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Influences Behind Lord of Columbia: Liberty versus Tyranny

Northern Knights’ Tagline Description: Liberty versus Tyranny

As mentioned in a previous article, I’d already ditched voluntarist colors in favor of creating my own system in my urban fantasy, liberty versus tyranny series, Lord of Columbia. My reason for doing so is simple: I wasn’t about to use Pittsburgh Steelers colors for my protagonists.

Sound amateur?


But then again, LaVar Ball is what, fifty, and still acts like a teenager? Not to mention, the dude’s kind of well-off.

Anyway, you get the picture.

But the main message?

Liberty versus Tyranny.

Patriotism versus Globalism.

National Identity versus Global Identity.

Voluntarism versus Force.

Libertarian Values. Freedom Flames, hence the name of my little blog I have going on here.

But it’s more than that.

It’s not a history book you’re about to read, come September 1st. No, it’s a new adult, urban fantasy reminiscent of Harry Potter, to an extent. Except the characters are older.We’re in a free region at a university.

But trouble lurks on the horizon.

A powerful empire is waiting to pounce upon its prey. Such imperialism, seen in the world today, brought on by the United States, the global empire. The global army. Setting up bases in over one-hundred and thirty countries, including developed nations like Europe.


Don’t make me laugh.

Is selling weapons to Saudi Arabia to use on Yemenites humanitarian?

Or, is supporting Israel’s continued terrorist attacks on unarmed Palestinians humanitarian?

Is conducting secret operations in Niger something a free nation does? Especially when such operations are paid for in tax dollars that makes the rich military-industrial complex richer, and the working and middle class poorer.

Liberty versus Tyranny.


It’s going to be Northern Knights’ tagline.

Because it really is Libertarianism versus Imperialism. The Old, United States Republic versus the Modern-Day United States Empire.

The classic tale of Republic versus Empire has taken on a new meaning, because this time, in real time, in real life, the fate of an entire nation is at stake.

In both Lord of Columbia, and in real life, the message of liberty, and the principles of liberty cannot, and will not be compromised.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.


Behind the Writing, Part I: The Message

My Pro-Liberty Determines Success. If My Book is a Bestseller, I Didn’t Do My Job

I read an article on stating only forty of the millions of indie-authors out there are bestselling authors.

This might discourage most, but it motivated me, because I never planned on writing a bestselling book. Writing a bestseller isn’t the point regarding Lord of Columbia.

Oh, so what is?

Planting a certain seed in peoples’ heads is the reason I write. Readers picking up on Lord of Columbia’s message will determine its success.

Sure, I want to write a book that sells.



How to Sell

Yes, I need to charge money for Lord of Columbia because I provided a service by taking a year-and-a-half just to edit the thing after completing the first draft (this was before I discovered the Jerry Jenkins’ Writers’ Guild), bought a pre-made cover because I can’t afford a graphic designer at the moment, and shifted from a third-person-omniscient to a third-person-limited point-of-view.

So yes, I’m charging money because I’m providing a service. I’m better off with your tiny payment ($3.99 for the e-book, $9.99 for print, prices subject to change) and you’re better off with my book (hopefully, anyway).

What kind of seeds are we planting?



Liberty. Liberty. Liberty. Liberty.

It’s why I write.

My goal isn’t to sell a record number of copies. I’m not interested in a bestseller, just a good old-fashioned theme, interesting characters, and a plot that breathes liberty.
Sure, I’m confident Lord of Columbia is going to sell.


Because I did my homework. I studied keywords, but best yet, long-tail and semantic keywords.

I studied the way Amazon uses dozens of different sub-categories, so you can go beyond just the normal two.

I studied SEO and meta-data, much of which I’m still learning to this day, which I’m even implementing onto my blog. Slowly, anyway.

I’ve learned so much over the past eighteen months that had I released the work last year, it would’ve failed.



The message never would’ve been received because the manuscript had too many typos, a few plot-holes (yikes!), and far too much detail.



Jerry Jenkins Plus Les Edgerton Equals Writing Passion

So, I sought the help of other authors, like Jenkins, whose guild I remain part of to this day. It’s completely changed my writing and no, I wasn’t a good writer at all before Jerry Jenkins.

I also read a few how-to books from Les Edgerton, like Hooked. Again, a lifesaver, because Hooked helped me structure the plot where surface problem after surface problem arises. Another element I like about Les’ works: He tells it like it is. There’s no sugar-coating. He doesn’t write what you want to read, he writes what you need to read.

So yes, I did my homework regarding Lord of Columbia, giving the work the greatest chance to succeed in the market.


All About Names

I even called it Age of Columbia: Uprising, before I saw they weren’t the most popular terms in the Amazon search bar. I tried a few other titles, which would’ve gotten me lost in a sea of books.

Finally, Lord, North, and Knights fit perfectly, with enough search results to garner interest among readers, but not so much my book would be lost in a forest of others. Thus, Lord of Columbia: Northern Knights was born.

For the rest of the week, the topic will be on Lord of Columbia, because I want to show everyone the kind of behind-the-scenes homework I’ve done in preparation for the work. Not only that, it’s a modern-day, urban fantasy allegory of the Revolutionary War, and it’s the most important week of the year to brag about American Independence.

Also, I look to present a book trailer where I discuss the work, why it’s significant, and the type of research I’ve conducted to write it. Lord of Columbia may be fiction, but it’s based off and inspired by real issues.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.


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