My Author’s Purpose: Liberty

Author’s Purpose is something we all need to invest time in when writing our masterpieces.


My pro-liberty for all message is happy and healthy in my prequel series to Northern Knights. Both Fighting Tyranny and Fighting Treason in the Neo Skyehawk Series tell a tale of two best friends born with element control ability defending their free republic from overreaching imperials.



The antagonists in the prequel series, Tamuria, resemble the American Empire of today and the British Empire of yesterday, a nation with political corruption from top to bottom looking to continually finance a perpetual warfare-welfare state.



Tamuria and its allies have engaged in the following:


1. Failed nation building.



2. Election meddling.



3. Staging coups.



4. Policing foreign affairs.



5. Threatening nations it deems enemies.



6. Scapegoating nations it deems enemies via propaganda for acts the offending nation may or may not have committed.



7. Trade wars.



8. Staging protests in other nations.



9. Intervening in other nations militarily without the other nation’s consent.



10. Maintaining standing armies and executive law enforcement in times of peace.


Tamuria and the American Empire

Here are some influences the American Empire have had on my purpose for writing the Neo Skyehawk Series.



Never in human history has an empire covered so much ground.



Never in human history has an empire been given a green light to cover such grounds via fearmongering, as in the case of Russia and Iran, to where nations like Poland are willing to give away billions for a permanent US base.



You know, to keep them safe from a country whose cut military spending in recent years…those evil Russians! Hey, all you have to do is flatter Donald Trump and his America-first leanings are thrown out.



Tamuria acts on a similar basis, policing the known world in the novella series, always looking for the next enemy. If an enemy can’t be found, they’re manufactured, provoked, and coerced into a fight.



Here’s a step-by-step process.


1. Tamuria, like America, wants something from the other nation. It may be in the form of resources, oil pipelines (Syria, anyone?), or something for the interests of its elite class.



2. If the country declines, a series of intelligence-funded protests erupt. These protests are fueled by propaganda against a certain leader. Think Bashar al-Assad in the case of Syria.



3. When protests reach mass media, they’re relayed to the public. The leader of the opposing nation is always, always, always in the wrong, where their sole crime in the whole affair is declining a nation’s or nations’ access to resources.



4. Demand for removal of said leader spreads due to one-sided propaganda. Syria again.



5. Invasion, uninvited into the nation is underway, where the public is fed a lie stating the operation will be a cakewalk and everything will take six weeks maximum. And fifteen years later, we’re still in Iraq, seventeen years later Afghanistan.



Or, the following occurs:



1. Citizens of a certain nation vote for something that might threaten the power of an empire. Think Crimea, where an overwhelming majority voted to be annexed back into Mother Russia.



2. The empire says ‘no, you’re not going to (somehow) threaten our power’ and stages mass protest in the nation. Much like the CIA did in Crimea’s case.



3. A coup is carried out, as in the case of Viktor Yanukovych, to instill a puppet government. In this instance, Yanukovych’s successors, Oleksandr Yushchenko and Petro Poroshenko.



4. The new government adheres to the empire’s interests. Handpicked by the West!



Themes in Fighting Tyranny and Fighting Treason

Whereas Northern Knights and its successors (Swords of Destiny coming soon, keep checking the blog) focuses on fighting an empire that has already established itself on their nation’s land, Fighting Tyranny and Fighting Treason is all about fighting off imperial influence.



Think of Northern Knights and the Lord of Columbia Series as an urban fantasy retelling of the American Revolution, whereas Fighting Tyranny and Fighting Treason represent nations the American Empire has invaded and have been blackballed due to constant media propaganda.



Both possess strong Libertarian values with one issue where I tend to break a little from Libertarian principles, which is the utilization of the non-aggression principle.



While I believe in non-aggression, I also realize Libertarians believe fully in Second Amendment rights.



However, we’re not about utilizing our right to bear arms solely for self-defense as much as we are for what the Second Amendment is intended for: To keep an overreaching government in check.



It’s a theme that speaks clear in both series’ and the non-aggression principle is thrown out the window the minute the antagonists threaten our characters.



In other words, I’m a believer in “Don’t fire unless fired upon.”



But, if fired upon, it’s no holds barred.



It’s lights out.



It’s any kind of fill-in-the-blank cliché you can come up with.



And when an overreaching empire threatens such civil liberties, ideas of what true liberty means must be spread among the populace.



And if the empire bites, well, it’s why the Founding Fathers implemented a well-regulated militia into the Second Amendment.



No, it’s not to kill off a deer uprising, as some on the Left would have you believe.

It’s not solely for self-defense, as the NRA loves to point out.



It’s to hold a government in check. It’s there to ensure the government doesn’t get so big that it threatens and usurps civil liberties among its populace.



Lord of Columbia and the Neo Skyehawk Series spread such ideas.



Thanks for reading.



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