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Fighting Treason

Fighting Treason: An Allegory to Coordinated Coups and Imperial Lust

Hi, guys, I wanted to let all of you know my new novelette Fighting Treason is out on Prolific Works. You can claim your copy for free at the link provided below this article!

Also, you have the option of signing up for my email list where you’ll get access to all my hot, new full-length novel releases and exclusive access to more of my free works exclusive for my email list.


What is Fighting Treason?

Fighting Treason is a young adult epic fantasy. It’s inspired by my Libertarian views, consisting of anti-imperialism, anti-authoritarianism, anti-militarism, anti-police, anti-statism, pro-liberty, pro-nationalism, and small government.

However, Fighting Treason is much more than that.

It’s a story. There’s action, adventure, magic, and even paranormal activity in the work.

A story featuring two best friends from different backgrounds, from the highest and lowest of castes, again finding themselves in a state of misfortune.

But there’s more.

It’s a story featuring the main character showing the ability to bring themselves down to any level of society, despite their position in the upper caste.

Read on for the description.


What’s Fighting Treason About?

Fighting Treason is the story of two friends who find themselves in exile after getting framed for an assassination.

Knowing who’s really behind the assassination, the duo forms a small force, returning to the Kingdom to rid their land of incoming imperialists.


What About Themes?

Fighting Treason carries a hardcore anti-imperialist theme.

Once again, the rugged republic is challenged by an overbearing empire who acts as the police force of the world.

This empire is willing to do anything to overthrow patriotic leaders to usher in the imperial-backed hand puppets, similar to what the CIA does today as can be seen in the cases of Ukraine and Syria.

A secondary theme is the series overview, consisting of the series’ lowest characters playing an integral role in the story.

In fact, the main character, Seneca LaSalle, is one such character.

Despite her current place in society in the book, the girl has a dark, horrifying history which is seen in Fighting Treason’s predecessor, Fighting Tyranny, which can also be found for free on Prolific Works.

As mentioned, Seneca displays the ability to bring herself to different levels and it’s seen early as she bids goodbye to her commoner friends, treats her maid not only with respect but as a friend while finding her best friend, Prince Neo, rather annoying.

Seneca knows what it’s like to grow up in an oppressed state, as she’d done in her home country of Tamuria.

Now living in Ddraigoch (named after the Red Dragon, Y Ddraig Goch), Seneca’s living situation is now greater than ninety-nine percent of the population, but she’s constantly haunted by her dark history.

She’s the classic example of a girl who’s seen the bottom, and now she’s ready to see the top.


Neo Skyehawk

The Series’ namesake, Neo Skyehawk is the Crown Prince, Heir to the Ddraigoch Throne. Neo’s never been thrilled with his high-ranking position.

The founder of the sport shotball, Neo’s life’s ambition is to grow and spread his sport throughout the known world.

But like all Crown Princes, Neo has responsibility.

He’s forced to make appearances everywhere, lauded by the masses for no apparent reason, according to him.

Neo loves dressing like and blending in with commoners, wishing he was one of them, but noting once that his commoner friends long to be in his position, as Prince.

Despite Neo’s insistence on living the common man’s life, he’s always finding himself in terrible trouble and on the run with Seneca.

In Fighting Treason, Neo faces his toughest challenge yet when he’s exiled from his own nation.



We all have themes in our works. We have a message bleeding through the pages that hold true us.

Our themes are why we write and continue to release both short-length, as the Neo Skyehawk Series is, and full-length, as my Lord of Columbia Series has become.

So, go ahead, make the claim to the work and sign up for my email list for even more updates on how my works are coming, and on the continuity of spreading the message of liberty.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.




Influences Behind Fighting Tyranny

Unlikely Friends. False Flag. A Race Against Time

Two friends from entirely different social classes team up in this one, to take on the tyrannical Tamurian Monarchy.

Care for a description? Check this out:

Unlikely Friendship. False Flag. A Race Against Time.

Neo Skyehawk and his best friend Seneca LaSalle couldn’t have come from more different backgrounds. While Neo was raised as an Heir to the Crown in Ddraigoch, Seneca hails from the most despised political class in the oppressive land of Tamuria.

Now living with Neo’s royal family, Seneca reiterates to Neo her single condition to remain in Ddraigoch: To rescue her parents from Tamuria’s clutches.

