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Lord of Columbia: Manifesto for A Libertarian Revolution

Anti-Police, Anti-State, Pro-Liberty: My Anti-Police Message

Lord of Columbia is the series name and Libertarian Revolution is the manifesto. Northern Knights is the first book in the series and yes, it’s an entertaining read. Not just because I wrote it, but because those who read it before publication (beta-readers) found it entertaining in a genre they never read with a philosophy they disagreed with.

Or thought they disagreed with.


What’s the philosophy?


Anti-police, anti-state, pro-liberty. More than anything, Northern Knights carries an anti-police message, that a government-funded monopoly enforcing unjust laws at gunpoint cannot exist in a free society.

Yes, Northern Knights and any future book in the Lord of Columbia Series is going to spark controversy for whoever reads it. Northern Knights will burn bridges, long-held bridges. Northern Knights will cause open-minded people to think different, the closed-minded to shutter, and the weak-minded to anger.

Who would love the book and the series?

1) Those who believe in the Libertarian mindset.

2) Harry Potter fans, as Harry Potter was my primary inspiration for writing the work. Hey, J.K. Rowling turned me into a Libertarian, without realizing it, of course.

3) Anyone who can’t stand the police or a police state. I’m not talking about dystopia, but anyone fearing totalitarianism will learn more of the dangers of totalitarianism in the work.

4) Anyone who loves a good new adult read in an urban fantasy setting, if they’re okay with what’s listed above.



For avid readers who aren’t politically inclined, you might want to stop reading here! Feel free to read on, however.


Combatting the Police

From an early age, I’ve questioned the role police play in our society. I always asked how can a monopolized government force, whose paychecks we pay for be compatible with a free society?

It can’t.

Does it mean there isn’t a role for police?

I never said that.

Is there a role for a government-funded monopoly claiming to “serve and protect” the masses when the same masses being served and protected are the ones forced to pay the protection at gunpoint?

It’s either pay us to serve and protect you or we’ll take you to jail.

Not a single citizen has a choice. This isn’t serving and protecting. This is force.

Once again, is this compatible with a free society?

My answer is no, especially when we’ve seen countless videos and heard countless stories of:

1. Police shooting unarmed suspects.

2. Police barging into a house, holding resident at gunpoint, and in some cases, children, while beating family members to the ground.

3. Police gaining thousands of pages of data. Yes, it’s usually a higher organization like the NSA, but police know who you are the second they screen your license plate.

4. Police beating individuals who are held in custody, or, police beating individuals suspected of wrongdoing, even if no wrongdoing had taken place.


It’s where the anti-police message comes in and I don’t care whose bridges I burn, I will not stop until the police force is held accountable, that is a truth and a duty to liberty.


Stockholm Syndrome

Do I believe more and more Americans, especially those in the conservative crowd, are experiencing Stockholm Syndrome?

You bet.

They claim we need police to protect our liberties, much like the military, whom they claim defends liberty.


And here’s where my anti-state mantra falls into play. See, the more statism we see in society, the fewer the civil liberties, the greater the welfare state, the greater the warfare state, the greater the national poverty level.

Riddle me this:

1. How does a military protect anyone’s liberty by going on the offensive? This doesn’t even make sense!

2. How does a monopoly who are paid with your tax dollars by force to enforce laws to protect and defend freedom? Half of which are victimless crimes like going a mile or two over the speed limit or driving without a seatbelt. Or better yet, marijuana possession. But we’re forced to pay them at gunpoint.

3. TSA, NSA Spying, CIA, FBI (who by the way, will go out of their way to spend your hard-earned money taken by force to stage huge busts to give the media something to report), Patriot Act, NDAA, I could go on and on here. These organizations invade our personal privacy, both from a physical and distant standpoint. Are the police protecting us from them?


This is all happening in the Land of the Free. Dear International Audience, don’t think the US is the freedom capital of the world, it’s not.

Yet, what do you see, mainly the Right, do?

Protect our police! Support our troops! Obey the law! Respect cops!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, excuse my cliché.

