Success is overcomplicated, and I’ll be the first to tell you so. Why? Because many combine success with the number of dollars in their bank account and while successful people do see a nice paycheck week in and week out, I have news for you: money isn’t success, value is. So when it comes to the most successful blog topics that will make you the most money, anything will do.

Now that you know any blog topic is successful, it’s time to show you why the most successful bloggers succeed.


Because it’s all about providing a service and value behind that service.

Put it this way, I’ll never get my oil changed at Wal Mart ever again.


They nearly killed my car back in October 2017 when their “techs” forgot to replace my oil cap.

If you received bad service from anyone, are you going back?

I wouldn’t think so.

See, success is all about providing a service, so for instance, if you want to make a full-time living writing like all of us do, are you going to provide poor service to your reading audience?

I sure hope not.

What are you going to do?

I advise you read blogs in the same writing niche you’ve entered and look at how their authors communicate with their audience.

Today, I’m showing you how to succeed in writing by creating a blog which is the hub of your own writing success, especially if you’re an indie author.


A Prime Example

Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn has an active blog with over 80,000 visitors per month.

Why is Penn so popular and why does she succeed in what she does?

It’s because of the value behind her blog. She gives readers, who are trying to solve a problem, a solution to that problem.

So, if you’re an indie author just starting out who has no idea where to go or who to turn to, as I once was for about three-quarters of 2018, who are turning to?

A blog that just has some information here and there, or a well-formatted blog that is going to help you get to where you need to go: to make a full-time living as an indie-author.

Maybe you, as I did, discovered Penn’s blog via another blog source. It’s what I did, via Just Publishing Advice by indie author Derek Haines.

Now I had two helpful blogs to turn to, both of whom are successful indie authors who make a solid income from their books.

Amazing how it works.


Real Life Examples

Okay, now I’m going to lay out some real-life examples.

How many of you know people who talk exclusively about money?

I know about 90% of my social network correlating money to success. I know people who’ve all but sold their souls to the devil because they thought the highest paying job equated success.

It doesn’t, it won’t, and it never will.

In fact, aren’t those the same people complaining about the Holidays being over?

Of course!

Aren’t those the same people complaining about the weekend going too fast and the weekdays going too slow?


What about the nights going too fast?

Again, yes.

But it’s worth the 90k salary a year, right?

If I can locate my ‘Pepsi Guy’ blog series from last year, I’ll have to share them with you because they’re a perfect example of what I’m talking about and it’ll give any writer an idea that money doesn’t equal success.

Money comes when is successful at something else first.

What is that something?


Selling a Service

There are no bad salespeople on this planet because we all live by selling a service. We don’t live by droning; we’re still selling a service.

I worked for e-commerce once, and while I wasn’t involved in selling, I was still involved in handling packages…or in other words, other peoples’ stuff that they ordered online.

What if the box was damaged?

Would they trust the e-commerce company ever again or try to find another one for business?

Probably the latter.

So, the service you’re selling is your paid works, your paid writings, whether they’re on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, or a combination of different outlets.

None of us will have much of an immediate reputation early, but we will have one in the long run, and this is where having a successful blog comes in.

We want our paid works to be the way we monetize a blog, which we can do via Amazon Associates. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should. Notice the two book images on the right-hand side of this blog; they’re affiliate links.

However, they’re also my own products, so I’ll earn a 70% royalty on the product from Amazon. The fact you can monetize a blog via your own works and services or affiliate links means that you need to sell something to get the money: high-quality service.


How to Sell Services

Most people fail when it comes to blogging because they love to talk about themselves. They talk about their own life, their day job, their future ambitions, their pets, everything they shouldn’t be talking about.

When they wonder why they aren’t even seeing a decent traffic flow, they get hung up, dejected, and blame everyone but themselves as to why they’ve failed.

What’s wrong with people?

Nothing is wrong with me or you, what’s wrong is they didn’t provide high-quality service. Am I going to read and follow a blog where the author talks about their own life?

Of course not.

Which is why my pop culture knowledge is one level below basic knowledge.

If people like me don’t care about what’s going on in a celebrity’s personal life, I’m sure as heck not going to care about what’s going on in your personal life, so don’t bother writing about it.

If you have a writing blog and I need to find an answer to a question, I’m not hanging around if the blog is all about you. Blogs need to be about your readers.

My blog shows you how to succeed in writing in both the blogging and indie author sectors. I might use my works as examples to get a point of across, but when was the last time I asked anyone to buy my books?

Actually, I did do this when I first published a few months back until I saw how much it scared people away, so I don’t bother.


Passion Precedes Success

If you fail to put passion into your services, you’re going to fail. If you succeed at putting passion into your services, you’re going to succeed.

I’m not writing this blog because I have to. I’m not helping you succeed in blogging because I’m obligated to. No, I have a passion for writing and I want to help those succeed in writing as a pay it forward method to those who helped me get on my feet writing.

If a reader can see the passion you put behind your work and if your passion matches theirs, you just earned a repeat customer. If your books are visible on your sidebar or somewhere on your site (and they should be), you might have earned a customer.

Or, if you’re an affiliate marketer, you might do a product review, as I’ve done a few times on here before. If you gained trust with your readership, you just earned a customer via affiliate marketing.

In reality, creating a successful blog is easy but you have to resist the temptation to make it all about you.

You can use yourself in examples if need be, as I do, but if your blog is even twenty percent about you and eighty percent about your readers, it’s going to be hard to woo them.

Add quality and value behind your service, and you just might have earned another reader. Success in any field takes time, but if you have the passion, work ethic, and desire to succeed, for all the right reasons, you will find success, especially in writing.