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Fear is the Obstacle Keeping You from Success

Success Comes When Fear is Conquered

Fear. It’s a word we’re accustomed to and it haunts our lives in every single avenue we turn. We’re fearmongered into security over liberty via the media. We fear things both when we’re young and as we age.

But there’s a convenient truth no one tells us about: Fear is the obstacle keeping you from success.

Nothing bothers me more when people pursue passion but give up after only a few tries, if that. They say they had this or that going for them, but it didn’t work out.

I want to ask this question: How many times did you try before quitting? I’m not going to sugarcoat this. You quit. How many times did you try?

If you answered once, twice, or even three times, fear kept you from continuing due to security of a possible job or employee benefit offer.

How many successful people do you know didn’t give up until they achieved what they wanted?

I know many.

In fact, I read an article on Joanna Penn’s blog, The Creative Penn. In her interview with seven-figure indie-author, Mark Dawson. I’ll add the article as a source to the end of this one, because for any writer or anyone fearing failure, it’s worth the read.

Long story short, Dawson speaks of how he earned, I want to say $10 in six months on Amazon after having a miserable time with traditional publishers and trying to make it as an indie. No, that’s not a typo, the guy made $10 in six months. There are also indie-authors out there who may not have made a single penny in six months…or a year.

But, what Dawson did was he found a way to make things work. This was back in 2012, so he’s a relatively recent household name. He saw what didn’t work and saw what worked.

I’ve even heard stories of successful people who’ve tried and failed at several businesses before finding what works for them. When they do, the fruits of all the hours, time, frustration, and tears become worth it.


Fear is the Obstacle

Fear is the obstacle. I can’t stress that enough. Hey, if I’d go the route my family wants me to go, I’d have a decent job, decent pay, I’d own a house, collect employment benefits, and set myself up for retirement.

And of course, if I were to, say, just quit my job and do this full-time without knowing if it’d work or not work, well, I already know how that conversation would go. I’d be an automatic failure, I’d run out of money, I’d end up in the poor house (or back at my parents’ house) and become a real-life George Costanza.

My mother would freak, telling me I’m failing simply because I have no income stream. Lord and Lady knows what my father would do? I’ve no idea.

But to me, it leads me to a theory: Most of us were brought up this way. Most of us were brought up thinking if, at any given time we have zero income coming in, regardless of working 50, 60, 70, 80 hours a week toward a dream that, in Dawson’s case, makes seven-figure income, we’re going to fail.

And that fearmongering, the lack of knowledge our parents hold, or held (hey, I’m telling it like it is), their holding us back from doing what we know we can succeed in, in my opinion, is the absolute worst thing (barring anything major, obviously) a parent can do for a kid.

But, this is major.

Because a parent is telling their own kid they can’t succeed at what they want, on their terms. That’s disheartening.

Now, if the kid just doesn’t possess raw talent or ability at what they want, it’s an obvious disservice to the kid if they continue to push them in the direction of pursuit, but I feel it’s rare. In fact, I only believe such a case exists when the parent is pushing the kid into something, like dance for instance. And the kid falls in love with dance because it’s all they know, despite their poor skills.

What’s the solution for parents who instill fear in their kids?

Stop instilling such fear! Do you people realize what you’re doing to your kid’s confidence?

Never tell a kid who has high aspirations it’s okay to dream, but reality looks like this, or looks like that! Never, ever, ever tell a kid only a small percentage make it in any field. Of course, it’s a small percentage, but the small percentage outlasts the large percentage because they may’ve failed so many times they finally succeeded! LOOK AT MARK DAWSON! LOOK AT JOANNA PENN!

Heck, even Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before he finally succeeded in inventing the lightbulb. What if Edison had just given up? The world for some odd reason never listened to Tesla, so he’s out by default. When would the lightbulb had been invented? Would it have been invented, and if not, we’d still be partying like it’s 1899.

Or, better yet. What if that crazy person (or people) who thought a phone would tell you anything you asked it back in 1985 gave up on their dreams?

For anyone over the age of thirty-eight, if someone told you a phone could tell you anything you asked it back in 1985, what would you have said? Would you have said anything, or would you have called the asylum police had the individual(s) institutionalized?

