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The Prequel Series to Northern Knights Displays Author’s Purpose

My Author’s Purpose: Liberty

Author’s Purpose is something we all need to invest time in when writing our masterpieces.


My pro-liberty for all message is happy and healthy in my prequel series to Northern Knights. Both Fighting Tyranny and Fighting Treason in the Neo Skyehawk Series tell a tale of two best friends born with element control ability defending their free republic from overreaching imperials.



The antagonists in the prequel series, Tamuria, resemble the American Empire of today and the British Empire of yesterday, a nation with political corruption from top to bottom looking to continually finance a perpetual warfare-welfare state.



Tamuria and its allies have engaged in the following:


1. Failed nation building.



2. Election meddling.



3. Staging coups.



4. Policing foreign affairs.



5. Threatening nations it deems enemies.



6. Scapegoating nations it deems enemies via propaganda for acts the offending nation may or may not have committed.



7. Trade wars.



8. Staging protests in other nations.



9. Intervening in other nations militarily without the other nation’s consent.



10. Maintaining standing armies and executive law enforcement in times of peace.


Tamuria and the American Empire

Here are some influences the American Empire have had on my purpose for writing the Neo Skyehawk Series.



Never in human history has an empire covered so much ground.



Never in human history has an empire been given a green light to cover such grounds via fearmongering, as in the case of Russia and Iran, to where nations like Poland are willing to give away billions for a permanent US base.



You know, to keep them safe from a country whose cut military spending in recent years…those evil Russians! Hey, all you have to do is flatter Donald Trump and his America-first leanings are thrown out.



Tamuria acts on a similar basis, policing the known world in the novella series, always looking for the next enemy. If an enemy can’t be found, they’re manufactured, provoked, and coerced into a fight.



Here’s a step-by-step process.


1. Tamuria, like America, wants something from the other nation. It may be in the form of resources, oil pipelines (Syria, anyone?), or something for the interests of its elite class.



2. If the country declines, a series of intelligence-funded protests erupt. These protests are fueled by propaganda against a certain leader. Think Bashar al-Assad in the case of Syria.



3. When protests reach mass media, they’re relayed to the public. The leader of the opposing nation is always, always, always in the wrong, where their sole crime in the whole affair is declining a nation’s or nations’ access to resources.



4. Demand for removal of said leader spreads due to one-sided propaganda. Syria again.



5. Invasion, uninvited into the nation is underway, where the public is fed a lie stating the operation will be a cakewalk and everything will take six weeks maximum. And fifteen years later, we’re still in Iraq, seventeen years later Afghanistan.



Or, the following occurs:



1. Citizens of a certain nation vote for something that might threaten the power of an empire. Think Crimea, where an overwhelming majority voted to be annexed back into Mother Russia.



2. The empire says ‘no, you’re not going to (somehow) threaten our power’ and stages mass protest in the nation. Much like the CIA did in Crimea’s case.



3. A coup is carried out, as in the case of Viktor Yanukovych, to instill a puppet government. In this instance, Yanukovych’s successors, Oleksandr Yushchenko and Petro Poroshenko.



4. The new government adheres to the empire’s interests. Handpicked by the West!



Themes in Fighting Tyranny and Fighting Treason

Whereas Northern Knights and its successors (Swords of Destiny coming soon, keep checking the blog) focuses on fighting an empire that has already established itself on their nation’s land, Fighting Tyranny and Fighting Treason is all about fighting off imperial influence.



Think of Northern Knights and the Lord of Columbia Series as an urban fantasy retelling of the American Revolution, whereas Fighting Tyranny and Fighting Treason represent nations the American Empire has invaded and have been blackballed due to constant media propaganda.



Both possess strong Libertarian values with one issue where I tend to break a little from Libertarian principles, which is the utilization of the non-aggression principle.



While I believe in non-aggression, I also realize Libertarians believe fully in Second Amendment rights.



However, we’re not about utilizing our right to bear arms solely for self-defense as much as we are for what the Second Amendment is intended for: To keep an overreaching government in check.



