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Embrace the Stress

How to Spin Negativity into Something Positive


We’re all familiar with such feelings of negativity. Our boss is freaking out at work because numbers aren’t where they need to be, we’re stressing about making rent and covering bills, and we’re unsure if we’re embarking on the correct path.
If this describes you, stress may be so far through the roof your mental health may be on a destructive path. Of course, you see others around you in a similar boat and all they know how to do is complain. Worse yet, they point the fingers at everyone and always fail to address and fix the problem.
First off, you’re not the problem, and neither is society. In fact, no one in society knows your name. You’re also not the problem because your priorities may’ve changed somewhere along the line. If you find yourself pursuing your passion or even thinking of your passion while on the timeclock, your inner-timeclock has already begun—no, your career in doing what you’ve always wanted has begun.
Pat yourself on the back, because you realized the problem. You don’t want to be in this situation, but you’d love to be in another situation, a situation where those you look up to are in. Such situations involve being known in a field, or simply taking a part in the same field. Something gravitated you toward your current field of play, but the inner-psychological realm in you has always craved something else, only you didn’t realize it until recently.
But, the stress. The stress of being in a certain field (your current field) with the amount of experience you’ve attained means you made the wrong choice and what you’re dreaming of is full of pipes, right?
Wrong, wrong, and wrong!
Do you realize how many people have gone through the same stress as you, conquered it, rewired their brain and their life?
It’s why I’ve always admired Sylvester Stallone, a man who was so desperate for money he’d play parts in X rated movies just to make rent before getting evicted altogether and sleeping for three weeks in a bus station. What happened next is history, and today Stallone is one of the most well-known faces in Hollywood.
What did Stallone do?
He embraced the chaos and the stress of his eviction and spun it into something positive, and you can, too. The beauty of life is despite the number of curveballs being thrown at us, we can always, if we have the desire, rise to any challenge we face, go above and beyond, and win the war.
We can and will win the war, and I can guarantee that you’re going to win any war that tries to bring you down.
We’re all winners in life and we need to remember our passions and what we hold dear to our heart and soul. We need to never forget the child that resides in all of us that loved (enter passion here) and wanted to be (enter dream occupation here) when they grew up.
Take a moment and reflect what you wanted when you were young. What caused your stomach to squirm with excitement? Where were you happiest? What made you excited to do day in and day out?
If you take the time and give honest answers to the above questions they’re going to give you a nice avenue from which to work. You’ll find your passion right where you left it, and another guarantee I’ll make is when you take the time to pursue it you’re going to be one thousand times better off than you were yesterday.
Things may go wrong at work, and things may go wrong in life, but the stress relief involves working toward something that makes you happy and satisfies you. For example, when I’m working out or writing, everything around me ceases to exist and nothing matters. The rent, bills, and any stressor evaporates. When I’m working out, writing, or even editing, I’m free.
Take my advice, because when you’re actively pursuing your passion and putting forth one-hundred and ten percent effort, you’re going to be free, too.


The Waiting

Is the Hardest Part of your Journey

Like the old Tom Petty song states, the waiting is the hardest part. But, while you’re waiting, the good news is you can work like a madman or madwoman to hone your craft and reel in your passion.
Doesn’t that sound like a good deal?
The problem is people like to wait for their passion to come to them.
Have you ever worked in a grocery store or fast food restaurant?
I’m sure you’ve seen people miserable, just miserable sometimes to be alive. Some may be working the same job for the past twenty or thirty years. Some may’ve gotten their job at sixteen and add thirty years, they’re still doing the same job at forty-six, and they still have another twenty years of work.
Look, your future depends on you getting up and at it right now. If you’re sitting down and watching TV waiting for your next work day to begin or even out with friends to spend a Saturday evening only to realize you’ll be back at it come Monday morning, dreading Monday morning, your future is hellbent on pursuit of your ultimate desires.
So, why are you waiting for it to come to you?
Isn’t anything worth having worth the struggle?
What if I told you two things:
1) You’re going to struggle at times.
2) You’re going to have some failures along the way.
It’s going to happen, yes, but again, I have good news because the good news is if you don’t give up, learn from your failures, learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat the same mistake twice, you’re going to succeed.
Sure, success isn’t going to come tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month, and in many cases next year, but it’s going to come if you make it possible.
So, you’re going to have to wait, yes, but you’re going to put one-hundred and ten percent into this if you’re serious about becoming the artist, writer, photographer, blogger, or any passion that peaks your interest. If you truly want to change your life, you’re going to go after it.
We’re all faced with two choices throughout life. If we’re dissatisfied with our life today, we have the power to change it, especially if we have a message to sell to the world. That’s the great thing about America. You can overcome any obstacle if the work ethic matches the desire.
It’s more than just acting to make it happen, you need to believe it will happen. Picture yourself, right now, succeeding at whatever is your ultimate desire.
What do you want in life?
Close your eyes and picture what you want. When you can picture what you want for five minutes, open your eyes and see your success play out right in front of you by visualizing success.
As we work toward our goal, each passing day is another one closer to our ultimate success. Each challenge we face, and each lesson learned from our challenge will bring us another step closer. When you learn all the lessons and complete all the challenges, celebrate the good times and become a better person from the bad, success will be right in front of you.
And this time, it’ll literally be right in front of you.