Success Comes When Fear is Conquered

For those whose parents have fearmongered them into some myth that the only way to succeed is to follow policies x, y, and z, and to never break the rules, I have good news for you. Especially if you’re eighteen or older, because now, you get to live the adult life!
And sure, while you may need a gig to pay the bills and perhaps a loan or two, you have the power to control any and every obstacle set in your way. Set in your path.

You have the power to live your life the way you see fit, and only you. And no one can tell you to live this way, or that way, even if Mom and Dad are still trying to convince you to do things their way.

Break the rules, and be innovative, especially if you have the talent. Especially if you have a dream, a message, that must be spread. And an idea that must be sold.
Sell your passion, you’re worthy and talented enough to do so.

Yes, there will be roadblocks, yes there will be failure, but yes, in the end, if you continue to fail, you’ll succeed because you’ll have found the proper tools you needed to succeed. You’ll have found the proper formula it takes to succeed. And that, that is the greatest blessing one can attain.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, and if you like watching videos regarding motivational tips, the truth on the Deep State, and Libertarian principles, please check me out on I also hope to be up and running on YouTube before long. Please come back soon.


Be Brave: Lift the Boulder Off Your Shoulders

What’s Stopping You from Sharing Your Writing?

So, when did Todd the Trainer long to get rid of his artificially made mantra and go back into becoming Todd the Writer, or these days, Todd the Author?

Well, it started in 2015 and just kept kind of backsliding.

But, let me tell you all the story and before you think I’m talking about myself, I want you all to take a page from this article because there are a lot of writers and a lot of passionate people out there who are either hiding their passion or are pursuing it in their downtime and no one knows about it. Sorry for the run-on sentence, I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.


Fearing Success

Okay, so for the writer, pouring your heart and soul onto paper or these days onto a word processor is a big step, because when you write something worthwhile, people want to read about it. When you write about something people can relate to, they want to read about it even more.

Good, you’re a successful writer.

So, what’re you so afraid of?

I’ve had writers tell me they didn’t want their haters reading it.

Dude, I based my villains off my haters, so they’re going to have something to talk about if they ever read Lord of Columbia.

I’ll have all of Pepsi Co. coming after me with two by fours.

Newsflash: They’re going to hate on you whether you’ve written anything or not, so stop fearing your haters. If you fear your haters, it means you’re letting them control your life.

Why the hell would you let someone else control your life?

Why the hell are you such a gifted, talented writer, and are folding because of haters?
Why not start a blog and share your writing right now?

Look, I spent years fearing what people would read. I spent years agonizing over getting my message out so people I know and don’t know will read it.

Well, guess what?

On September 1st, the message is getting released to the world, and as are all the little hints and clues I’ve used to base my characters, settings, and other, personal beliefs, like my belief in Paganism and this country (and area I live in) is overwhelmingly Christian.
So, enough hiding who you are, and just release it. Don’t fear backlash, because when you do release your writing, you’re going to find people just as sane, yes, sane, as you are.

So yes, people are going to read your work if it resonates with them.

And no, you shouldn’t be ashamed.

You should be proud.


Stop shaming yourself for being successful.


Work Reputation

Hey, are you a writer, or what?

You want to keep working your day job, miserable as hell inside, because your great writing is hidden somewhere on Google Docs or a flashdrive?

Come on, this shouldn’t be hard.

When I told people what I was doing, an enormous weight lifted itself off my shoulders.

Why not get the damn boulder off your shoulders, too, and join the crowd?

Be brave and lift that weight.

Get rid of the boulder right now.

Right now, start that blog and get your best work up on the site.

Just do it and worry not what any hater who comes across it will think. Don’t worry about who reads it, just get it out there into the universe. Get it out into the public. Let the universe and the public know it’s there.

It’s time to spread those wings and fly.

Get your writing on your new blog.


Pursuing Passion

You all know I love this phrase.

Would you rather be stuck in a dead-end job you hate, though your message to the world is burning inside you or would you rather share that message with the world and change people?

You have a passion, it’s inside you.

