It’s important for authors to own at least one blog, if not more.

Second, each blog should pertain to a specific niche and the niche market ideas for authors are endless. There are so many different trades, and therefore, niches an author can get into.

Just how many are there?

Think of genres, for instance. An author can have a niche pertaining to any genre, whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, flash fiction, fantasy, any subgenre within fantasy, the list is endless.

You can even make your own books into a niche, gaining indexing from Google and in time traffic will flood your site. Again, in time. Or take My Freedom Flame, which helps indie authors gain exposure in an over-saturated market that is easy to come by but hard to stand out.

So, what is a good niche market for you?


Choosing my Niche

What is a niche? It’s a place, a function, a role your blog plays. You could have a niche that pertains to writing, but there are hundreds of niches within such a niche it’d be foolish not to niche down, or choose a niche within that niche.

Who would My Freedom Flame pertain to?


While traditional authors can gain valuable information from SOME posts I write and share, indie-authors gain valuable information from ALL posts I write and share.

But even more specific, what kind of indie-authors does My Freedom Flame target?

Newer indie-authors, since I’m new in this game, myself. But even ten years down the road, I still want to help the newbie author, so look for articles that deal with breaking into the indie-author arena.

Or, My Freedom Flame’s sister site, Lord of Columbia Series, also the name of my own book series, talks about….my Lord of Columbia Series, and nothing more. It’s a site dedicated to my readers who wish for a “behind the scenes” tour, and in time, some extras like deleted scenes, in-depth character profiles, progress reports on my current Work in Progress, etc.


Choosing Your Niche

From reading how I chose my own niche, you can now put yourself in position to choose your own niche.

I chose mine for two reasons:

1. I’m an indie author who’s slowly breaking into the business.

2. I have a book series that I believe in or else I wouldn’t have published it.

These are my specialties, and we all have specialties and signature abilities in this field. They need to be narrow, as you can see from my own niches.

Say you write creative nonfiction. Your niche can pertain to the creative nonfiction writing process. What goes into creative nonfiction?

Or, if you’re a freelance writer who specializes in writing About Me pages for company websites, why not make such your niche? Yes, there are millions upon millions of websites and there may be a good market to help those looking to learn how to write About Me pages.

Have you written a memoir? Hey, those are tough to sell. Why not blog about how those writing memoirs can sell their memoir.

Guys, the possibilities are endless here.

There is so much you can do with your niche.


Multiple Talents

If you’re someone like me who writes to help others succeed in the same field I’m pursuing plus has a book series, or another hidden talent, say editing, for example, or anything related, you’ll need two blogs.

It would be strange if I wrote about the Lord of Columbia Series here on this blog, as I did once upon a time, which was more of a mistake than anything else, hence me branching off into creating a blog dedicated solely toward it.

If you’re an indie author who has succeeded in gaining most of their readership via paid ads, it’d be a great niche, but if you wanted to talk about your influences behind your book series, you’ll need a separate blog for that.

Any other unrelated topic you want to blog about, such as Get Pro Football Apparel, should become its own separate site.


How to Choose Your Niche

First off, if you do have a book series, think about the influences behind it. Think about the genre and related works you’ve read to help influence your series or even standalone work.

This will help garner you some ideas.

If you work as a copywriter or editor, that’s another good niche to dive into. You can dedicate an entire blog into ferocious self-editing while selling your services online for a professional edit; most writers can only edit so much before they’d rather have another pair of eyes on the page anyway.

Ditto for copywriting.

Maybe you want to review books you’ve read. You’ve read hundreds and now you can review them all, plus creating an Amazon Associates account to monetize your blog and earn money.

So, write down all of which makes you a writer, see where your strengths are, see how narrow you can niche down, and create some blogs.

Yes, it’ll cost money for the hosting and security, but in time, the blogs pay for themselves and you’ll find a loyal readership.

Don’t wait another minute. Get started today.