Or worse yet, what about the old, “If a cop orders you to stop, you stop.”

I think these people need to check the Constitution.

1. Fourth Amendment states no individual may be subject to search and seizure without a written warrant.

2. Fifth Amendment states individuals may not be forced to testify against themselves.

3. Sixth Amendment states every individual has the right to speedy and public trial.

4. Seventh Amendment states every individual has the right to a trial by jury.

5. Eighth Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.

6. Ninth Amendment states all other key rights are kept by the people.

There are six amendments, which I call federal laws…THE federal law telling law enforcement, which is part of the executive branch, literally, what they can and can’t do….or, tells them what they can’t do.

So, if you’re walking down the street minding your own business and if a cop says stop, you may continue walking. If they have zero probable cause to stop you, zero reason, you’re not compelled by any means to stop and let them confront you.

Guys, we’re living in a society of government Stockholm Syndrome. Stockholm Syndrome is when feelings of trust or affection is felt by a victim toward a captor.


In other words, or as it pertains to America, when the populace gets used to continued reduction in civil liberty, and they see pro-police propaganda at every turn, it’s a predictable outcome. They gain affection toward their overlords and are in denial over the fact of decreased liberty.

People get used to more security to the point they demand it, and for more security, liberty is sacrificed. If someone says you can’t do this or can’t do that for your own safety, or if it’s for your own good, that’s justification for security at liberty’s expense.

And cop apologists somehow think they’re free when you can’t even drive a sensible speed without hitting the breaks when you see a cop car hiding with only its bumper sticking out up the road.


A Word on the US Military

One reason why I’m writing the Lord of Columbia Series is to spread awareness to the fact the police, and even the military, yes, the military, aren’t friends of the people. They aren’t friends of liberty.


Again, the military is a state-funded, government monopoly whose funds must be received by force at gunpoint. Yep, your tax dollars go straight to the military, and if you don’t pay, you just may end up in federal prison.

Hey, when the US Military claims to be humanitarian and you see the aftermath of the Raqqa bombing, where they claim they haven’t targeted civilians, you question your country’s military’s role in the world. Especially when their “humanitarianism” comes after their own bombings to cover up their own actions.

But the problem is, most Americans, conservatives and liberals alike, refuse to question America’s military role in the world. They’re convinced we need a military overseas to “protect us from the bad guys.”

But who are the bad guys?

What kind of threat is Syria, Russia, or Iran to the United States?

Does the US have warships near these nations?


Do the US have bases inside or surrounding these nations?


Does Syria, Russia, and Iran have warships speeding for our coastline?


Does Syria, Russia, and Iran have bases surrounding our northern and southern border?


I don’t know about you, but if I were an outsider, someone from another world, and if I could look at the Earth from a telescope and document everything I’m watching, I wouldn’t be the one stating America is the good guy.

If I knew nothing about foreign policy. If I knew nothing about how things are done on Earth, but I saw stars and stripes with bases, weapons, and men holding weapons, bombing the hell out of another country, I’m not going to sit there and say the men with stars and stripes are the good guys.

Especially if I documented the four questions and answers above.

Guys, it’s time to swallow the red pill.
The US Military isn’t a friend to the world.

You’re going to see pictures of them being so, however. You’re going to see slanted news reports on how brutal regimes like they claim the Assad regime is, or how the Ghaddafi regime was. Or how brutal Rouhani is so we need to overthrow Iran now.

And you’re going to see members of the US Military carrying kids out of the rubble, likely caused by their own bombings. You’re going to see them talking, laughing, joking with civilians. You’re going to see them giving others supplies.

And you’re going to see this all in the name of propaganda in a media controlled by members of the CFR like Ben Sherwood, by a man named Rupert Murdoch, who happens to be on the board of advisors for Genie Energy, an oil company who happens to have permission from Israeli Prime Minister Ben Netanyahu to dig for oil in the illegally occupied Golan Heights. For the record, Sherwood’s the President of ABC and Murdoch owns Fox Broadcasting.



Do Something About It, Todd!