Upon sneaking into Tamuria, the duo discover Ddraigoch traders are held captive by the Tamurians, falsely accused of spying and are subsequently executed. After further observation, they find the Tamurians are leveraging accusations as a false flag to launch a sneak attack on Ddraigoch.

Fighting Tyranny is the first book in the Neo Skyehawk series. If you like sword and sorcery, short action thrillers, unlikely friendships, and fantasy, Fighting Tyranny is for you.

Join Neo and Seneca on their adventures today.

As mentioned above, Fighting Tyranny is Book One in my Neo Skyehawk Series, a novella series which acts as a prequel series to Lord of Columbia. I initially created Neo Skyehawk’s story to be a standalone e-book as a gift to those who join my email list, entitled ‘The Eurean Kingdom’. Upon completing the work, I loved it so much I decided to create a second one, well, the first in the series itself, Fighting Tyranny, available for free on Kobo, Nook, Scribd, Playster, and other e-book outlets, soon to be available on Amazon and iBooks.


Influences Behind Fighting Tyranny

Like Lord of Columbia, Fighting Tyranny contains an anti-imperialistic background. As mentioned above, two friends from different social classes team up to take on a corrupt Monarchy threatening military intervention to expand its imperial fist.

Also like Lord of Columbia’s first book, Northern Knights, Fighting Tyranny is action-packed, dialogue-heavy, and much of the magical systems seen in Northern Knights are also present. Characters Northern Knights mentions in passing are central to Fighting Tyranny’s plot, linking the two series’ together.

My main purpose behind Fighting Tyranny is to continue to spread my belief of non-intervention, and that the only defense any nation must utilize should be to protect its own borders from within. It reinforces the idea that all nations in a conquest for empire ultimately fail in such a conquest, the American Empire being no different.


Ron Paul’s What If Speech

One of my favorite speeches of all-time rang through my mind when creating Fighting Tyranny. Questions like ‘What if war is a racket,’ ‘What if the American people woke up and realized all wars are based on lies and only serve special interests,’ and ‘What if animosity toward America is directly related to its interventionist foreign policy,’ among others, were ones I repeated when creating the work.

If you haven’t heard this legendary speech, which is roughly four minutes in length, head over to YouTube and type it into the search bar. It’ll give you goosebumps just hearing the passion in Ron Paul’s voice.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll realize I’m a hardcore non-interventionist and as anti-war as one can get unless an enemy is sending warships at our coasts, has warships in the Gulf of Mexico, or are building bases in Canada, Cuba, or Mexico.


Conclusion: Don’t Fire Unless Fired Upon

Despite the fact both Northern Knights and Fighting Tyranny are war-driven, each battle takes place for defense purposes, in other words, they’re fighting off imperialism.

In real life, I continue to insist America hasn’t had a legitimate reason for going to war since The War of 1812. The subsequent War with Mexico, War of Northern Aggression, Spanish-American War, America’s entry into World War I (believe it or not, I’m related to Woodrow Wilson, so there’s some family animosity here!), America’s Entry into World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the First Gulf War, the War in Afghanistan (yes, really), the Second Gulf War, the War in Libya, and the War in Syria. And now, Trump’s beating war drums with Iran.

If you haven’t seen my previous posts on America’s failed foreign policies, be sure to check them out; I actually just had a biggie post on this released last evening.

America’s legitimate wars? Revolutionary War. And as mentioned earlier, War of 1812. The others are all based on lies that I’ll likely cover more in this blog, as again, both of my works carry a heavy anti-interventionist message.

I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support on My Freedom Flame, please come back soon, and if you’re interested in Northern Knights or Fighting Tyranny, feel free to click the corresponding images under this post. Thanks again for reading.

Fighting TyrannyNorthernKnights3

The Eurean Kingdom: Neo Skyehawk’s Story

My Current Work in Progress

Hi, guys, and I hope you’re all enjoying Lord of Columbia: Northern Knights, especially you Browns fans out there!

Anyway, as promised if the Browns win, you win, so I’m setting the book for free again come Monday.

Also, I’m looking to enhance the quality of the work a smidge…or should I say…in a full-length novella?

