From the Playing Field to the Battlefield

Cain Riscattare is an arrogant college athlete gifted in controlling the five classical elements living in a colony controlled by a ruthless empire. Oblivious to such oppression, he’s only concerned with finishing school to become a professional athlete and living a luxurious lifestyle.

But when the empire conducts a military draft one week before classes resume, Cain’s athletic career is jeopardized.

With law enforcement conducting raids to detain college-age kids, Cain and his friends take matters into their own hands. Using their element control ability, they ignite an uprising in two cities before fleeing to their school, Summit University.

Cain’s recklessness gains the attention of colonial leader General Adam Syndari, who declares war on the colonies, setting his sights on invading Summit.

As war erupts, Cain and his friends balance school and sports while working with university leaders to keep Summit safe from a surefire imperial invasion.

Northern Knights is the first book in the Lord of Columbia series. If you like urban fantasy, complex plots, worldbuilding, and compelling characters, Northern Knights is for you.

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