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Why Generation X, Baby Boomers Love Police, Military

Millennials, we get a bad rap from our parents and grandparents. Because we tend to question America’s role in the world and the intentions of our police force, we get a bad rap. To our parents, we’re to shut-up and obey. Well, I’m not, and neither should you. What our parents and grandparents fail to realize is they’ve been fearmongered into accepting government as their Lord and Savior.

Opinion: Public Schools Have Become Mini-Socialist Societies

The consensus is that freedom and markets are always blamed for public school favoritism. However, when one looks into societies that are historically socialist, it’s easy to point out the 1% thrives off the expense of the 99%, and not the other way around. In socialism, the state owns means of production, and all monies and products go to the state, before trickling to the masses.

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