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Career Change?

How to Embark on Career Change in Your Mid-to-Late-Twenties: I’ll Show You How It’s Possible

Did someone say career change?


Yeah, this guy, right here, challenging mainstream thought, said career change.


As you all know, I started My Freedom Flame to document a career change at twenty-seven from fitness trainer to indie author/writer.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll find I’ve also shared my Libertarian Thought and take on Global Affairs. All of which can be intertwined into one giant topic of the following:


Self-reliance: Pursuing passion, holding one’s self accountable to one’s self, and not some big brother corporate structure or government entity.


Challenge the hell out of mainstream thought. Take what the corporate-owned, government-backed media relays to the masses with a grain of salt.


Promote individualist values, which are needed to pursue passion and, as stated above challenge mainstream thought.
Today is going to be one of my ‘How to’ posts, which tend to be popular among my viewership.

So, today’s lesson is how to embark on career change in your mid-to-late-twenties.

Okay, so there’s something about your current job you don’t like.

Ditto, we’re in the same boat.

If you read back on my earlier posts, I didn’t mind working as a fitness trainer. The flexible hours, gaps in the day, and lifestyle attracted me to the gig.

Then they started treating us fitness freaks like salespeople and worried about one thing: Sales. Hey, I get it, it’s a business, but I’ve worked under far more effective business models which generated fitness sales without the sales word coming across us trainers.


We trained, the managers sold, and the club made seven-figures.

And we became one of the top training gyms in the nation…in Weirton, West Virginia. It wasn’t Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Fort Lauderdale, or anywhere else with a hot fitness scene. Google Weirton right now.

Yeah, a gym in that small town became one of the most recognizable in the country in its national (international these days) chain.


How to Embark on Career Change

As those of you following me for some time all know, I picked writing back up as a hobby in mid-2015 and it returned to passion status in late-2016.

Now, it’s an all-out blitz from trainer to writer/author.

I knew something had to be done.

Here is a list of steps you can take right now if you’re interested in career change.

1. Be proactive: Many of us will Google other jobs or think of what we’re passionate about after a bad day. No, always keep in mind what those bad days feel like and be proactive. I don’t care if you had a string of good days. Be proactive and research what you want today.

2. It starts with research: You aren’t going to get anywhere fast without sound research. If I didn’t research the writing market, I never would’ve produced a high-quality e-book and print book.


I never would’ve written a polished manuscript the way I did. I never would’ve known how to self-edit this day and age. I never would’ve known what copywriting meant, or anything. While I’m not yet an expert, I’m placing myself far ahead of the curve.

3. Accept the fact you’re going to make mistakes: In 2017, I made a million mistakes.


Guess what?


I learned from them and have yet to repeat any.


You’re going to make mistakes and many won’t embark on what they want out of fear of making mistakes or failing. Both are inevitable.


You’re going to fail a few times and make hundreds of thousands of mistakes. It’s how you learn.

4. Learn to persevere: This is a tough one for me, because I’m a perfectionist and Step Three was tough music to face.


But, once I faced it, I learned mistakes and failing are good things, because one doesn’t truly fail unless they throw in the towel.


So, treat your failures as success and as wins, ditto for mistakes, because it’s how you build an empire in career change.

5. Do things slowly: Research one or two topics in your desired career per week. Don’t cram information into your mind. I did this early on and as a result, I suffered a setback (See Steps 3 and 4). Don’t repeat my mistake. Focus on one or two topics at a time, become well-rounded in them, and move on to others.

6. Find a mentor: Even if you don’t know any mentors in your area, we live in the digital age. There’s no excuse. For example, there aren’t many indie-authors living in the area, or even published authors, or anyone I know personally making a living off writing.


So, I went online and discovered the Jerry Jenkins Writers’ Guild.


It changed my writing for the better. People may or may not love my stories, messages, plots, or themes, but I’ve yet to come across someone stating they didn’t like my books because of poor writing. Some can’t wait to point out my blog typos, but I rarely give these a second look. I’m writing my actual thoughts as they occur so you guys, in a way, can see how I think and write in real time.

7. Learn different styles: Take writing, for example. A journalist writes short sentences and paragraphs. A novelist writes in ways those reading their genre expect. If you write academic papers, there are different formats, like APA and MLA. Whatever your desired field, be sure to know there are different styles and different avenues.


Again, when it comes to writing, a copywriter and a technical writer are going to conform to different styles.

8. Build your resume: Yes, I was once in the same boat. When it comes to resume-building, my accomplishments were all fitness, fitness, and more fitness.


These days, I have a novel, a novella, and an active blog that’s growing each day.


Want more fun?


