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Fighting Treason

Fighting Treason: An Allegory to Coordinated Coups and Imperial Lust

Hi, guys, I wanted to let all of you know my new novelette Fighting Treason is out on Prolific Works. You can claim your copy for free at the link provided below this article!

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What is Fighting Treason?

Fighting Treason is a young adult epic fantasy. It’s inspired by my Libertarian views, consisting of anti-imperialism, anti-authoritarianism, anti-militarism, anti-police, anti-statism, pro-liberty, pro-nationalism, and small government.

However, Fighting Treason is much more than that.

It’s a story. There’s action, adventure, magic, and even paranormal activity in the work.

A story featuring two best friends from different backgrounds, from the highest and lowest of castes, again finding themselves in a state of misfortune.

But there’s more.

It’s a story featuring the main character showing the ability to bring themselves down to any level of society, despite their position in the upper caste.

Read on for the description.


What’s Fighting Treason About?

Fighting Treason is the story of two friends who find themselves in exile after getting framed for an assassination.

Knowing who’s really behind the assassination, the duo forms a small force, returning to the Kingdom to rid their land of incoming imperialists.


What About Themes?

Fighting Treason carries a hardcore anti-imperialist theme.

Once again, the rugged republic is challenged by an overbearing empire who acts as the police force of the world.

This empire is willing to do anything to overthrow patriotic leaders to usher in the imperial-backed hand puppets, similar to what the CIA does today as can be seen in the cases of Ukraine and Syria.

A secondary theme is the series overview, consisting of the series’ lowest characters playing an integral role in the story.

In fact, the main character, Seneca LaSalle, is one such character.

Despite her current place in society in the book, the girl has a dark, horrifying history which is seen in Fighting Treason’s predecessor, Fighting Tyranny, which can also be found for free on Prolific Works.

As mentioned, Seneca displays the ability to bring herself to different levels and it’s seen early as she bids goodbye to her commoner friends, treats her maid not only with respect but as a friend while finding her best friend, Prince Neo, rather annoying.

Seneca knows what it’s like to grow up in an oppressed state, as she’d done in her home country of Tamuria.

Now living in Ddraigoch (named after the Red Dragon, Y Ddraig Goch), Seneca’s living situation is now greater than ninety-nine percent of the population, but she’s constantly haunted by her dark history.

She’s the classic example of a girl who’s seen the bottom, and now she’s ready to see the top.


Neo Skyehawk

The Series’ namesake, Neo Skyehawk is the Crown Prince, Heir to the Ddraigoch Throne. Neo’s never been thrilled with his high-ranking position.

The founder of the sport shotball, Neo’s life’s ambition is to grow and spread his sport throughout the known world.

But like all Crown Princes, Neo has responsibility.

He’s forced to make appearances everywhere, lauded by the masses for no apparent reason, according to him.

Neo loves dressing like and blending in with commoners, wishing he was one of them, but noting once that his commoner friends long to be in his position, as Prince.

Despite Neo’s insistence on living the common man’s life, he’s always finding himself in terrible trouble and on the run with Seneca.

In Fighting Treason, Neo faces his toughest challenge yet when he’s exiled from his own nation.



We all have themes in our works. We have a message bleeding through the pages that hold true us.

Our themes are why we write and continue to release both short-length, as the Neo Skyehawk Series is, and full-length, as my Lord of Columbia Series has become.

So, go ahead, make the claim to the work and sign up for my email list for even more updates on how my works are coming, and on the continuity of spreading the message of liberty.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.




Influences Behind Fighting Tyranny and Fighting Treason

Fighting Imperialism, Defending National Sovereignty, Upholding Liberty

The action-packed plots in Fighting Tyranny and Fighting Treason (plus my third free magnet book inside the front covers which can also be found on my site) shouldn’t deviate from the true themes of the works.

The perma-free novelette-novella series is an allegory of US Foreign Policy, despite the British Isles’ inspired flags I use as national identities for the three republics (Ddraigoch, Northland, and Southland, parodies of Wales, Scotland, and England) as seen on the featured image above.

When read carefully, one nation, among the others, Tamuria, a parody of France with a modified UK flag (I know, it makes zero sense!) attempts to bully free republics into the following and note similarities between this tyrannical version of France (no offense to my French audience! Love France.) and today’s United States foreign policy.


Tamurian and US Foreign Policy

Tamuria engages in the following:

1. They garner interests in other regions, be it minerals or any valuable natural resource, where multi-national corporations, or for the sake of my series, traders and explorers, negotiate with foreign leaders.



How do they intervene?



Well, such corporations or Kings, in this case, will bribe political leaders into bending policy to fit their wishes. This creates a pipeline from the home nation to the targeted nation.

2. If negotiations break down or if the foreign leaders fail to cooperate, a wave of economic-crippling sanctions unfold.