It’s a theme that speaks clear in both series’ and the non-aggression principle is thrown out the window the minute the antagonists threaten our characters.



In other words, I’m a believer in “Don’t fire unless fired upon.”



But, if fired upon, it’s no holds barred.



It’s lights out.



It’s any kind of fill-in-the-blank cliché you can come up with.



And when an overreaching empire threatens such civil liberties, ideas of what true liberty means must be spread among the populace.



And if the empire bites, well, it’s why the Founding Fathers implemented a well-regulated militia into the Second Amendment.



No, it’s not to kill off a deer uprising, as some on the Left would have you believe.

It’s not solely for self-defense, as the NRA loves to point out.



It’s to hold a government in check. It’s there to ensure the government doesn’t get so big that it threatens and usurps civil liberties among its populace.



Lord of Columbia and the Neo Skyehawk Series spread such ideas.



Thanks for reading.



Corruption, Fraud, And Waste – The Fruits Of American Empire


This interactive map reveals just how big the U.S. military’s footprint really is


US Staged a Coup in Ukraine — Brief History and Facts on


Lord of Columbia: A Pro-Freedom, Anti-Socialist, Anti-Corporatist Manifesto

The Idea of Liberty Lies Between the Notes

From page one, the reader of Northern Knights, Book One in the Lord of Columbia Series is going to get a sense this book has a pro-freedom feel. But, it’s also anti-socialist and anti-corporatist. As stated in previous articles, Lord of Columbia is a Manifesto for a Libertarian Revolution.

The idea of liberty in Lord of Columbia runs rampant. The pro-freedom manifesto discusses not only a colonial uprising against an abusive empire, but there’s always a real-life allegory behind my work.


To preserve, save, and spread ideas of liberty. Even if such ideas are frowned upon by the Left, whose entire ideology, socialism, is based on hate.

For instance, the early portion of Northern Knights, the reader is exposed to the dystopian nature of socialism. Take Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and multiply it by ten.

I paint a bleak picture when police threaten, harass, and beat individuals on the street. Their crime? Oh, just standing around, minding their own business. Heaven-forbid they spread ideas. Oh, God, no.


Or how about the propaganda PA system constantly reminding a docile public what imperial patriotism is? Fulfill its patriotic duty to an empire by invading and exterminating a native population, erasing its culture and history, so the imperialists have access to its resources.


And anyone against this sick agenda is anti-patriotic, the mainstream media will let you know. And once freedom of speech becomes intolerable because spreading of ideas pushes back against the grain of socialism, which involves theft by force of an authoritative figure, us thought criminals will be persecuted, singled out, and labled untouchables.


Hmm, and at this moment Black Lives Matter (see the link at the bottom) wishes to embrace socialism. They might want to rethink that if they’ll living in denial about the fact socialism is fueled by hate.

Or worse yet, the living conditions that come with totalitarianism. And in a free society, totalitarianism is intolerable. Much of the West has resisted such dangerous ideology for most of its existence, but as Ludwig von Mises wrote in his book Liberalism, true liberal ideology, that of our Founding Fathers, as been washed out by authoritarians.

And in the 21st Century, the idea of liberty is something Amazon is trying to curtail, and it’s scary.

How does one create a Pro-Libertarian Manifesto without being subject to Amazon’s thought police?

Write an awesome story. Include outer themes like friendship, teamwork, a common goal, and sports, yes, sports, in addition to the inner-theme, which is anti-state, anti-police, and pro-freedom.


Yes, beat the Left at its own game. Entertain mindlessly with the hidden pro-freedom agenda. And boy, I hope and pray my readers embrace liberty.


Amazon’s Censorship

Amazon gives us authors a list of guidelines, stating it will censor any work that promotes offensive speech. However, what is the offensive speech?


They never get to it.


So, what is Amazon?

It’s a monopoly preying off an unsuspecting public wishing to indulge in mindless entertainment.

Amazon thrives because it offers convenience at a reasonable price.

Yet, the Amazon monopoly has censored many works that challenge mainstream thought, as My Freedom Flame does.

