for instance, you can drive 6,000 visitors a month to your blog; that’s 6,000 eyes on your books. 72,000 per year. As you become an authority in your blog’s niche, your number can grow. Some of the more popular blogs generate up to 80,000 visitors per month. Do the math.


Most ask how is it possible to drive traffic to their site. The fact is it’s easier than it looks and social media is not the way to go about it, though it’s good to have social media links to your blog.


Instead, use Google to your advantage. Google+ is great to use, though it’s meeting its demise in October 2019. I would still share via Google+ because it’s likely Google will create a new social media based around the search engine, so keep that in mind. Also, Google+ is the only social media that will help Google index your article, which is what you need to get ranked.


So, how does Google rank you?


While its algorithms are unknown, those who are consistently ranked in Google utilize keywords for their post.


A good way to find what people are searching for is to go to Google and start typing in keywords related to your niche. If you have a keyword tool, you can type keywords related to your niche into it and such tools will tell you which words are good search terms, competition, and expected traffic if ranked on Google’s first page.


For a complete look at these strategies, I suggest investing in Wealthy Affiliate, as I do, which costs $49 per month with further savings if you pay an entire year up front, or any other time during the year. The also offer a free Starter membership that you can use to test the product, as I’ve done.


Wealthy Affiliate will not only teach you how to drive traffic to your blog, it costs covers site hosting, site security, site email, and a keyword tool, among other perks. It also provides a step-by-step training method to teach you how to build content around your blog that will drive traffic early and often, as I’ve seen on my fledgling blog, Get Pro Football Apparel, launched two weeks ago.


It’ll also teach you how to make additional income via affiliate marketing and advertisement revenue, such as Google AdSense. Some look at affiliate marketing and are immediately confused, however, if you’re a writer who also loves to read, you can start a book review blog reading and reviewing books in an identical genre you write in.


When you have enough blog content created, jump over to Amazon Associates, sign up for an affiliate account, start reviewing books, and boom, after each review place an affiliate link to your reviewed books in your site and you will start making commission off each book sold. It’s quite a simple way to make money while conducting a hobby. Yes, you can get paid to read books.



All Signs Point to Your Books

What’s funny is everything mentioned here is that every bit of advice you take from me will lead to more books being sold. If you write a series, people might buy the whole thing, as Lord of Columbia will be one day with at least seven planned books.


For instance, you can have a blog based on writing, another blog based on themes from your own book, a book review blog, and other blogs related to your book. If you drove traffic to all these blogs utilizing keywords and taking over Google’s algorithms, you too can sell a lot of books without paying a penny in paid promotion.


Sure, owning a blog costs money and if you want to blog the correct way, a keyword tool is a must and affiliate programs are added bonuses. However, it’s rather cheap, and Wealthy Affiliate is one educational program that will teach you how to do this better in a month than any four-year college course will over the course of four years.


Plus, it costs about as much as two one-semester credit hours per year with people who care about your work.



Speaking of Blogs

Oh, and as an added bonus, you can even own blogs that are outside of your book’s niche. If you love sports or political news, you have a blog right there. If you’re crafty in any craft or trade, you have another blog there.


And if you want, you can write books centered around those blogs, hence reaching more people with different interests and utilizing the same tactics I’ve shown you in the above sections and paragraphs.


And best yet, as you continue to build out your blogs you can write full-time for a living. Imagine working at home, in coffee shops, in libraries (my personal favorite), in parks, and wherever else you can think of.



Imagine Freedom

Imagine not having to be held accountable to be stuck at the office in a cubicle at specific set times. Think of the freedom you’ll have by setting your own schedule, work venue, fueling your own dream, and becoming self-made.


We’ve been conditioned into thinking this is a myth. We’ve been taught, or many of us have been taught that to make a living you have to work on someone else’s time, making a lot of money for them or a company. In other words, making a lot of money for someone else who is only keeping you around because it’s costing them less to keep you around.


Now, imagine breaking free of these bonds, these chains, and embarking on your own journey where you can become full-time doing what you love to do without submitting to a boss.


Imagine being free.

How to Make Money Writing

Earning a Full-Time Living Writing IS Possible

Don’t let the naysayers tell you it’s not possible to make money writing full-time. In fact, it’s more than possible. Did you know there are over 71 ways to make money writing, even as a beginner?


