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Your Day Job Only Brands You if You Allow It

Does your day job brand you? Does everyone know you as the guy making a living doing this, versus knowing you for what your passionate about and pursuing? Well, look no further. Let’s relegate your little day job back to what it’s meant to be; a source of income while you pursue. Number one rule: Stop praising your company and let it start praising you. You’re exchanging your services, after all.

Take the Plunge into Darkness

Fear. It bites all of us. It forces us to live a certain life, a closed life, a half-life. We fear if we lose our sole means of income, it’s over. Dusted. Toasted. We had a passion, but we never pursued it. Perhaps our parents, friends, or peers discouraged us. Yes, I know how hard it is to make it in anything we’re passionate about. Well, why not try to make it? Why not pull out all the stops to get to where we need to be?

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