In Book Two of the Lord of Columbia Series, newly christened Cain Santos and his Northern Knights storm a war-torn South Columbia to rescue a friend who captured behind enemy lines.

Yet, Cain’s problems are just beginning.

Upon entering South Columbia, his mission to liberate torture camps run by the notorious Southpoint Empire is in jeopardy before it begins as he’s forced to play a death game brought on by supernatural creatures.

Physical and emotional wounds open, leading to disturbing tales and confessions between Cain and his older sister, Taj Santos.

This new adult urban fantasy promises fast-paced action throughout its three-hundred and sixty-eight pages, taking the reader behind enemy lines and all over a colony destroyed in a neverending war.

And when things have turned for the worst, an evil that extends beyond the Southpoint Empire raises its ugly head, an evil whose roots lay in underground ritual abuse involving human sacrifice.

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