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My First Book’s Greatest Hits: BEST Themes from Northern Knights

War, Fighting the Quest for Empire, and Globalism

Today, I want to share with you all my first book’s greatest hits. Such hits include my best themes from Northern Knights. Now, if you’re an apologist to the current globalist system we see today in America, you might want to find a safe space. You aren’t going to like what I have in mind.


Right, so as you all know by now, my first full-length work, Northern Knights has been out on Amazon (blah) a little over a month with Book Two, Swords of Destiny, set to be released on Halloween. How’s that for a trick or treat?

Without further ado, I’d like to share some of my most memorable themes from Northern Knights, which makes the book, as I state it, a Manifesto for a Libertarian Revolution. One day, when I update the cover and release the second edition, the above statement might be its new subtitle over a new adult urban fantasy. One of a few ideas I have for the work.



The greatest theme in this work its insistence on liberty over tyranny. Far too often we’ve seen the United States dive deeper into security to the point to where it’s demanded. Twitter purge, anyone? We see this with gun laws, censorship, arming and militarizing the police, and willingness to give up civil liberties if it means fighting terrorists.

What have we gotten?

Unnecessary spying via the NSA and CIA. We’ve seen the FBI stage huge busts for good publicity (I want to link a few articles here because this sounds unbelievable until you read reputable sources). We’ve seen the TSA engage in immoral actions like forcing attractive women to walk through a scanner multiple times, mothers drink their own breast milk, and even subject a three-year-old wheelchair-bound girl to an invasive pat-down after seizing her beloved stuffed lamb.

Let’s just say the TSA’s lucky I’m not that girl’s father; at minimum, I’d have put that agent into a coma. You don’t commit such acts on a wheelchair-bound three-year-old.

My disdain for law enforcement shows early and often. Many ask why I’m not a fan of the police, and my answer is simple: A monopolized executive force is the greatest threat to liberty. Look through the pages of history and give me a single time a police force refused to enforce unjust laws. When has a good cop ever called out and arrested a bad cop? In a recent article, I shared shocking statistics regarding police.

Am I saying all cops act this way?

I watched a video last week that stated many of these people want to do good in their communities and they have impulses and feelings like any human.

I agree, but at the same time these people a) subjected themselves to a government monopoly, b) subjected themselves to a government monopoly funded by taxpayers, c) subjected themselves to a government monopoly funded by taxpayers at gunpoint, and d) are engaging in an institution where they’ll be citing and charging taxpayers extra for violating petty laws like failing to wear a seatbelt (which should be an individual choice), or driving a mile or two over the speed limit, or in today’s world, standing in one location for too long.

Ending the quest for empire. If there’s one thing that annoys me like none other, it’s the lie the military is overseas fighting to spread freedom while defending our freedom.
Okay, riddle me this.


Did You Know…

1. The US sells weaponry to Saudi Arabia, the country with the worst human rights record in the Middle East, to use on poor nations like Yemen?



2. The CIA has interfered in at least 80 elections since its inception? (Link at the bottom)

3. Saddam Hussein was a CIA Asset whose political party rose to power the same time George H.W. Bush was CIA Director?



4. The Project for a New American Century outlined a Middle Eastern invasion in 1997?


Link: Full Document:

5. The US is trying to convince the rest of NATO of a false threat in Europe?



6. BBC reported three towers fell on 9/11 before Tower 7 fell?



7. The girl who delivered testimony regarding Saddam Hussein’s human rights violations in 1990 was actually the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the United States?



8. Every war that involved the US since 1917 were all based on lies?



9. The real reason for being in Syria is to build an oil pipeline designed to cut off Russian and Iranian oil exports into Europe?



10. That the US Government funds research for irrelevant topics like whether or not Neil Armstrong stated, “one small step for man” or “one small step for a man,” using funds meant to go toward autism research?



So, I don’t know about you, but the free capital of the world has a spotty track record if the above is what they love to do.


