I covered a few ways in earlier posts to make money online writing, but today I’m providing a list that you can use at your disposal to make money online as a writer.

First and foremost, don’t quit the dreaded day job that you hate just yet or within the next year. My list isn’t composed of miracle work, nor should it be used as a get-rich-quick scheme.

Instead, you have a little hub toward profit generation as a writer as long as you:

1) Are patient with yourself.

2) Realize the need to treat writing like a job.

In other words, there are no three clicks to instant cash or anything like that, but if you want to read those articles, feel free but I can guarantee that you’re going to get scammed and still be looking for the nonexistent magical formula this time next year.

So why not get a head start?

How can you generate online income as a writer?

Let’s find out.

Publish Fiction

Listen, Amazon is going to give a self-published author 70% royalties if their book is priced at $2.99 or higher.

In other words, say if you sell 27 books a day at $2.99, you just made a little over $20,000 in an entire year at 70%. Sell 27 at $4.99? $34,000, and a living income in some areas in America.

But again, there’s always that catch, because selling 27 books per day requires an uphill battle with advertisement and book promotion.

So get ready to make a few investments along the way if you really want to succeed at this.

The clear upside is if you turn this into a business and your published works into a book series, you’re clicking.

Publish Nonfiction

Perhaps you prefer to write nonfiction or creative nonfiction.

Well, the same concept applies.

If you’re a hybrid author, congratulations. You just made some money off yet another cash flow.

But again, you have to work on your projects long after you publish them. I can’t stress how important sound investments are, so don’t quit that day job you hate just yet, but I can assure you if you make the right investments, you will very soon.

Just imagine the looks on your boss’s and co-workers’ faces when you walk out that day making an income doing what you love.

Start a Blog and Monetize It

Starting a blog and monetizing it has yielded fantastic results since a writer can utilize multiple income streams.

By the way, your co-workers and maybe even that boss you just fired wants in on your secrets.


You can publish an e-book to a blog and charge for digital downloads.

Fantastic, right?

You can also make money from Google ads, and Google AdSense will reward you for clicks.

Find that niche of yours. That passion, and go the freaking distance by creating relevant content to your blog and monetizing it with ads.

Again, you’re going to have to work hard at making this blog visible. Google won’t trust new sites, and each site has to prove its worth by providing high-quality information, or information that just stays on topic and within a site’s niche.

But once you find something you’re good at, what you’re passionate about, why not blog about it?

Even if you don’t like writing, start a blog. All you’re doing is communicating a point per post. The point in this post is to show you ways to make money online as a writer.

Anything can become a blog. There are relationship blogs, fitness blogs, sports blogs, you name it. I came across one blog today where the author’s niche was tractor trailers.

Anything is possible here.

Affiliate Marketing

Why stop at just monetization via Google AdSense when it comes to blogging?

Heck, you need to have more than just Google AdSense if you want to succeed and capture as much income as you can.

Why not sign up for affiliate marketing?

Sites like Amazon and eBay both have affiliate programs and are easy to get into.

On your niche blog, you can review products, both good and bad, create affiliate links, and bam, people can buy through your site.

Review products systemically, and Google will award you for your affiliate efforts. Don’t always provide affiliate links to every article, but when you see a product you feel needs reviewed, by all means review it.

In time, you will have enough traffic wishing to click through and get their hands on the product you’re featuring.

Easy, right?

Well, in time yes, but in the short-term, as in the first twelve to eighteen months, you’re responsible for an uphill battle that involves generating traffic.

On any blog you start, it’ll be an early battle, so whatever you do, don’t walk out of your dreaded day job.

The key is to persevere and not get discouraged. Building blogs will take time, and making a living off strictly affiliate marketing takes even more time.

Guest Blog

While guest blogging doesn’t always pay, it will grant you exposure and usually bloggers you guest post on will give you a chance to get your website into your author bio.

So, you’re either going to get paid or you’re going to get exposure, or both.

Either way, blogs that you can guest post on that generate a lot of traffic will likely send readers your way if they like your work.

So why not guest blog?

It’s something I need to get into doing more often, not once every six months. The publicity you can and will attain via guest blogging will lead to more web traffic and if you do have AdSenese or affiliate products on your site, you’ll make a few bucks in the process.

Freelance Write

Some of us can wear many hats and take on writing projects we’ve never seen before. If this sounds like you, why not freelance write?

A freelance writer can have a niche or two, but they can also have a broad spectrum from which to work.

If you can write about motocross and turn around to write about kitchenware, freelancing is for you. It’s not unusual for the freelance writer to write about fly fishing in one article and submit one later on about life in Manhattan.

Freelancers love writing about different topics and get bored with repetition.

If this describes you, try freelancing.

While the bigger jobs won’t come for a bit, win over small gigs and build yourself a resume.


Okay, we just covered six strategies on how to make money writing.

If any jumped out at you, start researching on different ways to make money in these six sub-fields in greater depth.

And yes, you can even undertake multiple writing niches at once and always feel free to take on all six.

Success in the matter is completely up to you and like I said, these strategies all require one thing: Work.

You need to work to earn your writer stripes, and if you despise your day job, it’s time to change your thought process and make ends meet.