Seven months ago, none of this existed. Now that I’m looking to guest post and freelance since my novel and novella are out (Northern Knights and Fighting Tyranny, see side-bar).


And I’ll bet you a bundle I’ll be in a different place seven months from today. Within fourteen months, I’ll have given my resume a complete makeover. Time flies, especially as we age.



Above are my eight steps to successful career change. Bear in mind, these eight steps are for people beginning their career change. When I become a seasoned veteran in this topic, I’ll post another blog and again, when I’m an expert in the field.

It’s a process, and the beginning stages will take a good fourteen months if one follows the steps provided above.

Also remember that you need to treat this like a full-time job, no less. What I mean is you’re going to give forty-hours, or as close to forty as you can give to this if you’re serious about career change.

What are you waiting for?

Get out there, start changing your career today, so in a year’s time (if that if you’re lucky) you can hand your boss a pink slip, informing them of their termination.


Take the Calculated Risk

Isn’t it About Time You Rolled the Dice? Take the Risk, take the Gamble, Play the Hand

We’ve lost our identity as what it really means to be Americans and both Conservatives and Liberals are to blame for this mess.

On one side, Conservatives routinely believe love of country is to die for it even if any armed conflict isn’t the best option. In other words, it’s either submit to your country’s authority, or else.

Liberals believe the United States to be a greedy corporate empire that gets rich off the expense of the masses, but believes government intervention is the road to freedom, which has never worked.

Libertarians believe in playing by one’s own rules should be number one and that any road to personal freedom and prosperity defeats anything Conservative or Liberal America offers. We play by a different set of rules.


Take the Risk

And when it comes to risk, us Libertarians love rolling the dice and seeing what we can uncover. We’re risk-takers and we love every second of it. Sure, we know we’ll fail at times, but at others we’ll find prosperity when we climb the highest mountains.

We have goals to work toward, passions to pursue, and we’re not about to follow the Conservative mantra of working for a company that’ll take care of us and our families. Hell no!


As Libertarians we’ll take care of ourselves, thank you very much.

We’re individualists, who refuse to get a job simply for compensation, benefits, and security. We’re freedom-seekers, and we seek freedom over security, failing as we stand than “succeeding” as we kneel. Because when we fail enough, we will succeed, and it’s the beauty of taking the calculated risk. We have the ambition to ride out the storm.

Unlike Liberal America, we won’t take your government handout; you can keep it. We don’t like tax credits, instead we want to pay for anything we decide to buy. They can keep their government-mandated healthcare; Libertarians like to take care of themselves and even if we were better off with government, we’d decline.

No Pride Needed

No, Conservatives, we’re not going to show our pride in working for a brand name and helping that brand name achieve its goals. We just don’t care enough for your company or your dreams; we have our own to work toward, and they’re more important to us.

But thanks for trying to coax us into a little retirement plan, benefits, and a comfortable salary to bribe us against following our own path. I know we’re hard workers. In fact, Libertarians are the hardest workers you’ll ever hire.



Except, we’re ambitious people and you, you’re company is just small work.

Then, we’ll go on to start our own brand. We’ll pursue our passion, our dreams, and walk straight into Hell for a while.


Because we care that much about the product we have in our mind and our goal is to relay such a product to as many people as possible because it’s beneficial to them. Not only that, but we also see the benefits of what we’re doing and your little offer to us just isn’t, nor will it ever be, beneficial enough.


Pursuing Passion

No, we’re not just going to work some stupid job and start something we’re not passionate about.

Yeah, I know, the whole market demand thing, but someone else can start their business in it. Hey, if I don’t like something I simply won’t pursue it but if I love something I’ll pursue it like I have no other option.


I’m an INFJ, I’m only pursuing something worthwhile. If I don’t find you or your product worthwhile, I’ll pass, even on $80,000 a year. I’ll make my own $80,000.


How does that sound?

No, I won’t give myself another option.

I’m pursuing, and that’s all there is to it.

I’m pursuing writing because a) I love it and b) there’s a message to spread to the world and it’s the best way to do so.

But, isn’t it hard to make a living in it?

I think anything worth pursuing is hard to make a living in. Writing is no different, and there are numerous ways to make money here.

1. Creative writing. It’s the best. Write a book, market, promote, and sell. Learn SEO and metadata to increase your chances of success. But dammit, take your time. There’s a lot of legwork involved if you want to get this thing in front of people without shouting ‘Buy my book’ on Twitter and annoying the hell out of us.

