Make Monday Morning Feel Like Saturday Morning

So, you want to know some secrets I uncovered during my rookie year pursuing my writing passion? Read on, I’m going to give you a harsh, but motivating, reality check.


Career Change?

Sick of your career? Great! You’re in the right spot, because today, you’re in for a treat. I’m going to show you all I’ve learned thus far about embarking on a career change for the ages. I’m a rookie at this, so the great news is, the following tidbits are derived from my actual experience this past year! Read on if you want some tips in real time.

The Writer’s (Not So) Easy Life

Something that’s always made me laugh is when others think us writers spend all day hiding behind a screen while living in our parents’ basement, living a sheltered lifestyle and leaving the house only the house to find a nice, peaceful area to sit down and write. Perhaps a little bit of scenery to gaze into and pen our thoughts. I love calling these people out, because there’s much more to the writer’s life, especially one who’s independent, than sitting around all day penning thoughts and opinions.

Your Day Job Only Brands You if You Allow It

Does your day job brand you? Does everyone know you as the guy making a living doing this, versus knowing you for what your passionate about and pursuing? Well, look no further. Let’s relegate your little day job back to what it’s meant to be; a source of income while you pursue. Number one rule: Stop praising your company and let it start praising you. You’re exchanging your services, after all.

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