A peep of anything regarded as sensitive material will cause Amazon’s thought police to ban the book, send an email to an unsuspecting author looking, working, making a living, off sharing ideas.

Only to be censored.

As is the case of Michael Hoffman, whose writings have been banned by Amazon Kindle.

As Hoffman points out in the article, if your book isn’t on Amazon, it doesn’t exist…thank the Lord and Lady Kobo struck a deal with Wal-Mart to carry its e-reader, the Aura. Bezos might finally have some competition.


Liberty Lies Between the Notes

It’s a sad state of the world we live in where freedom to spread ideas is threatened.

Many so-called Libertarians state Amazon has the right to ban anyone it deems necessary because it’s a private company. At times, I would agree, but when a company achieves monopoly or near-monopoly status, questions must be asked.

It’s important to remember the US allows monopolistic corporations to exist to engage in what is called censorship by proxy. It basically means such monopolies, at the permission of the US Government, to bypass both US and International Laws to tell people what to say and ultimately, how to think.

Knowing the US Government allows monopolies when the Sherman Antitrust Act was passed in 1890, banning agreements in restraint of trade and abuse in 1890.

Well, the US Government has failed with Amazon, while not a monopoly in a literal sense, owns sixty to seventy percent of the e-book market, again, this will hopefully change with the Kobo-Walmart deal.

For Lord of Columbia, the ideas of liberty must be passed by inserting ideas. Inserting ideas such as truth doesn’t come from authority. Truth is truth even if one percent of individuals believe in the truth while ninety-nine percent believe in the comforting lie.


The truth is socialism always involves mandatory price fixing, curtailment of free speech…um…ideas, state-controlled monopolies, and extermination of “backward races.”


Backward races as in, those unable to evolve to a higher level of society as deemed by the elites in power. Just look at how many innocent people Stalin had killed.


Conclusion: Bypassing Amazon’s Monopoly

A story. A story about a group of friends, who saw the government-laden socialist dystopia they’re living in is Hell on Earth.

And when one’s athletic career is threatened, their entire life goal, the one career they’ve always worked for, is about to go down the drain due to the insistence of serving a tyrannical socialist dictatorship, sounds like something from Hitler and Stalin, action must be taken.

Human action, as in the terms of Ludwig von Mises, Classic Liberal, Libertarian, and Pro-Capitalist, but not a corporatist sense scholar.

Turn the information into entertainment. Tweak the author’s purpose. Turn it into a story. One for the ages. A book. A series. A pro-freedom manifesto spreading the ideas of liberty at the expense of state-run propaganda where a government hides behind the shield of private corporations like Amazon, and you just outsmarted Jeff Bezos and the rest of his thought police.

Anti-corporatist, anti-socialist, pro-freedom.

Lord of Columbia.




Washington’s Matrix Is Closing Down Truth



The Marketing Conundrum

If it Defies Father Time, it Passed the Test

There I was, with my morning off from the Dreaded Day Job (DDJ), pacing one end of the library to the other, staring at the floor, arms crossed.

How do I reach a max audience for Northern Knights, my first book in the Lord of Columbia Series?

Here’s a brief list:

1. Social Media? Check.

2. Amazon Author Central? Check.

3. Triberr, Pinterest, Blog? Check.

4. Engaging my audience? Check.

5. Building Email List? Check.


Early Results?

For a new author with zero reviews and zero credentials as recent as last month:

120 sales.

Nowhere near enough to make a living off this, but a good start. I even snagged a review and a second one on Goodreads.

Good early returns, too.

Feedback from those who’ve read it and don’t even read in the genre?



But, to make things take off to the point I can flip the double bird on the DDJ and walk out while firing my boss?

120 sales and KENP Page Reads won’t do the trick.


My New Hope

Ah, living the life of a millennial. How do we advertise?

Social media, of course!

Because when we’re social media famous, we’re famous these days, right? Just post a picture or update milestone and the Likes pour in!

Fantastic, if you want to pump up your ego.

And how many times have I read articles where Facebook and Twitter ads are, well, ineffective?

