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Take the Plunge into Darkness

The Greatest Risk You’ll Ever Take

For me, it’s ultimatum time. I could continue to train and put all my energies into it or I could devote myself to running a writing business full-time and getting it off the ground.

The choice was easy.

Though people long thought of me as the fitness guy, my little shift over past year-and-a-half made people realize I was something else, someone new, to them, anyway.


Always a Writer

Deep down I’d always been a writer but had run away from the craft back in 2005 as I didn’t think it was masculine enough for some strange reason. Going to a small, public school where at least half the kids were athletes didn’t help, coupled with the fact we had very few clubs other than athletics or music-based clubs to choose.

When you went to Edison High School and you were a writer, you were an outcast. When you’re fourteen-year-old and you’re an outcast, you strive to make things right with yourself, so you fit in.


Fitting In

So, I did just that, and from 2005 to 2015, fitness became my number one thing. From 2012 to 2015, it became my obsession, until I started writing again for a hobby. Little did I know three years later the tide would’ve shifted so much that I’d be faced with the ultimate ultimatum. Fitness or writing? They’re both businesses that need more than forty-hours a week’s worth of attention, at least off the bat.

I made decent money living as a personal trainer, and while I shifted my focus to creative writing, I took three years to really hone it down, the last eight months even more so. By doing so, it became an obsession all over again, and fitness (though I do workout twice a day) faded away.


Cost Versus Benefits

I knew what I wanted, and it’d be one hell of a risk.

So here I am, using My Freedom Flame to document my journey in…pursuing passion.
To help you all build the courage to…pursue passion.

To tell you that sometimes to achieve a great benefit, you must pay a hefty cost.
I’ve had people tell me, and maybe you’ve had similar experiences, that they had a passion for something and would love to pursue it, but the cost of doing so outweighed the benefit of their current job.

Why not strive to be different?

Why join and be a part of the drones who all think, act, and portray life in an identical way?

Do you know what’s more sickening about these people?

They’ll tell you this stuff with a smile and a bow, as if they’re the enlightened ones in society. Oh, I have a good-paying job with benefits, so I’m set for the rest of muh life when I can collect muh retirement and muh social security.


Speaking of Social Security

Too bad social security is the biggest government social welfare program ever made.
How many of us had parents or grandparents stating, “You need to start collecting social security, you need to start collecting social security. If you aren’t collecting social security, you’re going to affect muh social security.”

Oh, it’s the biggest public scam in existence today and if anyone wants to be on the social security dole when they’re in their sixties or late-sixties, it means after all this long time of hating on government welfare programs, I am talking to you, Republicans, I guess you were all frauds the entire time.

Because they have that good-old retirement check going for them while making a living in something they never thought they’d do until they reached high school or even college.

And I briefly fell into that trap when I spurned writing and started insisted on taking up fitness as a career in…high school and college.


First Love

My view on fitness in grade school and middle school?

Never thought of it as a career.

Sometimes, I feel like a recovering drug addict.

But now, guess what, we’re taking the plunge into darkness. By doing so, it’s the greatest risk you’ll ever take, but from those who’ve taken such a risk, they’ll tell you it’s the greatest decision they’ve ever made in their lives.

Yes, the road’s dark.

Yes, you may have to slave away at a warehouse job or something like that as you’re building your dynasty that you’ve always dreamed of, just to fund it. And yes, you might look back and ask yourself why you didn’t just take the green in a job you liked, never loved, but liked, while the going was still good.

But in time, you’ll be much better off.

Hey, I’m twenty-seven and I can attest it’s best to start this now, while you’re still young, rather than wait. Here I am, putting in three-quarters of my waking hours into doing what I’ve always dreamed of as a kid.

Seventy-seven hours per week.

Right now, I’m currently looking for a gig to fund such a passion, such an addiction, until this little love affair I have with writing pays off.

It’s worth forgoing a training career.

Writing was my first love, and I never should’ve abandoned it (for the most part, I did write from time to time between 2005 and 2015) for ten years.


Ten wasted years?

I can’t say that, as fitness should be an important part of everyone’s life, even those who hate exercise, because it’s the greatest thing you can do for your body.

And for those who are trainers, you’re working to change others, which is rewarding. I can attest to that, too.

But writing, oh, writing will help change the masses. Training will help change the group of individuals you have time to train, no more than twenty to thirty people at a time unless you’re a tourist trainer who puts everyone through cookie-cutter workouts, then I guess you can train one hundred people at a time.

