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Lord of Columbia: A Pro-Freedom, Anti-Socialist, Anti-Corporatist Manifesto

The Idea of Liberty Lies Between the Notes

From page one, the reader of Northern Knights, Book One in the Lord of Columbia Series is going to get a sense this book has a pro-freedom feel. But, it’s also anti-socialist and anti-corporatist. As stated in previous articles, Lord of Columbia is a Manifesto for a Libertarian Revolution.

The idea of liberty in Lord of Columbia runs rampant. The pro-freedom manifesto discusses not only a colonial uprising against an abusive empire, but there’s always a real-life allegory behind my work.


To preserve, save, and spread ideas of liberty. Even if such ideas are frowned upon by the Left, whose entire ideology, socialism, is based on hate.

For instance, the early portion of Northern Knights, the reader is exposed to the dystopian nature of socialism. Take Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and multiply it by ten.

I paint a bleak picture when police threaten, harass, and beat individuals on the street. Their crime? Oh, just standing around, minding their own business. Heaven-forbid they spread ideas. Oh, God, no.


Or how about the propaganda PA system constantly reminding a docile public what imperial patriotism is? Fulfill its patriotic duty to an empire by invading and exterminating a native population, erasing its culture and history, so the imperialists have access to its resources.


And anyone against this sick agenda is anti-patriotic, the mainstream media will let you know. And once freedom of speech becomes intolerable because spreading of ideas pushes back against the grain of socialism, which involves theft by force of an authoritative figure, us thought criminals will be persecuted, singled out, and labled untouchables.


Hmm, and at this moment Black Lives Matter (see the link at the bottom) wishes to embrace socialism. They might want to rethink that if they’ll living in denial about the fact socialism is fueled by hate.

Or worse yet, the living conditions that come with totalitarianism. And in a free society, totalitarianism is intolerable. Much of the West has resisted such dangerous ideology for most of its existence, but as Ludwig von Mises wrote in his book Liberalism, true liberal ideology, that of our Founding Fathers, as been washed out by authoritarians.

And in the 21st Century, the idea of liberty is something Amazon is trying to curtail, and it’s scary.

How does one create a Pro-Libertarian Manifesto without being subject to Amazon’s thought police?

Write an awesome story. Include outer themes like friendship, teamwork, a common goal, and sports, yes, sports, in addition to the inner-theme, which is anti-state, anti-police, and pro-freedom.


Yes, beat the Left at its own game. Entertain mindlessly with the hidden pro-freedom agenda. And boy, I hope and pray my readers embrace liberty.


Amazon’s Censorship

Amazon gives us authors a list of guidelines, stating it will censor any work that promotes offensive speech. However, what is the offensive speech?


They never get to it.


So, what is Amazon?

It’s a monopoly preying off an unsuspecting public wishing to indulge in mindless entertainment.

Amazon thrives because it offers convenience at a reasonable price.

Yet, the Amazon monopoly has censored many works that challenge mainstream thought, as My Freedom Flame does.

A peep of anything regarded as sensitive material will cause Amazon’s thought police to ban the book, send an email to an unsuspecting author looking, working, making a living, off sharing ideas.

Only to be censored.

As is the case of Michael Hoffman, whose writings have been banned by Amazon Kindle.

As Hoffman points out in the article, if your book isn’t on Amazon, it doesn’t exist…thank the Lord and Lady Kobo struck a deal with Wal-Mart to carry its e-reader, the Aura. Bezos might finally have some competition.


Liberty Lies Between the Notes

It’s a sad state of the world we live in where freedom to spread ideas is threatened.

Many so-called Libertarians state Amazon has the right to ban anyone it deems necessary because it’s a private company. At times, I would agree, but when a company achieves monopoly or near-monopoly status, questions must be asked.

It’s important to remember the US allows monopolistic corporations to exist to engage in what is called censorship by proxy. It basically means such monopolies, at the permission of the US Government, to bypass both US and International Laws to tell people what to say and ultimately, how to think.

Knowing the US Government allows monopolies when the Sherman Antitrust Act was passed in 1890, banning agreements in restraint of trade and abuse in 1890.

Well, the US Government has failed with Amazon, while not a monopoly in a literal sense, owns sixty to seventy percent of the e-book market, again, this will hopefully change with the Kobo-Walmart deal.

