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The Four Families: My Family Names as Hogwarts Houses

Caldrone, Wilson, Robertson, and Matthews

Hi, I’m Todd Matthews, author of Northern Knights and Fighting Tyranny. Although my last name’s Matthews, I, and all of us, are one-quarter of the following: Our paternal grandfather’s surname, our paternal grandmother’s surname, our maternal grandfather’s surname, and our maternal grandmother’s surname, or a combination thereof.

Four names, and for us Harry Potter fans, we can probably see some noble distinctions between all the names and for the sake of a fun article here and there, why not compare them to Harry Potter Houses?

My Four Family Names are Caldrone (maternal grandfather), Wilson (paternal grandmother), Robertson (maternal grandmother), and Matthews (paternal grandfather).

My Four Families, and your four families, each have a noble history, and if you haven’t researched yours yet, what are you waiting for?

In a quickie nutshell, before I go in-depth, what do each of the above families represent:



It can relate to Gryffindor, as the Caldrones (formerly spelled Calderone) were the most recent immigrants and due to their Italian status, likely faced some harsh discrimination at the time of their arrival. Remember, Italians, like many belonging to traditionally Catholic nationalities, had a rough time fitting in. If there’s one name that had a tougher time than others, the Caldrones are it.


Corresponds to Hufflepuff. They’re the hardworking, kind people of the four. They’d been in America for a while and to be honest, tend to stay out of the limelight, except for that Woodrow guy, whose father was born in Steubenville, Ohio, where the Wilsons originated. A name that receives little glory for its hard work, the Wilsons nevertheless are happy people.



Bright, beautiful, and genetically gifted. Fits the Ravenclaw mantra rather well. Yes, the Robertsons tend to be the brightest of the bunch, and the family I received the majority of my traits from, being sorted into Ravenclaw on Pottermore years ago. Talk about good-looking people with high incomes and prestigious jobs for the most part, the Robertsons break and set new records with each passing generation.



The ambitious crowd who possesses the ‘never-say-die’ mantra. Passionate people, willing to fight and make sacrifices to defend their views and their earnings. Matthews is the prototypical Slytherin, and the House I was convinced I’d be in until Pottermore proved me wrong. Though I must say, if the Hybrid Houses existed, I’d be a Slyther-Claw, or something similar.



So, what would the colors and animal look like for Caldrone?

Let’s go to House of Names and get the inside scoop.

Per the English Coat of Arms, Calderone’s crest is scarlet and gray, which they’ll take kindly to, residing in Ohio. Pictured on the crest appears to be a robin, so we’ll go with it for their shield.

Quidditch uniform color? Scarlet, of course!

Element: Fire.

Known for: Bravery



Like its Hufflepuff cousin, Wilson’s primary colors are black, but instead of canary, old gold. On the crest is a wolf with its teeth bared.

Quidditch Uniform: We’re going with Black.

Element: Earth.

Known for: Work Ethic.



Quite unlike Ravenclaw and more like Gryffindor, red and yellow are primary. Like Wilson we have a wolf for the symbol, but three wolves.

Quidditch uniform: Yellow (Caldrone’s color is red)

Element: Wind

Known for: Intelligence



Black and yellow…we need to fix that…orange and brown…okay, that sounds better. We’re going with the alternative orange and brown here since the scheme would resemble Wilson’s colors. The crest contains a yellow primary with a black lion.

Quidditch uniform: Orange

Element: Water

Known for: Ambition



There you have it. My four Family Names as Hogwarts Houses, or at least in my weird, strange, wild imagination. It’s always a blast to make outlandish posts as this just to break the monotony of the rather dark blogs I tend to write.

Anyway, more of these to come, maybe once or twice a month, again to break up the darker topics I tend to cover here as they relate to my books.


Who has Influenced You to Pursue the Life You’ve Always Dreamed?

Pursuit of Happiness has Heroes at Every Avenue, from Politicians to Economists, to Family


Ambition is something we all have within us. We’re an ambitious breed of human looking to break from the restraints of society, yet when we reach a certain age, we fall in line. I blame the state-run political prisons disguised as public schools and their role of making Americans docile, robotic, and unable to critically think for themselves.


The last sentence was influenced on me by someone, and that someone is former Congressman Ron Paul.


Or, better yet. Back in the 1990’s, the Project for a New American Century was signed by and fifteen of these people became part of the Bush/Cheney administration. What is PNAC? Only a little pretext to massive US intervention in the Middle East. Thank you, Jake Molonios, I’m glad I found Blackstone Intelligence.


So, for every move, there’s a mover. For all of us, we’ve been influenced by someone.




Family Ties

Who influenced me to not fall in line and become another drone to society?