Entertain to Inform

Now, unless you’re a die-hard history buff who loves alternative viewpoints such as I, I’m sure you’re not going to research every bit of information I post.

It’s where Northern Knights comes in.

I tend to take real-life issues, events, and conspiracies, and place them into my work.



Though Northern Knights takes place in a fictional world, I talk about the following not just in it, but in my future books, too.

1. We already covered my disdain for law enforcement and quest for empire.

2. Failures of the public education system.

3. Globalism, mainly via the Rothschild network.

4. Central banking.

5. Illuminati.

6. Shadow Governments.

7. Martial Law.

8. Fiat currency.

9. Propaganda.

10. Cult of Personality.

There are more, but the main ten listed here are recurring issues not only in Northern Knights, but also in Swords of Destiny and Book Three. These are also issues I see today. I mean, how often have we seen Donald Trump supporters come out in full support of their President regardless of what he says? These people want him shutting down media outlets.

The public education system not only teaches truth comes from authority, but those who recite such truths are rewarded. Those who question are punished.

Rothschild network and globalism. Follow the money, as much leads back to the Rothschilds. I love pointing to Genie Energy here.

Central banking has failed the US. The dollar continues to inflate. Boom and bust cycles are common. Depression and recession occur often.

Illuminati and Shadow Governments, the small minority of unelected officials making decisions for our politicians.

Martial Law, which involves a military-based government and suspense of ordinary laws. This one is seen early and often throughout the work. Columbia is technically in peacetime and the standing army is everywhere curtailing these peoples’ rights.
I covered fiat currency with central banking.

Propaganda is also seen early, very early, in Northern Knights. A massive example, and it’s seen regularly throughout the whole series, even on Book Four, which I’m writing a nice skeleton draft (the draft before the rough draft).

Cult of personality, where I show several instances of Loyalists, as I call them, following every order, to a T, for their leaders. They treat such leaders like gods and never dare to speak ill of them, and anyone who does, or even questions their motives, are sentenced to a state of woe I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, which is revealed in later books.



CIA Election Meddling:
NSA Spying:
Article on Northern Knights as Libertarian Manifesto:
Police Brutality Statistics:
On Hating Police:


Something Worth Fighting For

The Ultimate Battle, Ultimate Sacrifice, Ultimate Means to Exist

Freedom. Liberty. Independence. All interchangeable terms, and all symbolize something worth fighting for.

Freedom for all, not just a single race or group of people, but freedom for all in all four corners of the country.

At least, this is what one of Lord of Columbia’s messages are.

It’s not just the freedom of those who wanted to break away from the Empire, as had happened in the early history of the United States. However, the Founding Fathers, contrary to much false progressive belief, stated all men are created equal.

They never specified race.

In the Bill of Rights, they never specified race, instead stating rights of men, and these days, women, too, shall not be infringed upon.

It never says rights of the ‘white man,’ which is very important, and it’s, in my opinion, why the United States Constitution is the greatest document ever created. The flag, the greatest symbol of freedom from an empire, in this case, the British Empire.

For those who live in America, but hate its guts, I sympathize with you, too. For those of you who say the flag means nothing but oppression these days, I sympathize with you, too, because it’s been stained with blood of innocent people. It’s been tainted and been set on fire by those all over the world.

And trust me, sympathize with them one-hundred percent, though I don’t agree with the claim that it oppresses. You can’t take a symbol and change its meaning. Sure, people do it all the time and the argument should be made that it can happen, but a symbol, in its purest means, is only a symbol.

Now, I don’t worship the flag and I never will, but I also don’t believe in worshipping inanimate objects, so you’ll no sooner see me pledge allegiance to anything be it a flag or a church (especially these days), or any of the above. Just for the record, I’d never worship any flag, so I probably wouldn’t last long in places that make it mandatory.

No, I’m not disrespecting anything or anyone, I just choose not to place a hand over my heart. Doesn’t mean I hate America; it just means myself, as an animate object, won’t bow down to anything inanimate. And for someone who isn’t a Christian in modern-day terms, I feel I follow the Second Commandment better than a lot of die-hard Conservative Christians who insist nothing should fly higher than the flag.