For Lord of Columbia, the ideas of liberty must be passed by inserting ideas. Inserting ideas such as truth doesn’t come from authority. Truth is truth even if one percent of individuals believe in the truth while ninety-nine percent believe in the comforting lie.


The truth is socialism always involves mandatory price fixing, curtailment of free speech…um…ideas, state-controlled monopolies, and extermination of “backward races.”


Backward races as in, those unable to evolve to a higher level of society as deemed by the elites in power. Just look at how many innocent people Stalin had killed.


Conclusion: Bypassing Amazon’s Monopoly

A story. A story about a group of friends, who saw the government-laden socialist dystopia they’re living in is Hell on Earth.

And when one’s athletic career is threatened, their entire life goal, the one career they’ve always worked for, is about to go down the drain due to the insistence of serving a tyrannical socialist dictatorship, sounds like something from Hitler and Stalin, action must be taken.

Human action, as in the terms of Ludwig von Mises, Classic Liberal, Libertarian, and Pro-Capitalist, but not a corporatist sense scholar.

Turn the information into entertainment. Tweak the author’s purpose. Turn it into a story. One for the ages. A book. A series. A pro-freedom manifesto spreading the ideas of liberty at the expense of state-run propaganda where a government hides behind the shield of private corporations like Amazon, and you just outsmarted Jeff Bezos and the rest of his thought police.

Anti-corporatist, anti-socialist, pro-freedom.

Lord of Columbia.




Washington’s Matrix Is Closing Down Truth




Something Worth Fighting For

The Ultimate Battle, Ultimate Sacrifice, Ultimate Means to Exist

Freedom. Liberty. Independence. All interchangeable terms, and all symbolize something worth fighting for.

Freedom for all, not just a single race or group of people, but freedom for all in all four corners of the country.

At least, this is what one of Lord of Columbia’s messages are.

It’s not just the freedom of those who wanted to break away from the Empire, as had happened in the early history of the United States. However, the Founding Fathers, contrary to much false progressive belief, stated all men are created equal.

They never specified race.

In the Bill of Rights, they never specified race, instead stating rights of men, and these days, women, too, shall not be infringed upon.

It never says rights of the ‘white man,’ which is very important, and it’s, in my opinion, why the United States Constitution is the greatest document ever created. The flag, the greatest symbol of freedom from an empire, in this case, the British Empire.

For those who live in America, but hate its guts, I sympathize with you, too. For those of you who say the flag means nothing but oppression these days, I sympathize with you, too, because it’s been stained with blood of innocent people. It’s been tainted and been set on fire by those all over the world.

And trust me, sympathize with them one-hundred percent, though I don’t agree with the claim that it oppresses. You can’t take a symbol and change its meaning. Sure, people do it all the time and the argument should be made that it can happen, but a symbol, in its purest means, is only a symbol.

Now, I don’t worship the flag and I never will, but I also don’t believe in worshipping inanimate objects, so you’ll no sooner see me pledge allegiance to anything be it a flag or a church (especially these days), or any of the above. Just for the record, I’d never worship any flag, so I probably wouldn’t last long in places that make it mandatory.

No, I’m not disrespecting anything or anyone, I just choose not to place a hand over my heart. Doesn’t mean I hate America; it just means myself, as an animate object, won’t bow down to anything inanimate. And for someone who isn’t a Christian in modern-day terms, I feel I follow the Second Commandment better than a lot of die-hard Conservative Christians who insist nothing should fly higher than the flag.

I can see “Jesus” (the sun) already saying, “Now, see, that’s going to be a problem.”
Knowing all of this, I by no means wished to set out and create a modern-day “patriotic manifesto,” which these days the very word patriotism has been interchanged with nationalism so much not a soul can tell the other apart.

So, Lord of Columbia is by no means a patriotic thing, and it’s one reason why the colors red, white, and blue occur nowhere in the text when describing factions. Lord of Columbia may hold true to American values, but what are American values?

These days, a progressive will say oppression across the globe, and while I agree this is what’s become of America, it’s by no means America in its purest sense. In fact, true American values are the exact opposite of this.