So, are you ready to take the plunge into darkness?

Are you ready to take the greatest risk of your life?

I can tell you right now, by embarking on your own, becoming your own boss, and eventually turning a passion into the only thing you do for a living will pay its dividends to the point to where five years from today, you’ll be glad you took the plunge.

It’s time to risk everything, and what’s life without a little risk?


And one day you’ll be able to Fire Your Boss.


Life is More than Shift Work

You Have the Desire to Fulfill Purpose

Life is more than a traditional 9-5 gig or ten to twelve-hour shift work. It’s more than making a lot of money for someone else who could replace you at any time. There’s much more to life than working for a paycheck, getting away from work in form of vacation, and repeating the mantra for thirty to forty years.

And, it’s what everyone talks about: They can’t wait to reach retirement in forty years. It’s the largest social welfare program in existence where the government pays some of the brightest, wisest people to exit the workforce, so they can free up jobs.

You read that right. This is how the government operates to address a job crisis. Get the wisest, hardest workers out of society so someone else can take the job rather than allow the private sector to find innovative ways to add jobs to the workforce.

Note, I didn’t say a single thing about tariffs, regulations, or any type of central planning. Well-regulated work is a must, but it should be regulated by something called the free market, which means you and me get to regulate corporate America.

And if you don’t believe the above paragraphs, just remember Murray N. Rothbard said the best way to regulate corporate giants is for the people to prove their guilt in a court of law. Further, regarding social security, just check out social security when it was founded during the FDR era and read about it from an Austrian point-of-view.

Anyway, enough economics talk, the point of this article is to help you fulfill desire for your purpose and one day leaving your shift job behind.


Fulfilling Your Purpose

It’s simple, really.

Ask yourself whether or not you feel like you serve a purpose at your current job. I don’t mean slaving away for a large company; I mean are you serving people in the correct way?

Look, you can work for Pepsi all your life, and despite the salary and benefits, you’re making a living poisoning people. I once asked a Pepsi Guy this question, and he flipped.
At the end of the day, the questions are simple: Are you serving people or serving corporate greed? Are you making humanity better or worse? Are you working to serve fulfillment or are only interested in a paycheck?

I know, we all need to make money to live and I’m not against making money. In fact, I’m all for it. So much that when I fell in love with writing again, I made it a priority to learn the business side of affairs so when I release my first book, Lord of Columbia: Northern Knights, in September, I can make a decent dollar or two.

So yes, I’m looking to get paid for my efforts, but money shouldn’t be viewed as number one. If you’re good at what you do and put in the time and effort, money comes. The more others enjoy your product, the higher your profits and the beauty about writing is we have the ability to always come up with something new. Gain the following, build the tribe, and dish out new material.

However, let’s go back to fulfilling purpose: What am I trying to get across to you in my own writing?

1. Relaying the Principles of Liberty, while entertaining, of course. You’ll see this in my books more than you will on My Freedom Flame.

2. Motivating you to take action and pursue to make a living in something you’re passionate about instead of falling in line with everyone else and becoming a shift drone.


Leave the Shift Work Behind

If you don’t feel you’re fulfilling your purpose, it’s time to make changes so you can eventually leave your shift work in the dust and laugh at its memory.

So, what can you do to get started?

For one, you can start carving out time to embark on something you’re passionate about. Back in mid-2015, I did just this when I wasn’t training clients or going to school. I was writing. Yeah, at the time I only had a few hours a week, but I cherished those hours.
When I started working in Pittsburgh early last year I decided to take full advantage of my downtime and hone Lord of Columbia (which had a plethora of working titles back then). Soon after, I was putting in as many hours in it as I was my own work.

And not long after, when I went to Wexford, I found myself working on my writing even while on the clock. Naturally, I knew changes eventually had to be made, especially since this work would one day get launched.



Was it more fulfilling to train, or write?



It was writing. It was writing.

So, now the time has come to launch it.

What you can take from what I just laid out for you is to pursue in steps. No one’s expecting you to quit your job and start pursuing at any given hour of the week. Do this in steps.

Remember, back in 2015, I put in maybe ten hours per week, tops.

Then, in 2016, as things rolled in the right direction, I put in a few more hours.

In 2017, I took advantage of my downtime and it became second full-time work to the point I snuck it in during my work shifts. It was during 2017, I also invested in writing courses and bought a few books on the subject.

And here in 2018, I have two books I’m looking to launch this year: Lord of Columbia, as mentioned earlier, and Comeback Kid.