99% of the time.

Yet, the new hope, the answer to the marketing conundrum, is in front of me.

No, it’s not my laptop or phone screen.

Far from it.

No, this is an ancient, ancient tactic.

We’re going back in time, because there’s one single tactic that people continually believe to be obsolete, but see, I base my views off numbers and facts and if there’s one fact that can’t be denied and it’s one main, overlooked tactic that a stupid millennial like myself overlooked.


Because we have it drilled in our heads if it’s not online, it’s 65 million years old.
I’m talking, of course, about newspaper advertising, and the newspaper is more popular than ever.


But, the ancient ways defy father time for a reason: They work!


Defies Father Time

Whoa, Todd, the newspaper?

Isn’t that like, what old people read?

Once again, it’s stronger than ever, because the internet, instead of killing it, empowered it. In fact, newspapers these days are more popular than ever before because they’ve gone digital.

Know how much local news the Intelligencer gets in my local area?

Mid-five-figures’ readership per day (there’s no major metro area within forty miles).

Six-figures’ readership online per month.

How do those older and wiser than our young selves make money?

No one’s exploiting anyone, it’s because we don’t know how to reach others.

We think we’ll post a buy-link to all our social media accounts and let our hundreds or few-thousands of followers click the link and buy, buy, and buy!

Then, when we post enough links, the opposite happens.


We lose followers!

Thank goodness I read about this mistake before I made it, because I assure you I would’ve.


Social Media Advertising

Why do people post endless links to social media?

It’s free.

And again, people will press the like button and you might get a share or two, but how many people have bought my stuff via social media links?

I can count on one hand.

I have 7,000+ followers on all my networks combined (I started this platform thing back in February).

How many clicked the link or expanded the details?


How many bought?

I’d be lucky if one bought.

So, how often do I post a buy-link to social media?

Once a month, if that.

If I have a new book out.

If I have a discount or free promotion going on.

And that’s it.


Word of Mouth

On the contrary, word of mouth has garnered me at least five sales to all five people who I told in person.

So, on Twitter, I’m one for forty.

On good, old-fashioned word of mouth advertisement, I’m five for five.

Doesn’t take a genius to answer which technique is better.


Back to Newspapers

So, is my marketing conundrum solved?

Doubt it.

However, do I think people will buy my book in droves?

I do, because I have two areas to target.

See, Northern Knights’ setting is derived from the local Eastern Ohio, Northern West Virginia, Southwestern Pennsylvania Tri-State Area.

Naturally, I’m targeting this area, because if there’s one thing I know, people around here love reading books and other works that are set or the setting is inspired by the local area.

Now, there’s an underlying allegory within this work.

Cleveland Browns fans, I’m talking to you because this Browns fan is giving you all hope.

A lot of hope.

Because yes, I’m targeting the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

How many readers does The Plain Dealer and its site, garner per day?

237,000+ daily readers daily.

7,000,000 readers monthly.

84,000,000 readers yearly.

Imagine if one in one-thousand bought Northern Knights?

237 new buyers per day.


But, I’m realistic.

What about one in ten-thousand?

23 new readers per day.

Feeling pessimistic? One in one-hundred-thousand?

2.37 new readers per day.

Even at 2.37 new readers per day, we’re looking at 71 per month.

852 per year.

Not enough to quit a day job, but even then, it’s still a profit from a $90 monthly ad.

Beats paid book promotion with the exception of Book Bub.


Speaking of Book Bub

I’ve heard it’s hard to get in, right?

The bright side?

The more readers, more reviews. Book Bub loves reviews, especially four and five stars.

The higher your Author Rank, the more Book Bub takes notice.

Enter a few book contests and if you placed well, Book Bub loves it.

Authors complain about never getting into Book Bub.

Look, Book Bub has a section on its site that TELLS you how to get accepted by them!

And guess what?

That’s another 7,000,000 people for a single ad.

Sure, it costs to earn, but as the old saying goes in the Greater Pittsburgh Area: You spend Nutting, you get Nutting.

And that’s why the Pittsburgh Pirates haven’t won a playoff series since 1979.