Change the World One Day at a Time

Our Voices Deserve to be Heard

I believe writers get into this great field because they have a voice that speaks loudest through penning or typing words. Sure, we have our activists, our speakers, and our hybrids, but us writers pen our opinions day in and day out in hopes of us too having our voice heard.
Us writers are visionaries and we have a passion for voicing change when we see something wrong. We love to point out the problem and write about ways of solving them. Some of the greatest authors of all time had a vision for what they wished to see in the world. They voiced change, and they did so through books. People picked up and read these books and ideas spread.
Today, we have the internet with blogs, social media, and other ways of streaming our views on numerous issues. And hey, we’re entertaining, informing, and persuading minds. We have such passion for what we do it comes before our day job. In fact, it’s no secret that we want writing to be our day job, so we can make a living off spreading our message.
And it’s why we need to pursue our passion for writing daily. My libertarian views may differ from the right-wing conservative or the left-wing liberal, but the fact we live in a country where we can voice our views and state why we believe in them is what makes us free.
Take advantage of your craft and get a little better each day at what you do. Read, research, and write. When you do this, your knowledge, curiosity, and passion sharpen.
So, what can you do enhance your writing to spread your message throughout the world?
I love reading, and from what I read inspires me to share content via Facebook, among others. Read books and articles relevant to a topic important to you. I love checking into, Ron Paul Liberty Report, Ron Paul Institute, and of course, reading posts from Senator Rand Paul. Always read to formulate your argument and reinforce your view. Some of us like to go informative and use our sources to inform our followers while those who love fiction (like myself!) use our sources to begin a story.
For me and my manuscript trilogy, Age of Columbia, I do just this regarding libertarianism in a contemporary fantasy atmosphere. Sure, Age of Columbia is a crossover of a few of my favorite books, TV series, and movies, but the overall theme contains libertarian politics and Constitutionalism.
Whatever your purpose for writing, it’s important to remember every single article, blog, or post you make brings you one step closer to changing the world. You may even plant the seeds to begin a movement and the activists can take over and you might even join them! Your possibilities are endless, and I believe we all wish to make writing our primary means of living in the future.
The sweet thing is anything we deem important and write about, we’ll eventually become experts in. Once again, I’ll cite libertarianism. Back in 2011 when I first Googled Ron Paul I didn’t have the slightest clue libertarianism existed; I thought one was either Republican, Democrat, or Independent. Fast forward to 2018, and the passion has become so much to the point my personal Facebook is full of posts relevant to libertarian politics and I must listen to Ron Paul each day.
For you, make it a habit to read about the issues most important to you. We all have issues we find important and want to know more about. We all want to become experts in our craft and we all want to tell others about our findings. Read, research, and enjoy the process. Soon, you’ll be the expert in the field and people will be flocking to you for advice. Enjoy!