So, pursue in steps and don’t rush it.



If you’re questioning why you’re up and going to work right now, embarking on what you love to do may be a sensible option. If you have half the mind to walk out on your job tomorrow, pursuing passion may be a sensible option. In fact, if you have any reservations about your work, pursuing passion may be a sensible option. If you’re hating on your work and can’t stand the sight of your job, pursuing passion may be a sensible option.

With that, why not just go for it and see what you can make of yourself?

We live once in this life, and it’s far too short to be spent working long hours for someone else.

I’m no deadbeat and I love working long hours to hone and master my writing craft. I don’t care about the cost versus benefits, as many do, and are afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

Look, we don’t need to fear costs versus benefits. Yes, staying at and slaving away at your current gig is going to favor immediate benefits versus costs, I’ll concede to that. But for those who have a well-detailed, long-term plan, well, the opposite surely takes effect.

Zero Regrets: The Power Lies Within

Make the Bold, Courageous, Daring Career Choices

Oh, our choices in life. Some smart, others bold, and even others downright outrageous.


Yet, have zero regrets, as everything you do, as long as you’re looking at the larger picture, should be cemented in reason.


So, passion or security?


The choice should be easy, as the power lies within you to achieve greatness. To achieve everything you’ve always craved. Everything you’ve always wanted.

If you’re in a pursuit to better yourself and make a living doing what you’ve always wanted, to work for yourself, then have zero regrets on any decision you make, even if it’s life-altering.


Bold, Courageous, Daring

You’re a product of your decisions, and we have many to make in life.


However, as previously mentioned, when pursuing something greater, some choices may seem irrational, outrageous, and even at the time, make zero sense, but remember something: It’s for the greater good; the higher power.



Have zero regrets.

Do you want to slave away working hard to help someone else achieve their dream, or do you wish to achieve your own?

Do you want to be in a field where you’re making a lot of money for someone else, or someone else’s company, or do you want to take control of your life and start living for you?


Passion or security?

It’s time you’ve made the choice to take control.


The easy choice. The passionate choice.

Sure, many love to relinquish control, become followers, and let others dictate their career paths by signing their paychecks, giving them bonuses only when they see fit, bribing them with incentives to work for their company, and so on.

Yet, even though many claim to love what they do and they’re grateful for the opportunity to do so, something I call ultimate Stockholm Syndrome, what do they really want?

I’ve said it in about one hundred posts: What you wanted to do when you were young is what you should strive to do in life. It’s there, you’ll find true happiness.

With the internet and mass communication, breaking into the field is easier than ever, even if the competition is tougher. Hey, you give an inch, they’ll take a mile.



Get rid of the damn security, the corporate or government umbrella you’ve been slaving away for and embark on your own hero’s journey!


All About Knowledge

So, how do we defeat or at least compete with our competition?

Well, when I looked into indie-publishing late last year, I wanted to give Lord of Columbia the best chance to succeed, so the first thing I did was set a release date at September 1st.

I set my release date back in December, almost ten months before actually going through with it, which will take place in just under two months from the time of this writing.


It was all about attaining knowledge.

I had to do the following:

1. Figure out how to get my book visible, and the first two sellers are covers and book descriptions.

2. From there, I had to figure out metadata, SEO, and what people search for. So, I compiled a list of words and phrases. My working title, Age of Columbia: Uprising, wasn’t popular in Amazon search bars. Other terms were too popular and my book would get lost. However, Lord, North, and Knights were searched enough but not too much to give my book visibility. So, Lord of Columbia: Northern Knights was born.

3. I didn’t want to get lost in a forest of books by choosing the wrong categories, so I researched ways to narrow it down to where my book could be discovered. Amazon lets you choose two.

So, for example: Kindle Store > Kindle e-books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > New Adult & College

a. 3,000 results

Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > New Adult & College > Urban Fantasy

b. 1,000 results

Instead of choosing an overall genre, like Fantasy, and getting my book lost in another 50,000 to 100,000 books, simple research gave my book a much better chance at being discovered by a niche audience.

4. I had to know who my target audience is. Let’s face it, not everyone’s going to like or even be interested in Lord of Columbia. In fact, fewer than 1% of all book readers will be interested in my work, and in your work if you’re a writer. Now for the good news: people will be interested if you can make your work visible to them.



But the choice for passion over security brought me here. Had I chosen security, I’d be working toward a Master of Science in Exercise Science and probably still have not the slightest idea what the government’s going to the world and never would’ve had time to pen this.



