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Let Passion Behind Your Creative Writing Shine

Creative Writing and Real Life Influences

Creative writers have to get the word out. On anything. Our writings, our themes, our messages bleed through the pages of our works.


Something, anything, motivates us to get the word out over an issue, a situation, or current event.


My novel, Northern Knights, covers my own animosity toward statism and shows a preference toward liberty.


Influenced by the destruction of civil liberties at home and perpetual war abroad, Northern Knights addresses such concern.


Every creative may construct a breathtaking masterpiece, but behind each masterpiece is a passion for an issue or situation. Creatives have an ability to see something isn’t right with the world and are passionate enough to relay the work to readers, hoping to spark awareness.


Yet, some creatives may be hesitant toward creating such work.


Fear of judgment, rejection, bridge burning, and abandonment?


The fears are real and they strike our nerves. What if I write this? What if I write that? Will my family and friends think any different of me?


Hey, if you’re passionate enough to write about an issue in your stories, remember there are many like-minded people out there, on the same mission as you. They may need the courage to begin.


Have Courage to Write

There’s no excuse. Creatives like you are born to write about issues. Build your stories around such issues. Blog about your themes, make videos about your work and let them shine in your current and future works.


Remember, your work isn’t going to be for everyone. It’s not going to be for most of the population and it never will. Not a single author, even your most successful authors, can claim this.


So, don’t worry about angering others because you may have a theme that’s controversial. Don’t worry about writing your own personal beliefs into your work, as you’ll bound to find people who believe the same.


Those people will talk about your work. You’ll slowly become an authority in the issues you’re implementing into your fiction or creative nonfiction.


Know where these readers hang out, and you’ll have found a small audience.


Don’t worry about bridge burnings and witch hunts.


It doesn’t matter what family and friends think.


You’re writing for readers, not for respect of your friends and families.


Don’t let it bother you.


Make Connections

The good news today is creatives can make endless connections. Twenty years ago, it wasn’t possible to make fast connections with like-minded people.


These days, we can utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, and these are only a handful of awesome places to connect. We can blog, as we do on My Freedom Flame, and connect with more readers and writers in our tribe.


Learn SEO, which opens the door to more potential like-minded readers utilizing keywords of such issues you’re writing about.


Is your blog based on Libertarian politics? You can easily drive such traffic to your blog, and therefore, your books, simply by researching relevant keywords in the niche. Boom, you just found a tribe of readers.


What’s perfect is you’re making new connections. Connections who may even buy your book. Use your blog to write about your book themes relevant to your site’s SEO and you just found another tribe of readers.


The more connections you make, the more potential readers and traffic will find you.


Current Events

Society takes sides on all sorts of current events. Turn on the news, log onto Facebook, or check your phone’s news app and you’re bombarded with controversial issues.


And everyone has an opinion.


For the writer, it might sound like a double-edged sword, but you’re going to have an audience by inserting some of these issues into fiction.


And all writers do this.


Read Chronicles of Narnia, and you’re going to see multiple themes from C.S. Lewis. There are multiple themes running through all seven works during the era they were written.


One of my favorites comes from The Deplorable Word in The Magician’s Nephew, but it’s just one of many shining through the work.



You’re a creative writer, you’ve been born with a passion for seeking the truth in multiple issues and penning them to paper or typing them onto a screen.


Have the courage to write. Remember you’re going to find a tribe, a readership, surrounding your themes and issues you hold important.


We live in a world where over three-billion people are online. You have a global audience from which to work. You’re not going to appeal to everyone, but you will appeal to a cluster of the population.


Such people you can relate to and will relate to you become readers, blog viewers, and repeated customers.


Your work will resonate with your readership. Don’t be afraid to type the issues onto a screen and blog around such issues.


Create a work of fiction, but allow such nonfiction themes shine through the work. You have a voice, you have a message, and if creative writing comes easy to you, you have a mssion.


A mission to build a readership surrounding such current events, themes, and issues, raise awareness, and give your work a true purpose as you continue to pursue your writing passion.


Pick issues you’re passionate writing about, and you’ll never run out of awesome information to relay to your readership.





Be Brave: Lift the Boulder Off Your Shoulders

What’s Stopping You from Sharing Your Writing?

So, when did Todd the Trainer long to get rid of his artificially made mantra and go back into becoming Todd the Writer, or these days, Todd the Author?

Well, it started in 2015 and just kept kind of backsliding.

But, let me tell you all the story and before you think I’m talking about myself, I want you all to take a page from this article because there are a lot of writers and a lot of passionate people out there who are either hiding their passion or are pursuing it in their downtime and no one knows about it. Sorry for the run-on sentence, I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.


Fearing Success

Okay, so for the writer, pouring your heart and soul onto paper or these days onto a word processor is a big step, because when you write something worthwhile, people want to read about it. When you write about something people can relate to, they want to read about it even more.

Good, you’re a successful writer.