Well, I’m playing to my strengths here. I’ve written one book that’s an allegory to the topic, with several more on the way. Swords of Destiny will be out soon, later than I’m expecting but for good reason!


Book Three is written, too. And I’m halfway through penning Book Four. If you read Northern Knights and the next works, be prepared to see plenty of allegories pertaining to the United States.

Also, I’m looking to market and really use ads in both the newspaper and online to bolster the sales ranking to the point I’m consistently in the Top 100 on Amazon. All that’s to come soon enough.


I also look to continue expanding My Freedom Flame, and to whoever shared my articles on Flipboard, keep doing so, please! It’s upping my blog’s traffic like none other.


To that measure, I’m looking to dive more and more into Libertarianism and Global Affairs, as they’re key themes in the Lord of Columbia Series and in my Neo Skyehawk Series, the novella prequel series to Lord of Columbia.
So, that’s what I’m doing; planting seeds in readers’ minds to get them motivated. To tell them the truth in ways that are entertaining. I know dry videos or articles aren’t for everyone, which is another reason I love my fictional work, as it’s all based off real life issues we face in the world today.
I’d like to thank everyone for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.


Freedom’s Greatest Enemy

How the Public Schooling System is Indoctrinating America’s Children into Becoming Drones

If there’s one thing killing motivation of our children, it’s the public schooling system. Public schooling is indoctrinating America’s children into becoming drones and it’s freedom’s greatest enemy.

Education via public schooling is compulsory for the most part unless the parent wishes to home school or send a child to private school. At least, it’s like this today.


Why is Public Schooling the Enemy of Freedom?

Public schooling is the enemy of freedom because people are born free. People are born free, you see, and the state realizes such. So, the best way to usurp personal freedoms from people doesn’t start with mass surveillance or the Patriot Act, but it’s to utilize something in public schools called propaganda.



What is propaganda?

Propaganda consists of a higher authoritative figure telling children what is and isn’t acceptable behavior, but it goes beyond individual behavior, but thoughts, beliefs, and, ultimately action.

If the kid acts out too often in class, rather than utilize their extreme extroverted skills in areas like communication, the school simply sends a letter to the parents requesting he or she to be examined by a healthcare professional, diagnosed with an attention-deficit disorder, put on a pill, and sedated into learning state-approved propaganda.

There’s my run-on sentence again.



Why does propaganda exist?

Propaganda exists because some people desire power over others. Those who desire power are more probable to run for public office, so they can attain power over others. This is often seen in legislation and also in the executive branch of government.

When such propagandists attain power over others, a statist agenda is formulated. Much of this was seen during the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913, in which my between four and six times removed great uncle, Woodrow Wilson, oversaw the usurpation of Americans’ rights on a sound monetary system and implemented a government monopoly on a fiat currency. Thanks, Uncle Woodrow, you made my job a little tougher.


How does this influence public schools?

Okay, well the creation of the Fed kickstarted several subsequent actions by power wielding bureaucrats. After the creation of the Fed came the boom of the 1920’s, which we now know to be a bubble, as it was followed by a worldwide depression.

From the depression until today, the United States government committed several atrocities.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt and later Richard Nixon took America off the gold-standard, Nixon doing so completely to help fund American Intervention overseas, kickstarted by none other than Wilson himself after the sinking of the Lusitania in World War I.

America is taken off the gold standard to fund the military-industrial complex and has been at war ever since World War II, this including the Korean War, Vietnam War, intervention in the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, the Cold War (nonviolent), the Gulf War, and the so-called War on Terror.

This influences public schools for many reasons. For one, kids are conditioned to accept the fiat currency we are told is money and to accept war. However, the devalue of the dollar and its correlation to fuel the military-industrial complex is never discussed and if it is, it’s a necessity. We are taught in schools these countries we’re attacking, Syria being the most recent, must be attacked and intervened because their leaders are exploiting the citizens and killing their own people, the same lies they told me and my class regarding Iraq.