The World Must Succeed

I Have a Dream

I have a dream, those words made famous by Martin Luther King Jr. have taken on many meanings. I have a dream to see the world succeed, and each individual looking to pursue their passion to succeed.
For us writers, the ideas are endless, and we have the unique ability to create our opportunity. Through traditional and self-publishing, we can be novelists. When you’re a novelist you become an entrepreneur by marketing yourself, your message, and your brand.
These days I see too many people caving in and taking what they’re given by a private or public sector organization and they live to pay taxes, work for such organizations, and die. Many say these three things are all you’ll do in life, but I call each of these people out.
We’re worth more than paying taxes, working, and dying. Sure, perhaps the elite class wishes for us to do this and while many relegate themselves to such a role through cognitive conditioning, I’m here to say it doesn’t need to be this way. If you believe in yourself, your passion, and your message, it won’t be this way.
It’s good news.
You don’t need to be another drone to society who wakes up before the sun, goes to a job you’d rather be without, fight traffic, make a lot of money for the government or a corporation while receiving marginal compensation (even those making six-figures), going home, unwinding, and going to bed just to repeat the process the next day.
If you think getting awarded between two and four weeks’ vacation is living because the bosses are granting them to you, you’re mistaken. Ditto if you believe the way the world works is to be subject to superiors. We’re all human, therefore, we have zero superiors, whether such people are governments or your own employers.
We’re our own, unique self, and society has zero right to morph us into a drone. We each have a passion, talent, and desire to create an everlasting impact in the world. To me, it’s what makes writing a beautiful thing; us writers can draw inspiration from anything that peaks our interest and our passion to write something about our observances places us closer to spreading such a positive message.
One such positive message is to never settle and accept what is given to you by a superior class, that being either governments or corporations. Sure, compensation and benefits might be nice but the end of the day they can replace you at any given second. If you were to lose such a job the person on deck is waiting to take your job.
So, fulfill your dreams and rise above the status-quo cognitively ingrained in us since the first day we step inside a school and are taught one thing: conformity. Yet, every school misses one important, natural aspect of humankind; we’re all unique and conformity to a set of social standards contradicts human nature.
To write, spread our message, and pursue our passion in the face of conformists will slap them in the face, even if such conformists are friends and family. They won’t like the truths you speak, but for every annoyed family member, friend, or peer, there are going to be dozens of others who take your words and ride them to their successes.
These are the people who are worth speaking to. If friends and family condemn you and your message, don’t worry about it. They’re not worth the time and energy. Find the people who are willing to hear you out and preach to them. In the end, they’re the ones who truly appreciate you for who you are and the message you’re spreading.

It’s Worth the Struggle

Why you Need to Pursue Passion


Social media is such a double-edged sword. On one end, you have those preaching motivational quotes and messages while you see others, some of them younger than you, doing things and succeeding in ways you wish you could.
Well, as the old saying goes, “It doesn’t matter where you start, but where you finish.”
There are forty drivers in NASCAR each weekend and one will win, but the driver starting in fortieth has as much a chance as the pole sitter.
In other words, it’s worth the struggle, because some goals take longer than others. But it’s worth the struggle, because you may be miserable now at your job, or even miserable with your life, but it’s possible to rewire the brain into thinking in a positive sense.
Any given negative can equal a positive and it’s something you must believe in. It’s a message you need to ingrain in your mind day in and day out, and I’m happy to help.
Sure, I’ve seen some success as a fitness trainer, something I wanted since high school, but I believe our true calling lies with what we wanted in middle or grade school.
What did you want to do when you grew up?
Well, I always had a love for learning, reading, research, and writing. This love was cast out of me when I saw it was only something outcasts did while being involved in anything physical was what it meant to be a man.
And in late 2014, I had the epiphany moment and started writing again, reading genres I liked, started posting my political views everywhere you looked, and didn’t care who saw or even the bridges I would certainly burn. I didn’t care what others, even family, thought of me.
Because I knew what I wanted.
So again, what did you want to do when you grew up?
Are you doing what you wanted?
Do you still have the desire to at least give it a shot?
Take the first step and do something that will take you in the direction you want to go. If you aren’t happy with your life working paycheck to paycheck, working at a dead-end job, or something similar, you can change. It’s never too late to change and become what you always wanted to be.
It’s going to be a struggle, but the struggle is worth it. The struggle is worth it because no one ever said building Rome, climbing Everest, or one day taking my Browns to the Super Bowl was going to be easy. But all three instances are (or in the Browns case, will be) worth it.
Life is all about tests, and the way we respond to such tests is what makes us who we are. When we’re plunged into terrible trouble immediately, we’re going to either sink or swim. When we choose to swim, we took the first step in becoming our best self.
I’m writing this article to motivate you to take the first step. If you’re afraid of what others think, don’t be. This is your life and not theirs. If you’re afraid you’re going to fail, I’ll be the first to tell you failure is a part of success, and failure will happen. But, we can always turn a failure into a success.
Life is a learning experience and pursuing our passion is the grandest learning experience next to learning the deepest secrets of the universe. So, like I tell my training clients, stop spinning your wheels for the last five, ten, fifteen years and get on with pursuing your passion.
Every day you walk into your job that you want to leave, it should be a key motivator to pursue something you’ve only dreamed of. Now’s your chance, take advantage of it, and your future self will be grateful.

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