Foreign Policy

My First Book’s Greatest Hits: BEST Themes from Northern Knights

My first novel, Northern Knights is a modern-day, urban fantasy retelling of the American Revolution. However, it’s based on an oppressed colony fighting an empire resembling the American Empire. Read on to find out how America’s atrocities fueled a novel.


Make the Republic Great Again? Fiction Holds Many Strange Truths

What if I told you a republic existed that was greater than anything in the known universe? This republic was once under the wise rule of wise representatives and defended from within. This republic throve and grew throughout its formative years.
However, as typically happens when power and wealth are passed into the wrong hands, those with greed appeared. Over the years, as power and wealth were continually passed into criminals’ hands, the once-great republic rotted away from a danger within.

US Intervention is Why I Write

Last night, Friday the 13th, 2018, Donald Trump orders an attack in the Syrian capital of Damascus without Congressional approval. Many of his supporters cite the War Powers Act of 1973, which states the President has the power to declare war only if American soil is threatened, making their generalization faulty.

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