Just check out The Write Life, where you can download an e-book for a small fee showing you it IS possible. Writing doesn’t have to be for love of labor, nor should it be. If you want to make a full-time living writing, let me reiterate to you it IS possible.


Below are four ways you can stop writing strictly for love and start bringing in a nice little cash flow, either as a side-income or as a full-time entrepreneur. The choice is yours. Would you rather continue toiling in your day job or make something happen with your writing passion?


Write Fiction/Nonfiction

The first step I took was writing fiction, where my first book, Northern Knights was born and is now available at Amazon. I’ve also written Fighting Tyranny and Fighting Treason, two freebie e-books that can be downloaded on Prolific Works.


So, that novel you wrote on your Word Processor? You don’t just have to share it with family and friends. Upload the thing to Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and anywhere e-books are sold. Create awesome paperbacks for your friends and family and get them to review the book to help your sales ranking.


While I will caution you that it will take a lot, and I mean a lot of effort, paid promotion, and nagging to get your book a respectable ranking, rest assured that the more visible your book is, the more likely you are to make money off your work.


Success here won’t happen overnight but with continued effort, income will start rolling in and maybe you’ll generate a nice fanbase wanting a sequel, and it’s always great for your fans to want more of your work.


Turn that book into a series and now you’re going to be bringing in binge readers from all over the place. Nothing is guaranteed, but if you write an awesome book (and I know you have), market it to people not on social media, and generate traffic through a blog, your chances at success have risen.


Guest Post

There are thousands upon thousands of awesome sites to guest post your work, and best yet, they want to buy what you have to say.


Some may freak and claim they don’t have a resume to start pitching to the big blogs, the authorities in the industry. Hey, if you have a catchy idea, headline, key points, and content, these people don’t care if you’re a rookie or a ten-year veteran. They want your work!


Those with writing blogs are looking for quality articles that will help their readership. If you write with such a readership in mind you will win guest blogging opportunities.


While not all guest blogs pay, they will grant you exposure. Some of these bloggers have an email list of 100,000 subscribers and they want links to your work. Guess what? Your work just got exposed to 100,000 people in this case.


What if 1% of those people bought your work priced at $3.99? You made about $3,200 in royalties if you published through Amazon.


Talk about making some money from your work.


Freelance in a Specific Niche

Do you have a niche?


Of course! We all do. We all have something we’re passionate about. Guys, there are trade magazines out there wanting your work. There are obscure magazines that pay for articles on basket weaving, black and white photography, nature, scenery, the list is endless.


What do you love and what are you best at? Think about it, and get writing. Find magazines and websites to submit to. Freedom With Writing has an awesome freelance newsletter. They send writing jobs to you! Sign up for their mailing list here.


Unearth Obscure Methods

As mentioned earlier, there are 71 ways to make a living freelancing. Did you know people pay writers to write wedding vows?


Companies pay writers to write content for about pages on websites, social media pages, privacy policies, the list is endless. Browse some of the back pages of websites. Writers write these kind of things and make a good living doing so.


Some people sell their services on sites like MediaBistro, Pro Blogger, Upwork, and even Fiverr. There are dozens of job boards one can post their services to, and again, you don’t need to resume to get started; just write compelling content and you’re good to go.


So, if you’re gifted in writing wedding vows, sell such services. If you’re a copywriter, get on those job boards. If you have SEO knowledge, you have an untapped goldmine from which to work.


And if you can wear multiple hats and play multiple roles in this field, you’re going to be very happy.


Fire Your Boss!

You know, writing might be one of those gigs where we really don’t know what we have until we branch out and start looking for opportunity. But, opportunity awaits our creative minds.


Wouldn’t you just love going to work for yourself, or for a client in a field you’re passionate about?


Hey, it beats sitting in an office cubicle all day listening to angry customers complain about things you have zero control over like lack of customer service and such from Store A in Region B, or whatever the case is.


So, I’m challenging you, my loyal friends and readers, to make the upcoming year, 2019, as the year you get to do what was once unthinkable taboo.


Fire that boss of yours.


Are you sick and tired of doing work that is just pointless, or work you feel is pointless and that no one on Earth cares much for the company you work for that is only in business for the dollar signs?


Well, try doing something, like writing, that you’re passionate about, and embark on your 2019 New Years Resolution of firing your boss.


Start taking the steps to make money writing today.

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