It’s time to forge your path, authors, and the time’s come to decide whether you’re an author or authorpreneur.

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset?

Because if you do authorpreneurship is for you.

What is authorpreneurship?

Well, you know how an entrepreneur owns and operates their own business?

Yep, an authorpreneur does the same.


That also means you’re investing your hard-earned money in your author business.

Yep, any business owner will tell you that if you want a successful business, you must invest in it.

Look at the Pittsburgh Pirates, who refuse to invest in their own players.

Pirates fans recently started a little mantra stating, “if you spend nutting, you get nutting,” a nod to Pirates’ owner, Bob Nutting.

Ditto for your author business.


What is Your Author Business?

Well, like any business owner, it’s anything you want it to be.

You can decide to run your own show by writing, editing, copyediting, proofreading, the whole nine yards or you can outsource, as some businesses do.

Since I’m young and don’t have a lot of extra cash on hand, I decided to only outsource my cover and learn to edit and proofread, which has its own technique.

Now, much of what I write on my blog is spontaneous, meaning I’ll do a quick proofread here but nothing else, the opposite to the number of edits I do for my full-length novels and novelettes. For my novels, I can knock out a dozen edits, but it’s a craft I decided to learn.

You can do the same to save costs, especially if you’re just starting out.

Now, if you’re not an authorpreneur and just an author, everything except your own writing will be outsourced.

The cool thing about authorpreneurship is that your author business is your business and you can do whatever you want with it.


It’s Clockwork!

You all know me, as I’m an upfront and blunt kind of guy.

If you’re an authorpreneur, especially if you’re starting out, you’re working day and night like it’s clockwork because it’s likely you have at least a part if not a full-time job as well.

You need something called discipline and if you lack it, your author business isn’t going to happen.

Now, the costs of running an author business can be minute, especially if you choose not to outsource additional work, but keep in mind the time investment is going to be much greater as well.

For instance, it took me almost three years to write Northern Knights because with it being my first work, I made about a thousand mistakes. Okay, I’m being generous with myself; I made about two-thousand mistakes.

The upside is the costs of your business can be minimal but the downside is if you don’t invest the appropriate amount of time to make up for the lack of costs should you go this direction, your business will progress at a snail’s pace if you’re lucky.


Early Mornings and Late Nights

Yep, take your pick. I like to do both at the moment, meaning I’ll wake up earlier than others to get about thirty to sixty minutes of writing or editing in before heading to work. Once all my daily commitments are finished I’ll stay up sometimes until midnight if not later to get my writing or editing in.

Get used to it, because this is a second full-time job for those of you already working full-time.

And again, if you wish to outsource your work to an editor you can, but keep in mind most editors would appreciate it if you at least did a round or two of editing before sending in your first draft.

Like any new business, you’re the owner and the owner is working early and late. If you dislike waking up earlier than your neighborhood and staying up long after they’ve gone to bed, well, your only option is to invest in outsourcing to editors and others.


You’re in Control

Do you wish for higher royalties on your work from a percentage standpoint?

If so, authorpreneurship is for you.

For instance, Amazon gives self-published and indie-authors 70% royalties on works priced over $2.99 while handing the author 35% with works under $2.99. For first time authors, this is substantially more money than any traditional publisher is willing to dish out.

You control pricing in all regions, what categories your book is under so long as it’s relevant to the genre and the keywords.

If you wish to enroll your work in KDP Select, you can and if you wish to open publish, you can. Everything is in your control and for some, it’s peace of mind.

But you’ll need a marketing plan.

What is yours?

Book promotion?


Do you even have a budget, bro?

These are questions the authorpreneur must ask themselves and both promos and ads always cost money, especially if you wish to have promos and ads that reach enough actual readers.

Oh, and you should identify a target audience, too.

Are you willing to do all this?

Well, these days it matters not as both traditional and indies need a solid marketing plan.

Most publishers want to see two things: 1) an author platform, and 2) a marketing plan.


Take Your Pick

So, author or authorpreneur?

Are you willing to invest money in the business? If yes, authorpreneur wins.

Do you wish to have full control over your business? If yes, you’re an authorpreneur.

Would you be willing to work full-time on a business while working full-time at a day job? If yes, authorpreneur is your path.

Do you wish to work early mornings and late nights? If you’re cool with that, you’re cool with authorpreneurship.

Would you like to earn higher royalties? If yes, authorpreneur is where it’s at.