In fact, I had a teacher tell us the September 11th attacks occurred because they didn’t like Americans due to our freedoms, yet the same teacher also told us it was our duty as Americans to give up some of our freedoms in the name of security during times of war. This may’ve been my first warning sign in regard to my pro-liberty way of thinking. And over fifteen years later, we’re still in the same war.



How Does This Tie in to Pursuing Passion?

This might be the easy part here, as it’s tied into pursuing passion because the state gives us just enough knowledge for us to learn what they want us to learn, but not enough, by ignoring the other sides of the equation, for us to question or even debate about what we’ve been taught.

Well, at least until we’re asked if we want to be Republican or Democrat, then we can debate on how the government should spend our hard-earned money (after making someone else a lot of money whose lodge brothers are probably in government) and they end up passing a 1.3 trillion dollar omnibus spending bill, one of the largest bills ever passed by Congress, which is controlled by the Republicans, who run on a small government platform. Yeah, it’s anything but small government when a GOP-controlled Congress and GOP President passes a bill of this magnitude.

So, when it comes to pursuing passion, schools never teach us how to run our own business, begin a blog, influence the world, or put a price on our wisdom. Look, there are many ways to pursue passion in what we love to do, but of course, public schools wish on us to become drones to the state and never question the status-quo. However, these days we live in a changing world, where the internet gives us freedom (for the time being) to monetize our own works.

For myself, I look to monetize my writings, such as Lord of Columbia, which will be launched in September 2018. There are now ways to monetize blogs, and it’s more than books. We can place ads via Google adsense, begin a Patreon account, YouTube Channel, and many other ways. We just need to sell ourselves.

But, tell this to a public school teacher and they’ll be shoving propaganda down your throat as with us doing our own thing, especially in challenging the ways of the state, will help awaken the minds of others.

Your Passion Makes You

The Issues You Hold Dear Deserve to be Heard

What is it about libertarian principles that I hold so important I feel they need to be heard through my writing, social media posting, and in my upcoming trilogy, Age of Columbia? Well, I can write a book about it, but former Congressman Ron Paul beat me to the punch and has done a fantastic job.

But, why not conservative or liberal?

Why libertarian?

What do we believe in?



Lies by Washington

Everything Washington is against, to be honest. We’re non-interventionist, believers in false flags, fiscally conservative, pro-free market (real free market, not the crony stuff we see here in the States), we don’t like taxes of any kind, we’re not believers in safety nets but we do love charities, and last but never least, we believe in the Bill of Rights.

Well, the Bill of Rights have been usurped in the United States. They tell us what we can and cannot say in public, our right to bear arms is threatened daily, police checkpoints violate the fourth and fifth amendments, we’re detaining people without due process for suspecting them of criminal acts, we’re being taxed at gunpoint, federal laws violate the tenth, and I’m just getting started on the erosion of liberty in America.

So, I’ve taken it upon myself, as others have, to write, speak, and broadcast about the erosion of liberty in America.

What are other ways we’re seeing our freedom taken away?

If you follow my blog, you know I’m anti-public school. Vladimir Lenin once said to give him four years to teach children and the seed he’s sown will never be uprooted.

America has given our government thirteen years to plant the seed of socialism and communism within its youth.

Want more fun?

During the Vietnam War era, college students (many from the minority elite) were exempted draft status due to their status as college students. The poor kids got to go and fight communism while those with money stayed home to get more indoctrinated into communism, fueled by the collectivist Left.

So, my antagonizing of the Left and Right are just this: both the Left and Right are pro-war and pro-US intervention. This can be proven when George W. Bush started several conflicts in the Middle East, while a secular regime in Libya was overthrown by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton only for an extremist regime to takeover which is now participating in a slave trade. Today, Donald Trump is beating war drums with Russia, Iran, Syria, and even Cuba, which many libertarian experts are saying this is the closest we’ve been to World War III since the Cuban Missile Crisis back in 1962.

It’s an interesting time to be alive. Many say it’s a dangerous time to be alive, but each era has had its pandemics. It’s an interesting time to be alive. At the push of a button, one man or woman two-thousand miles away can do some serious damage at any given time. It’s dangerous, yes, but interesting. This will go down in history books, and at the very least some are predicting this is Cold War II.