Influences Behind Fighting Tyranny

Unlikely Friends. False Flag. A Race Against Time

Two friends from entirely different social classes team up in this one, to take on the tyrannical Tamurian Monarchy.

Care for a description? Check this out:

Unlikely Friendship. False Flag. A Race Against Time.

Neo Skyehawk and his best friend Seneca LaSalle couldn’t have come from more different backgrounds. While Neo was raised as an Heir to the Crown in Ddraigoch, Seneca hails from the most despised political class in the oppressive land of Tamuria.

Now living with Neo’s royal family, Seneca reiterates to Neo her single condition to remain in Ddraigoch: To rescue her parents from Tamuria’s clutches.

Upon sneaking into Tamuria, the duo discover Ddraigoch traders are held captive by the Tamurians, falsely accused of spying and are subsequently executed. After further observation, they find the Tamurians are leveraging accusations as a false flag to launch a sneak attack on Ddraigoch.

Fighting Tyranny is the first book in the Neo Skyehawk series. If you like sword and sorcery, short action thrillers, unlikely friendships, and fantasy, Fighting Tyranny is for you.

Join Neo and Seneca on their adventures today.

As mentioned above, Fighting Tyranny is Book One in my Neo Skyehawk Series, a novella series which acts as a prequel series to Lord of Columbia. I initially created Neo Skyehawk’s story to be a standalone e-book as a gift to those who join my email list, entitled ‘The Eurean Kingdom’. Upon completing the work, I loved it so much I decided to create a second one, well, the first in the series itself, Fighting Tyranny, available for free on Kobo, Nook, Scribd, Playster, and other e-book outlets, soon to be available on Amazon and iBooks.


Influences Behind Fighting Tyranny

Like Lord of Columbia, Fighting Tyranny contains an anti-imperialistic background. As mentioned above, two friends from different social classes team up to take on a corrupt Monarchy threatening military intervention to expand its imperial fist.

Also like Lord of Columbia’s first book, Northern Knights, Fighting Tyranny is action-packed, dialogue-heavy, and much of the magical systems seen in Northern Knights are also present. Characters Northern Knights mentions in passing are central to Fighting Tyranny’s plot, linking the two series’ together.

My main purpose behind Fighting Tyranny is to continue to spread my belief of non-intervention, and that the only defense any nation must utilize should be to protect its own borders from within. It reinforces the idea that all nations in a conquest for empire ultimately fail in such a conquest, the American Empire being no different.


Ron Paul’s What If Speech

One of my favorite speeches of all-time rang through my mind when creating Fighting Tyranny. Questions like ‘What if war is a racket,’ ‘What if the American people woke up and realized all wars are based on lies and only serve special interests,’ and ‘What if animosity toward America is directly related to its interventionist foreign policy,’ among others, were ones I repeated when creating the work.

If you haven’t heard this legendary speech, which is roughly four minutes in length, head over to YouTube and type it into the search bar. It’ll give you goosebumps just hearing the passion in Ron Paul’s voice.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll realize I’m a hardcore non-interventionist and as anti-war as one can get unless an enemy is sending warships at our coasts, has warships in the Gulf of Mexico, or are building bases in Canada, Cuba, or Mexico.


Conclusion: Don’t Fire Unless Fired Upon

Despite the fact both Northern Knights and Fighting Tyranny are war-driven, each battle takes place for defense purposes, in other words, they’re fighting off imperialism.

In real life, I continue to insist America hasn’t had a legitimate reason for going to war since The War of 1812. The subsequent War with Mexico, War of Northern Aggression, Spanish-American War, America’s entry into World War I (believe it or not, I’m related to Woodrow Wilson, so there’s some family animosity here!), America’s Entry into World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the First Gulf War, the War in Afghanistan (yes, really), the Second Gulf War, the War in Libya, and the War in Syria. And now, Trump’s beating war drums with Iran.

If you haven’t seen my previous posts on America’s failed foreign policies, be sure to check them out; I actually just had a biggie post on this released last evening.