It’s why I’ve always loved the Chronicles of Narnia Series, especially Prince Caspian, because the plot really mirrors this. Old Narnia is gone and its replaced by this oppressive regime called New Narnia. Everything about Old Narnia has been forgotten and erased, and New Narnia goes the distance to ensure it stays that way.

I’ve always compared the old, US Republic to Old Narnia, as it was a trader and friend to the world. However, starting in 1898, and really kicking off post-World War I, America slowly morphed from friend of the world to policeman of the world, exploiting other nations for its resources, just like the British did in its heyday.

Now, I’m not one to apologize to others for America’s actions and I’ll never apologize to others for the actions of my European ancestors. For one, I’m also part Native American, so I’m kind of, sort of, on both sides of the equation here. And besides, saying sorry doesn’t change the past.

But, what can be done is to be friends to minorities, especially that of the black and Hispanic communities, where gun and drug laws negatively affect both communities. Ditto for the remaining Native American communities. Even the predominant Muslim communities in the Middle East and North Africa, or those who are over here from there.

Now, I’m by no means stating we need to bring these people in from the third-world (I hate that term, because not all third-world countries are poor, in fact some are richer than America) and let them live off public benefits as is going on in Europe, but to be generous in other ways.

This will unite people as one, and what’s funny is, I never once used the word ‘tolerance,’ because again, tolerance should be an individual’s choice, whether at home or even in a business. If a Christian baker refuses to bake a wedding cake, it’s their right. If a liberal owner wants to throw out a Republican who works for Donald Trump out of their restaurant, it’s their right. It’s why I love Libertarianism, it’s principle over politics.

But, we can be united, as we all have a common enemy, and it’s called the United States Government; the American Empire. The American Empire has gone on for too long and is now forcing countries like Europe to increase defense spending and to stop trading with Russia and Iran because they’re somehow enemies (ahem, competition for Saudi Arabian oil companies).

Speaking of Iran, the American Empire is threatening Iran when all Iran stated was if the United States attacks, it’ll be the mother of all wars, but it also stated it wants peace, like it has with Europe and Russia. And not only that, look at a map. There are forty-eight American bases surrounding Iran. Do they have the right to be angry? Of course! Hell, if I were the leader, I’d have declared war already and said get out of our faces.

But what happens? Donald Trump acts like it’s Iran doing the threatening. Imagine for a moment if Iran had bases on the Canadian border and warships in the Gulf of Mexico. Then, they’re a legitimate threat to national security. Until that day comes, America remains the bad guy in this scenario.

So, we have something worth fighting for, just like my little band in Lord of Columbia has something worth fighting for: To save their land against the ironclaw of an evil empire. In our case, the evil empire happens to be the United States of America, which unfortunately has to force the world to abide by its laws, or else we’ll give them the Iraq and Libyan treatment and tell our unsuspecting public we freed the country after further destabilizing it.

Something worth fighting for is to bring an empire back into the confines of its borders and re-install the old republic.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

Freedom’s Greatest Enemy

How the Public Schooling System is Indoctrinating America’s Children into Becoming Drones

If there’s one thing killing motivation of our children, it’s the public schooling system. Public schooling is indoctrinating America’s children into becoming drones and it’s freedom’s greatest enemy.

Education via public schooling is compulsory for the most part unless the parent wishes to home school or send a child to private school. At least, it’s like this today.


Why is Public Schooling the Enemy of Freedom?

Public schooling is the enemy of freedom because people are born free. People are born free, you see, and the state realizes such. So, the best way to usurp personal freedoms from people doesn’t start with mass surveillance or the Patriot Act, but it’s to utilize something in public schools called propaganda.



What is propaganda?

Propaganda consists of a higher authoritative figure telling children what is and isn’t acceptable behavior, but it goes beyond individual behavior, but thoughts, beliefs, and, ultimately action.

If the kid acts out too often in class, rather than utilize their extreme extroverted skills in areas like communication, the school simply sends a letter to the parents requesting he or she to be examined by a healthcare professional, diagnosed with an attention-deficit disorder, put on a pill, and sedated into learning state-approved propaganda.

There’s my run-on sentence again.



Why does propaganda exist?

Propaganda exists because some people desire power over others. Those who desire power are more probable to run for public office, so they can attain power over others. This is often seen in legislation and also in the executive branch of government.