Yes! Because within the next week or so I’m going to give away a short novella depicting some characters in Lord of Columbia who are mentioned, such as David ap Santos and Neo Skyehawk. I want to start with Skyehawk because he has a rather important role in Northern Knights’ subplot, but isn’t shown.

I should’ve done this sooner, but as a rookie, I’m learning on the fly here and Northern Knights is simply just me getting everything right for my future full-length novels.
After watching a really informative webinar by Nick Stephenson and downloading a couple of his blueprints, I came across the free novella (or short story, tidbits, or whatever ideas comes your way) to place inside an ebook, especially our early ones, to reward readers.

Also, for those of you who’ve downloaded the work and really don’t feel like downloading it again, rest assured, because I’m also creating a Landing Page, too, which will give you access to this novella and any time I have more novellas coming my way, I’ll be sure to let you know. Also, if you’re buying the work in print, also use my Landing Page to get this and other future works for free!



I’ll write an additional post to let everyone know when this novella is linked to the ebook.


15,000 to 20,000 Words

Now, some of you may be thinking another book?

Dude, Northern Knights is long as hell, as my parents think! But again, rest assured, as these little novellas are borderline short stories, and are no more than 20,000 words in length. I pay close attention to my wordcount and omit anything not directly related to the story.


Pottermore’s Influence

I like to think of this almost like Pottermore, and you all know by now J.K. Rowling was a huge influence on me and ironically her work shaped my Libertarian views, though I do believe she’s part of the Labor (Labour in British English, I know, I’m an ignorant American) Party in England. Nevertheless, I somehow took a Libertarian message from Harry Potter.

Before I deviate too far off-subject, I was addicted to Pottermore when it first came out and loved a lot of the backstories Rowling provided for several pop-in and even characters who shaped the series that didn’t make the final cut into her works.
So, thanks to Rowling for that.


Free, Free, Free!

Yes, these novellas are free and what’s cool is I’m looking to upload one free novella for each work from here on out. And again, if you just want the freebie to test my writing style without buying Northern Knights first, you can do just that by signing with the Landing Page which will be coming shortly.


Hey Rookie, Welcome to the Big Leagues

Again, it’s something I wish I did earlier or even thought of earlier, but being a rookie here means a few things: Ups and Downs.

I like to think of it as being like, say, Baker Mayfield, who put up some pretty numbers in his preseason debut and threw the ball to the guys in the orange helmets, but still bolted the pocket far too many times, threw off his back foot too often, and didn’t adjust well to pre-snap reads.

But, Mayfield played well enough for those of us to say, “You know what, this guy might actually be the one quarterback in Cleveland who sticks.”

Take note, Mayfield will be Starter #30 since 1999 for the Browns when he eventually takes the reins.


I’d like to thank everyone for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

Where Harry Potter Meets Star Wars

Two Mega-Franchises That Shaped Lord of Columbia

Most will state it’s premature to place two of the bestselling franchises as comparisons to one’s own work, especially debut work.

But, here’s the truth in the matter; without Harry Potter and Star Wars, Lord of Columbia wouldn’t even have been thought of.

I guess I’d been thinking of Lord of Columbia since pre-school, when I first heard of Star Wars, and even more so since the late 1990’s, when I first picked up a Harry Potter book.
But, there have been other series that shaped Lord of Columbia, one of which is Avatar: The Last Airbender, among others.

So, when I state Lord of Columbia is where Harry Potter meets Star Wars, I’m not blowing smoke. Without them, Lord of Columbia, and probably my passion for writing, at least in present terms, wouldn’t exist.

My love for Libertarianism never would’ve happened.

An Alternate Career Path

What’s funny is, my “other” series, Comeback Kid, speculates on this. What the heck would I have been?

A trainer?

See, even then, I don’t know if I ever would’ve taken up fitness without Harry Potter and Star Wars. Sure, neither protagonist was by any means muscular with a low percentage of bodyfat, but knowing what I looked for in a protagonist sparked my love for fitness.

My fitness goal?

To look like my own protagonist in Lord of Columbia.

Again, without such epic stories, my love of fitness would’ve remained nonexistent, as it had throughout my childhood.

It’s ironic, as most of us as children (at least when I was growing up) were active and always in sports. While I realize times have changed, I was far ahead of the curve, choosing to be lazy and despising physical activity.

Fast Forward to 2018

And now, I’m the complete opposite, structuring my days around my writing and my workouts.

