Opinion: The Greatest News for Libertarians?

Trump’s biggest blunder, other than using his little alliance with his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to speak a false claim that all Americans stand with Israel regarding the US embassy relocating to East Jerusalem, was pulling out of the 2015 Iranian Nuclear Deal.


Opinion: Why Can’t You Break into the Field of Dreams?

Capitalism, or as I call it, free market economics, isn’t the bad guy. In fact, it’s the good guy. It all comes down to what one wishes to pursue in life. In America, we have a lot of government intervention, and it never does well. I see the Fight for Fifteen mantra everywhere, but no one realizes this would further devalue the dollar, raise prices because cost of production would rise, and it would lead to job cuts and unemployment would skyrocket. Many point to places like Europe where they see low unemployment rates with higher minimum wages. However, we need to realize unemployment is only measured if one is unemployed and in the work force. If they’re not actively looking for work, they’re not considered unemployed. This totally thwarts the unemployment percentage both at home and abroad.

Opinion: The US Dollar is Collapsing

Taking the US Dollar off the gold standard has been the worst move our government has made in the last one hundred years. Doing so has allowed the Federal Reserve Bank to print money out of thin air to fund a warfare-welfare state and has accrued over 21 trillion dollars in national debt, more than the next three countries (United Kingdom, France, and Germany) combined.

Donald Trump’s Giant Blunder

As a libertarian, I love lower taxes, and Trump’s administration did just that a few months ago. He lowered the tax code for all Americans. Sure, it’s still not where it needs to be, but it’s getting closer. I’ve always been a believer in a flat-tax where all people (corporations included) would pay an equal percentage somewhere between ten and fifteen percent. However, Trump’s tax code only benefits the richest Americans, which is the typical liberal’s argument. Yet unlike liberal America, a libertarian points to two entities: the size of government, which can be broken into sub-entities, and the Federal Reserve Bank.

Pursuing Passion Brought Me Here

A lot of my fitness friends have asked why I’ve become so hot in regard to global affairs and have all but abandoned my pursuit to becoming a well-known personal trainer. While political issues have always been a hot topic for me, it wasn’t until 2015-2016 they really came to the forefront. My contemporary fantasy trilogy, Lord of Columbia, addresses many of these topics and while fantasy in nature, is an informative and persuasive manifesto regarding the principles of liberty.