When such propagandists attain power over others, a statist agenda is formulated. Much of this was seen during the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913, in which my between four and six times removed great uncle, Woodrow Wilson, oversaw the usurpation of Americans’ rights on a sound monetary system and implemented a government monopoly on a fiat currency. Thanks, Uncle Woodrow, you made my job a little tougher.


How does this influence public schools?

Okay, well the creation of the Fed kickstarted several subsequent actions by power wielding bureaucrats. After the creation of the Fed came the boom of the 1920’s, which we now know to be a bubble, as it was followed by a worldwide depression.

From the depression until today, the United States government committed several atrocities.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt and later Richard Nixon took America off the gold-standard, Nixon doing so completely to help fund American Intervention overseas, kickstarted by none other than Wilson himself after the sinking of the Lusitania in World War I.

America is taken off the gold standard to fund the military-industrial complex and has been at war ever since World War II, this including the Korean War, Vietnam War, intervention in the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, the Cold War (nonviolent), the Gulf War, and the so-called War on Terror.

This influences public schools for many reasons. For one, kids are conditioned to accept the fiat currency we are told is money and to accept war. However, the devalue of the dollar and its correlation to fuel the military-industrial complex is never discussed and if it is, it’s a necessity. We are taught in schools these countries we’re attacking, Syria being the most recent, must be attacked and intervened because their leaders are exploiting the citizens and killing their own people, the same lies they told me and my class regarding Iraq.

In fact, I had a teacher tell us the September 11th attacks occurred because they didn’t like Americans due to our freedoms, yet the same teacher also told us it was our duty as Americans to give up some of our freedoms in the name of security during times of war. This may’ve been my first warning sign in regard to my pro-liberty way of thinking. And over fifteen years later, we’re still in the same war.



How Does This Tie in to Pursuing Passion?

This might be the easy part here, as it’s tied into pursuing passion because the state gives us just enough knowledge for us to learn what they want us to learn, but not enough, by ignoring the other sides of the equation, for us to question or even debate about what we’ve been taught.

Well, at least until we’re asked if we want to be Republican or Democrat, then we can debate on how the government should spend our hard-earned money (after making someone else a lot of money whose lodge brothers are probably in government) and they end up passing a 1.3 trillion dollar omnibus spending bill, one of the largest bills ever passed by Congress, which is controlled by the Republicans, who run on a small government platform. Yeah, it’s anything but small government when a GOP-controlled Congress and GOP President passes a bill of this magnitude.

So, when it comes to pursuing passion, schools never teach us how to run our own business, begin a blog, influence the world, or put a price on our wisdom. Look, there are many ways to pursue passion in what we love to do, but of course, public schools wish on us to become drones to the state and never question the status-quo. However, these days we live in a changing world, where the internet gives us freedom (for the time being) to monetize our own works.

For myself, I look to monetize my writings, such as Lord of Columbia, which will be launched in September 2018. There are now ways to monetize blogs, and it’s more than books. We can place ads via Google adsense, begin a Patreon account, YouTube Channel, and many other ways. We just need to sell ourselves.

But, tell this to a public school teacher and they’ll be shoving propaganda down your throat as with us doing our own thing, especially in challenging the ways of the state, will help awaken the minds of others.

Difference Between Dependency and Self-Reliance

 Ten Commandments of Sheepdom Versus the Ten Commandments of Freedom

I’m going to be straight up honest with my followers today. If you want to win respect from your parents, friends and family, engage in the following ten commandments:

1) Get married young, but not too young.

2) Find a job which pays a nice salary and offers benefits.

3) Have at least one, if not more kids.

4) Watch sports on weekends while keeping up with NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.

5) Support American intervention overseas.

6) Send your kids to public schools.

7) Vote either all Republican or Democrat, regardless of actual issues. Oh, and vote for the popular candidate solely on the basis of having the best chance to defeat the opposition, again regardless of political views.

8) Submit to the authority of police and the military and follow the “do as the state orders so they won’t shoot you” mantra.

9) Live for two reasons: to pay taxes to the state while being held at gunpoint and die either at the hands of the state (chemical trails, fluoride in the water, propaganda, victimless incarceration, etc.)