So, what’re you so afraid of?

I’ve had writers tell me they didn’t want their haters reading it.

Dude, I based my villains off my haters, so they’re going to have something to talk about if they ever read Lord of Columbia.

I’ll have all of Pepsi Co. coming after me with two by fours.

Newsflash: They’re going to hate on you whether you’ve written anything or not, so stop fearing your haters. If you fear your haters, it means you’re letting them control your life.

Why the hell would you let someone else control your life?

Why the hell are you such a gifted, talented writer, and are folding because of haters?
Why not start a blog and share your writing right now?

Look, I spent years fearing what people would read. I spent years agonizing over getting my message out so people I know and don’t know will read it.

Well, guess what?

On September 1st, the message is getting released to the world, and as are all the little hints and clues I’ve used to base my characters, settings, and other, personal beliefs, like my belief in Paganism and this country (and area I live in) is overwhelmingly Christian.
So, enough hiding who you are, and just release it. Don’t fear backlash, because when you do release your writing, you’re going to find people just as sane, yes, sane, as you are.

So yes, people are going to read your work if it resonates with them.

And no, you shouldn’t be ashamed.

You should be proud.


Stop shaming yourself for being successful.


Work Reputation

Hey, are you a writer, or what?

You want to keep working your day job, miserable as hell inside, because your great writing is hidden somewhere on Google Docs or a flashdrive?

Come on, this shouldn’t be hard.

When I told people what I was doing, an enormous weight lifted itself off my shoulders.

Why not get the damn boulder off your shoulders, too, and join the crowd?

Be brave and lift that weight.

Get rid of the boulder right now.

Right now, start that blog and get your best work up on the site.

Just do it and worry not what any hater who comes across it will think. Don’t worry about who reads it, just get it out there into the universe. Get it out into the public. Let the universe and the public know it’s there.

It’s time to spread those wings and fly.

Get your writing on your new blog.


Pursuing Passion

You all know I love this phrase.

Would you rather be stuck in a dead-end job you hate, though your message to the world is burning inside you or would you rather share that message with the world and change people?

You have a passion, it’s inside you.

You’re a writer, and you have the burning desire to write.

Let others in on it. Share the knowledge, spread the wealth, let your message ring through to everyone who comes in contact with your writing.

Oh, you’ll be glad you did.

The choice is yours, but at the end of the day, you’ll be glad you stopped being so miserable at your stupid day job that doesn’t pay the bills anyway and pursue what you’ve always dreamed.

Lift the boulder off your shoulders and one day, you’ll thank yourself for doing so.
Thanks for reading.

Courage Trumps Worry

Why Worry Will Keep You Stagnant While Courage Springs You Above and Beyond

Before I begin I want to let everyone know this article wouldn’t be written without a powerful video from Stefan Molyneux of Free Domain Radio, which he made yesterday documenting ‘five years later’ after being diagnosed with an aggressive case of lymphoma. If anyone reads this article, please find him on YouTube to get an in-depth look of what today’s article is all about.
Molyneux states in his video the importance of leaving a mark in the world after death, meaning people can state in a eulogy this person was this, this person was that, but we really didn’t know what they believed in or how they impacted others by the tens of thousands. Perhaps they impacted their tiny communities by doing good works, but the reality is such souls set themselves short.
Here’s the point where many state such individuals made a living, considered themselves to be working or middle class individuals, were the heart and soul of each get-together be it at a ballgame, a bar, a movie, or wherever, and didn’t want anything else, but this is where they’re wrong.
Human beings are natural population pleasers and we’ve always been so. When we’re young, don’t we want fame, recognition, or an everlasting impact?
And I don’t mean this in a bombastic way.
If you said ‘no’ to this question, you’re lying to yourself. You wanted to do something great. You may’ve had it in you to do something great, but at the end of the day, greatness stagnated as you became bogged down by benefits over costs of living a normal life, security over freedom, and the cognitively conditioned mentality politicians will take care of us because they know what they’re talking about and we’re not smart enough to tackle complex issues.
For me, the more complex, the better. I may forget to do laundry or to perform basic tasks, but I’ll never forget John Bolton’s mantra back in the early 2000’s when he was praying for an Iraqi invasion and got his wish. And now, history repeats itself, with fearmongering propaganda Iran hasn’t lived to the billing of the 2015 nuclear agreement.
Is the government correct?
They’ve been wrong about Iraq, Libya, and Syria. They’re wrong about Iran.



