To find success writing one must be willing to go above and beyond a threshold, many dare not cross. For one, it takes working two jobs in a sense and for another, it takes perseverance that will take over a year to see full benefits of.

The good news is there are dozens of ways to achieve the writing pinnacle. In fact, many who have ways with words often choose a few specialties because in a sense, we all have them.
Not just that, you’ll see multiple streams of income, in time, if you develop and stick to a plan of action.


Overview: Writing is Hindsight

Hey, a lot of jobs pay you in foresight but today we’re looking to get paid in hindsight, meaning you create the product which is your writing, and later on you’ll find the green.

Sound good?


Perfect, because you must love doing all the legwork up front without pay before your work makes a name for itself and in time, passive income derives from your efforts.

Writing isn’t love of labor like the masses believe; it’s a long-term plan that involves patience.

The more patient you are with your writing, the greater the benefits are down the road.

For instance, I have about three-hundred articles here on My Freedom Flame. Many of your successful blogs have over one-thousand and counting.

Google finds and indexes blog posts whose keywords rank high. The more high quality your content, the higher your rank.

However, it takes time for Google to find and index most blog posts.

It takes even more time for others to find such posts which again, in time, your traffic will increase.

The same goes if you write a fictional series. You’ll find that we live in a binge culture today and people want to read and watch several volumes or episodes in one sitting.

Don’t disappoint them, but keep in mind if you have one or two books on Amazon in one series your sales might not take off until Book Four, at the earliest.

And if you’re writing novels, it might take more than a year unless you’ve already edited and polished each, along with choosing a killer cover for each, too.


How Do You Start?

One, keep working your dreaded day job unless you love your day job and want to make a full-time income writing in time, but either way don’t quit your day job.

Second, you need a blog and I don’t care what your specialty is. A blog is the most important way to at least make a small name for yourself.

Do yourself a favor and create one this instant.

You’ll at least need a domain name and a web host. If you’re on a budget I guess a free site will do for now but you won’t get indexed.

If you want a deal on the domain, web hosting, ability to create multiple blogs, site security, site email, keyword research, and even 24/7 access to training on ways to generate web traffic and engagement, I recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate as for $49/month, you’ll have a Premium Membership and access to all its perks.

If you’re on a budget and wish to test the waters you can sign up for a free Starter Membership, which includes one week of Premium features.

But, go on and create a blog this instant.

The gateway to your journeys awaits!

Okay, so now what is your niche?

What’s a niche?

A niche is something you specialize in. You don’t have to be an expert, but you have to communicate with others regarding your niche. Be an effective communicator before anything else and the goods will come.

For instance, my niche here at My Freedom Flame is how authors can get their name and brand out into the open.

Like, out into the open by means of exiting the comfort zone we all dream of that involves sitting in the corner and writing while our audience finds us.

Take that one-hundred-eighty degrees the other direction and you’re on your way.

Awesome! Now, you get to do the easy part; write about your niche.

How do you do this?


Find some keywords that generate at least 100 searches per month, the Jaaxy keyword tool that comes for free with WA Premium is a big help here. With such a tool you can find the number of people who click through to a site if such site is ranked on Google’s first page.

Even cooler, right?

Then, write content based around such a keyword by including it in the title and first paragraph.

The cool thing with doing something like this on WA is you can give and take comments which allows Google to find and rank your site faster and higher than you normally would.

Take a look at my site, Get Pro Football Apparel at and you’ll see that I have hundreds of comments and over half my articles are ranked.

After you’ve hit hard on the niche for a few posts, log onto Amazon and sign up to their affiliate program and start writing product reviews. Post in a few Amazon links into the ‘text’ portion of your blog and boom, you might start earning some small commissions via Amazon.

Over time, and I repeat, over time, you’ll find the fruits of your efforts paying off.


What if You Like to Write Fiction?

Swords of Destiny, Book II in the Lord of Columbia Series.

Or creative nonfiction, you should still have a blog and you can do a lot of stuff here. For one, My Freedom Flame has its own niche, but I can easily start another blog, we’ll just call it Lord of Columbia Series, domain name (I’ll do this someday) and talk about the influences behind the Lord of Columbia Series.

Now I have two niche sites making my series visible, both My Freedom Flame and the Lord of Columbia Series.

But I can dive deeper and create a blog talking about real-life events and how they’ve influenced the series, creating something like a blog called Anti War Anti State, the domain name That can make my case for noninterventionism which is a huge theme in the Lord of Columbia Series, again finding ways to sell my books.

And finally, I can create an author blog, we’ll call it

Again, I can talk about my own writing experiences and what’s coming up in the Lord of Columbia Series while also creating pages for my books.

So, that’s four more blogs I can use for my books.

See, it’s great that you’ve written a book and have it uploaded to Amazon but it’s another thing that you need to get the book in front of readers as readers can only find books that are visible to them.

So, do away with your Amazon numbers and author ranking, as they’ll increase as you find readers for your books.

How do you do this?

Hey, keywords have never been so sweet in the history of mankind.


Is the book market saturated?

Sure is.

Is this the end of all hope?

Sure isn’t.

The book market is only saturated if you haven’t found a target market. Second the target market finds you and your books, you’re set for some awesome, awesome things down the road.


When Do I Write Fiction?

Write a little every other day in your first draft and edit your first draft every other day.

Devote time, as I’ve stated in the past, either early in the morning (I was up at 4:30 this morning editing before a 6am to 5:30pm shift at my day job) or become a night owl and stay up late writing or editing.

Devote time only you know you have at such hours.

Ditto for nonfiction.

Yes, I’m showing you two ways that intertwine: A blog, or blogs, plus your fictional works, which you can promote on your blogs, but that’s only one stream of promotion, which is kind of cool.


How Do I Schedule My Week?

Start with just one blog and write three articles per week. Three keyword-rich articles of roughly 1,000 words that rank high in Google’s index.

Write these articles Monday, Wednesday, Friday, for example, but you can use any day you’d like.

Next schedule in your fiction/nonfiction writing at the times I listed above, either early or late. If you have an extended lunch break at work, those times help, too. I once worked a job where we had a two-hour break, so I brought my laptop and wrote on my breaks.

Each article should take between thirty and sixty minutes to complete. Mine take around 35-45 minutes.

As for writing and editing, I like to go until my eyes drift out of focus, go to sleep, wake up, do a little more, then go to work. If I’m lucky enough to be off the following day, I’ll wake up and pick up where I left off the previous day.

Northern Knights, Book I in the Lord of Columbia Series.

Word of Warning

I know I’m feeding you a lot of good food here but I want to warn you that it takes time to make a full-time living as a writer.

I’m not even there yet, but at twenty-seven, I’m proud to state I’ve made strides and have seen a few signs of hope in my short time pursuing full-time writing; about four months.

The ingredients you need are as follows: Time, persistence, patience, effort, love for chaos, get used to rejection, relish anything that’s accepted, and realize the best will come in time if you put in the necessary time and effort.

How much time?

To make a full-time living?

18 to 24 months if you’re lucky and you treat this like a full-time living right now.

Most of the time, like any business, you’ll get there in 24 to 36 months.

But again, you need to have a regular schedule, and you need the discipline to work on your writing when everyone else is relaxing.


Of course.

Tempting to do something else when you know you should be writing?

Yes, that too.

Commit yourself daily, yes, daily, and you’ll thank yourself in a few years.