10) Compromise with your friends of the other political party by supporting one-trillion-dollar omnibus spending bills which benefit everyone but taxpaying Americans, even said taxes are lower, the value of the dollar decreases due to more printing via the Federal Reserve or borrowing from other nations, which in turn increases prices and further devalues the dollar so your little bonus paycheck in reality means absolutely nothing.

11) Bonus Commandment One: Thank the corporation you’re working for on bribery for the opportunity to wake up early, force feed, fight traffic, dress in uncomfortable clothes, make a lot of money for them so the CEO can drive in a Ferrari, and thank them once more on a bended knee.

12) Bonus Commandment Two: Give up on your childhood dreams as they’re simply games you used to play when you were young and in reality, you must now conform and bow down to the ways of the world, including political correctness and submitting to further liberty usurping status-quos due to the endless wars America is fighting overseas in Syria and Iraq, which somehow (they never really said) threaten our nation’s security.


What if I Want Self-Respect

For the one-percent of us who look at these ten commandments and two bonus commandments, shake our head, and laugh at others for following the status-quos put in place by other people, congratulations, you’re the true warriors of the world.

While I’ll concede to say you may need to take a corporate job for a bit and follow a few of the above commandments to gain self-respect, you need to put some time aside toward your true goal. For myself it’s writing, and for you, it may be something different.


With the world in which we live being controlled by fake news outlets such as CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, my passion for writing has increased as my awareness for such false mantra increases. If you want proof these are fake news sources, just turn on CNN, where you’ll see a CNN reporter in Syria sniffing a backpack said to contain sarin gas, which supposedly killed several in the false flag chemical attack two weeks ago. I don’t think I need to go any further.

So, if you want self-respect, my first word of advice is to think beyond the status-quo. Back to myself, who are my idols when it comes to news? Ron Paul, Alex Jones (despite his former Trump bias), Jake Morphonios, Stefan Molyneux, and others.

In relation to your own passion, always strive to be different. Be a different breed, the black sheep, the kid who sits on the school wall and reads books during recess while the others play absent-minded games. Never be afraid to be different.



Ten Commandments for Winning Self-Respect

1) Question everything you’ve been taught, including politics, religion, school subjects, and anything else which may come to mind.

2) Research, research, research. We’re never taught to research properly. We’re taught to research biased facts based off biased opinions. If you’ve ever been educated at a state school, you know what I’m talking about. Research the other side of each argument.

3) Strive for more than a good paying job. I love using the Pepsi Guy in such situations, because of his hypocrisy when it comes to fitness, yet simultaneously helping others meet an early death by advocating toxic products.

4) Ignore the doubters. You’re going to have doubters at every avenue. If you’re like me and are vocal about what you want, even your parents may give you weird looks and spread negativity. Ignore the negativity and remember who you are and what you want.

5) Burn and build bridges. You’re going to burn bridges by being vocal in your approach. You’re going to be mocked and ridiculed by those part of “The Establishment,” the group of people who always have to be part of a group to make themselves feel wanted. You’re above The Establishment, and they know this, which is why they strive to bring you down.

6) Stay the course. The storm is going to be rough, but any comeback is better than the setback. There will be setbacks, obstacles, and monsoons. They’re inevitable. But, by staying the course and overcoming each, your strength of character will increase, and your vision will become clearer.

7) Celebrate small victories: Each day should be a victory by writing each task and completing them. If you’re a writer, set a word quota or write one blog per day. Research and read for an hour, and you’re one step closer.

8) Embrace failures: The most successful people failed ninety-nine times and succeeded once. Remember you’re going to fail more than you’re going to succeed but embrace each failure, as failures are a checklist. This didn’t work, that didn’t work, so maybe this will work. Failure is nothing more than a conclusion to a science experiment, but with each experiment, success will be found.

9) Trust the Process: The Process is tough for anyone and it means tanking for a year or two. This means when you’re running your own show, you’re going to lose money and are going to be working for free as you build your passion. Don’t expect an early payoff, but it will come in the end.

10) Create a network: Use Facebook and Twitter to network, and any other social platform. Also, writer or not, have an active blog and share them across social platforms. There are many to choose. Create the network, build your following, and build your brand.



