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The Writers’ Colors

Orange is Creativity, Brown is Strength

Per the color theory, orange is associated with creativity and joy, while brown symbolizes strength, and reliability. It fits perfectly within the scope of the writers.

As a Cleveland Browns fan, I’ll be the first one to tell you brown symbolizes strength. Can anyone think of a more snake-bitten franchise in sports? The Drive, the Fumble, the Move, the 0-16 Season, the list goes on.

You may also think I have a bias, and I do, but for the writer, orange is a given; creativity and the joy of creating.

Why else do I write?

Well, to spread the Libertarian belief, but to do so from a creative standpoint. Who the hell wants to read about politics these days that contradict the Always Trumpers and Never Trumpers?

So, why not create a story out of it?


Why Brown?

To me, it takes a lot of mental strength to write, and even more mental strength to make a living and eventually a career from writing. Strength and reliability. Strength and reliability. Have the strength to seek and find reliability in writing.

Brown is a perfect fit. It’s a perfect fit.

Face it, to write, and to want to write for a living, it’s going to mean a lot of late nights, early mornings, and early on a Dreaded Day Job (DDJ), where many would rather do without.


About the DDJ

I posted about a week and a half ago about the story of Riesbecks and how “Mr. Patterson,” the landlord of the place and corporate monopolist, might I add, the abysmal, reckless, father-of-a-drug-dealer-who-enjoys-favored-status had raised the rent to such a crazy level they’re on the verge of closing.

And it’s why the DDJ isn’t just something one dreads…I received the opportunity to get to know many miserable souls whilst working there from 2011 to 2012, many of whom are still there and might be unemployed due to a greedy monopolist by the end of the year. Furthermore, it’s a single stream of income people rely on.

Let me reiterate: It’s a SINGLE stream of income.

And that’s where creativity and strength come into play for the writer.

Our products, as the great Joanna Penn states, can give us multiple streams of income if we play our cards right. I have one book out, but they’re in two different formats (e-book and paperback).

That’s two products.

I already have two streams of income, but as they’ve only been out thirteen days, I haven’t made too much money yet, but that’s okay, it’ll come later. This is scalable income and I’m in it for the long haul.



The Great Day Job (GDJ) is what we’re all fighting and striving for. Better yet, the GDJ can give us multiple streams of income. As for Northern Knights, the book is currently on Amazon, but this was planned, as I look to open publish November 1st, the same day Swords of Destiny gets released, which is Book Two in the Lord of Columbia Series.

Further, I’m open-publishing both, which will mean Amazon, Nook, Kobo, iBooks, and Google will all get their dose of Northern Knights, Swords of Destiny, and other smaller works will be coming, too, all of which are part of the same world Northern Knights and Swords of Destiny take place in.


Creativity Plus Strength

Creativity Plus Strength is definitely the key here, and one might add patience in as well, as it takes a long time, and I mean a long time, to build and grow an audience. For those of you who write romance or something similar, your road is going to be a little easier.

For those like myself who have political meanings within their works, which are really political manifestos, the road is naturally harder because both the Right and Left are never thrilled with such ideologies like Libertarianism…preaching freedom in today’s world is the eighth deadly sin!


Bonus News: Comeback Kid on Hold

Earlier, I talked about possibly releasing a work called Comeback Kid, and I plan on doing so, in time. However, the project is currently on hold as I’m putting all of my strengths into Lord of Columbia, both the main and the novella series, Book One of which is linked to the bottom of this page as a freebie if you join my mailing list!

I do plan on going through with Comeback Kid, but possibly under another name as a form of supplemental income, just so Todd Matthews (my real name) can identify with Lord of Columbia and only Lord of Columbia.

And with that I’d like to thank all of my readers for their continued support, please come back soon!


Get Northern Knights on Amazon for just 99 cents (series starter!)


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The Eurean Kingdom (1)


The Color Scheme War

Why I Didn’t True Voluntarist or Libertarian Colors

Though Lord of Columbia is based off war, Libertarian principles run amok in the work. However, my voluntarist and Libertarian friends may spot one huge flaw in the work, but it’s something I did on purpose. This article clears up a strange issue many voluntarists may get angered over.


So without further ado, let’s work to avoid this color scheme war.


Orange and Brown…Heroes?

Voluntarism and Libertarianism tend to be associated with black and yellow, but I wasn’t about to deck my main protagonists out in black and yellow. In fact, it’s the single last color combination you’ll ever see me wear.


Well, for one, I’m a Browns fan, but there’s more to it than that, I promise you.

1. When I think of the flame of liberty, or see flames anywhere, I see traces of yellow, but predominantly orange. So, it makes sense for an orange flame to be present.


2. The flame is in a wooden torch, so therefore the wood is brown. Orange and brown worked much better than black and yellow.


When it came to orange and brown versus black and yellow, orange and brown just made sense.


Black and Yellow…Villains?

Oh yes.

Another intentionality I carried out to make my Voluntarist and Libertarian friends’ heads explode. I decked out the villains, the Southpoint Empire in black and yellow.
Again, let me explain, and I promise it has more to do than it being the Pittsburgh Steelers’ color combo.

If one looks back in my posts archives, I state Lord of Columbia is one of a few allegories, two of which being the Revolutionary War fought in modern times and the American Empire versus the American Republic.

Well, the official colors of the US Army are black and gold (yellow).

Therefore, it made absolutely zero sense, beyond a shadow of a doubt to make my protagonists colors black and yellow.

I sought this early on.

Initial Colors

I had a few other ideas for colors, too. Here are some originals:

1. Scarlet and Gray protagonists versus Yellow and Blue antagonists. The idea sounded attractive, but it made zero sense to dress my colonies in red and my empire in blue for obvious reasons.

2. Blue and white versus purple and black. My protagonists were dressed in blue and white while the antagonists were in purple and black. However, this one didn’t hold because I wanted to place my protagonists and antagonists in modern looks. Despite the fact I have orange and yellow as colors, they’re secondary and accents at most, the dominant colors being brown and black.



It’s a small but potentially fatal issue I wanted to clear up a few weeks before Lord of Columbia’s release. The last thing I needed was for my Libertarian and Voluntarist friends to pick up or scroll through the work, wondering why I made popular Voluntarist colors belong to the enemy.

I hope this brief article clears up any potential confusion with readers. Yes, I realize black and yellow are colors of Libertarians and Voluntarists alike, but they’re also colors of the true interventionist empire’s army, that being the United States.

That said, I went out on a limb and finally settled on the same color scheme as my Cleveland Browns. I’d like to thank everyone for their readership on My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

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