This might involve in threatening nations that trade with the targeted nation, cutting the targeted nation off from much-needed affluence. It may be in the form of a blockade to deter trade, or even threatening economic sanctions to force the other nations to comply in cutting the targeted nation off.


My audience in the Middle East may be able to relate.

3. If sanctions didn’t do their job, next comes a special council, in the United States the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), will write a policy to lobby before Congress, or in my series’ case, Parliament.


A new foreign policy is implemented, which may be more restrictive sanctions than before, effectively cutting the nation off.

4. When this occurs, the goal is for an uprising to occur, as we see in Syria and Iran today.



A way to motivate foreign intervention among the home nation’s masses, in today’s modern world, is to obviously show video clips of mass protests on the news, write about such protests in the local paper and on national news sites.



With international coverage, the world is watching.



In my series, since it takes place in a medieval atmosphere, a special network of special travelers enable news to spread fast.

5. And finally, with public support for war to “liberate and spread freedom and democracy” as the number one agenda, as we’ve seen with Iraq, Libya, and Syria, military intervention occurs.



The public is told such intervention will take no longer than a few weeks before they scale it back to a few months, then a few years, and finally, seventeen years later, the US Military is still intervening in Afghanistan, fifteen years later, still in Iraq.

Perpetual war, as in Orwellian society, where we’re constantly told everything’s under control and our side is winning, yet leaders find reason after reason to remain intervening in foreign affairs.

For Syria, it was a pipeline, for Afghanistan, poppy-seed fields, for Iraq, strategic military bases to surround Iran. Ditto for Pakistan.


It’s Not About Freedom

If it were about freedom, the US and UK never would’ve overthrown Mohamed Mossadegh in 1953 and replaced him with a Western-backed Shah.

This led to the 1979 Iranian Revolution which left American citizens hostage for 444 days at the US Embassy.

It’s not about freedom.

It’s why the Project for a New American Century was written by neoconservatives who later served in the Bush administration.

Men like John Bolton, who’s currently Donald Trump’s national security advisor.

Dick Cheney, who worked as the US Secretary of Defense under George H.W. Bush and served as Vice President to George W. Bush. Cheney also sits on the board of advisors for Genie Energy along with Lord Jacob Rothschild, ex-CIA Director James Woolsey, media mogul Rupert Murdoch (who has close ties to the CFR).

It just so happens Genie Energy has contractual rights to dig for oil in Syria’s Golan Heights, which are illegally under Israeli military occupation.



Iraq, Iran, Syria, and potentially Venezuela for oil. Afghanistan for opium and minerals. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq for strategic military bases.


PNAC Signers

Other members of PNAC who held high-ranking offices in the Bush administration include Elliott Abrams, member of Bush’s national security council.

Jed Bush, younger brother to George Bush, former governor of Florida, and presidential candidate.

Paula Dobriansky, Vice President of the Washington Office of the CFR, Undersecretary for Bush administration’s State for Global Affairs.

Francis Fukuyama, who was appointed to Bush’s Council on Bioethics in 2002.

Roosier, Bellatrix LeStrange, Severus Snape, are we sensing a connection, my Harry Potterheads?

Frank Gaffney, founder, and president of the Center for Security Policy.

Fred C. Ikle, scholar at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Donald Kagan, member of the CFR.

Zalmay Khalilzad, Bush administration’s special envoy to Afghanistan and Iraqi opposition.

I Lewis Scooter Libby, chief of staff for Vice President Dick Cheney.

Norman Podhoretz, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute.

Dan Quayle, former Vice President under George H. W. Bush.

Peter Rodman, who served in the State Department and National Security council under Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and Assistant Secretary of Defense under George W. Bush.

Henry S. Rowen, who served as chairman of the National Intelligence Council and Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs under Ronald Regan and George H. W. Bush.

Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense in the Bush Administration.

Vin Weber, lobbyists for firms such as Lockheed Martin, US weapons manufacturer now raking in billions in weapons sales to Saudi Arabia to use against Yemeni civilians.
Paul Wolfowitz, Undersecretary of Defense for George W. Bush.


Theme: Defending the Republic

Fighting Tyranny and Fighting Treason focuses on the Kingdom of Ddraigoch, whereas the Tamurian Empire, under the guise of peaceful trade, wishes to intervene. Initially, and it’s told in the story, so I won’t give away too much, there’s a strategic alliance between the two nations.

However, the initial surface problem, which the reader discovers in my magnet book attached to Fighting Tyranny, erupts, causing friction between the two nations.

In Fighting Tyranny, this friction further develops, the consequences of which come to a climax in Fighting Treason.

The books show the dangers of current US foreign policy, animosity toward the US as a result of such destructive policy, and how civil liberties continue to erode both at home and abroad.

Also, the above names in PNAC also play a role in both this series, and my full-length Lord of Columbia Series, again to display the dangers of US foreign policy.

Thanks for reading.