2. Informative e-books. While creative writing can entertain, or at least entertain while informing, others want to be informed. What are you good at? I have a fitness background and an endless fountain of ideas how people can adopt a fitness background. Why not sell my knowledge? Hey, people want to whip their asses into shape in a convenient way, so why not sell it to them, because my ways are strikingly convenient. Sure, there’s work involved and all, but at least you don’t need expensive gym equipment or a special diet; just willpower.

3. Blog, dammit. Drive people to your blog the same way you drive people to your book with sound SEO and metadata. I’m busy converting my past works to SEO, and in the week since I’ve started using SEO, my traffic has seen a slight increase. I suspect that trend to continue. Short-term goal is 100 daily views, long-term is 500. I’ll talk about my books and other works, but I’m not telling people to buy them. It’s your decision and if you want it, you’ll find it, or it’ll find you.

4. Freelance. Find websites you love to read and see if you can contribute. Some sites even pay a hefty sum, so your time is more than worth it. Even for sites that don’t pay, by submitting and getting published, you’ll receive credibility in your field. Just last week I started studying freelance opportunities and came across how to submit to one of my favorite sites,

Last week, I made a list of blogs, websites, and magazines to submit my work and came up with over sixty. After I compiled my list, I crafted several pitches just to get in the flow of proposing my work. This week, the goal is to craft an article worth submitting and hopefully within the next week or two, will submit.

I’m very new to freelance, so this is another walk into uncharted waters.


Research, Research, and more Research

When you pursue, I can’t stress enough how important it is to research. You need to know the in’s and out’s, even the technicalities like SEO and metadata. The more you research, the more edge you’ll have over others you might be competing with. But if you want to launch your book, then do all the legwork like social media, a blog, and screaming ‘Buy my book, so be it.

This time last year, I was hoping to launch Lord of Columbia, my debut creative work. However, I didn’t know anything about the business side of operations and wisely started researching to see how I could give the work the best chance to succeed.

What I found out will save me a lot of headache and wtf’s down the road. From book covers, to choosing a title, to choosing categories, sub-categories, keywords, book description, all the way down to my About the Author, I researched every single detail.



I hope I motivated you to inch another step closer to so too can take the calculated risk, roll the dice, and gamble for a brighter day.

Sure, it’s a scary thought, especially when your current gig may be paying you a nice income and benefits. Calculating risk versus current security, however, plays into the whole security over freedom mantra. Don’t take security over freedom. Instead, take the risk. I’m confident years from today you’ll look back and see how foolish it was to have all this built in fear of what if something goes wrong.

Instead, worry about all that’ll go right. It’s true. People worry about finding success because while many of us have had a time where we made a good living, success in our chosen field, our passion, is a whole new ballgame.

And with that, I’d like to thank all my readers on My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

Your Gift in Life

Many Allow This Awesome Possession Go to Waste

Why does everyone take their gifts for granted?

When you were young, you may’ve been a gifted athlete, artist, writer, researcher, or had an interest in certain topics that would someday lead you to parts unknown or innovation.

Then, everything changed.

You forgot your gifts.

Your creative mind, once reaching a certain age gone.

You instead opted for making a living with an everyday job. Sure, such work required training, schooling, or something, but you eventually settled for the normal life most of the population tends to live.


What squashed the creative juices out of you?

What motivated you to take another route?

Because someday you’re going to look back and blame yourself for not seeing your gifts, ambitions, and dreams through. Then, you live a life of regret. Perhaps, even a life of prosperity, false prosperity, but nonetheless a life of regret.

You wanted to be something that made others feel great about themselves, forget their problems, or, in my case introduce my friends, family, followers, and fans to harsh truths regarding globalism and its dangers, place such elements into fiction, write an entertaining novel or book series, and go about selling the word to the public.

We were all blessed with certain passions and abilities, yet many of us allow such passions go to waste.

It’s something I looked into as early as my freshman year of high school back in 2005 when it seemed everyone, many of these people I knew since fifth grade back in 2001, had high aspirations. Come freshman year, the deterioration began. Perhaps the molding of conformists via the public schooling system did its job?

Come senior year, if one even mentioned they wanted to be something out of the ordinary, it was frowned upon, laughed at, and ridiculed. I was open about my then-bodybuilding aspirations at the time, which turned into a decent run competing in men’s physique back in the day, before I rediscovered my love for writing and truth-seeking.
Talk about the disbelief that spread across peoples’ faces.

Growing up in a blue-collar area where laboring is the main way of making a living, if one didn’t wear a pair of work boots, that was frowned upon. Either you didn’t work hard enough, didn’t want to work, or simply didn’t know how to work. Work meant doing something that isn’t fun.