Success in what you truly want doesn’t come easy. It takes time, energy, work, frustration, and life on a prayer. However, anyone who’s been through the process will tell you how much more rewarding it is to wake up and look forward to working. For me, writing isn’t working, it’s creating and spreading a message people need to hear. We’re living in troubled times, and I enjoy spreading the message to bring back the principles of liberty and happiness to all.

We live in times where negativity thrives, and positivity is dying. Negativity is positivity these days, as The Establishment loves to single people into outcasts. If you become an outcast, don’t sweat it; embrace it. It means you’re far too unique and special to fit into the sheeple clique. Wear your outcast like a badge of honor and remember your worth, as you’re far too worth their time, and they know it.

Trust the Process

Use Primary Income to Fund Your Passion


Trust the Process, it’s a statement used by the NFL’s Cleveland Browns and the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers. Something similar can be said for defending World Series Champion Houston Astros. The Astros saw the process through, the process is paying off for the 76ers, and the Browns have set the stage after going 4-44 since 2015, bottoming out at 0-16 in 2017.
So, the process is, well, a process. It involves growing pains, questioning one’s sanity on why they’re pursuing their passion in favor of taking the safe way with a salary and benefits, early mornings, late evenings, and as Bon Jovi once stated, living on a prayer.



Early Growing Pains

This is part where one detaches from their safe space and embarks on the journey they’ve always wanted. It’s an adventure, but as in any classic tale, each adventure begins with terrible trouble for the protagonist, who in this case is you.
I remember when I first left Weirton and set up shop outside Pittsburgh. It wasn’t fun. I operated at a massive loss for a while and longed to be back in my bubble back in Weirton, where I developed a little empire among both clients and members.
I was starting over with nothing. No friends, no clients, and no one to turn to. Now, Pittsburgh is only twenty-five-minute hike from Weirton, and when I first ventured into the South Hills I was a good hour away. So, I had no one within a fifty-mile radius. It was me and no one else.
The massive losses continued as I went to the East End in White Oak and Murrysville, picking up a little progress but nowhere near enough to make a sound living. Finally, I turned to Wexford in the North Hills, where I’d been ever since.
While Wexford was a turning point, the ride got tougher. Income improved, but the ride became tough. And it still is, but the light is there.
Also, during this time, I decided to pursue writing over fitness. While fitness was my motivation to go off on my own, my writing hobby surpassed fitness and the will to get libertarian principles into the mainstream became a must.
Now, I’m looking into both avenues, giving writing an edge and hoping to make the primary living off writing. Creating stories with a libertarian-based message is something I can reach to more people and it’s fulfilling. As a trainer, I can only change a few dozen in a small area. Big difference.



Freedom Number

As mentioned earlier, working in Wexford was the break I needed to at least eek a profit while embarking on my true calling. It steadied the ship and allowed me to find my freedom number which is the money I needed to make to break even and put a few dollars back for saving.
For those of us working jobs we find unfulfilling, lacking purpose, or not of our interest, the freedom number is even more important. Our freedom number allows us to limit the hours we need to work.
When was the last time someone said that?
Yes, you can limit the number of hours you need to work so you can work on what you do love so you can become what you want to be in favor of droning away at a job you don’t want.
For myself, I can make $650 a week by working thirty hours. I travel one hour to work each day, six days per week, so we’re looking at a grand total of forty-two hours I have to invest in work. This gives me one-hundred and twenty-six hours per week of freedom. I sleep six hours per night, giving me eighty-four hours to write, research, and read topics relevant to my passion.
The freedom number will set you free.




Sure, the process is tough, especially in the beginning. However, seeing it through and reaching the freedom number will give you the time you need to invest in yourself. When you reach your freedom number, stress at work will decrease because you’ll be there less. Your passion takes center stage in your life and your primary income can be shunted to one side, because its only purpose is to fund your passion and your cost of living.
An everyday job should be something to fund yourself while you build for your future by pursuing what you want. Do something you wanted to do when you were growing up. Even if it takes a few years, ask yourself if you’d rather be somewhere else a few years from today. If you answered ‘yes,’ it’s time to pursue freedom and kick your current job to the curb regardless of benefits involved. Do what fulfills you, not your bank account, because your income will take care of itself when you start being your own boss and making money off your passion. Trust the Process, and Execute the Process.

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