America’s Foreign Policy and Usurpation of Liberty at Home and Abroad


Last night, Friday the 13th, 2018, Donald Trump orders an attack in the Syrian capital of Damascus without Congressional approval. Many of his supporters cite the War Powers Act of 1973, which states the President has the power to declare war only if American soil is threatened, making their generalization faulty.
Times like these is why I write. Times like these is why being a personal trainer and group fitness instructor is irrelevant and why I’m so intent on pursuing my passion, as I’ve shown you all tips these past seventy days since My Freedom Flame was launched in early February.
I awoke at four in the morning, Eastern Standard Time, unable to sleep, not knowing if Russian retaliation is on the horizon, which all signs point to ‘yes.’
Donald Trump has done something not a single President in the history of the nation has done. His own arrogance is going to cost him millions of lives in Syria.
For what?
So he could join the ranks of almost every President who had gone to war ninety-three percent of the time in the history of this nation?
I’ve told countless people I want to live in Switzerland someday. The events of last night are why. In those state-run political prisons disguised as public schools, we in America were lied to. Our teachers, the staff, faculty, everyone lied to us.
America is the greatest nation in the world, they said. They’re the defenders and preservers of peace.
So, you’re going to lie about WMD’s in Iraq (I was eleven when the United States invaded Iraq), liberate them, and while doing so destroy their country, kill 500,00 people, drop 100,000 bombs, turn around and give Saudi Arabia, the country with the worst human rights’ record on Earth, and sell them weapons so they can kill a bunch of women and children in Yemen of all nations?
For what? To uphold an already expansive military-industrial complex held up by the taxpayers of America’s middle class while a bunch of arms manufacturers from five companies with ties to the government make the money? So oil tycoons can drill in Syria where America happens to control the one-third of the country rich in oil?
Is America spreading freedom?
Of course, not. America never cared about freedom. Spreading freedom and democracy to other parts of the world is cover-up for seizing natural resources of other countries and creating enemies so the one-percent can profit while the poor are stripped bare. The middle class stripped bare. And you’re happy to live in America?
For what?
Our country has lied, lied, and lied since the end of World War II.
For what?
Killing others for the sake of money. Going to war with nations who lose faith in the US Dollar and bombing other nations for suspected, not proven, suspected chemical attacks on the eve of peace talks? This happened one year ago in 2017. Why would Assad logistically kill his own people when the United States and Russia are just about to pull out? It makes no sense.
This doesn’t make any sense, just as Obama and Hillary oversaw the coup in Libya seven years ago in which they supported the Libyans’ torture and Mussolini-reminiscent killing of Ghaddafi. And what happens in Libya? Oh, a radical Islamist group seizes power and forces people into slavery while the remnants make their way to Iraq and become ISIS. Do your research, people.
Trump claims ISIS is defeated when they’re in fact across the border in Iraq, one of several radical Islamist coalitions opposing Bashar Assad, a western-educated doctor who’s good friends with former Secretary of State, John Kerry. Look up Jaish al Islam, a terrorist group opposing Assad who massacred Christians a few years back. Who came to the Christians’ aid? Assad!
America, the supposed Christian haven of the world is bombing one of the few places in the Middle East Christians can worship freely in some places without being slaughtered by radical Islamists.
And you think American intervention is going to uphold freedom?
When has that ever been the case? In 1953, US and UK intelligence overthrew Mohammed Mossadegh and reinstituted the Shah, so they could capitalize on oil in Iran.


This kickstarted tension with the Middle East seen to this day.
It was never about freedom and liberation.
It’s about greedy corporations making money off the billions of slaves they’ve come to master in every corner of the Earth.
How does this coincide with my passion for writing?
It’s my primary genre. Age of Columbia, my upcoming trilogy to be released this September speaks of an empire whose goal is to conquer the world via foreign intervention disguised as humanitarian and liberation. Age of Columbia is the Constitutional Republic versus America, the Empire.
From 2011 to 2016, my goal was to become the greatest personal trainer ever.
For what? Why was it so important?
I’ve no answer to it other than vanity. Vanity made me want to be the best trainer ever, until I researched the atrocity that’s American foreign intervention. My country is doing this. I want my country to be free and exceptional but lead the world by example, not force where money is the primary goal.
If America doesn’t comply, I’m out. To reach people from all corners of the Earth spreading the true message of liberty, which Ron Paul does daily on his talk so, the Liberty Report. Like Jake Molonios on Blackstone Intelligence, who has proof these chemical attacks in Syria did happen but were staged by the notorious White Helmets who are funded and backed by the West with your tax dollars. They’re a radical Islamist group compared to the secular Bashar Assad.
If you want the truth in the matter, turn off your propaganda machine called a television set. Stop buying into the propaganda, America isn’t doing anything good here. What it’s doing is evil, setting up yet another base in yet another country, like it’s done to Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, and soon after, Iran. This is as close as we’ve been to World War III, the Doomsday Clock is at one-minute until midnight.
Syria, of all nations, is going to be responsible for the demise of the world because a warmongering President filled his cabinet over the last several weeks with neoconservative sadists, such as General Mattis, Nikki Haley, John Bolton (the most dangerous, sadistic, sickest man in human history), and two torture-happy, Constitutional-hating serial killers in Mike Pompeo and Gina Haspel.
This is why I rediscovered my passion for writing. To get the word out. To get the truth out. To halt the lies being fed to you by the propaganda machine called the mass media. Fox News and MSNBC are as alike as they are different. They lie.
Why am I so obsessed with becoming a writer and novelist?
Because of this!
Why am I so obsessed with my followers and readers becoming self-reliant individuals who must free themselves from the reigns of government and corporations?
Because of this!
Why am I so intent you don’t become a drone like the Pepsi Guy?
Because of this!
The mission of My Freedom Flame is to spread not only motivation, passion, and the works, but to educate you all on what’s really happening in the world. It’s the basis behind my works. It’s the reason I wrote Age of Columbia and wish to share it with the world.
Personal training and fitness is a passion, but writing is a calling from the spiritual realm to the physical realm. There’s a difference between doing what you want to and doing what you’re meant to. I wanted to be a trainer and I’m still a trainer, but I feel I’m meant to educate Americans on the evils of their own government, as the Founding Fathers had done once upon a time in the American Colonies. We, the People can and will stop this.
Here’s what I want you all to do: Call or email the White House. Make sure your voice is heard and reaches Donald Trump’s desk in the Oval Office. Tell him, and your local representatives and senators enough is enough! No more airstrikes, Mr. President.


Unless you have both proof and congressional approval, no more airstrikes! A few weeks a go a few kids were marching in Washington shouting ‘Not one more!’
Well, now’s a good time for those kids’ voices to be heard, because let me assure you, this is the beginning of a conflict where thousands, tens to hundreds of thousands of kids are going to die at the hands of US intervention, as has always been the case.
Not one more, Mr. President. Not one more. The blood of these kids is going to be on your hands. Just like they were with former Presidents Bush and Obama. You care about the kids? You should start by being diplomatic, as you stated you would via a series of tweets back in 2013. You lied to your supporters, you lied to the country, and you lied to the world, Mr. President.