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Libertarian Principles Remain Unbiased

While Trump-Derangement Syndrome Grows, Neoconservatives are joining forces with Democrats, but us peace-seeking Libertarians are hooping on the Trump Train. We criticize Trump often, and he rightfully deserves most criticism, but he deserves praise here.


Take the Calculated Risk

We’re going to Vegas, because it’s time you’ve rolled the dice. You’ve been stuck in repetitive work you see zero value in for far too long. It’s time to get out of your endless cycle of modern-day slavery and take matters into your own hands. Enough is enough. Are you ready to take the risk? Here’s how I’ve done in my journey thus far.

America’s Dying Liberties

Americans embrace government Stockholm Syndrome over liberty. As Americans continue to willingly trade security for liberty via government fearmongering, the government continues to capitalize on its usurpation of rights, creating enemies far and wide, this time in Iran. When will Americans wake up and see through the government’s ruse that all modern-day wars are based on lies that benefit the military-industrial complex at the taxpayers’, and liberty’s, expense.

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