Relating to Passion

So, my passion for writing intertwines with history and politics. Age of Columbia is a conflict between an American Empire resembling force and a budding Constitutional Republic. It’s a story of a fight between America as it is today, and America as the Founding Fathers envisioned it. It’s Libertarian America versus America the Establishment.

It’s America versus America.

My passion is getting the libertarian message out into the public atmosphere. We must realize the importance of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We must remember what public school teaches us and why, parents, if you’re reading this, I believe nothing is more detrimental than sending your children to these political prisons.
I’ve talked to people who’ve been homeschooled, and the results speak wonders. Their vocabulary and grammar are off the charts, their spectrum is broadened to the point they’re proficient in philosophy, free market economics, financial planning, the works. They’re more successful and the “lacking social skills” many pro-statist public school teachers preach is the biggest myth you will ever hear.

Parents, I urge you to seek out the Ron Paul Curriculum, which teaches real history, such as the real tensions which led to the American Civil War among others (states rights versus strong, centrally-planned government), math which your kids will use throughout life, and much more listed in the above paragraph. I’ve studied this program and I wish it were around when I grew up, but my parents never would’ve pulled me from public school. Sadly.



Don’t Worry About Others

Hey, people think I’m off my rocker when I talk this way, but others realize my sanity. Put it this way: when you release your passion into the universe you’re going to have naysayers. You’re going to have people try to bring you down to their level, because they’re not courageous enough to speak about important issues. Either that or they don’t care, which couldn’t be more dangerous.

Your friends may turn on you. Some will accuse you of being an attention seeker. Others will tell you to grow up and get a real job. They’re societal drones, and nothing more. They’ve already accepted and bowed down to their governmental or employer overlords. They hand taxes over while being held at gunpoint. Their governmental overlords tell them they own land, and in some cases personal property, but you’re going to be paying taxes on it until death does its part. They give you public social security to hold you up and force you to bow down and put all your trust in Big Brother.

And they’ll call you crazy. In my case, I’ve been labeled anti-patriotic because I question my government’s domestic and foreign policy. I’ve been called anti-military because I don’t believe in military-intervention. I’ve been called a Middle Eastern and Russian apologist because I don’t believe the media is telling us the truth on all issues regarding them, one good example can be last weekend’s alleged chemical attacks.

So, be ready to make a few enemies, but in doing so you’ll make many more friends, friends who think like you and are on the same mission as you.

Age of Columbia: A Backstory

A Contemporary Fantasy Trilogy Dealing Pitting

America the Empire versus America the Republic


Today I want to talk a little about my contemporary fantasy trilogy, Age of Columbia. As mentioned in previous articles, the inspiration behind the trilogy is intertwined with many popular books, movies, and TV series’.

Yet, there is another inspiration, and it’s the American Empire abroad, the Deep State, and its lodge brothers in the arms manufacturing business and oil tycoons. America’s foreign intervention is perhaps the single largest inspiration behind the Age of Columbia.
As mentioned before, Age of Columbia speaks of an arrogant college athlete inadvertently leading an uprising against the empire when their collegiate career is threatened by the empire.

While it’s a vague elevator pitch, it’s relevant in many ways. For one, I wanted to center this around an athlete as sports (and I love sports, don’t get me wrong) are the single largest entity used to distract us from what’s really going on both at home and abroad. Think of all the people who feel they’re fortunate enough to attend sporting events to watch modern-day gladiators on a field, park, court, rink, or pitch compete for glory.

Again, I love sports, but I’ve no interest in watching them most of the time. I’ll follow, but not watch, as there are way more interesting things to watch, such as the expansion of the American military-industrial complex overseas, engaging in such conflicts with enemies which are typically wrongfully accused of criminal activity.



Lies the American Government Told Us

If one takes the lies fed to us back in 2003 which warranted an Iraqi invasion and link it to today’s situation in Syria, a non-interventionist such as myself realizes the alleged chemical attacks in the country are nothing more than a false flag set up for an invasion to be justified by the American people. Back in 2003, the media painted Saddam Hussein as some kind of monster who possessed WMD’s, which was proven false.