I can see “Jesus” (the sun) already saying, “Now, see, that’s going to be a problem.”
Knowing all of this, I by no means wished to set out and create a modern-day “patriotic manifesto,” which these days the very word patriotism has been interchanged with nationalism so much not a soul can tell the other apart.

So, Lord of Columbia is by no means a patriotic thing, and it’s one reason why the colors red, white, and blue occur nowhere in the text when describing factions. Lord of Columbia may hold true to American values, but what are American values?

These days, a progressive will say oppression across the globe, and while I agree this is what’s become of America, it’s by no means America in its purest sense. In fact, true American values are the exact opposite of this.

It’s why I’ve always loved the Chronicles of Narnia Series, especially Prince Caspian, because the plot really mirrors this. Old Narnia is gone and its replaced by this oppressive regime called New Narnia. Everything about Old Narnia has been forgotten and erased, and New Narnia goes the distance to ensure it stays that way.

I’ve always compared the old, US Republic to Old Narnia, as it was a trader and friend to the world. However, starting in 1898, and really kicking off post-World War I, America slowly morphed from friend of the world to policeman of the world, exploiting other nations for its resources, just like the British did in its heyday.

Now, I’m not one to apologize to others for America’s actions and I’ll never apologize to others for the actions of my European ancestors. For one, I’m also part Native American, so I’m kind of, sort of, on both sides of the equation here. And besides, saying sorry doesn’t change the past.

But, what can be done is to be friends to minorities, especially that of the black and Hispanic communities, where gun and drug laws negatively affect both communities. Ditto for the remaining Native American communities. Even the predominant Muslim communities in the Middle East and North Africa, or those who are over here from there.

Now, I’m by no means stating we need to bring these people in from the third-world (I hate that term, because not all third-world countries are poor, in fact some are richer than America) and let them live off public benefits as is going on in Europe, but to be generous in other ways.

This will unite people as one, and what’s funny is, I never once used the word ‘tolerance,’ because again, tolerance should be an individual’s choice, whether at home or even in a business. If a Christian baker refuses to bake a wedding cake, it’s their right. If a liberal owner wants to throw out a Republican who works for Donald Trump out of their restaurant, it’s their right. It’s why I love Libertarianism, it’s principle over politics.

But, we can be united, as we all have a common enemy, and it’s called the United States Government; the American Empire. The American Empire has gone on for too long and is now forcing countries like Europe to increase defense spending and to stop trading with Russia and Iran because they’re somehow enemies (ahem, competition for Saudi Arabian oil companies).

Speaking of Iran, the American Empire is threatening Iran when all Iran stated was if the United States attacks, it’ll be the mother of all wars, but it also stated it wants peace, like it has with Europe and Russia. And not only that, look at a map. There are forty-eight American bases surrounding Iran. Do they have the right to be angry? Of course! Hell, if I were the leader, I’d have declared war already and said get out of our faces.

But what happens? Donald Trump acts like it’s Iran doing the threatening. Imagine for a moment if Iran had bases on the Canadian border and warships in the Gulf of Mexico. Then, they’re a legitimate threat to national security. Until that day comes, America remains the bad guy in this scenario.

So, we have something worth fighting for, just like my little band in Lord of Columbia has something worth fighting for: To save their land against the ironclaw of an evil empire. In our case, the evil empire happens to be the United States of America, which unfortunately has to force the world to abide by its laws, or else we’ll give them the Iraq and Libyan treatment and tell our unsuspecting public we freed the country after further destabilizing it.

Something worth fighting for is to bring an empire back into the confines of its borders and re-install the old republic.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

Behind the Writing, Part VI. Allegory to American History

How Mass Media Conditions Americans. Entertain to Inform has Never Been so Important

I was listening to the Ron Paul Liberty Report yesterday and his guest was John W. Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute talking about how America has become a mass surveillance state.


