What is a creative writing niche?

Well, it’s kind of complicated, because a niche is a slim area of expertise so it can be anything you want it to be so long as you have expertise in the field.

If you choose something you’re passionate about, you’re on the right track.

For instance, my writing niche, while fictional, contains real-life overtones from a global perspective.

Being that current and historical events have always interested me, my niche falls in these categories.

Therefore, it’s no coincidence many of my fictional works circle around such events and the global scale is always lingering in the background of my small scale character stories.


Lord of Columbia Example

My Lord of Columbia Series epitomizes this, not really in Northern Knights, which sticks to the classic smaller scale, but Swords of Destiny taps into that global scale a little more.

The series takes a turn from this being exclusively Cain’s story to something far larger than himself.

While Northern Knights implies this, Swords of Destiny shows it in action.

Cain’s goal in Northern Knights is to liberate Columbia.

Cain finds out something else in Swords of Destiny, forcing him to take another route.

In other words, things, gosh, that’s so vague, get bigger.


What Influenced It?

Globalism, of course.

No, I’m not one of those guys who thinks every single national border should have twenty-foot walls.

Far from it.

But multiculturalism backfires, especially if it’s forced on a population; that’s something I’ve come to realize, reluctant as I was.

But no!

I’m not saying multiple cultures shouldn’t be recognized!

Again, far from it.

I love learning about different cultures, but I do think each nation should retain its culture and values that made such nations great in the first place.

Or at least have given it an identity.

This niche shines in my Neo Skyehawk Series, which can be found on Prolific Works for free.

Hey, many of us in America are sons and daughters of immigrants and yes, the culture came as well.

But it was a melting pot.

Nothing was forced.

It was absorbed in American culture.

My Scottish, Welsh, Dutch, German, Italian, and Native American cultures are prevalent here, especially in different parts of the country.

Notice how natural it is for me to talk about this issue.

Again, it’s a creative writing niche.

I’m showing it in action, not telling it.

I suck at telling it, so I’m showing it.


What Comes Naturally?

Now it’s your turn.

Think about what comes naturally to you.

If there’s something you can just write about and never stop, that’s likely a niche.

And it has nothing to do with plots, story structure, or anything related.

Instead, it’s often something we hold passionately to us.

For me, Libertarianism is something I’m passionate about and we don’t believe in closed borders!

Instead, we believe in private ownership of land and private individuals should have the right to do what they want with the land they bought.

You can disagree with everything I’m saying here; I’m just laying out the example.

But, Libertarian values are easy for me to write about. I just go with the flow.

Read what you’ve written and it’s likely you’ll find a niche.

I see this all the time in Twitter bios. Words from writers in their bios like MAGA or Blue Wave, or something like mine that simply says Libertarian, it tells a lot about what a niche is.


What About Influences?

It’s no secret authors steal from other authors.

Ah, it’s no secret authors borrow from other authors and I’m not different.

Maybe your plot follows that of your favorite book but with your own spin on things, your own world, own characters, own magical systems, and so on.

And your own issues you’re using as themes in a book.

Know what a niche does for you?

You’ll find yourself a nice target audience, which is epic if you think about it.

Think about never relying on Amazon to sell a book ever again.

Not saying your book shouldn’t be on there, but wouldn’t it be better to attain a following of like minded people?

Sure, you’ll get the genre readers but you’ll earn many more readers who think like you.

Isn’t that cool?

Take the Chronicles of Narnia, for instance.

C.S. Lewis’ niche was Christianity and his Christian allegories were prevalent.

Exactly, there were a lot of Christians reading about fantasy and magic.

A lot more than who normally would have.


Get After It

Okay, find the niche.

Ready, set, let’s go.

We’re all going to have a different niche and again, the information provided in this article is for show purposes only; I’m not looking to start a political debate or anything of the sort.

I’m simply showing you what I mean by finding a writing niche.

Talk about the issues you’re passionate about and don’t be shy about it.

Yeah, the haters will come in droves, but I wouldn’t worry about them.

Stick to what you’re passionate about and you’re going to get a lot of followers. An epic following at that. A permanent one.