Thousands will be interested. So for mine, those who like the following will be interested in Lord of Columbia, note my categories:


a. New Adult readers

b. Urban Fantasy readers

c. Revolutionary War or Military Fiction readers


d. Libertarian-leaning readers

e. Trilogy readers, as Lord of Columbia is comprised at two trilogies, with each book in Trilogy One being released at three-month intervals. In other words, Book II will be released in December, and Book III in February.

5. So, now that I know my target audience it’s time to list some keywords. Amazon lets you list seven, and the trick I’ve learned is to insert these keywords into your book description and to create FIVE different descriptions, each for different websites. This will up your book’s SEO and appear high in search engines. Remember, the books in the front of the bookstore sell more copies than those in the back. In the digital bookstore, SEO will get them in front.

a. My keywords for Amazon at the time of this writing are: Fight, Colonies, Freedom, corruption, warfare, police state, and government.

b. Each of these keywords garner between 120 and 650 search results, numbers that won’t lose my book in a sea of books.


Putting it all Together

Be courageous and be honest with what you really want. Take the risk and make this a full-time gig. For me, it’s writing, and be it indie-publishing, freelancing, which I started researching this week, or submitting short-stories to contests or publications, opportunity is endless.

Also, make time to build the platform, garner a following, engage with a growing audience, start your blog, increase your following, increase your platform, continue to research, continue to give your work the best chance to succeed and you will succeed.

When you put 110% into something, results are guaranteed. You just have to put in the work, stop working to help some boss who will replace you in two seconds achieve their dream, stop thanking a corporate or government overlord for your pay and benefits, make your own rules, take control of your life, and let them watch you succeed and grow.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

The Ultimate Entrepreneur Keeps Themselves Employed

Why the Self-Employed are Always Happiest

Take the Risk.

Why are you working so hard to see someone else relish in their own dreams?

Sure, they may pay you a small percentage of overall profits (bribes), receive a few perks (bribes), and maybe even a retirement plan (more bribes), but would you be there if it wasn’t for all the bribes?

Do you go to work only to come home stressed?

Do you state that nights and weekends go way too fast and the work week is way too slow?

Face it, you’re miserable.

You’re freaking miserable, so it’s time to do something about it.

Yeah, you have a dream, but the dream left somewhere between middle and high school. Well, maybe it’s time for that dream to come back.


And best yet, why not take matters into your own hands and become the ultimate entrepreneur in your game?


Take control, become self-employed, be happy again. I’ve met a lot of people, and the self-employed are always the happiest.


You should work for you. Hold yourself accountable to your own success, and the self-employed have the power to do that.


Well, to an extent, anyway. When your write as I do, you work to build a following, and a following will pay for your work.


In fact, a following is the best commodity the self-employed can have.




Because you’re providing a service where you’ll be better off with their money to pay your bills and invest in anything you deem important and they’ll be better off with your product. It’s true free-market capitalism both corporations and the government hates.

So, what do corporations and governments do to keep people under them?

1) Overregulation.

Both governments and corporations love this, because it’ll raise costs of production, which corporations can easily afford, increase barriers to entry, decrease motivation for innovation, and keep competition low, forcing consumers into buying their products.

2) Subsidies.

Who grants corporations subsidies?




What can corporations do with subsidies?


Well, unlike the Marxist lies that state they’ll just pocket the money, why not utilize the money to keep their employees sedated?


Keep them enslaved?


Yeah, give them nice bonus checks with tax cuts (they can thank Mr. Trump for that), increase benefits, invest in their employees, and essentially bribe them into false prosperity.


Whoa, false prosperity?


Yeah, Trump and co. inflated government spending while cutting taxes, therefore inflating the dollar via printing. In reality, tax cuts mean absolutely nothing when this happens.

3) Who’s up for a trade war?

Oh yes, the “good old” tariffs. They can now force Americans to pay more for steel and other products the Trump administration has put tariffs on. This will cause fewer dollars to be spent in other areas of the economy, therefore causing businesses to suffer and go under.


My Product

What I love about the internet, other than it being an endless source of information is the fact that the product can be a cyber-product. I run My Freedom Flame, an endless fountain of free information for those who are looking to pursue their true passion and make a living out of it, spreading libertarian principles, and even studying little-known conspiracy facts.