Let me tell you something, and all those living in areas where the above mentality may be the “norm” in their area. I may be a writer and spend extensive hours behind the computer when I’m not training clients (and I’ve been cutting those hours to pursue my writing passion as Lord of Columbia inches closer to its launch), but I’ve never worked so hard in my life getting Lord of Columbia publish-ready.


I’ve never worked so hard in my life making sure the manuscript was as close to error-free as I could make it. I’ve never worked so hard in my life researching historic documents like Operation Northwoods, MKUltra, the Iranian Coup, Operation Wappan, and any other crimes the CIA have committed in getting my allegories to be inspired by true events.

Anything you put time and effort into is hard work, and your gifts deserve your undivided attention, even if no one else thinks so.

Difference Between Dependency and Self-Reliance

 Ten Commandments of Sheepdom Versus the Ten Commandments of Freedom

I’m going to be straight up honest with my followers today. If you want to win respect from your parents, friends and family, engage in the following ten commandments:

1) Get married young, but not too young.

2) Find a job which pays a nice salary and offers benefits.

3) Have at least one, if not more kids.

4) Watch sports on weekends while keeping up with NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.

5) Support American intervention overseas.

6) Send your kids to public schools.

7) Vote either all Republican or Democrat, regardless of actual issues. Oh, and vote for the popular candidate solely on the basis of having the best chance to defeat the opposition, again regardless of political views.

8) Submit to the authority of police and the military and follow the “do as the state orders so they won’t shoot you” mantra.

9) Live for two reasons: to pay taxes to the state while being held at gunpoint and die either at the hands of the state (chemical trails, fluoride in the water, propaganda, victimless incarceration, etc.)

10) Compromise with your friends of the other political party by supporting one-trillion-dollar omnibus spending bills which benefit everyone but taxpaying Americans, even said taxes are lower, the value of the dollar decreases due to more printing via the Federal Reserve or borrowing from other nations, which in turn increases prices and further devalues the dollar so your little bonus paycheck in reality means absolutely nothing.

11) Bonus Commandment One: Thank the corporation you’re working for on bribery for the opportunity to wake up early, force feed, fight traffic, dress in uncomfortable clothes, make a lot of money for them so the CEO can drive in a Ferrari, and thank them once more on a bended knee.

12) Bonus Commandment Two: Give up on your childhood dreams as they’re simply games you used to play when you were young and in reality, you must now conform and bow down to the ways of the world, including political correctness and submitting to further liberty usurping status-quos due to the endless wars America is fighting overseas in Syria and Iraq, which somehow (they never really said) threaten our nation’s security.


What if I Want Self-Respect

For the one-percent of us who look at these ten commandments and two bonus commandments, shake our head, and laugh at others for following the status-quos put in place by other people, congratulations, you’re the true warriors of the world.

While I’ll concede to say you may need to take a corporate job for a bit and follow a few of the above commandments to gain self-respect, you need to put some time aside toward your true goal. For myself it’s writing, and for you, it may be something different.


With the world in which we live being controlled by fake news outlets such as CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, my passion for writing has increased as my awareness for such false mantra increases. If you want proof these are fake news sources, just turn on CNN, where you’ll see a CNN reporter in Syria sniffing a backpack said to contain sarin gas, which supposedly killed several in the false flag chemical attack two weeks ago. I don’t think I need to go any further.

So, if you want self-respect, my first word of advice is to think beyond the status-quo. Back to myself, who are my idols when it comes to news? Ron Paul, Alex Jones (despite his former Trump bias), Jake Morphonios, Stefan Molyneux, and others.

In relation to your own passion, always strive to be different. Be a different breed, the black sheep, the kid who sits on the school wall and reads books during recess while the others play absent-minded games. Never be afraid to be different.



Ten Commandments for Winning Self-Respect

1) Question everything you’ve been taught, including politics, religion, school subjects, and anything else which may come to mind.

2) Research, research, research. We’re never taught to research properly. We’re taught to research biased facts based off biased opinions. If you’ve ever been educated at a state school, you know what I’m talking about. Research the other side of each argument.

3) Strive for more than a good paying job. I love using the Pepsi Guy in such situations, because of his hypocrisy when it comes to fitness, yet simultaneously helping others meet an early death by advocating toxic products.

4) Ignore the doubters. You’re going to have doubters at every avenue. If you’re like me and are vocal about what you want, even your parents may give you weird looks and spread negativity. Ignore the negativity and remember who you are and what you want.

5) Burn and build bridges. You’re going to burn bridges by being vocal in your approach. You’re going to be mocked and ridiculed by those part of “The Establishment,” the group of people who always have to be part of a group to make themselves feel wanted. You’re above The Establishment, and they know this, which is why they strive to bring you down.