So, when I wrote Comeback Kid, I had some fun thinking of what might have been.

What might have been?

Ugh, nothing good. I’d have been a grocery store bagger or fast food worker. No, seriously, that would’ve been my life.

And my lifestyle is already sheltered as it is. I’m an extreme introvert who’s an extreme extrovert when it comes to writing. But, I prefer solidarity. I thrive in it. I love it. I like working and researching alone.

Where Harry Potter Meets Star Wars

But man, had J.K. Rowling never hit it big with Harry Potter and George Lucas with Star Wars, Lord of Columbia never would’ve been born. It never would’ve won the Lottery of Book Life, or Series Life. It would’ve remained deep in my mind’s files, never to have seen the light of day.

Ditto for fitness. Ditto. For. Fitness.

They go hand-in-hand, which is weird because in many cases they don’t.

It’s safe to say Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Lord of Columbia did one thing for me: They all set me on a path to be something greater than what I, and many others in their own lives, never thought possible.

But, thanks to my influences, my primary influences, and there are many, many more than just Harry Potter and Star Wars, Lord of Columbia can exist. A healthy, fit Todd Matthews can exist.

A man who looks younger than his age (seriously, I look like I’m seventeen at twenty-seven), can exist so long as he exercises and eats the right food.

So, a special thanks to both Rowling and Lucas, as my readers will know exactly what they’re getting if they choose to invest in Lord of Columbia. When I state it’s Harry Potter meets Star Wars, I’m not fooling around. I’m not kidding; I’m being dead honest. Harry Potter meets Star Wars equals Lord of Columbia.

Purpose Behind Lord of Columbia

The Twenty-First Century’s Libertarian Manifesto

I’ve often been asked why I wrote Lord of Columbia. What made me put forth so much effort and passion in the work that I’m willing to forgo a personal training career to write the book, get the word out, and even do something in libertarian politics to spread the word?

The Libertarian Message. I’ve often called Lord of Columbia a Libertarian Manifesto, something in the likes of Ayn Rand’s works or Robert Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

Influences like J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, and George Lucas’ Star Wars reign supreme. However, Libertarianism is my main message.

It’s a manifesto for a Libertarian Revolution.

Every writer seeks value, every writer writes for a reason, every book written by every author has a purpose. Every purpose has a movement inspired behind the cover.

Lord of Columbia personifies such a movement. It’s a work where oppressed colonies stand up to their imperial overlords. Where government overreach results in totalitarianism, corruption, and an invasive police state.

Yet, I wanted to go beyond just Libertarianism, as a book on Libertarian principles may bore even the most avid reader (Not everyone is going to read The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith). So, what could I do to make this message interesting? How could I entertain to inform?

What could I do to relay my message to even the most politically uninformed?

Relate the work to something. Something everyone has heard of. Has known. Something that affected the founding of this very country, the United States of America. But not the United States Empire that we see today, but the Republic. My loyalties lie with the Republic.

So, the founding of the United States of America. What happened? How did it happen? Why did it happen?

What made America, at one time, the most unique and exceptional country on Earth?
A revolution, the first country to ever gain independence from a European Empire, this one being the British Empire.

But again, I thought to myself, I don’t want to retell the American Revolution, though many connections, such as the Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre, and Battles of Lexington and Concord can be traced in Lord of Columbia.

Sure, the work’s entirely fiction. It’s urban fantasy, and in the new adult sub-categories, and it’s edgy. If you’re a fan of the American Revolution, Libertarian Politics, or simply something that might remind you a little bit of Harry Potter, I think you’ll like this work.

If you’re a Trump or Hillary apologist, you may be out of luck. If you’re a fan of socialism or communism, you aren’t going to like this. If you think the NSA, TSA, CIA, FBI, and the police force are necessities, be prepared to listen to a pro-liberty argument for once, as this book series preaches a case against law enforcement and mass surveillance.

If you believe the media and everything they say, justifying US intervention, I’m sorry but you’re going to brand me an anti-Patriot, even when I’m anything but.

True American, pro-liberty, Constitutional values, limited government, classic liberalism, free markets, non-intervention, and right to privacy are what I preach in Lord of Columbia. The rebellion, or better yet, I should say, the term starts September 1st.

I’d like to thank everyone for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

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