And best yet, anyone from any country can log into My Freedom Flame and when Lord of Columbia is released, can invest in the work if the feel it’s something they want to read. The internet provides endless opportunity, and there are a lot of informational sources out there that will give you advice on what you’re looking for.

For example, I’m indie-publishing Lord of Columbia, so of course, I wanted to spend a year researching indie-publishing.

I came across, founded by indie-author, Derek Haines. His blog has become that endless fountain of information I needed to give Lord of Columbia a fighting chance in the market. I never knew about SEO, metadata, or even where to find a book cover until coming across his site.

Another one I’m reading is the Creative Penn, plus a few more are on the way, all pointed to by none other than Derek Haines.

So, the sources are out there.

The desire to succeed, and courage to crossing the first threshold is a must. Sure, it’s scary, but it’s also well worth it. It took me months, since October last year, to cross such a threshold, and while I started My Freedom Flame in February and had been working on Lord of Columbia since 2015, I just started treating this thing like a full-time job, and I couldn’t have made a better decision.


Are you ready to become the ultimate entrepreneur?
Thanks for reading.

Your Hero’s Journey

Leave the Past Behind. Don’t Look Back Until You’ve Conquered; You’re Not Going that Way

The time has come where you can put your foot down and say, “Enough!”

It’s your life and the best news in life is you have the power to run the whole show, so believe you can, and you will. This power is your power, and that’s amazing.

You’re the hero of your own tale. The journey is yours. Leave the past behind and don’t look back, you’re not going that way.



Your Hero’s Journey

Ah, the Hero’s Journey, and the inspiration it can and will give to you. You’re the hero of your own, classic tale, and yes, entering this is scary, unpredictable, and trials are sure to follow.

But, you’ve read the classics.

You were inspired.

You looked at adversity, stared it in the eye, laughed, felt the surreal moment, and said, “Bring it on.”

And, you’ve never felt so alive.

Think of the places you’ll go, because you stepped far beyond your comfort zone the last six generations of your family would’ve dared not stepped out of.

But if you’re like me, and had an ancestor who was once an immigrant, oh, you know where I’m going with this.

We had someone connected to us, in our past, facing the same exact obstacles you may be facing today.

Only there’s was half-a-world away.

Yours is minute on the scale.

They embarked on the Hero’s Journey.

Now, it’s your time to embark on yours.


Leave the Past Behind

Oh, you may be thinking what a mistake this may’ve been.

What have you done?

You did what?

You took the first step in pursuing passion over a job that could’ve paid decent wages and given you benefits, that’s what you did.

You took the first step by leaving your comfort zone behind, shattering it, and walking away. You’re off to bigger and better things and you know it.

So many of us love that little comfort bubble we’ve been accustomed to.

But you know what?

We’re better off to have left it, in the long run.

No, maybe not now, and maybe not even a week, or even a month from now.

But long-term, you won’t be telling your kids and grandkids you should’ve done this, or you should’ve done that.


You’re going to tell them a story. It’s going to be one of the greatest stories ever told, because the main character is you.

And you took the first step. You left the tumultuous, dead-end, low-paying job behind and you sought greater pastures. Sure, there was a mountain to climb, packed with werewolves and all sorts of mythical creatures, but you persevered through the storm.

The strongest storms.


Brave and Bold

You made a bold move, don’t ever forget that.

You did something most people cringe at and discourage, because they’re too afraid to embark on this Hero’s Journey for themselves. But you defied those odds. You crushed them, and (guess what?) you’re going to reap the benefits.

Oh, Todd, how do you know?

Oh, but I do know, because I’d done it before.

I left my comfort zone in the dust once, back in middle school, something I’ll write about starting…tonight! Actually, about an hour-and-a-half from now!


Because I want to relay to everyone the type of adversity I’ve faced in the past, conquered, broke down barriers, and became a new person.

And today, in 2018?

I’m going to do so again, but from a writing standpoint.

And show the world how you can pursue something you’ve always dreamed of.




Guys, this is a journey I’m embarking on. It’s my Hero’s Journey, and each of you can most definitely embark on yours, too.

Do yourselves a favor: Look at yourself in the mirror right now and have a heart to heart with yourself.

Are you where you want to be?

If not, and these days, many of us are not, then you must take the first steps right now, today, this second, and take back what’s yours.

Take your life back, even if the risk is bigger than any risk you’ve ever taken in your life.
So many great people, so many influential people, were in the same position you’re in today. Go out, defy the odds, and show them who you are, what you stand for, and why you’re embarking on something extraordinary.

Thanks for reading.

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