6) Stay the course. The storm is going to be rough, but any comeback is better than the setback. There will be setbacks, obstacles, and monsoons. They’re inevitable. But, by staying the course and overcoming each, your strength of character will increase, and your vision will become clearer.

7) Celebrate small victories: Each day should be a victory by writing each task and completing them. If you’re a writer, set a word quota or write one blog per day. Research and read for an hour, and you’re one step closer.

8) Embrace failures: The most successful people failed ninety-nine times and succeeded once. Remember you’re going to fail more than you’re going to succeed but embrace each failure, as failures are a checklist. This didn’t work, that didn’t work, so maybe this will work. Failure is nothing more than a conclusion to a science experiment, but with each experiment, success will be found.

9) Trust the Process: The Process is tough for anyone and it means tanking for a year or two. This means when you’re running your own show, you’re going to lose money and are going to be working for free as you build your passion. Don’t expect an early payoff, but it will come in the end.

10) Create a network: Use Facebook and Twitter to network, and any other social platform. Also, writer or not, have an active blog and share them across social platforms. There are many to choose. Create the network, build your following, and build your brand.



Success in what you truly want doesn’t come easy. It takes time, energy, work, frustration, and life on a prayer. However, anyone who’s been through the process will tell you how much more rewarding it is to wake up and look forward to working. For me, writing isn’t working, it’s creating and spreading a message people need to hear. We’re living in troubled times, and I enjoy spreading the message to bring back the principles of liberty and happiness to all.

We live in times where negativity thrives, and positivity is dying. Negativity is positivity these days, as The Establishment loves to single people into outcasts. If you become an outcast, don’t sweat it; embrace it. It means you’re far too unique and special to fit into the sheeple clique. Wear your outcast like a badge of honor and remember your worth, as you’re far too worth their time, and they know it.

Who has Influenced You to Pursue the Life You’ve Always Dreamed?

Pursuit of Happiness has Heroes at Every Avenue, from Politicians to Economists, to Family


Ambition is something we all have within us. We’re an ambitious breed of human looking to break from the restraints of society, yet when we reach a certain age, we fall in line. I blame the state-run political prisons disguised as public schools and their role of making Americans docile, robotic, and unable to critically think for themselves.


The last sentence was influenced on me by someone, and that someone is former Congressman Ron Paul.


Or, better yet. Back in the 1990’s, the Project for a New American Century was signed by and fifteen of these people became part of the Bush/Cheney administration. What is PNAC? Only a little pretext to massive US intervention in the Middle East. Thank you, Jake Molonios, I’m glad I found Blackstone Intelligence.


So, for every move, there’s a mover. For all of us, we’ve been influenced by someone.




Family Ties

Who influenced me to not fall in line and become another drone to society?

I’d say my immediate family, as when I reached high school age, I was getting lessons in needing to collect social security, work a job with job security, the ‘a job is a job’ mantra, and the works. I’m grateful for my family, because they helped this rebel shape his views to say no, don’t become a drone.

I’m the type of person who’s more likely to do something if told not to. They would’ve been better off telling me the US creates false flags to justify invading other nations via executive powers, which per Senator Rand Paul (and just about every Founding Father), a few dozen influences here, is unconstitutional.

Had my family not confused patriotism with nationalism, as most “patriotic” Americans do, I’d probably be a fully-fledged nationalistic cop apologist, pro-war mongering hawk, John Bolton-loving neoconservative most of them are at the moment.

Not patriotic in the slightest, but very, very nationalist. Had this been Colonial America, they’d have been Loyalist and I would’ve been a Patriot.



Honest Congressmen and Senators

Yes, Ron and Rand Paul are big influences. As are Trey Gowdy, Jesse Ventura, Thomas Massie, Justin Amash, and Austin Peterson. Libertarian America is a huge influence on me and my political views.

Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothard, Lew Rockwell, Frederic Bastiat, and Adam Smith helped shape my economic views, which are strictly free-market politics with zero government influence. Today, we live in a nation where the government picks and chooses the winners and losers and told this is free market economics, which is why we have so many socialists in this country. Newsflash, corporations hate the free market because they realize all barriers to entry would crush their little empires.

Stefan Molyneux is another one I’ve been watching closely. While initially a Trump apologist, this anarcho-capitalist saw light after Trump’s ridiculous omnibus spending bill totaling 1.3 trillion dollars plus his recklessness regarding Syria.




Influences spark from many avenues. Listed above are influences which have shaped my political views and are some of the main motivations behind my writing. I’ll reveal some book, movie, and television series in future posts, plus authors and writers whose views and styles shaped my way of thinking and helped spawn my trilogy, Lord of Columbia, coming September 2018.

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