As writers, we’re dreamers, creators, believers, and achievers, and if you follow the less taken path in your two life choices you too can become that achiever, which is Step Four in this process.

What process?

THE process.

Haven’t you heard the term ‘trust the process?’

Well, now it’s your turn to trust the process because you’re a writer, which means you have it in you to do something most others dare not do.

Okay, what?

For one, you have the nerve to expose yourself to others by writing and the more you open up the more you can relate with others and your writing will seep into the mainstream.

For another, it means you’re willing to step into the path of entrepreneurship or in this case, authorpreneurship, where you own your own business.

That means you get to work really hard to achieve your own dreams just as any business owner would.

You get to invest in cover design, editing, copyediting, the whole nine yards, again, to put it in layman terms, you get to work really hard to achieve your own dreams.

Because why the hell are you spending all this time working toward someone else’s dreams or a company’s dreams?

Most of the time it’s because we tend to mimic our parents who’ve had it drilled in their head by their parents, who had it drilled in their head by their parents that the only way to make sound money and succeed in life is to work under someone else’s watch.

Gee, thanks, mom and dad, you really did your research there.

But then again, Gen X and the previous generations grew up without questioning authoritarian truth (except Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, and a few others) and simply fell in line and conformed.

Now that I think of it, Gen Y is doing the same, as myself and few others are the last men standing in my own social network at least willing to give our goals a shot.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you have zero interest in working really hard for someone else to help them realize their own dreams any longer than you need to.

But how does writing relate to this?

Again, it’s all about authorpreneurship.


What is the Authorpreneur?

The Authorpreneur is someone who owns and operates an author business.

And how does this differ from being an author?

Authors write books but the Authorpreneur differs from the author.

Authorpreneurs engage in the following:

1. They almost always self-publish, making investments in cover design, editing, or anything else they lack expertise in. The traditional author has a publishing company do this for them.

2. Authorpreneurs are in the art of making capital, or maximizing profit. Like any business owner, the Authorpreneur seeks to make the most amount of money from their work.

3. Authorpreneurs might look to make a sole income from writing and will freelance, own blogs (I cannot stress the importance of investing $49/month in Wealthy Affiliate for maximizing your results), and engage in their own book promotion.

4. Authorpreneurs have all learned the business aspects of writing, like invoices, etc. Anything that involves the business, the Authorpreneur has at last learned and perhaps mastered a few.

5. Authorpreneurs work really hard to see their own dreams come true.

Do You Work Really Hard for Your Dreams?

Know what I’m doing as I write this?

I’m working twelve-hour days during the peak Holiday Season, that’s what I’m doing.

Why the long days?

So I can invest in my own dreams.

When can I work on my dreams?

On my days off.

How many hours can I put into working toward my dreams while working twelve-hour days?

About three to four, so I should probably make them count.

When do I work on my own dreams on work days?

About thirty minutes before work and as long as I can after I work. I’ll eat dinner, catch a workout, then hop right into working toward my dreams.

Kind of like writing this post and working on my blogs. I’m writing this post on a workday.

Kind of like going through one final spot check for Swords of Destiny. An hour here, an hour there.
But I’m making enough money to live for a couple months while also making something extra to live my own, actual dreams.

Become the novelist, blogger, and writer I’ve always wanted to be.


Your Turn

Now, if you’re not working really hard toward your own dreams, now is the time to start. I’ve already debunked the myth that if you’re spending twelve hours working really hard for someone else’s dreams you can’t work really hard to fulfill your own.

You can.

Maybe not all day and all night, but who can do that?

Very few people can.

But those who’ve made it have, right?

Hell no.

They had careers and some have families.

So, if you’re single and not going to mingle for a time like me, and you don’t have kids, you don’t have an excuse.

It’s time to work on your dreams.

But, some of you might state your dreams and passions are just a love of labor, and they don’t pay, right?

Hey, we’re living in the tech age, people.

And not just that, we can create a blog, place ads on our blogs, build our audience in an easy way, create and sell our own products like e-books (see Northern Knights on the right-hand side of this page), and utilize affiliate marketing.

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