The same goes for Assad’s alleged chemical attacks in Syria. Flashback to last week, where President Donald Trump proposed an exit strategy with Syria on the brink of peace talks. It so happens last weekend a chemical attack occurs. Logistically, it makes zero sense, as why would Assad do this right when the US is about to withdraw? It doesn’t hold water.

Add to the fact the US has zero evidence of said chemical attacks and is also refusing to allow an independent investigation to take place, which Syria and ally Russia have agreed to, makes one scratch their head and undermines the credibility of the neoconservatives such as John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, General Mattis, Nikki Haley, Gina Haspel, Lindsay Graham, and Mike Pence. Where is the evidence, and why is the US opposing an investigation?



Relation to Age of Columbia

The Age of Columbia is about an uprising taking place in a land controlled by an American Empire-like enemy I’ve dubbed ‘Southpoint’ as a way of stating such an empire has reached its lowest point in the morality and welfare of the world.
The coalition leading the uprising are reminiscent of the Constitutional Republic the United States was until an era between the Civil War to the Spanish-American War. Colonial America was a huge influence in this work, and a modern-day Colonial America is what is standing up to the Southpoint Empire, symbolizing modern-day America.



Other Influences of US Foreign Intervention

I’ve been studying the Deep State and America’s immoral foreign intervention since 2011, when I was twenty. I’ve made the connection, even to September 11th, 2001, which was nothing more than a retaliation by the Middle East due to US intervention on their soil to fuel their own interests since 1953, beginning with the Iranian coup led by US and British intelligence.

Also, the countries which the US has been involved in since the 1950’s lack a bank owned by the Rothschild Banking Family. The Rothschild allegory also takes place in Age of Columbia, which will be exposed in greater detail as the series progresses and I look to release Book Two three to six months after Book One’s release.

Look at this statistic: In 2000, the following countries didn’t have a Rothschild-owned bank: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, and Iran. In the Blackstone Intelligence Network video entitled, Syria-The Terrifying Truth and what is Really Happening, by Jake Morphonios, he outlines these countries lacking a Rothschild-owned bank. In Age of Columbia, I outline the significance of the Columbian Colonies and its relation to Southpoint interests in their lack of a similarly-owned bank.

Morphonios states back in 1997, twenty-plus signatories of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) signed on to further US intervention in the Middle East, those among them George Bush and Dick Cheney, then-future President and Vice President of the United States. This became the foreign policy agenda for the Bush administration, including President Trump’s National Security Advisor, John Bolton.

PNAC members plotted to overthrow the Iraqi-government as early as January 2001, when Bush took office, in addition to several Middle Eastern nations, led by the CIA in coordinating the effort.

After September 11th, the Pentagon had begun preparations for an invasion into seven countries outlined in the PNAC agreement in 1997. These seven countries were Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran. Look at the countries listed in the above paragraphs. Five of the countries listed both here and in the above paragraph were without Rothschild Banks.




Research and the Facts

To us history buffs who write, we tend to use research to motivate our works. Age of Columbia may have been inspired by a few fantasy and sci-fi series’, but the real motivation for my work has been intertwined with years of research regarding war crimes by the American Empire.

Meanwhile, those with libertarian values such as myself value peace, prosperity, and non-intervention as the greatest way to liberate the world. Our research includes figures such as Ron Paul, Austrian Economists, Stefan Molyneux, the Founding Fathers, and men who’ve been written almost out of history like Lysander Spooner.

Much of our research isn’t included in the political prisons we see today that are disguised as public schools, which only serve the state, or in more detail, the Deep State, under a false sense of patriotism called nationalism. In other words, they teach if we don’t support US intervention, we’re not patriotic, and we’re anti-American, and we’re Russian or Middle Eastern apologists, which we should all know the opposite to be true.

As for me, as Patrick Henry once said, “Give me liberty, or give me death.”

Which in reality, is what Age of Columbia is all about.

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