America’s legitimate wars? Revolutionary War. And as mentioned earlier, War of 1812. The others are all based on lies that I’ll likely cover more in this blog, as again, both of my works carry a heavy anti-interventionist message.

I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support on My Freedom Flame, please come back soon, and if you’re interested in Northern Knights or Fighting Tyranny, feel free to click the corresponding images under this post. Thanks again for reading.

Fighting TyrannyNorthernKnights3

Explaining the Neo Skyehawk Novella Series: Starting with Fighting Tyranny

The Impromptu Series is Another Leaf from J.K. Rowling’s Book

As stated previously, I created a magnet book for the Lord of Columbia Series called the Eurean Kingdom, the link of which can be found on the bottom of this page. I give this book away for anyone who’s interested in and joins my budding email list for my books, the themes behind them, and when to expect the next releases.

While the book itself was only supposed to be that, a magnet, I fell head over heels for the two main characters: Neo Skyehawk and Seneca LaSalle, that I decided to make an entire novella collection of this prequel to Lord of Columbia.


Neo’s World and Cain’s World

Like J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore site, where she tells the backstories of characters who are mentioned, I decided to turn Neo’s story into an actual series within itself. Neo Skyehawk himself is mentioned twice in Northern Knights, as the shotball league trophy is named after him.

However, Neo has an interesting story himself, which takes place over five-hundred years before the events of Northern Knights. However, I’m going out of my way to link the two series’ and one can see this in both my magnet book, and my soon to be free on all platforms book called Fighting Tyranny, Book One of the Neo Skyehawk Series.

Many characters mentioned in the Lord of Columbia Series will be covered in the Neo Skyehawk Series, and the only real difference between the worlds is that Neo’s story takes place before the days of information at the fingertips, electricity, and any other type of mindless entertainment, oh do I wish it were still the Middle Ages. Hey, I believe in reincarnation, so don’t judge me. I was there, somewhere, and it was freaking awesome.


Significance of the Neo Skyehawk Series

Some may be asking why I’m going out of my way to create this second series when the Lord of Columbia Series takes up a lot, and I mean a lot of time. Not just that, why abandon my plans of Comeback Kid and create this novella collection?

It was s gut instinct. I just felt much more excited about this side-project than I did with Comeback Kid.

However, I’d never create this series if there wasn’t reason, and the fact of the matter is books like Northern Knights are so long (the paperback version is 385 pages) there was a lot I wanted to put into the book but couldn’t. A lot of backstory and explanations behind the magical systems that would’ve made the book three times as long. No, really, the first draft was 184,000 words, and the final word count was 77,000.

The Neo Skyehawk novellas will explain a lot of this magic and since it takes place five-hundred years in the past, it makes a lot more sense. Further, I don’t plan on a single book going over the 20,000 word mark. The magnet book is around 12,000 words, and Fighting Tyranny is a hair under 11,000. They’re borderline short stories.

I also don’t plan on selling the e-books for much more than 99 cents, again because they’re just going to be ultra-short compared to the Lord of Columbia books, where Swords of Destiny will be 360 pages in paperback and the third book (I have much of it already made) will be at least 300. The Skyehawk books will be between 50-90 pages each.



I can honestly see why J.K. Rowling became hooked onto so many backstories. I didn’t even know what a magnet book was until last Friday, August 10th, so it literally took me one week to get hooked onto writing about the characters who were merely mentioned in the works.

Seeing them develop their own personalities and becoming characters has made this last week a bit of a whirlwind but more than worth it. I can’t wait to introduce the world to Neo and Seneca and again, Fighting Tyranny will be set perma-free with links to my email list signup page and of course, to Northern Knights.

I’d like to thank everyone for their continued to support and as I’ve been doing on relevant posts, will link my books to the bottom in case anyone’s interested in checking them out. These books will also be seen on the sidebar, too. Thanks again, please come back soon.


Want a prequel to the Prequel Series? Join my mailing list and get it for free!

The Eurean Kingdom (1)

Have you checked out Lord of Columbia? Get it today for just 99 cents!


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