John W. Whitehead’s Take

One of Whitehead’s points struck a chord when he stated how Americans are so attached to screens for entertainment purposes. They go to a restaurant, and they’re watching sports. They go home, and they’re surrounding the TV watching the latest Hollywood flick, they’re playing the latest video game, the list goes on.

Whitehead went on to say how Google, Amazon, AT&T, and several other major outlets have close ties to the government, mainly the FBI and CIA, to keep tabs on Americans. They download your phone data, Google searches, and anything digital they can get their hands on.


How Government and Media Distracts Americans

And Americans are distracted. They’re distracted by full-time jobs that only makes money for large corporations that have ties to the government (which corporation doesn’t these days?), and they’re bribed with a solid living, pensions, benefits, the works so they don’t complain. They continue to be the drone they’ve been conditioned to become in government-run schools.

Then, for those who do watch the news, they get their emotional chords struck by tragedies like suicide bombings, chemical attacks, the latest truck running into a group of citizens in Europe, and so much more.


How the Media Spreads Propaganda

And the media tells them this is why we need American troops in over one-hundred countries. This is why America needs to police the world. This is why we need a military-industrial complex, to fight the evil terrorists abroad.

And people sheepishly fall for the welfare-warfare state.

Look, if mass media’s going to entertain to inform, I’m going to entertain to inform.
Enter Lord of Columbia, an allegory to American history. At its core, Lord of Columbia serves American history from a fictional, yet real, standpoint.


Lord of Columbia Exposes

But, unlike entertainment, schools, and mass media, all of which are either government operated or need a government license to exist, Lord of Columbia gives the truth to the public. Yes, we’re exposing mass surveillance. Yes, we’re going to be honest in stating the United States of America, mainly the CIA, are responsible for creating terrorism abroad, to create a new enemy for American troops to go after.

We’re going to expose to the public that almost all of America’s wars are based on lies that have nothing to do with our national security. We’re going to tell the public that American history has been tainted with a bias of public opinion, and by carrying out a forced agenda for the common good is the greatest violation of property rights, contrary to Judge Oliver Wendell Holmes, who stated the contrary.

We’re going to expose the fact that perhaps American intervention always creates animosity toward it and Israel. We’re going to expose the fact that both Obama and Trump have murdered children simply because of their relation to suspected terrorists. We’re going to expose the fact that American intervention doesn’t protect national security but increases terrorist threats both at home and throughout the West.

We’re going to expose the fact the public is distracted and sedated into believing the government exists to look out for the common good, when in fact it does the exact opposite, spying on Americans without their knowledge or consent. We’re going to expose the fact that at any time, your house can be raided by police or a S.W.A.T team without written consent from a judge.

We’re going to expose the fact police hold children at gunpoint while their parents are beaten and tortured into confessing for a crime they at many times, hadn’t committed.
Lord of Columbia is going to do this through entertainment, utilizing the same tactics the mass media uses to play off peoples’ emotions. Entertain to inform is the game, and it’s time those of us who know several truths step up and go head to head with the elephants in the room.

Thanks for reading.

Road to Somewhere, The Writer’s Road Back

My Passion for Writing Never Left

The year was 2005. Though I didn’t know it yet, I was about to refuse to lift a pen or even write a short brainstorming exercise for five years.


I hit a huge roadblock in my road to somewhere.

I didn’t know I was going to become a workout warrior who in a couple short years would have my heart set on becoming a personal trainer.


Heck, no one at Edison High School saw this one coming. Had you known me then, I was on the small side, and about as athletic as a slug.

At the time, and in 2006, 2007, and 2008, my purpose for wanting to become a personal trainer deepened, especially as I started hitting the gym in favor of even attending family functions.


And after studying the lifestyle.


Oh, had my passion for writing been shunned to one side by this macho love for fitness. And don’t get me wrong, I still love fitness.

But, I fell in love with the fact I could wear whatever I wanted to work, make my own schedule, and, well, be in a gym all day. I could workout when I wanted, and best yet, I wouldn’t have to work an office job.