I’d say my immediate family, as when I reached high school age, I was getting lessons in needing to collect social security, work a job with job security, the ‘a job is a job’ mantra, and the works. I’m grateful for my family, because they helped this rebel shape his views to say no, don’t become a drone.

I’m the type of person who’s more likely to do something if told not to. They would’ve been better off telling me the US creates false flags to justify invading other nations via executive powers, which per Senator Rand Paul (and just about every Founding Father), a few dozen influences here, is unconstitutional.

Had my family not confused patriotism with nationalism, as most “patriotic” Americans do, I’d probably be a fully-fledged nationalistic cop apologist, pro-war mongering hawk, John Bolton-loving neoconservative most of them are at the moment.

Not patriotic in the slightest, but very, very nationalist. Had this been Colonial America, they’d have been Loyalist and I would’ve been a Patriot.



Honest Congressmen and Senators

Yes, Ron and Rand Paul are big influences. As are Trey Gowdy, Jesse Ventura, Thomas Massie, Justin Amash, and Austin Peterson. Libertarian America is a huge influence on me and my political views.

Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothard, Lew Rockwell, Frederic Bastiat, and Adam Smith helped shape my economic views, which are strictly free-market politics with zero government influence. Today, we live in a nation where the government picks and chooses the winners and losers and told this is free market economics, which is why we have so many socialists in this country. Newsflash, corporations hate the free market because they realize all barriers to entry would crush their little empires.

Stefan Molyneux is another one I’ve been watching closely. While initially a Trump apologist, this anarcho-capitalist saw light after Trump’s ridiculous omnibus spending bill totaling 1.3 trillion dollars plus his recklessness regarding Syria.




Influences spark from many avenues. Listed above are influences which have shaped my political views and are some of the main motivations behind my writing. I’ll reveal some book, movie, and television series in future posts, plus authors and writers whose views and styles shaped my way of thinking and helped spawn my trilogy, Lord of Columbia, coming September 2018.

Friends, Family, and People in my Life, You’re my Book Characters

The Inspiration Behind my Book Characters


I love the Family Guy Star Wars episodes because each character of Star Wars is played by a character on Family Guy. The same can be said in my manuscript, Age of Columbia: Uprising.


How I Developed my Book Characters

I picture each character in this manuscript as people I’ve met, and their personalities mirror their real-life counterparts. Needless to say, the gamble here is I’ll be either solidifying some friendships, or permanently tearing down some already burning bridges that have been fueled since I left Weirton, West Virginia for greener pastures.
Sure, this makes character creation rather easy and fun, but once this thing hits publication (I’m taking my time because this must be done the correct way), I might have to be looking over my shoulder twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


Forgive me, Friends and Family

So, I’d like to use this blog as an opportunity to tell the world of people I’ve come across in the past I’m sorry if Uprising offends you, but to be honest, this is all done in good humor. I mean, at the very least, you can appreciate the fact your personas jumped out at me from Day One, and I remembered them vividly enough to place them into not one, but several manuscripts and books to come long after Uprising.
You may be doing the same, or, some of us may use an amalgam of people we’ve come across to be morphed into a single character. I did this with a few, too, but only if such people were best friends in real life and inseparable. Sometimes, our main protagonist may serve as an amalgam of all the good people we’ve come across, while the main antagonist serves the same for all the negative people in our lives.


Thank Your Characters’ Real Life Counterparts

The life of the writer mirrors the life of say, the comedian. We seek out interesting people day in and day out and those who peak our interest become our characters. Sure, some of these people may get offended if they happened to somehow come across our book (or even our blog or Twitter account).
So, commend such people and thank them for being such interesting characters in real life that they make just as interesting book characters. Even if they’re in an antagonistic role, it should be an honor for them to serve in your works.


An INFJ’s Love Letter

Or, sometimes we have our hidden messages within our books. That’s okay, and just this past week I told a few friends about a rather unique thing that had happened to me this week regarding one of my main supporting characters.
Better yet, if you were to have say, an author interview, and from my readings, there are tons and tons of them just waiting to help authors get their work discovered, you can even insert a phrase or two and pray they’re listening.
Ah, the life of the Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging (INFJ). We love to use our hidden codes and pray those we love the most break such codes. Or, they can begin by reading our blogs, but these are all the dream scenarios of the INFJ, which rarely work, mind you.
Anyway, back to reality.


Be Proud of Your Persona

If anyone out there reads my work and believe one of my characters is resembling of you, they probably are. Just remember it’s the honor of having such a distinct persona that I decided to include a bit of you into a finite piece of computer code, or if I Print on Demand (which will likely happen and my whole family will realize I’m a Pagan), a finite piece of finite papers bound together by some glue.
It’s truly nothing personal and don’t take offense. Be proud of your persona.

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