People who are considered successful get a job, make ends meet, get paid time off, benefits, the whole nine yards, but they’re abysmal at awakening their life’s purpose.

I read an article today about the number one thing retired Americans regret.

It came from, of all places, but it’s something many of us authors, aspiring authors, and writers can relate to.

The number one thing most retired American’s regret is failing to fulfill their life’s purpose.

They instead fulfill their ought to purpose, which is getting a job to pay the bills and acquire benefits.

Don’t let this be you.


My Story

I hate talking about myself on my blog but let me give you a little rundown on how my last two years have gone while discovering my life’s purpose.

*I’ve made a grand total of $40,000, less than half of what some make in a year.

*I escaped my fitness day job in search of discovering my purpose, something I’ve loved and cherished for six years. While I’m looking to get back into fitness, I had to take a step back to help myself discover my purpose: writing and teaching others about personal freedom. Personal, individual freedom.

*I’ve bounced around from day job to day job, five in the last two years alone.

*I’ve been forced (by choice) to downgrade my entire lifestyle from my lavish living during the peak of my training days to budgeting everything.

*I’ve started my author business and published two novels in my series, the second of which was published last Saturday but there is still a long way to go in that avenue.

*In short, I’ve lived on a prayer, and a massive prayer, since May 2018, when my earnings plummeted.


Inspiration in Others

I don’t admire those people who just get a job. If you’re a worker who’s gained respect from your friends and family by getting a job to make ends meet that you can stay at and retire in thirty years from now you didn’t succeed; you failed.


Because in many cases those people just gave up their life’s purpose and settled. They settled for less, thinking those of us who took the time to pay our dues and take multiple steps back are so insane if they had it their way we’d enter a psychiatric ward tomorrow.

But you know what?

I find inspiration in others who’ve lived the way I have the last two years and in some cases, had it much worse.

Sylvester Stallone slept in a bus station for three weeks, facing eviction and homelessness before writing the script for Rocky.

Simon Cowell was bankrupt at age thirty-one, his music career hanging by a thread.

Oprah was demoted from her job as a news anchor in her early career.

Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team as a sophomore.

What if these icons gave up and went the ‘ought to’ way?

They didn’t, and each are worth millions, some billions.

Do you writers think for a single second you’ll always be where you are today?

I would hope not.

Hey, in January 2018 I didn’t have a book out; they were all still in the works.

Here in December, I have two out in the same series. TWO in one series, with Book Three on the way.

With at least four more after Book Three.

Look at 2019, and think of where you can be, where you will be, this time next December.


Set Goals

Okay, writers, it’s time to do what we do best and write down our goals.

Give me twelve monthly goals, three quarterly goals, two half-year goals, and one annual goal.

Let me help you out:

January: Start one new blog while increasing traffic on my current two blogs.

February: Add affiliate marketing and ads to each blog.

March: Increase traffic for all three blogs using Google Analytics while starting to make a small income off my book sales.

Quarterly Goal #1: Release Book III in the Lord of Columbia Series, working title Missing in Columbia.

April: Successfully get my paperback versions stocked in a local bookstore.

May: Create and sell box sets of the first trilogy of the Lord of Columbia Series.

June: Monetize all three blogs and slowly see an increase in income from my blogs.

Quarterly Goal #2: Finish the first draft of Book V in Lord of Columbia Series while advancing to the final editing stage of Book IV.

Six-Month Goal: Hold a promotion for the first four books in Lord of Columbia Series and promote the first four books simultaneously, looking to find a fresh readership.

July: Finish editing Book IV and publish by August 1st.

August: Start an internet marketing blog as my first three blogs mature and gain steady traffic.

September: Start writing Book VI.

Quarterly Goal #3: Advance to the final editing stages of Book V.

October: Celebrate my One Year Anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate and advance into the Top 100 on the Wealthy Affiliate Site, current rank as of today is 436 out of over 1,000,000 users.

November: Release Book V and plan for the release of Book VI in early 2020 while also preparing for a (planned) series rebrand.

December: Evaluate my progress from December 2018 to December 2019 and tie up loose ends in accomplishing my yearly goals.

Quarterly Goal #4: Hold my very first ‘series sale’ during the Week of Christmas and plan to sell a lot of copies that day.

Six-Month Goal: Increase both book sales and blog traffic simultaneously from July to December.

Yearly Goal: Have the first five books in the Lord of Columbia Series published on Amazon.

Now it’s your turn; follow my template and pursue your goals.


Why it Matters

I’ve written a post in the past regarding goals and what you see above is an updated version of my goals.

While they haven’t changed, it’s okay to update as the year gets closer.

What this post is saying though is that to fulfill our life’s purpose, we must separate our ‘ought to’ lives from our life’s fulfillment.

Many of us try to fulfill our lives without setting goals and we fade off into ‘ought to’ mode, never to return to our fulfilling lives and living the remainder of our existence in regret.

I don’t want anyone to end up like this in thirty, forty, or fifty years, writers and anyone else looking to rise above the masses in passion pursuit.

So, do what’s necessary to pursue your life’s fulfillment, even if it means downgrading, even if it means giving up luxuries and instant gratification.