So, come 2012, I started my first training job in Weirton, West Virginia (though it’s practically Pittsburgh), and off I went, for four-and-a-half years, making my own schedule, hanging out all day in the gym, hanging out with members, working out with new friends I’d made, and literally was paid to hang out.


The lifestyle, man, the lifestyle. Oh, what a lifestyle.

I put others through workouts, made sure they developed Stockholm Syndrome, so they’d renew with me year after year, scheduled my appointments around my workouts, and even cut group classes short if one of my workout buddies made it into the gym early.


Bring on that money! I made enough for a family of four to live off, just by telling clients, “Oh, you need another year with me, we aren’t through yet.”

Sound selfish?

Oh, yes.

Is it any wonder I lost my passion for working in the field?


Being in something for all the wrong reasons will cause even the most “passionate” to crash and burn.


Sure, I like it, but it’s like being in a relationship for a few years on end and you lose that virtue because, well, you may not have ever had it in the first place.


You were just dating the person because (I’m a guy, so don’t get offended) the girl’s hip-to-ass ratio was perfect, the sex was even better, and her morning pancakes were bomb!

Why was I training?

I don’t know, I’ll be completely honest.

The backslide began in mid-2015, and though I once vowed I’d never do what I did in Weirton ever again, I started doing what I did in Weirton at my subsequent places for the same reasons. Sorry, White Oak and Murrysville.

Is it because I’m a selfish person?

In all honesty, no.

See, when we truly love something, we do so for selfless reasons.

It’s why showboats rarely last in the NFL. For every Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, and Deion Sanders, you have at least three Barry Sanders, Peyton Mannings, and Larry Fitzgeralds. It applies to all sports. Sure, the classy guys may taunt at times and get fired up, but those who taunt less tend to have longer careers.

Johnny Manziel, Ryan Leaf, and others fitting a similar mold flamed out. Guys like them were in it for status, for others to look up to, almost as deities, and of course, what would happen if they succeeded?

Peyton Manning had a few bad games in his career. He rarely if ever let it bring him down. Ryan Leaf played well in his first two games; won them both. Then he had a bad game and a really bad outburst. Manning set a record for most interceptions thrown by a rookie. Leaf threw half as many picks in 1998.

Perhaps Manning had a motive larger than himself: Win the Super Bowl, make everyone around him better players, give others a reason for hope. Manning was virtuous, Leaf wasn’t.

Fast-forward to today.

Is Leaf virtuous?

He is.

He shares his story with the world, hoping people, especially young NFL players, don’t fall into the same trap he fell into. He works with recovering drug addicts, too, something he was caught up in himself until earlier this decade.

So, back to me and personal training.


The Road to Nowhere.

I wasn’t in it to make others better, though many became better. I was in it because it involved zero stress, workouts, and an excuse to wear gym clothes to work. I was in it strictly for comfort.

So, why writing?

The virtue meets the passion. The thought intertwines with emotion. We have worldly issues that must be solved, sensitive issues that must be discussed.

We live in a world where it’s considered offensive to bring up topics that might make our world a greater place for all, but refusal to talk about such issues creates a wayward welfare-warfare path in America that leads to destruction of the dollar, a decrease in standards of living, an increase in cost of living, and the free market is blamed for it.

However, the dollar is government-issued. Welfare and warfare is government legislated. Increase in costs are a direct result of increased inflation, while not as bad as some nations, is still just as tragic.

Laws that decrease a meritocracy, where those are selected in terms of ability, like affirmative action or bureaucratic ties, have only led to further destruction of America’s economy, destruction of freedom, destruction of everything our ancestors fought for.
Mass immigration from the Third-World has led to a larger welfare state than ever before, which one can read about in one of my latest articles.

There is so much more motive to write, because each morning when I wake up, when I’m training others, when I’m reading, researching, and writing, I cannot stand by and allow this kind of stuff to go unnoticed.