Enter the Writer

Oh, the hardest part of writing is to pucker up the courage needed to get started. It’s not editing, rewriting, or even critique from other writers in a group. No, the hardest part is finding the courage to begin writing and to pour your heart onto a page.
Furthermore, some of us (like myself) will write about sensitive issues others dare not touch. As I’ve stated previously, I once conducted a great social media experiment where I used my Facebook friends as props, sharing my opinions regarding the most sensitive issues. I’ve unveiled issues concerning inconvenient truths such as:
1) America’s foreign policy has never once protected our national security since the Cold War began and we create enemies just to sustain bases to uphold our military-industrial complex. If you want proof on the matter, check out how much money the military-industrial complex lost since peace has broken out in the Koreas, which I’m cautiously optimistic will remain.
2) Most Americans are cognitively dissonant when it comes to patriotism versus nationalism. Most believe they’re being patriotic when they support unconstitutional wars, give up their individual liberties after they’re fearmongered into believing an outside threat is about to take them over, which never happens. They believe they’re patriotic when they accept security and trust police, whose job it is to enforce such unjust laws like unconstitutional DUI checkpoints. In fact, any right a “patriotic” politician tells them to give up, they believe it’s in their duty to do so.
3) Speaking of duties, Americans believe it to be patriotic to, as in the words of Donald J. Trump, “bomb the hell out of other nations and take back our oil.” Wait, who’s invading who again? Our oil? Dude, the Middle East isn’t in the Continental U.S., we don’t have a right to Iran’s or anyone’s oil but our own.



The above, plus many other issues is what I as a writer have either written about on my blog, have taken the dagger to the chest when it comes to sharing this content with my friends (which has burned bridges), or am writing in allegory form in Lord of Columbia.



Courage Trumps Worry

Why can’t we all just be happy and keep worrying?
Because worrying will never get anything done. Worry will hinder your success because you’ll continually think about the insurmountable task ahead like writing a contemporary fantasy book trilogy, and when the trilogy is written, all the editing that comes with it. And after the editing, all the book promotions, selling, and hoping someone buys the work, sees the message, and spreads it to their peers, and it’s just too much work!
Or is it?
The hardest part is getting started.
Once you get started, not just with writing but with any passion involving courage, it’s smooth sailing. The critique will make the work better, ditto for the editing, and ditto for your marketing. If you took your time and invested hardcore into making sure every aspect of your book or book series is perfect, it’s going to go further than you ever believed.
But you must not worry, and just get started. And it goes with any passion at any given time. Don’t worry but get started. Begin not tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. Begin right now, this minute, take all your worries and throw them out. And replace such worries with courage.

Courageous Writers Will Survive

Spread Your Agenda Abroad. You’ll be Loved or Hated, but You’ll Survive

Writers being themselves are going to be either loved or hated. If you’re a writer, you’re likely going have an opinion on issues which are important to you. It’s okay, because you took the first step in the right direction. Be warned, however, because the more you pour your soul into writing, and spread your agenda abroad, you’ll be loved or hated, but you’ll survive.

But aren’t most writers loved or hated?

Look, we live in a society of divided people and it’s more than the Right or Left. A Libertarian such as I will agree and disagree with both sides. In fact, us Libertarians are basically the ‘mind your own business if it isn’t directly effecting your life’ kind of people.

A few rules regarding writing:

You’re going to please people, you’re going to offend people, people will view you as an inspiration, and people will view you as being stuck-up.

Hey, the golden rule is you won’t please everyone, but you’ll please many more. You’re going to win some and lose some. An MLB manager once said in baseball, each team will win fifty games and lose fifty games, so they sixty-two remaining games will determine how your season goes.

The same goes for writing. You’re going to have good days where you earn over one hundred followers to your writer’s platform and you’re going to have days where you lose followers.

Take the above MLB example and spin it into a year’s time. There are three hundred and sixty-five days in a year, so you’re going to win one hundred times and lose one hundred times. How you perform in the remaining one hundred and sixty-five days will determine how well the year went. For instance, in MLB, if a team finishes 96-66, they’re making the playoffs. They may have winning and losing streaks, but 96-66 will qualify most teams for the playoffs.

Let’s use the same example in life. If someone finishes 200-165, they’re going to have a successful year and will look into January as wishing to capitalize on such a performance.

Now, the above only goes into account if you are yourself and have the courage to spread your message to as many outlets as possible. I realize it’s tough to open your thoughts to others, but it’s going to create your unique brand, voice, and following.

Will it burn bridges?

It’s going to burn bridges beyond repair, potentially with old friends and family, but you need to realize your worth and as I’ve stated above, you’re going to win some and lose some. It’s all about winning more.

Build your audience, build your following, spread your message, and you’re going to have a lot of support. People will share your statements, they’ll hop onto your bandwagon, and better yet, you’re going to be referred to their family and friends. Sure, a few doors will close, but more will open.

Those who know me and are following my blog or following me on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform, realize how vocal I can be regarding America’s role in the world, global affairs, distinguishing the truth from lies, and the direction of the world’s economy. It’s burned bridges, but it’s build more.

You must realize the more you pour your heart onto a page, the more you’re going to resonate with. You’re going to meet new people who will become your biggest supporters and will go out of their way to promote you because you have a message that deserves to be heard and it will influence and inspire many. Remember this point and you’re going to succeed.

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