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The Prequel Series to Northern Knights Displays Author’s Purpose

My Author’s Purpose: Liberty

Author’s Purpose is something we all need to invest time in when writing our masterpieces.


My pro-liberty for all message is happy and healthy in my prequel series to Northern Knights. Both Fighting Tyranny and Fighting Treason in the Neo Skyehawk Series tell a tale of two best friends born with element control ability defending their free republic from overreaching imperials.



The antagonists in the prequel series, Tamuria, resemble the American Empire of today and the British Empire of yesterday, a nation with political corruption from top to bottom looking to continually finance a perpetual warfare-welfare state.



Tamuria and its allies have engaged in the following:


1. Failed nation building.



2. Election meddling.



3. Staging coups.



4. Policing foreign affairs.



5. Threatening nations it deems enemies.



6. Scapegoating nations it deems enemies via propaganda for acts the offending nation may or may not have committed.



7. Trade wars.



8. Staging protests in other nations.



9. Intervening in other nations militarily without the other nation’s consent.



10. Maintaining standing armies and executive law enforcement in times of peace.


Tamuria and the American Empire

Here are some influences the American Empire have had on my purpose for writing the Neo Skyehawk Series.



Never in human history has an empire covered so much ground.



Never in human history has an empire been given a green light to cover such grounds via fearmongering, as in the case of Russia and Iran, to where nations like Poland are willing to give away billions for a permanent US base.



You know, to keep them safe from a country whose cut military spending in recent years…those evil Russians! Hey, all you have to do is flatter Donald Trump and his America-first leanings are thrown out.



Tamuria acts on a similar basis, policing the known world in the novella series, always looking for the next enemy. If an enemy can’t be found, they’re manufactured, provoked, and coerced into a fight.



Here’s a step-by-step process.


1. Tamuria, like America, wants something from the other nation. It may be in the form of resources, oil pipelines (Syria, anyone?), or something for the interests of its elite class.



2. If the country declines, a series of intelligence-funded protests erupt. These protests are fueled by propaganda against a certain leader. Think Bashar al-Assad in the case of Syria.



3. When protests reach mass media, they’re relayed to the public. The leader of the opposing nation is always, always, always in the wrong, where their sole crime in the whole affair is declining a nation’s or nations’ access to resources.



4. Demand for removal of said leader spreads due to one-sided propaganda. Syria again.



5. Invasion, uninvited into the nation is underway, where the public is fed a lie stating the operation will be a cakewalk and everything will take six weeks maximum. And fifteen years later, we’re still in Iraq, seventeen years later Afghanistan.



Or, the following occurs:



1. Citizens of a certain nation vote for something that might threaten the power of an empire. Think Crimea, where an overwhelming majority voted to be annexed back into Mother Russia.



2. The empire says ‘no, you’re not going to (somehow) threaten our power’ and stages mass protest in the nation. Much like the CIA did in Crimea’s case.



3. A coup is carried out, as in the case of Viktor Yanukovych, to instill a puppet government. In this instance, Yanukovych’s successors, Oleksandr Yushchenko and Petro Poroshenko.



4. The new government adheres to the empire’s interests. Handpicked by the West!



Themes in Fighting Tyranny and Fighting Treason

Whereas Northern Knights and its successors (Swords of Destiny coming soon, keep checking the blog) focuses on fighting an empire that has already established itself on their nation’s land, Fighting Tyranny and Fighting Treason is all about fighting off imperial influence.



Think of Northern Knights and the Lord of Columbia Series as an urban fantasy retelling of the American Revolution, whereas Fighting Tyranny and Fighting Treason represent nations the American Empire has invaded and have been blackballed due to constant media propaganda.



Both possess strong Libertarian values with one issue where I tend to break a little from Libertarian principles, which is the utilization of the non-aggression principle.



While I believe in non-aggression, I also realize Libertarians believe fully in Second Amendment rights.



However, we’re not about utilizing our right to bear arms solely for self-defense as much as we are for what the Second Amendment is intended for: To keep an overreaching government in check.



It’s a theme that speaks clear in both series’ and the non-aggression principle is thrown out the window the minute the antagonists threaten our characters.



In other words, I’m a believer in “Don’t fire unless fired upon.”



But, if fired upon, it’s no holds barred.



It’s lights out.



It’s any kind of fill-in-the-blank cliché you can come up with.



And when an overreaching empire threatens such civil liberties, ideas of what true liberty means must be spread among the populace.



And if the empire bites, well, it’s why the Founding Fathers implemented a well-regulated militia into the Second Amendment.



No, it’s not to kill off a deer uprising, as some on the Left would have you believe.

It’s not solely for self-defense, as the NRA loves to point out.



It’s to hold a government in check. It’s there to ensure the government doesn’t get so big that it threatens and usurps civil liberties among its populace.



Lord of Columbia and the Neo Skyehawk Series spread such ideas.



Thanks for reading.



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