It’s a purpose, it’s a privilege, to have the discipline necessary to relay my findings to you, so we as a whole can place the food on the table, all of it, and have a civilized discussion regarding it, before it’s too late, before America falls victim to a financial collapse not seen since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Before America’s military is stretched so thin a military draft is instilled.

Before special interests dictating war across the globe, under the guise of NATO, takes America from being a freedom-loving republic to an evil bastion of the empire it’s become, usurping civil liberties with it.

This is why I write. To share with the world why we as a nation, and as a world, must confront all issues, even sensitive issues, and change them. To lead the world by example, not force, in the name of liberty.

It’s a mission, a destination, a road to somewhere, not a living. It’s a journey, not a thirty-five-year-plan where retirement is the ultimate goal.

It’s pursuing passion and seeing it through, regardless of what can happen.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

Influences Behind Lord of Columbia

America Isn’t a Champion of Freedom, but it Can Be

I’ve said before Lord of Columbia is an allegory regarding Constitutional America versus America the Empire. America the Empire is what we see today, with military bases in over one hundred and fifty countries and, if one looks at a map of our military bases, about fifty of these are surrounding Iran, and still others are in North Korea’s backyard.
It’s no secret Iran and North Korea looked to develop nuclear arms, but for George Bush to include North Korea, Iran, and at the time Iraq, into the ‘Axis of Evil,’ we need to step back and remember who’s invading who.

Imagine for a minute if America kept its bases where they belong, and Iran was the world’s sole superpower with nuclear weapons and telling every country how they should conduct business at gunpoint, as America does.

Worse yet, what if Iran’s leaders had a long, dark history with the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, while looking to go to war with any nation they have interest in.


Remember, Lord Jacob Rothschild and neocon Dick Cheney are on the Board of Advisors for Genie Oil, an Israeli company based in New Jersey. Recall my article where the Rothschild’s front man, James Crosby, bailed out Donald Trump in the 1980’s and another front man, Wilbur Ross, became Secretary of Commerce under Trump.

Well, Lord of Columbia is just this; Columbia is one of the oldest personifications of the United States of America, and she can be found via, which inspired me to call my main land in the trilogy Columbia.

But, there is a deeper message than Columbia being a reference to America. Columbia, in my contemporary fantasy trilogy, has been under attack for decades. The peoples’ civil rights have vanquished, they’re forcibly conscripted into the Southpoint (reference to America, the Empire reaching its southernmost point), military and shipped overseas to die in battle, stating it’s the “patriotic” thing to do.

Southpoint’s King (it is fantasy, folks!) a reference to the President of the United States (not necessarily a single President, but an amalgam of many), continually coerces people throughout the empire they must go to war and colonize in several nations for the sake of national security, a mask for pursuing national interests for Southpoint businessmen and their allies (one of which is a reference to the Rothschilds).

Many throughout the empire are duped into believing (as we see in America) that it’s patriotic to support needless wars for the sake of “spreading liberty,” only, as we’ve seen throughout Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and now in Palestine (lots of US-backed Israeli terrorist activity going on here).

However, Columbia is different, but their people are scared to speak up. This changes (elevator pitch) when an ignorant college athlete sees the harsh treatment of the Columbians and decides enough is enough. It’s a new-age tale of the classic Hero’s Journey, with elements of contemporary fantasy complete with some Orwellian dystopia.

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Libertarian politics, the principles of liberty, the American Revolution, and noninterventionism, this is a trilogy for you.

On the flip side, if you’re pro-interventionist and fall for the “humanitarian lie,” are pro-Zionist (this is NOT anti-Semitism), are a strong Democrat, strong Republican, believe American Exceptionalism means it’s America’s duty to tell the world how to live, and falsely believe in the lie those in the Middle East and around the world hate us for our “freedom,” this series isn’t for you. Or, you can read it, but it’ll likely irk you.

Anyway, if you love liberty and realize what we have in America today isn’t real liberty, I urge you to pick up a copy (or just download the e-file) when it comes out September 11th, 2018, a day we call Patriot Day, but also a day used as a pretext for the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) for America to invade the world.

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