You’re a writer, and you have the burning desire to write.

Let others in on it. Share the knowledge, spread the wealth, let your message ring through to everyone who comes in contact with your writing.

Oh, you’ll be glad you did.

The choice is yours, but at the end of the day, you’ll be glad you stopped being so miserable at your stupid day job that doesn’t pay the bills anyway and pursue what you’ve always dreamed.

Lift the boulder off your shoulders and one day, you’ll thank yourself for doing so.
Thanks for reading.

Opinions of Others

Never Let the Opinions of Others Bring You Down


Okay, honest statement here: others are going to have their opinions about you and it’s important to never allow the opinions of others bring you down. Look, you’re going to get positive and negative feedback because you have enough courage to pursue what’s important to you and are looking beyond the “everyman or everywoman” benefits of making a normal living with little to no impact on others.

Take a moment and congratulate yourself for having the courage to pursue what you’ve always wanted in life because after high school, few embark on such a path. I’m not talking about the path they set for themselves in high school or college, I’m talking about the child’s dream I mentioned in my previous article. The child’s dream is your first instinct, your true calling.

We’ve all dreamed a dream, but few allow such dreams to materialize, mainly to fit in with others. During my time working as a trainer in Weirton, I made such a mistake, which is another reason I started My Freedom Flame.



Fear of Others

It all started with my fear of others. I was afraid of them finding my values to be too radical to the conservative community Weirton is. The town as a whole are Trump-apologist nationalists who are intent on blindly following anything President Donald Trump deems necessary.

As a libertarian, I’m a believer in non-intervention, in pure free markets, sound currency backed by gold, the existence of the Deep State, and low-taxation across the board. Yet in Weirton, the story is quite different, as was evidenced when Trump signed on to ban bump stocks, passed the omnibus spending bill worth 1.3 trillion dollars (which will further hurt the US dollar both at home and abroad), and is now looking to intervene in Syria.

In Weirton, Trump could become a communist and they’d follow him.

So, I allowed fear to hold me back during the entire 2016 US Presidential Election season, from January 2015 to November 2016. It wasn’t until after Trump was elected did I go to Pittsburgh and find a new training gig did I really get vocal on Trump, who has failed to uphold numerous campaign promises (don’t they all?).

My reputation in Weirton, especially at my old fitness club, isn’t good. In fact, if I were to walk in there during a prime time hour, nothing good would come out of it.

The moral to this story is never be afraid to voice your thoughts, views, and opinions, even if it differs with the inflated status-quo of a region. Don’t worry about their opinions and what they paint you to be. You and your friends know who you really are and just because the Pepsi Guy loves to talk (but has yet to learn to walk) means you’re not the problem; the Pepsi Guy is the problem.



Short-Term, Long-Term

Sure, opinions in the short-term may have an effect on you but what’s cool is you can wire your mind in a sense to break such effects. For one, think of all the positives you already have in your life. Even in dark times, positivity exists.

Take all the negative events that have affected you and throw them away. Before going to sleep each night, picture each of them as a heavy brick and turn this heavy brick into an amusing item. Do this with each negative thought, event, or experience, and watch them fly away. Many like to picture such bricks turning into doves, as doves symbolize peace.

Keep doing this until you run out of negative thoughts. Now, focus on positive thought. Give yourself something positive, such as the best experience you had during your day. Visualize such an event so it’s vivid and so close to you it’s within your reach. Realize your power and focus on this object, event, or experience.

Repeat this ritual nightly, and soon you’re going to see the negativity wash away, replaced with positivity. The words of others will no longer affect you and you’ll be in a better place mentally and spiritually. Physically, you’re going to feel healthier, too, as negative thinking can lead to numerous health issues.





Negative thinking is what we’ve been conditioned into believing is the norm in society. I’m here to tell you it’s not the case. Negative thinking can and will be broken by utilizing positive exercises. Such positivity increases your body’s natural endorphins.

People are naturally positive and have been cognitively conditioned into thinking negative. With such conditioning, we hear much more negativity than positivity. The energy spread affects those around us with negative thought and reaction. Turn away from negativity and embrace yourself in positive thought.

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